Be a teen like 10-15 years ago

and people think things like a small assassins creed logo are the dizzying heights of this cringe.

so this guy is now a full grown man. every time he gets a woman in the bedroom for the first time he takes his shirt off and she sees an old and faded version of this.

Is this the worst fucking gaming tattoo you have ever seen?

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also, tattoos and piercings are disgusting

Nope, there's always worse.

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Even what you posted will never beat mark of shame.

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Oh no, user, there exist specimen far worse than dumb whores that stamp themselves with AssCreed or Zelda art.

Also, you have to be a special kind of stupid to even consider putting a tattoo you.

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Still, bruises and scars are the only acceptable body modification.

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Man the 'everything is cuckchan' paranoia is at a seasonal high this week god damn every thread. You are really putting the work in.

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sonyniggers BTFO

Nice projection, smallhouse. Invigorate yourself with a long dive in a wide pond.

its almost summer you dumb faggot

Paint is not good for you user.

Exactly how long are you going to be in service work?

Yes user, everything is cuckchan, its always summer. The doctors will see you soon. Everything is okay.

It feels to me that tattoos in themselves are more often than not signs of absolute idiocity and degeneracy.

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you forgot the almost in there little nigger

we have cuckchanners in this board my man

"温泉禁止" is the only acceptable tatoo to get. My dealer told me it means 'fighting spirit' in mongolian.

Fuck off back to your deleted thread cuckfuck.

Tattoos are basically the current years body paint. There are only a few places that still use body paint, they are called tribes and usually made up of shitskins and niggers
Are you a shitskin or a nigger?

This is an interesting thought. Groups of people do get them to belong to the group.

tatoos are for lower-class trash

it's not paranoia, why do you think there are more "le epic troll xD" threads? it's faggots from cuckchan trying to raid the board

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its been four fucking years faggot. learn to tell the difference already.

That one's especially bad because of how soulless it is, just copied from a promotional render of all the conveniently most well known Sony things, when there's no way he cares about all of them. He's just a living advertisement.

you don't get it, user, he cares deeply not about the games, but about the company

Why in the butt fuck would you care about the company if you didn't care about its games? Maybe it's the overall experience that matters to him, but it's still some ultra generic looking shit.

Brand loyalty is modern replacement for religion

I should have known. I'm surprised they don't pay people to get tattoos like that or name their child SONY OLED TV 1800$. Then again they probably do.

Fuck you really are from cuckchan! This argument haven’t been used here in 6years

Kys faggot.

Tattoos and piercings are a sign of low IQ and lack of impulse control. It's harder for such people to evaluate their decison makings skills because they're simply not intelligent enough to do so. Add to that escalation of commitment and it's almost impossible for them to admit they made a mistake. A legitimately intelligent person does not mind being wrong about something because they're not insecure but an idiot is absolutely terrified of admitting fault.

Nigger, there is LITERALLY snow outside my house. It snowed a few days ago. In what fucking way is it almost summer when we still gotta go through spring as well? And it hasn't become spring yet.

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Why is it red? Did she fuck a radish?

You'd be pissed too if your parents named you Dovahkiin

tattoos are already retarded, but they are especially retarded with text.

What the fuck, they tattooed "soy boy" on themselves?
I've wanked to cerebellum fuck doujins, and this is crazier.

Poor guy should be around 7 years old now.
Imagine all the bullying he suffers in school.

He's already in school by now, and likely getting bullied mercilessly because Skyrim is still a thing. I think calling him Adolf would have met with more positive results.

Because they're "proud" of being called soyboys, just like cucks are "proud" of being cucks.

Even worse is the symbol, 2 crossed daggers and a baseball.
What the fuck does it mean? "Beat us at baseball and we shank you"?

Intelligent people are insecure all the fucking time what are you talking about

Intelligent people don't bother with it because the average person is retarded and they'll get the wrong idea anyway.

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