Wizards and Witches

Lets post Witches and Wizards.

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Women belong in the kitchen, not in magical rituals.
Unless you're a filthy savage sacrificing them to your animal god.

Also, sorcerers are homosexuals.

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because evil campaigns don't often get made into RPGs
you could always make it yourself. AGDG will help and Unity and Godot are easy to use

Why must a lich be evil? It's just a wizard that figure out how to prolong his life.

You can become a Lich in a campaign called: Descent Into Darkness in the opensource game Battle For Wesnoth.


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Have my DnD mage collection.

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Yeah, just make it deathless instead of undead

The usual explanation is that the ritual to become a lich involves really evil and fucked up stuff, so only one who is really immoral and selfish can achieve this state.

Because only the baddest dudes can be that bad.

Aren't regular wizards already prolonging their life quite significantly simply due to MAGIC? I mean, when has a wizard actually died of old age and not because he 'fulfilled his duty'. Or because of demons.
A lich usually takes it too far and ends up destroying or using other life in order to sustain your his own, which might still be considered good in some utalitarian discussions of moral ethics, but generally is a 'bad' thing.

Prolonged life and undeath are two separate things. A lich doesn't take prolonged life too far, a lich actually dies and passes through the veil and then uses the souls of sacrificed babies to break his ass back out to become an eternal Un-Dead.

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Far as I understand it, to become a lich you need to make a pact with some evil entity, by it a god or a demon, and sacrifice the soul of a sentient being. It isn't exactly all that monstrous of a process.

Also, there's archliches, which can achieve immortality through complex rituals, instead of swearing allegiance to someone else.

(fucking nice)
Why not just find a god or demon that will accept the souls of orc children or something? It's not evil if you're having orcs killed.

The issue isn't the sacrifice per se, but the fact you agree to be the bottom bitch of whatever entity grants your lichdom. Seeing as most, if not all, of the powers that would grant you this boon are evil, I don't think they'd be satisfied with you killing a fantasy nigger.

What are the volupsa and sybils?

Because people are unimaginative retards that all stick to one idea of what something is and refuse to ever deviate from it. DnD invented liches and so that is what liches absolutely 100% have to be. Nevermind the fact that in most works, liches are just powerful immortal wizards.
You fucks are the reason why liches can't go around teaching poor people how to use necromancy to help them work their farms, overthrow their corrupt kings, and bring peace and prosperity across the land.

I come from /tg/ bearing gifts.

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Oy vey goy, just give me your dead people.

Liches are evil because they literally don't have a soul and the process of becoming a lich usually involves more than making a phylactery. Typically some flavor of evil such as killing a loved one or child, destroying a home town, flaying a bag of puppies, etc. Its the immortal wizard's cheat to immortality since in most fantasy wizards have a different way to become immortal thats only possible at a higher levels.
Liches are basically bad wizards who cheat their way to immortality and lose most of their sanity in the process becoming undead who focus only on their desires with no concern for the world around them. Even if you came to a lich and offered to help he'd kill you and animate your corpse to have you better controlled.

If a DM lets you play a lich who isn't evil he's a bad DM.

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Best wizard coming though.

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There are morally neutral/good liches in some settings but the LA is retardedly high so why bother.

*lich variants

And old men in pajamas belong in the cemetary.

I'm just rolling to be honest.

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Old men in pajamas deserve to be in bed tucked in and with a glass of water within arm's reach. Worked at a nursing home for a bit and the way the women working there mistreat the old men made me almost beat the shit out a negress. Old men are the nicest people you will meet, if you give them allowance for their pride and don't patronize them.

Seriously? This far in and no one posts explosions?

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What kind of life person needs to live in order to not have their own home in the old age and be forced to move to a nursing home? To not have children and/or grand children to adore and care for them? My grand parents were fucking amazing and never were left alone or in some goddamn nursing house. Neither will be my mother.
I may be cynical, but I believe you get what you deserve in the end.
Sage for offtopic

Liches are the only truly good mages since they free the NPCs from the prison of their existence and make them useful to the autistic mage masterrace.

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Simple, women went back to work and now no one can take on extra family members like they used to. It's also very different when a person can now linger with ALS for twenty years. Euthanasia is wrong but this is also wrong, so I'm just hoping for collapse.

It's not called "cheating death" for nothing. Everyone has their allowed time on the material plane and must do the best they can with that time. Meanwhile, Liches completely ignore that truth and try to remain here far longer than they should or have the right to. This alone already sets them as selfish cunts since, unlike wizards that live as long as necessary but not for their own designs, Liches insist in staying here because they feel like it.

