4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite competitive online game?

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Overwatch :^)

I don't play any.

Morning everyone, Ritsu here

I'm wanting more and more to go back to nippon. Might have to get a job soon sadly.

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It's obvious for me.

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I don't have a favorite competitive game tbh

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How goes user

Whats good in the hood monica

Yakuza isn't an online game

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I work early and have to drive to work early and have to deal with fucking people and by the time I get home I have to go to bed. I have no time for video games. I have no


I just want to fucking play video games but I must go to bed for tomorrow comes soon.

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World of tanks?

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I just finished Heaven's Feel. Man, I'm pretty blown away. This is a pretty solid VN. On the other hand my job decided to give me two shifts this week so it's time I just start working somewhere else. How are you niggers?

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I got three hemorrhoids on my ass. It's getting in the way of my ability to fap. It sucks man.

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Morning. Spent the weekend sick as a dog. Still can't stop sneezing and shitting

Dota 2

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Not much, aside from having tendies for dinner. Did see this shitty ad the other day and thought it warranted a shooping.

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What's your fav model? I'm partial to the shermans myself.

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Come to the NEET side user
Its comfy

Why they only give you two shifts? Do you suck at your job

That shouldn't mess with fapping unless you do gross butt stuff

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Aren't butts nsfw?

Hey Reg, what's your job? And can you explain Heaven's Feel?

You just push them back in, they aren't warts. They are parts of your ass that push shit out that got pushed out from shittting too hard.

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I haven't been hardcore sick in a long time. Being a shut in has its advantages.
Hows life otherwise fam

Thats disturbing.
I had tendies for breakfast. Found some chikfila and maccas sauce packs so it was nice.

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It's the old catch 22: as a kid, you likely have plenty of time for vidya, but no good means to fund it much. As an adult, you should have the money to at least make purchases when you need to, but have no time or energy to play. The exception being NEETs with modded systems or emulators.

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Anyone here know if mega works with various alternative/forked browsers, like Waterfox or Palemoon? Been locked out of Mega for a while since it stopped working with the browsers I use some months ago, and I’m not real keen on following it’s recommendations to install a desktop program or use jewgle chrome instead.

Could be worse. You could have fistula.

Work went by surprisingly fast today. Just one more day and I get 1 day off for six straight days of work.

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You are making me dread the thought of getting another job

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do they hate you?

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Just 'enjoying' my shift at work. Getting quite acquainted with my chapstick as well.

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Best tanks.

No clue really. They are training a bunch of new people, so maybe that's why. Either way I'm not really gonna deal with tedious things like that.

I work at this gourmet burger place. Not much keeping me there, it's not really as glamorous a place as I can work in anyways.
I don't mean to wank it, but it's good enough to warrant reading it without anyone spoiling it for you. Some of the twists were pretty spectacular. It's the third and final route of the Fate Stay/Night VN, with the main heroine being Sakura. I actually prefer Sakura the least out of the three available heroines, but the route was worth it for the protagonist.

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It enhances the orgasm.

That sounds painful. Are you a doctor?


What's fistula?

The secret is audionovels and podcasts. So you can technically learn while on the job.

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Red Orchestra was great when it was active.

I'd like a little bit of challenge though, you know? And it's better when you got a slightly cheaper tank when your ass gets blown up.

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Pretty sure the answer is yes.

Oh, I hope you can find another job real quick.
oh, can you at least explain it's genre?

enjoy the NEET life while you can.

Possibly. Although they've kept me for almost 9 months now so I guess they don't hate me enough to fire me.

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Noun: an abnormal or surgically made passage between a hollow or tubular organ and the body surface, or between two hollow or tubular organs.

What are you a girl

Oh yeah weren't you supposed to review some weird burger there for me

I doubt I could find a job like that

How goes user

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Maybe it's because you're a decent worker.

Sober surprisingly. Been gorging myself on hot cross buns.

Even when I work, I'm a NEET at heart

Nice. Do anything fun today?

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Sakura is worst girl, but heavens feel was a great route. the hf movie was excellent too

Too bad.

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I see, so it's the result of really big poops, or other things. Gotcha, thanks user.

Butts are legal to post, just can't post buttholes. Same as how you can post boobs but not nipples.

Your jobs didn't let you listen to music while working?

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makes sense

I just hope a hotpocket doesn't come in and ruin things.

Nope, try genetic disorders.

No, I just have a diet high in protein and have done minimal googling to solve my own problems.

It's part of your body that is supposed to be on the inside and you are wiping it with abrasive paper. Just gently push it back in and you wont have that problem anymore.

Well, you're not wrong. I actually do a good job at work, despite not having the greatest customer service voice. That's also the one factor that's holding me back, as one of the things we're judged on randomly selected customer surveys. Some results say I'm a 10/10 while others say I'm a 1/10 and described me as "PR suicide."

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When I'm at work I just lock my door and shitpost.
98/100 skeets today. I need more .410 shells.

Nope. I did basic retail crap. I want to get a security gig or something next time though if I can find it.

How goes user

What kind of job?

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No, I'm just sick of super cracked lips

Didn't you try to lecture me on this last week as well?

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What happened? I missed your posts before.

