Nintendo Files Trademark In Japan for Wario Land

Is he finally coming back? Or will they do something gay and put the new game on the 3DS. Are you ready for the return of Wario?

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Can't wait for that Wario Land theme park courtesy of Universal Studios™!

What if its actually a theme park?
What sorts of things would you like to see in warioland?
Would it be ok for warioware things to be in warioland?



Only dumb assholes get in this thread.

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When has this scenario ever happened? Honest question.

It happened with Killer Instinct.

Microsoft broke news themselves that they were renewing the KI trademark that had been dead since the 90s, and then a couple of years later they announced the new game.

Yes, Wario Land clearly doesn't work or belong on handhelds. Right?
Anyway, assuming it's anything at all, it's probably some shit like a phone game or some gambling machine.

It happened for DoW, even if it ended up completely defiling the series forever and attracting unwanted soyboys.


This is how it starts!

Wario's getting back into adventuring, and pretty soon he'll have his long-awaited Wario Land moveset in Smash, just you wait.

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Go home Waluigi

I'd love a 3ds game but if they're going to charge 40+ usd for it I'd rather get it on the Switch (ofc for an exra 20 dollars because fuck you consumer)

We're never gonna get another Wario Land 3

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Wario Land 4 is shit unless you love running to the right
Compare it to 3 that has some of the best fucking level design in any game I've seen. Not to mention the whole thing is built around the fact that making a mistake causes you to lose time and doesn't lead to a game over which is absolutely unique to the WL series

Wario Land 4 is just a mediocre sidescroller and it's no wonder it killed the series.

Get that ass banned.

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Oh yeah man finally some love for my favorite game in the series
3 kicks ass
4 is the better game though, every level plays differently then the last with plenty of 1 off gimmicks to make each place stand out, music is unlike anything ive ever heard, and the amount of treasure you get depends on your health which is a form of treasure, so you have to get good or be a pov mofo
I love the map in 3 I love slowly building up the map with swamps that drain and powerups that allow you to access new areas in places youve been before.
All this new shit while building up the gameplay of 2.
Damn I love these games

People here not long ago were wishing for a wario game. Fuck yeah. Nintendo is going all out for the switch?

I mean it's not really a surprise
They spent the first year getting their big franchises out of the way, now they're probably going to start working on second tier franchises

Then what other secondary franchises do you expect they will come out with? Advance Wars? Battalion Wars? etc

I mainly can't wait for the wariofags to finally be placated, because it's always a bit sad to see them reminisce about the days of wario land, alone in their little corner of Holla Forums.

To this day I await a new installment in any shape or form aside from 3rd party imitation. All they have to do is follow the original formula and not shit it up like fire emblem. I already know I'm asking too much.

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How is that gay?
Are you mad that I could just download the game off of freeshop if they do that you damn shill?

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They're already working on Metroid for sure. I'm going to suppose the others are going to be Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion.

Then again Wario Land could be a tertiary franchise, to come after the wave of secondary ones.

I expect Animal Crossing, some Zeldo spinoff, Mario and Luigi and maybe F-Zero. Kinda doubt that they'll go with AW.

It's moreso because modern 3DS games are shitty cheap cashgrabs to cash in on the installbase one last time.

Nintendo is shit

This isn't how it works for Nintendo. Keep in mind that they've been renewing the Eternal Darkness IP for the past number of years despite no signs of there being a sequel.

Wario Land 2 = Wario Land 4 > Wario World > Virtual Boy Wario Land > Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land > Wario Land 3 > Wario Land: Shake it > Wario: Master of Disguise

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You're a giant faggot
Even Master of Disguise is better than 4

Aw shit yes! I hope it will be spiritual successor to Wario World, but for Switch.

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yes, such as Ashley
Dr. Crygor and Orbulon are cool, too

Yes, but I want Wario to be Wario not what they've made him into recently.

also, this

I should have put Wario Land 3 would have been at the dead bottom.
Wario Land 3 is a poorly designed Metroid clone with pathetically small levels. It's a Wario Land game without any danger and money that barely has any value. Screw up? the only punishment you get is being forced to play the bad game even longer.
It's a game where you can't fucking fail and holds your hand the whole fucking time tell you what levels where you have to go next so you don't have to think. It's the walking sim of Wario Land games.

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Yeah about what I expected

Dr. Crygor made Wario's car, so he's the best fit.

Because of this sonofabitch I actually miss the Virtual Boy. I've never been memed on so hard in my life by a real person, let alone a fictional character.

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I want to WAH Ashley.

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Hey guess what faggots, your waifu is so far at the bottom of the Wario girl totem pole she's buried 30 kilometers underneath it.

Mona supremacy.

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There's only one girl in WarioWare that's better than Ashley.
It's 5-Volt.

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We get it 9-volt, you have an Oedipus complex.

I didn't know all the other WarioWare girls fused into one being.

I'm not sure if you're saying Ashley is worstgirl and the only way for there to be one girl better than her is if there was only one other girl, or if it would take the combined appeal of all the other girls to make a girl better than Ashley.

I'm fairly sure it's the former.

What have they made him into recently?