Secondly, where do you think the energy to be reanimated like that even comes from? We aren't talking about regular undead, where dark energy is enough to rise them or even some of the more advanced where you need a facsmile of a soul so they have basic sentience at least. We are talking a fully sentient creature that keeps all his knowledge, memories and mental faculties but is tied to a body that won't degrade.
You need energy that can only be found in someone else's soul and it doesn't matter how you get it, at the end of it you're still taking it from someone else.
That's the second reason they are evil, their immortality comes at a price that they force someone else to pay, and unlike vampires, they don't have the option to "just the tip".

You also have some more esoteric answers like in TES, where you have the Wheel of Life that keeps on turning, churning out souls into the void when they are cleansed of memories, and once every soul is clean, a new world starts anew. Liches are the fucks that simply sit on the wheel and refuse to get out, trapping every other soul into the void.

Humanity won't collapse in the next few hundred years, so our generation just drift along.
Neither will video games btw.

Old people are literally detritus. What they deserve is to be left to die, not to suck up everyone else's time and money. If you're going to beat a negress it should be because you wanted to, not for the honor of some boomers.

It's not that simple.
Old people aren't really that easy to take care of and you end up needing someone fulltime back home to do it.
Taking care of them with kids sounds like a nightmare too when they get to the point where they are too senile to be the "fun grandpa" that helps you take care of them.
At some point, old people become an hazard to themselves and even to those around them if they aren't carefull.

There's nothing wrong with rest houses in theory, it's the shit staff they usually have that makes the whole place look and feel miserable, otherwise it'd be a great idea to have professionals and even medical personnel tending to old people. And as long as you visit sometimes, even take them back home for holidays, it's cool too.

Killing normalfags is not morally correct. It's still murder, even if it's against lower creatures, you do not have the right to snuff their lives no matter how pathetic and miserable they are.
That said, morally is for fags that want to rely on others for protection. Wizards have no sense of right from wrong for a damn good reason.


That they are, that's why they need to be expunged.

Don't reply to obvious bait, idiot. It's just the idiot that jumps into every thread, sees what's the most popular opinion and acts like a contrarian for the sake of arguing.
Nothing good comes out of amusing him, he probably doesn't even agree with what he writes, just posts it for the sake of controversy.

muscle wizard best wizard
also rollan


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Disciples had somewhat-edgy wizards.

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There should be more victorian-styled witched and mages

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See thats the trick with being a lich, its not killing normalfags. Its always something personally hideously evil that serves to strip your humanity. Theres a reason why a living evil wizard isn't a lich, they're already stripped of humanity and just can't qualify for lichdom.

Pic related is the wizard

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That game was ridiculously hard. Played it on the megadrive in the 91 or 92. Died a hundred deaths.

which game is it ?


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No there shouldn't, given the entire spirit of the age was one of secular rationalism. You'd have natural philosophers and chemists at most.


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That's the point, user. There's satisfaction in throwing a fireball on the fag who told you magic is mere superstition. It also gives non-magic classes weaponry that actually gives them a chance to oppose a wizard.

Sword Wizard?

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I don't get this series.

It's a retarded series selling figures for waifufags to hotglue.

DnD liches are the only possible liches, right? In no way could a wizard be raised as a lich, one be made through artificial means, a person made one by a bored god, or a wizard turned into one by a cursed item. It absolutely 100% has to be an evil guy doing evil for the sake of evil, killing a thousand babies and kittens in the name of Nig'Nog, lord of the realm of darkness, suffering, and putting books on shelves out of order, to have his soul destroyed and become an immortal bone puppet of evil. Absolutely no other fantasy worlds exist and no alternatives are allowed.
If a DM doesn't let you play as something, he's a boring-ass DM with no sense of fun or imagination who likely railroads players and forces stat checks for every little thing.

Fate has a Penis Wizard, your argument is invalid.


Way to out yourself, Goon.

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I wish someone would make a game around Archer's skillset. It would be fun to steal the enemy's weapons and use them against them.

Nothing wrong with waifus.


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No because thats the fucking meaning of a lich in fantasy. What you described is just a fucking undead wizard, a lich is always self made by his own hand.
Also a DM who actually puts some fucking limits on the players is one that gives a shit. I don't want my players being god damn fairies in my urban campaign nor do I want samurai in the wild west one, if it doesn't fit the setting it shouldn't be allowed and most fantasy has an evil lich. If you wanted a non evil undead wizard kill the wizard raise him as an intelligent skeleton or zombie.

So you're a goon AND a retard?

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If you played through Heroes of Might and Magic 4 campaign your MQ is very based death-nature wizard.

lich didn't do not'ting


rolllllllllllling too but I will reroll commie/carrot wizard.


congrats, user, now you can finally be the little girl

Why, God?

Since fucking when has there been universal definitions for fantasy settings?
So a race of holy people with divine protection, clearly of good alignment, who value and honor the life and wisdom of their ancestors enough to willingly bind their souls to a phylactery and live on as immortal skeletons through a completely harmless ritual are objectively evil? Or can this situation just not exist because liches can only be DnD liches?

