It's nearly April and it's still cold

Does God hate me or something

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He should.

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He should probably just put you out of your misery. Mercy kill tbhwy famaroo

Global cooling. Enjoy the weather as it is now, it'll only get worse.

Just get a qt trap gf, user. I did and dropped womeme, never looking back. Trapnostate when?

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Yeah, but I'm not gay



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Traps are gay, faggot.

Are you a Darwin fag, I've never seen temp's when it's been raining
I've seen a 32c when it's raining and i've seen a 47 but never a 37 when it's raining

I'm sorry that your taste is shit. I hope your high maintenance thot bleeds you try and these child support bills fuck you over good.

Then again I hate it when its cold and no snow but snow is great man.

You both are shit
Artificial Wombs and Robo Waifus when?


fuck off back to whatever anime you came out of

Fuck off, you're the one who wants "based" tranny dick, you're the transmeme here

No kids and no sex until marriage.

I'm not stupid enough to fall for the premarital sex meme.


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Why don't you rupture your ass with a metal dildo prosthetic and die

Enjoy her cucking you with niggers and then complaining about lack of attention when you catch her doing that.

just finish the job ffs

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Well they're guys pretending to be girls
Tell me again why it's different than a Tranny

please tell me how jews rule the world and are evil again

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She's already half black and has the same mentality, since both of us are opposed to abortion.

I don't even like Holla Forums, they're a bunch of CIA Niggers who loves based Kike dick sucker Trump
And again
And if you really want I can get into the Jews
I personally believe while there isn't one big combined conspiracy between the kikes, there is a genetic urge to subert and there are organizations, some of which major which's sole purpose is to spread Jewry and take down white males, for example Israel is having a field day pushing sides, controlling ISIS, Trump and to a lesser Degree Russia

No, but I do. Fuck off normalfag scum.

I barely see rain here so I'll take it. Might even go for a swim that day

What depressing state do you live in user?

Swimming in 37c heat is always a good idea

There is something wrong with you if you like women but dating niggers is a whole new level of mental disease. I don't think even the transmeme itt is as maladjusted as you. Have you considered suicide?

I don't suppose you live in Pittsburgh, OP?

Buckle the fuck up, son.


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