VBWL is a decent game, but it's the weakest of the Wario Land games (other than Shake It!), and some of the level design is legitimately shitty. There are at least two levels that are essentially a pixel hunt for their treasures, where you have to slam a random spot on the ground with no markings or hit a random wall with no clues. It's also really fucking short compared to all the others.

The background/foreground system also didn't get enough use to really be interesting. I thought the whole game would be built around that, but it's really just a couple levels that really make good use of it.

It's the first one you fucking brainlet.

Mona is eternally the patrician's choice.

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It is entirely perplexing. The emulators aren't particularly great either, last I checked, so not much competition from that end even.

Mona looks like a bootleg Pokemon gym leader.
Fuck off.

This is only a compliment, good job dumbass.

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Г is for Говно

Says the guy who worships the bootleg pokemilf.

shit thread tbh

Seconded,i came to here jack my johnson.

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Man I remember getting Mario Land 3 for my 7th birthday and being utterly confused about just about everything the game was showing me but I FUCKING loved the shit out of that game. I didn't stop playing it until I got the giant castle. I also remember hating Mario immensely for stealing the statue at the end of the game. Wario and by extension you worked so hard to make it there and the cunt just straight up jacks your statue.

The jetcap was my favorite thing ever.

Did somebody say


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just go to pixiv

Not what i asked for,but i'm happy nonetheless
Might as well bring up the elephant in the room,anybody got links to any custom lewd mini game roms? I fucking know they exist somewhere

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Mods pls no deleto these wonderful images

It occurred to me that Odyssey should have been a flashy new Wario Land. In WL, you're always using the enemies abilities in some way to progress through the level. The ultimate form of this idea should be actually controlling the enemies and using their abilities yourself.
Obviously wasn't going to happen because they needed a new Mario flagship game, but it's just a thought.


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Some weird spastic thing focusing on fart jokes because Miyamoto and Sakurai are getting senile.

Why does Wario have a dark benis?

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I would assume it's because it rarely sees the light of day

>Nintendo Files Trademark In Japan for Wario Land
>New Wario World on Switch!?
You know that's not happening.

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That would make it pale though.

Don’t euros closer to the equator get darker ding dongs than the rest of their skin? Wario looks southern Italian so it works I guess

The farting thing is rather new (and mostly centralized to Wario Ware and Smash Bros), but he's always been a bizarre character eating heads of garlic as powerups, at least since 1994's Wario Land.

Actually,the more you jack it the darker you dong is,or so i've heard.
Says something about his meat

I want a girl version of Wario and call her Warina!

I'm keen if it's a proper platformer with a good director behind it.
But if it turns out to be a another mini-game compilation or "new super wario land" thrown together by a b team using second hand assets i won't go anywhere near it.

You don't need to to wish, obese Mexican girls are abundant in real life.


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Where's one where you fuck Mona's tits?

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I know that I shouldn't be hyped for nu-tendo games, but it's hard when it's Wario Land.

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they'll find a way to fuck it up

Yes? It's still a wario game.

Actually, you get that when you get the worst ending in Wario Land 4. Spoilers, I guess.

More ashley is always a good thing.

Mona is a slut, A SLUT.

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Ultra-rare amiibos and attractions made out of cardboard boxes.

Mona is beautiful like the Mona Lisa. Ashley is Trashley.

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Correction, in the worst ending you get a little boy, you get female Wario in the bad one.

Too much garlic.

Mona is loose and the town's bycicle while ashley is so shy she cant even get friends.

at least she has Red

More like she's such a bitch that no one, except the demon familiar who's forced to, will be her friend. No telling how many times she's "milked" him for spell ingredients.

That is a very hot thing to think about.


I know they themed Wario after the Warioware games for smash, cause it's more popular. But it still bothers me that they practically ignored everything from his platforming games. Nothing save for his victory theme which was fucking done before Shake it was even released.

It's almost as bad as knowing Toon Link will still be in the new game only because of marketability and fuck any form of classic link.

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Wario Land 4 is the best game in the series.
Wario Land 3 was a casual game where wario couldn't even be killed.

That's why it's good.
It changes shit up, it puts Wario Land into it's own category rather than being a derivative series

An HD collection of Wario Land 1 - 4 including VB wouldn't be bad though.
I thought we agreed not to talk about WarioWare, let alone waifufagging.

Alright, where's Wario headed? What treasures await him? Who's ass is he gonna have to kick?

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What's up with all the 4fags? The timer backtracking gimmick sucked and the treasure pieces in the stages were all too easy to find, also it's the shortest Wario after the VB game. Fuck 4. 3 and II are objectively the best Wario Lands.

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They did the same with VB Wario Land and jack shit happened.

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4 is the best because i read a big book (i never played the game, haha) that talked about how cool and how well designed wario land 4 and i liked how the cover is wario reading a book, which really gets my wenier going, haha i love big guys.

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4 may not be the best Wario Land game, but it's still a great game. Worlds were fun to navigate and the timer honestly scared the shit out of me because I thought it meant death and having to restart, although I can say I've never had it reach 0. As to people claiming it's the best, I'm just as confused as you are. I'm going to guess those people have only played Wario Land 4 and none of the others.