Actually most lynchings were simply the courts handing the offender over to the crowd and letting them handle the execution. Vast majority were of whites as well, but blu blu muh nigs.

There's an official 3.5 setting that has exactly this. Pretty sure it's in Ebberon, NG mayan aztec mummy liches.

Mayan/aztec elven

It would be more satisfying to lynch niggers though.

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All this talk about liches gave me a random setting idea.
Could be fun.

So literally tikkun olam. No thanks.

Congratulations! You just wrote the plot of your average jRPG.


Looked into it and don't quite follow. Mind elaborating?

Destruction of the world because "God didn't do a good enough job." Also the jewish theological excuse for their destruction of pre-existing social structures.

Also look into the kol nidre, the abolishment of all vows except to other jews.

I was thinking more along the lines of "kill YHWH and humans stop aging" or something more along the lines of everyone becoming Bodhisattva more or less, though.

finally a true man of taste and culture

That's retarded, if everyone is a bodhisattva, why would you need bodhisattvas? Their entire purpose is to help the unenlightened get past the state they (the bodhisattva) has chosen to stay in.

Oh, right. Forgot about that part, staying behind at the behest of whever it was again after he'd sat under the fig tree while ignoring all the gods trying to move him.

Well, I mean a state of being free from suffering. Then again, the buddhists argue that suffering stems from want rather than death so it's a poor analogy on my part.

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Not quite, it's that suffering comes from attachment, which is not simply desire, but the state of identification with matter or consciousness.

I think it was somewhere along the lines of anatta, durkkha or anitya that I just threw up my hands and stopped reading about buddhism.

This could actually be a great idea. Dunno about the theological part, it's just a plot device but could be good too.

It kinda reminds me of Legacy of Kain, where there's an Elder God that feeds on souls and requires the wheel of fate to keep turning.
Vampires were an interesting boon due to the amazing amounts of death they caused but in time, they almost exterminated the whole world and every vampire is immortal so their souls are beyond his reach, so he sets Raziel to go after them to end their immortal life.

If I were to take this premise, you could instead say that the world has a limited static number of souls that are reborn over and over.
The Elder God feeds on the emotions of the living / the knowledge they had upon death / their life experiences / anything, really. But since he exists beyond the mortal realm, he can only feed on souls when they die.
He can't manifest himself but he can influence the world in several ways, creating war, famine, plagues and strife everywhere to keep people dying all the time. Natural death is actually a curse placed upon their souls before reincarnating.

Due to the constant death and war, no civilization advances too much. They can't travel to another plane of existance (thus they will never confront this Elder God) and their religious practices (created by a (((prophet))) of this Elder God) keep them indocrinated into believeing in an afterlife.

The MC would find some ancient ritual or a method that accidentally removes his soul curse and thus his body no longer deteriorates.
Instead, he starts to rise in power and knowledge, understanding more and more of the world and seeing everyone else as the lesser souls they are and what they could be, so he makes it his quest to free them from their curse as well.
The ultimate goal is for everyone to join the MC in the ranks of an immortal race of living souls that never ages and only accumulates knowledge. The Elder God fears this as not only it kills his source of food, it also means humans will eventually find a way to travel into his realm and fuck him up.

The MC's powers are indeed magic in a world where magic is very, very light for most people. However, as his knowledge of the world increases from not dying at all, his powers grow to incredibly ridiculous amounts to the point that the Elder God has to send several horrible abominations and finnaly trying to cause Armageddon just to stop you and kill everyone so nobody remenbers any of this.

It will fail since the MC will prevent it, build an Arkane Ark and take 100 of his best Battlemages with him, travel through a tear into the Elder God realm and fuck his shit up.
Then when the credits roll, you see several other universes, each controlled by their own Elder God and your task is now to fuck all of them up and liberate every other race. The potential for expansions and sequels is limitless.

Off topic but it always amuses me that the sanskrit term for knowledge is vidya.


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I had been thinking of using the accursed Lich angle more, setting up the MC completely alone and despised by the whole world. His only allies would be complete monsters who just want immortality etc. A sort of guerilla war against all of existence.

Reminds me of Nehrim, too. Though that got pretty over the top at times.

I think I remember an old banner that had that as a joke. I don't think I have it any more.

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Fucking goons, those ancients.

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Still not a fan, this shit is like that cave man statue of a fat chick to me.
Its just not sexy exaggeration, except that last one.

The last one was actually me mistaking the thumbnail for another pic (the first one here).

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Oh come on, the one you like is the one with the niggerlips?

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Pray tell, how does the kingdom of cocksuckers fare, oh soyful traveller?

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Mein niegger.

