Metal Slug

Wanting to play this series, what game should I start with?

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The first one

Just play them in order, they're all great games.

Metal Slug 5 and go backwards from there.

In order. Skip 2 and play X instead, it's basically a reskin with improved performance, powerup placement and a pumped up difficulty

Fio a bes

Official Metal Slug Waifu ranking

Tarma > Fio > Marco >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eri >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else

Get the PC collection and you're golden.

MS2 is a decent place to start, exactly because of the lower difficulty. The second level is a good place for a newbie to learn grenade techs.

All of them are good games and there aren't many gameplay changes between each game, so you can start wherever you like.
Fio best girl, if you think otherwise you're wrong and/or dumb

I dig the glasses and cap, but blonde and bandana is way nicer.

Your biggest issues, OP, will be the controls. Metal Slug was really built and designed for an arcade machine, so either use a fight stick or a certain gamepad. I played the collection on the Wii and the DS and was satisfied in both cases. You may differ, though. I still can't find a good way to play Cave Story.

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are emulators laggy or is that just me

reminder you can play Metal Slug 1-5 + X on fightcade with your internet friends

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Just start from 1 or X, be warned that the first game has somewhat different style of aesthetics (somewhat WW2-inspired with a dash of romanticism) compared to the rest (zany and supernatural) and that some mechanics are rather different. This isn't a bad thing mind you, its just a small tip.
Also avoid the newest iteration of Metal Slug, they're gacha mobileshit wannabees

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Fio and Eri are like choosing between Apples and Oranges, both are great but more suited for different tastes.

I played it with my fucking keyboard, fite me fegit
i'm just poor though, there's no better way to play it than to use a gamepad or well the arcade stick itself

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thank you

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Overrated piece of shit that's good only for porn and sprite dumps.
Play contra hard corps instead.

What do you mean LAGGY?

Probably the 2 or X slowdowns

Somebody dump some Metal Slug spritework.

Emulating Metal Slug Anthology for PS2 is good, but the first game had serious input delay issues in it for me.

What do you guys think of Metal Slug 3D


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Metal Slug Attack :^)

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Metal Slug on the whole is full of games that are generally better than Contra, including the highly overrated Hard Corps. I would really only put Super C, 3, and Contra Rebirth on the same level as the lesser Metal Slug games.

Derp, swap Contra 3 with 4.