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Probably just a coincidence but some twitter cunt claimed back in Dec that a WL game made by Skip Ltd the Chibi Robo devs, their last game being that CR sidescroller in 2015 while also saying that there was going to be a WarioWare 3DS collection released in the summer.
Now the 2nd rumor ended up being true, so could the first be real as well?

It's okay to be fucking retarded and have shit taste user. Shh we won't judge you.

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I said it and I say it again, Wario World is one of the best Gamecube games, however says otherwise is probably a smashing Melee nigger or a waifufaggot crying over the absence of Alex the Pirate.

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Wario World was good. Could've been better.

For starters the treasure could've actually meant something.

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I think the love for 4 comes mostly from just how good Wario's movement was in it.

It's not bad, but it has issues. The fixed camera angle makes some things more difficult than they should be. The levels look like they belong in a cheap, third party game. The final boss is terribly anti-climatic. It's pretty short, too.


He's talking about Captain Syrup.

The joke is that pic related made a literal expy of Captain Syrup and called it an original character, naming her "Alex Ze Pirate".

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Oh Dobson…

Wario Land has been shit since 4. Why do you want another?

Whole lotta people who need to smoke the brass bong in this thread.

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Please don't toy with my emotions Nuntendo. Wario was my Mario for life. Just make a good game with him again or let Treasure gain the rights to make platformer with him and have him use the moves from World except with the power-ups from Wario Land 1 and change up the moves and platforming thanks to them.

I just wanna go treasure hunting and beat pirates up.

Considering Wario is supposed to be Musclefat and "supposed" to have an "ugly" face, wouldn't a fem wario look something like this?

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I want a true return of Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang Pirates

Fuck outta here, that wasn't a "return".

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that's cool, only really liked the first game.
Captain Syrup is best girl


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It's funny cause Wario Land 4 is legitimately one of the best videogames there is by virtue of being an actual game with zero gimmicks. It's really cool that they make you backtrack the whole level with a time limit and a different layout, and that you can cheese bosses by throwing money at the problem.
Same deal with Wario World, if you don't mind the final boss being shit (fun fact Japanese and American copies have a different final boss) it's an absolute joy to play. Tightest fucking controls, collectatons that don't require you to get everything to finish the game, like four different ways to beat up each boss, what more could you ask for?
Also (one of the) best theme(s) coming thru

what is it about big titties and pirate girls that go together so well?

riddle for the ages

The guys who made the DDR game knew.

Here's what I want out of a hypothetical new Wario Land;
>Bring back the only good thing from Wario Land 3; Wario Golf
>include a diamond city world

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What levels would it have?

Shit list. Here's the true ranking:

WL3 > WL2 > VBWL > WL4 > WL1 > WW > WLSI > MoD

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crygor's lab
orbulon's ship
ashley's haunted mansion
among others

Just take various locations established in the warioware games. Like Ashley's Mansion for the generic spooky level, Dr. Crygor's Lab or Ninja Forest/Kat & Ana's house in Diamond City park. Stuff like that.
Hell you can do an entire nostalgia blast for the whole series doing something with 9-Volt.

I wish I could be optimistic about this, but I know better than to expect nice things to happen these days.

You speak the truth. Mona is the best girl.

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Cringiest thing possible, even the dancing Wario Ware Wii microgame is better than this. But the mat is pretty responsive.

Fuck you, that game is amazing. Bowser revealing he's tone deaf was the greatest Mario twist of all time.

I want her to milk me.

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She is for Red only

I'll send him back to Hell.

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Robot myke boss stage or into the trash it goes.

I really wish it would be true but Shiggy hates Wario so much he keeps him in a shitty mini games collection every single time they mention "New Wario game" that old senile man needs to retire it has been proven many times he kills creativity for casualization.

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Shake It! is a fine game, though the weakest Wario Land. Also her redesign is great.

The main issue is that her inclusion in the game was incredibly lame. She was just a shopkeeper, only had unique dialogue in the beginning (that also wasn't that great), none of her pirate goons underlings were present with her and her eventual betrayal of Wario wasn't even implemented in gameplay but happened after the end credits, which while was supposed to be a funny gag just made the ending into a downer and made the entire adventure felt pointless.

There's no lamer way to "bring back" a character then what they did to Syrup in Shake It. You would think with such a good redesign they would do her justice but they really didn't.

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Still waiting on them lewd minigames.

But Treasure dropped the idea of making more Mario games in general due to their "one hit wonder" philosphy.


I don't hate it. But I'll agree it isn't the best. At the same time you could agree each Wario Land game isn't the best and each game does it's own separate thing fantastically well.

You know i'm just gonna assume they literally don't exist anymore.

More shovelware confirmed for the Switch and 3ds. Wario Land is just a rotten corpse.

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I was mainly talking about custom roms containing lewd minigame for the warioware diy stuff.

Who cares about Wario
where is my Actually good YOSHI'S ISLAND sequel Nintendo?


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The only good Yoshi games I remember where during the SNES/N64 the rest are just remakes from the original, GoodFeel is stuck developed those baby ass woolly game.

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