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I kept trying to find some good clips to webm, but found nothing decent. Might have to dust off the old hard drives and make some.

For now, I found this.

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Game is hilariously easy if you roll 3 mages and bow Lenneth.

Step it up.

It had great art direction though.

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Best witch right here.

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but it's in the op

Shit your right, I guess I'm a retarded wizard.

Poor show.

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If only NISA didn't butcher the game beyond all recognition. May they all die of fucking cancer.


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Proper seeding.

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the ps4 version works, thankfully. i picked it up for $2.99. i know nothing about how poor the (((localization))) was, but it atleast kept the option for original audio.
fun game

she's a real human bean

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Sounds good. thanks for spoiling LoK you faggot

They don't. There's some truth to what said, though. But Gygax's own chart of where various monsters fall on the alignment spectrum had Liches under Lawful Neutral, not Evil. Over the years and editions, there have been all kinds of ways to become a Lich. 2e had a story about somebody who was so obsessed with research that they became one without realizing it, their will to learn tying them to the world. Elves have a good version of Lich called a Baelnorn. They even get alternative abilities, like astral projection. A particularly powerful and evil spellcaster will sometimes become a strange vermin-flavored kind of Lich called A Worm that Walks if its corpse is eaten by a mass of worms while it's retaining unused spell slots. An epic spell can force the transformation even if you're not Evil. On the post-apocalyptic world of Athas (Dark Sun setting), some Druids can cultivate a tree using their own blood that grows a massively toxic fruit that turns you into a Lich upon eating it, which I don't believe has an alignment requirement. Green Ronin put out a bestiary for Pathfinder with a very wild-themed variant that turns you into a Plant type pseudo-Lich called a Moss Lich, which is probably the most accessible of all options. No alignment requirement.

If you want to go psionic (master race tbh), the book Complete Psionic has a rough Lich equivalent called a Spectral Savant. They explicitly don't have to be evil; just tend to end up that way. Dreamscarred Press put out by far my favorite quasi-Lich, called the Mindborn, which is an Incorporeal Outsider that follows the general Lich design but swaps the Undead-related stuff for things like mind reading, shapeshifting, and telekinesis.

Liches are shown as badguys because it's easy, not because it's necessary. For your consideration, the only requirement to become a Lich is a caster level of 11 and the Craft Wondrous Item feat required to make the Phylactery. Just about any caster can make that requirement, even Paladins (Eternal Justice), Bards (The Show Must Go On), Rangers (The Hunt Never Dies), etc. And some systems (Pathfinder, maybe 3.x) have options for specialized crafters to waive the caster level requirement.

Forgot my images.

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Isn't this just a way to dissuade DMs from allowing edgy OCs from getting a free pass out of mortality? By making the entry fee some horrible moral event horizon instead of just some tasks that the edgelords will ask a DM to make a campaign around.

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I can see it being a deterrent, yeah. But the books also seldom go into detail about what the ritual actually entails. Earlier books talked about blasphemous rites and drinking an instantly lethal poison, but that's about it. The DM is the one that's supposed to set up the hurdle to Lichdom, which I guess makes sense, if you consider it an adventure of its own rather than a character upgrade box to tick on your sheet.

Sadly, a lot of D&D players see everything this way, and get really upset if their character dies.

I guess I'll hit up for some GoG version right now…

That's not unreasonable, considering the amount of time and effort that goes into them. Emotion, too, if you're bothering to give a damn about the roleplaying aspect of it.

I was one of those roleplay faggots, but honestly what's mostly turned me into a hack and slash player is a lack of DMs who will do anything else. I never feel immersed in a world when playing; it's more like looking the gameboard for Risk; just a map on which to move combat units. I feel I've become somewhat resigned to it.

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Son, you have no fucking idea. This is no spoiler. It's the apettizer for what the story actually is. Compared to everything else, an Elder God pitying a Wraith against vampires because their souls are out of his reach is a cliché. You do not understand how good time traveling stories can be until you've played this entire series and seen the eldritch backstabs you are set upon.

Legacy of Kaine is literal art and not in the pretentious hipster sense. It's history is actually that good that the game can wear this label and spit blood on the face of anyone else that disagrees or thinks himself near it.

Nigger are you even an apprentice? Weaponized spaghetti dropping is wizardry 101.

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He actually drew Marisa as the hapa she is. Absolute madman.

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Why has no one made a gun wizard game yet?

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but the entire "progressiong" that goes on in RPGs where you get XP and level up is actually far more harmfull than most people think because of this.

The extra investment into characters means it's harder to take them away from players since they have emotional attachment to them, and if you try to remove that, you get munchkins and powergamers instead that don't roleplay.
IMO, there's too much eggs on the same basket. A proper RPG would have the players polling resources into something besides themselves, like starting a Wizard Academy and playing as one of the teachers. Your character doesn't progress, but the school does, so if you lose your character, it's no big loss and you can play as another teacher for instance.

A simulated world that persists between deaths that the players can affect in some way would make for better gameplay in the long term than more powerleveling of a single character. Kinda wish that they went somewhere with the Leadership Feat in DnD, but sadly I think the closest one can get to this would be GURPS since character progression there isn't as linear nor does it lend itself to powerlevel bullshit.

He is trying to save a damnsel in distress from a Succubus, do you think he is a real mage? Probably some peasant that wants to look the part or hopes that the Succubus will "seduce" him. Fucking poseurs, man.

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Did anyone expect anything less than softcore hentai with this thread?

Marisa is no hapa

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To be fair you do generally sketch out a painting before hand.

got some good discussion about liches as well as some ecchi.

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Underrated post

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wizards btfo

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Why is hobo wizard on there twice?

Guy is in his 20s in that picture.

You never know where /tg/ territory will lead you son,that is why these threads are always worth it.

Attached: Wizards, no sense of right and wrong.jpg (2042x500 242.3 KB, 524.06K)

Sorcery vs. "wizard" distinction is pretty cool historically. The term sorcery is actually descended from the Roman legal term for any religious ritual or "magical" practice or item (talismans, rituals, etc) that was not approved of by the state and integrated into the ecumenized pantheon. So the late Republic at one point had to subsidize and regulate the Bachnalia so they didn't happen every five minutes by making it illegal for more than two official sanctioned priests to participate.

Meanwhile, wizard is an equivalent term to doctor, one who is wizened versus one who hold doctrine.

I've actually done something like that in a game. The whole party had the Leadership feat, and we played our Cohorts as a second party in charge of logistics and support to help the Big Damn Heroes party.

It's called a drawing because you draw your utensil across the medium, as opposed to sculpting, where you remove material. Painting is literally a subset of drawing.

Yeah she is. She's a foil to Reimu, whose thing is purity. Marisa represents the clashing of worlds, where Reimu's power is derived from sovereign boundaries. Even her name was specifically chosen because it can be written in English or Japanese without complication.

Reimu - Marisa
Japanese - Hapa
Shinto Rites - Hermetic Sorcery
Eastern attire - Western attire
Shrine Maiden (Purity Required) - Witch (Physically consorts with spirits for power)
Hates Youkai - Obsessed With/Studied Under Them
Traditional - Wears fingerless biker gloves and keeps a microchip in her hat
Minimalist - Wears her getup and uses an unnecessary broom because that's what witches do
Supernatural purist - Supplements her abilities with magitech, and actual technology

Gentleman wizards are best

Attached: 1405212928848.jpg (760x1050, 140.69K)


Attached: demonn.jpg (856x1200, 114.87K)



Attached: witch_and_servantimage.png (1544x1508, 2.09M)

Cancer Mage was such a cool idea. I wish it had more support rather than three options that all end up completely broken automatically with time once you get them.

I knew I could count on at least one of you, friendorooneys

Attached: cia.gif (500x486, 769.54K)

Don't act like there isn't convention with the separation between painting and drawing.

Reminds me of blanket wizards >>>/tg/337016

Not true. Esoteric Practices had a huge boom in the west during Victorian times

Under the aegis of natural science and explicitly against the supernatural. Groups like the Society for Psychical Research discredited Blavatsky's mentalism (which is an easy task) while simultaneously promoting ESP.

Cotton the best

Attached: 30953459_p3_master1200.jpg (1024x768 553.94 KB, 605.34K)

I'm writing a book on the history of "magic" so I consider myself an expert on this topic.

id buy it.

Attached: ghost.jpg (2560x1440, 2.45M)


Attached: skeletorbenis.png (1384x848 711.19 KB, 164.11K)

cotton is pretty cute.

second thing that came to mind after the sorceress.

Attached: 4c55460a17fe72f2439761e4645fa466b5a4fc29f0e7750cbdaabdf40d4904ca.jpg (1300x1200 204.54 KB, 755.45K)

I mean, the waters are even muddier than that, considering it's in all likelihood a digital illustration.

Pretty perfect.

Attached: trouble witches cotton.jpg (1180x1740 256.16 KB, 840.93K)


Attached: TacticalMage.jpg (750x927, 100.49K)

Wow, so you just thought of the plot of almost every SMT game.

Attached: Cheekius Breekius Master Wizard.webm (757x430 170.37 KB, 161.96K)


Attached: its-magic-i-aint-gotta-explain-shit.jpg (700x466, 57.49K)

Are wizzards allowed?

Attached: Rincewind.jpg (1600x900 313.12 KB, 144.25K)

why not?

Attached: 1445326632236.png (1000x2000 40.09 KB, 661.32K)

yeah sure, why two z though?

Attached: witch tits.png (720x960 1.35 MB, 175.66K)

Read a book nigger. Specifically the Colour of Magic.

quality magic user

I wish I was on my home computer so I can gather images of my wizard vidya avatars

Attached: gentleman-wizard5_5826.jpg (275x322, 51.07K)

Attached: actrise8.jpg (2236x2833 2.2 MB, 1.81M)

Nice dubs.
I always get slightly annoyed when I see this but ill let it slide because George is a great artist.

Attached: 1428332823835-3.jpg (661x850 799.09 KB, 335.45K)

Odin had glamoury as well, though. He was master of all magics, including seidr.

I hope she returns. She and her two smooth mana jugs are too good to be lost in vidya character limbo.

Attached: 06.jpg (1719x3009 376.63 KB, 3.27M)

that's a big chest

Tranny wannabe witches don't belong in this thread nigger.

Attached: loli vs ara.jpg (1017x1000, 157.76K)

Despite the name, this isn't THE Odin but his mastery of magic is something that is heavily underlined as he's most often referred through his "Magic Lord" title that was wrongfully translated as "Demon Lord" (admittedly, "Maou" is more commonly used for the later).

Attached: alicia (bullet witch)

Do you think the Zelda chest theme plays when you touch them?

considering that they are 2D and you can't touch them, it's hard to say for certain

Attached: tell me about bane.png (1678x1050, 1.79M)

Maybe if Capcom magically grows its balls back, they can try a new Warzard. But better leave it alone for the time being.

Attached: agathe.jpg (859x1000 2.07 MB, 957.17K)

posting time wizards

Attached: Xelor.jpg (900x1268 76.09 KB, 317.77K)

Is Dragon's Dogma the best wizard game?

Attached: serveimage.jpg (300x168, 5.87K)

Best thread on Holla Forums

Attached: Happy-Family.PNG (806x631, 806.77K)

That's real fuckin nito.
My greatest desire is to play a game where I can play as a necrocleric with heavy armor adorned with skull motifs, summon leagues of skeletons, and demolish armies.

Attached: The Wizard was Successful.png (1793x326, 169.13K)

I've played a character that managed to become a collective hive mind of duplicate bodies, and each body was a phylactery for the entire rest of the swarm. You either killed all of him, or you wasted your time.

It's been a long time since i played ss13, is wizard still a thing people play? I know clowns have been a meme for the longest time, but every time I played every wizard was a fucking madman.

What are some good wizard games? Arx Fatalis is gud that I know, but what else?

The music is amazing, is that the original music?

Attached: 1441584106117.jpg (1600x1509, 344.95K)

another lizard wizard to add to my collection

age up fetish is top tier

Attached: 1436638420988.jpg (981x1146 89.38 KB, 299.98K)



Fuck it, I'm bored. Rollan.

Attached: 54c1dedc187ca246bd686a5ae0015312.jpg (800x800 101.27 KB, 115.05K)


Attached: 006.jpg (1280x1833 811.88 KB, 816.97K)


Attached: Chaotic Neutral Wizard.webm (600x338, 7.81M)

all this plot and worldbuilding just for some furry shit, i don't know who is worst, you for liking it, or the author for being so pretentious while knowing he just wanted to fuck a girl with a fox face and big tits

Attached: the hoplite of disapproval.jpg (311x326, 38.63K)

I actually thought the plot for this was cute. It's a shame that it's furshit.

Oh come on, I know you could find a non-furry equivalent if you looked. Here, is this close enough?

Attached: breaking_the_conditioning_and_buying_water_filters.jpg (675x720, 80.05K)

Attached: stroke it for me.png (580x217, 86.13K)


Attached: isn't_right.jpg (1273x713, 133.36K)

It's [CURRENT YEAR] +3, you mong.
I'll stop viewing it as negative when animal people exist and it becomes normal to fuck them. Until then, it's a fetish that degenerates ingulge in.


Attached: tamamo bikini.png (1497x590, 731.92K)

female apprentices, homo.

What kind of wizard has female apprentices? They wouldn't even be training wizards anymore.

Attached: Skeletor Bans all furries.mp4 (562x360, 4.41M)

Yeah those are called witches, or servants.

Attached: Really_bakes_my_lasagna.png (617x541, 530.17K)

Hence not wizards nor apprentices.

I see what you are doing there.

Nigger I just want a harem as a muscle wizard. Is that too much to ask?

Pick one and only one.

Then just say that int he first place you ninny

Attached: koti.jpg (1444x1029, 998.1K)

i'm currently running this setting
it's secretly Holla Forums the campaign


…Literally Gnosticism… Or Hereticism.

Attached: b87348576fa2496251e40754e19fec9c30c10a8ac2b9bc0e61419d6dedde8225.gif (500x375, 420.61K)

I meant Hermeticism.

Attached: bf84cd9821eb12a7f231437cfd638c4e5cc8a7fff9937782fea66d4ca8d2b8ec.jpg (500x597, 34.07K)

it's gone through three over the years

Because the process destroys one's humanity.

You are now three steps removed from being capable of even recognizing your own inhumanity. Evil is a natural state of being for one such as that. It's like asking "why is water wet?"

Not original, it's from the old Final Fantasy Unlimited Anime.

I remember one user posted the concept art of a sorceress who unfurled the scrolls she carried around into turntable setup and cast spells by playing it. Does anyone have that image still?

Can a being without morals actually be considered evil?
I mean they are pretty likely to take evil actions but a lack of morality seems like it would just be True Natural.

Attached: The elements are uncertain.png (560x407, 33.14K)

But they do exist, in the world of fantasy!
Animal people would be cool if they did exist, but I'd prefer people not to fuck them.

Attached: c080aea1365ee1f62d50a5ea522d11e0b685a9dcb0e4da2aae9d4f521f64651c.png (207x189, 90.67K)

Doesn't True Neutral come with some kind of sense of "grand design", or motive for "balance"? Liches don't really care about a greater order; their acts are guided by supreme selfishness.

Sauce? I have a feeling I've seen that artist before but can't remember the name.Had a Tanuki guy in it.

True Neutral is the most diverse of all alignments because there are lots of ways to get there. Druids have an 'impartiality of nature' thing going on. Monks have a tao balance thing. Animals are incapable of making moral decisions and so default to it.



Laying with animals has always been a historical euphemism for racemixing. Don't.


Attached: O3HDjr0.jpg (1240x1754, 387.95K)

What if you have xenophilia?

Attached: witchmia.jpg (2943x3917 950.58 KB, 3.39M)

I hate how we never get wizardy tools besides Magic attacks and shit. Dragon's Dogma kind of gets it by giving you floating powers to your jumps, but that's about it. A true wizard should use his wizard powers on his daily task, be able to see further away, cook food or shit like talking with spirits to get additional information to solve quests and whatnot.

Also, rolling
Please don't make me commie.

Not bad. Also rolling.

Then you post on /monster/ because it doesnt have a snout, duh :^)

Then mup da doo didda po mo to you, nigguh.

Attached: witch.png (1440x1080, 694.19K)

It's like you want your kids to be shit at magic.

Attached: cutesnek.png (1000x806, 1.03M)

Attached: 1515003001313.jpg (516x639, 42.72K)


It's actually Arche in both. First image is some old Inagaki artwork before he got replaced by Fujishima for whatever reason.

Attached: CROSSFIR.jpg (600x1067, 128.1K)

Like all ages, there was a counter-culture. Look into the works of guys like William Blake


Rollan again cause didn't saw pic 5.

Attached: e55403a21e675280a8f0fcbf1f46082bbcd045d232f42fadddc6a38cc0c276ab.jpeg (800x1186 161.48 KB, 640.36K)

Wizards who don't dabble in necromancy to make themselves immortal are top pleb

Attached: images-13.jpg (764x1045 6.4 KB, 201.1K)

nice thumbnails.



I'm a thumbnail wizard



what the fuck is this garbage

fug it, i am rolling.

Attached: 1afec40668fa4b4af334ee430932ecebb1700d34036b3c1fcec1b78445714f49.jpg (810x1080 104.44 KB, 182.67K)

==20 MINUTES==

Attached: Nox_by_arnaud_o.jpg (500x272 80.87 KB, 37.67K)

Let’s see what happens.

Attached: 9E43F168-F9C5-4515-A194-8DC2ACB4B3B4.png (222x320, 23.19K)


Attached: 1469713594776-2.jpeg (600x1125 88.95 KB, 64.93K)

Unlimited power!

Attached: 3b2aefd0f85ac193c5c24e901e874c1b910558c924997ec94b0489f577dad4c4.jpg (600x814, 71.81K)

Was he in the wrong?

Attached: It was going to make everything all right, it was going to undo it all...mp4 (912x496, 269.66K)

I'm interested in the character, but not the show, what's his story?

That's exactly why you shouldn't fuck animal people if they existed. Although I'll admit that animals are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than humans. I wish I could be one

Attached: 40331b0f82c41b110ab26450a3ad0553f9b5b3275daa89cff8beeda3e84468e9.jpeg (736x630, 175.5K)

You are an animal.

Time wizard who's family got killed or something and he was trying to bring em back I think.

and also be happy with who you are. Otherkin and tranny shit is just cancer, be comfortable with yourself. I bet you're overweight, try to fix that.

Holy fuck, double trips.
Humans are animals, what's your point?

I am. Just some people can look like fucking hideous trolls, but that probably has to do with human psyche and whatnot, being part of the same species and all. But at the same time, fantasy concepts are interesting to think about. Like how would an upright animal society function? How would it differ? Etc, and so on. Animal people are interesting in the fact that they're like aliens, but they have similarity to things we know and understand.

Attached: e0f2528377c1b381b03488700381dd0c243e318263c74e15122d1454b3a8dd01.png (1200x788, 394.53K)

It's one thing to enjoy a cool setting like /tg/ does, but another to want to be a furfag. Please user, try to come to peace with yourself. Get /fit/ should that be how.

I don't understand how speculating the dynamics of a world with multiple varied intelligent species makes me a furfag. I don't want to fuck them or anything for that matter, instead looking at them brings back a sort of childhood charm and wonder, when most cartoons featured them. Different cultures of any sort have always been interesting to me. Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs are fine, but they feel like a human subspecies. Animal people are fascinating in a way because it's interesting to think of other ways civilization could function. Same goes for Aliens. Or maybe we are the way we are because of civilization and they'd be too if they were smart enough to do so.
You're also telling me you've legitimately never thought about what animal you'd be when you were a kid? Or other stupid shit like superpowers, or what time period you'd want to visit?
Gondolas are peaceful, here's one for you.

Attached: Sorceror Gondola.mp4 (320x240, 4.54M)

It doesn't

rolling for 11

Again, it's just something interesting to think about. It's all just fantasy. Like the fags who think about being a Elf, Dwarf, Orc, or Wizard. Why do you insist on taking it so seriously?

Attached: 90795a7ffce071ce440d1a3d200ae85d418915f71dbeeb246c5fe5818a4140b0.jpg (600x600, 66.87K)

Sweetest sorc

Attached: mahoujin-guru-guru-2017-episode-16-english-subbed.jpg (852x480, 41.59K)

The Immortal

I am a very bitter furfag.

Attached: tinfoil burger.png (450x532, 236.15K)


Attached: Slavic Wizard.mp4 (750x927 6.91 MB, 100.31K)

Touche. Have some vril-loosh.

Why are furries so self destructive?

Attached: assburgers.jpg (600x683, 32.31K)

I kinda played that hand already earlier in the thread, so I was assuming you knew that.
It's what happens when the entire internet hates everything tangentially related to you and you simultaneously hate the "community".

sage for OT

Attached: assburger.webm (960x720, 4.7M)

I rarely pay attention to IDs.
It's for that very same reason I hid the fact that I was actually a furry and your accusations were correct.

Attached: ceba38cc7355e285a591f73d0cba045256a0a5b16574aadfbc17940bec39e3ef.jpg (644x599, 88.12K)

It really does take one to know one huh?

Attached: kemono pepe.jpg (441x438, 37.98K)

And thus it always turns out the most antagonistic group towards furries is other furries. I know I'm guilty of that.
Posting Wizard pepes so this thread doesn't derail as quickly.

Attached: wizardpepe.jpg (448x487 45.14 KB, 1.71M)

Actual wizardry in a few months. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Attached: urashima.jpg (609x381, 154.36K)

Be proud, user. With society churning out harlots, whores, and fuckbois en masse, be proud you resisted the temptations, had self-control, or kept them at bay via spaghetti shield. A life without a woman is a life that can be used for better things. Wizardry is what separates us from normalfags. Wizardry is the advancement of a man. No longer be a slave to your primal urges. Instead, let your mind be free. A majority of people will end up non-virgins. Why not be special and set yourself apart?

Attached: 30thBirthday.gif (126x126, 144.27K)

That brings back memories. Never did finish the game.

There is when they're gender-bender trash

The deal with him is that he is a time magician whose family and everyone else he cared about got killed.And he discovered this super powerful artifact that could rewind time but required gas-entire-species-and-sacrifice-their-souls levels of mana.
This naturally didn't really seem like a problem because hey, its not like they are gonna be dead when he rewinds time anyways.And that is all nice and dandy until he activates the thing.
All the mana he collected for 200 years and the direct tap from the source of all life only managed to send him back 20 minutes

Attached: stare_rocko.jpg (357x402, 59.43K)

whats the your guys opinion about warlocks?

Attached: WoW_Guldan2.jpg (640x360, 52.5K)

They are limited.

Attached: 1402392145491.gif (320x238, 553.28K)

Attached: wiz.png (2164x1875, 1.03M)

we need more warlocks in vidya dammit

wew, lets rolllllll

wizard needs food

Attached: gauntlet merlin wizard.png (523x352, 125.62K)

If we are talking warcraft warlocks are good if you want to make everyone in the entire game world rue the day they ever installed in the game. In other games they are just slightly edgier mages.