No, I tried to save you from the evil mods.

I'm officially past the age when achieving something in video games creates an emotional response. I now understand the filthy casual mind. They have nothing to prove, or feel, so angry birds is just as valid a choice as Dark Souls.

It might be because my own life is in shambles and nothing makes me happy anymore.

On the upside I've gotten really skilled at suppressing the awful feeling of remembering when I embarrassed myself, online or off. If I can kill my internal monologue entirely I will be really relieved. But it might not happen because then I will be truly alone.

I got banned from /r9k/ for admitting I used to be a semi-normalfag. An outcast among outcasts. Fuck that bucket of crabs.

Recommend me a 410 pistol

Try staying better hydrated.

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Are you the guy in the webm thread who was talking about shooting ghosts?

Just tell me! Is it like a hole between your pooper and pee-er so they intermingle and it gets all gross and sloshy?

Just grow your hair out then, and put one earbud in your ear imo. Can fake it well enough with long hair. But yeah, late night security is easy as fuck.

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I've got three external and three internal and I've got no problem fapping

No idea what the fuck you're doing but don't do it that way

S&W Governor. If you're poor a Judge or a derringer of some sort.

How so user?
And how could you embarrass yourself online really?

I used to have really long hair but I cut it all over years ago. I've got a giant beard now though, its comfy

You didn't use that last place on your resume did you?

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Do they know your history?

No. I do shoot spoops innawoods though.

Imagine a painful tunnel from your bowel to your skin that isn't your asshole, fills with nastiness, and leaks. But by definition, it's a hole from any organ to the surface that shouldn't be there.

That's the thing though. You won't get blown up if you're in a Tiger 2. Do you actually play world of tanks? I stopped playing it a bit ago but my old man keeps bugging me to play.

It's the fate series, so basically seven modern day mages called Masters control seven heroic spirits based off historical/mythological heroes called Servants to have a free for all for the grand prize of the Holy Grail. The servants are the main appeal, as one of each "class" is summoned to have cool fights with other servants; example, you could have Oda Nobunaga (Archer who uses tons of muskets) fighting Samson (Berserker, the biblical Samson that lost his strength when they cut his hair). Those aren't actual spoilers because both don't show up in the VN, but that should give you an idea.

Haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet. I agree with your statement.

Was I?

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Does the S&W have one of those dumb key locks they were putting on their revolvers?


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Oh you never explained that.

I wonder what all the cunts on the internet would do if SESTA ends up shutting down all online dating sites everywhere. I'd like to see. Over time it's just become another venue for hot chicks to get praise and attention for free while the rest lie about their weight/marital status/age. Imagine if women had to rely on one man to give them sexy compliments. Would they go insane?

Sounds like depression.

How'd you manage to do that?

Beards are comfy, but they can't hide your earbuds. . . .Ya gotta grow out the hair and shave the beard, it's the only way to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while you work. Unless there are really small headphones you can fit in your ear and noone can see already.

Ive been relegated to mouthbreathing for the past few days. No amount if water will keep these lips moist.

Not sure if it's actually out, had the pleasure of seeing it in theater. I'll be getting it on disc more than likely, though.

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I never liked having a beard or mustache or any of that facial hair shit tbh

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How have you at least not heard in passing of Heaven's Feel, Unlimited Blade Works, etc? I mean, spend any length of time on an anime or at least Japanese media friendly board and they'll crop up in due enough time.

Clinton guns do. Modern stuff I ain't too sure.


I don't follow the series that much sorry.

Post video of spoops shooting!

Is it fuckable?

Nah, I watch my cousin play it. He's really into ww1 and ww2, and tanks. He has a good few dozen now.

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Is it really depression or an accurate summation of being a NEET as old as I am?
I know there's no way to get out of my situation with a negative attitude but with all the stuff I sill try I fail an awful lot. I guess I'm just ugly and untalented and I fear it's too late to try.

But then I see who I have as competition in the arena (Rebecca Sugar and Ian-Jones Quarterly) and it's a small relief.


Never shaving my beard. I look weird without it

Oh right cause youre sick. What flavor chapstick then. I dated this one girl once who always wore vanilla chapstick since she knew I liked vanilla a lot. Was cute

I've avoided them for a while since most the ones I saw had them. But I ain't shopped for a revolver in like 8 years

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I've been NEET for 9 years and I still love video games and stuff so

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How do I start having fun with vidya again? Playing new vidya feels like a chore sometimes.

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I'm just going to go straight to sleep because I need to be up in 3 hours for the gym. Night fellas. Jesus loves you and all that good stuff you homos.

I forgot to mention, but I taught my friday church class two weeks ago and my lesson was about neets. You inspired me to talk about it. People really liked it too, I've practically taken over as youth pastor.

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tl; dr to thank all the internet memelords for his win, Trump signs some horrible bills into law that hurt the internet's freedom.


I don't follow it much either, but it's been amongst user culture for a long fucking time. Do you at least know that the imageboard word "GAR" originated from a post about F/SN?

I mean, you're dead either way in the end right? If being neet sucks might as well try having a job, or failing to get one. Not like it'll matter when your worm food and either you get heaven or to sleep forever after, so fuck it, just try out what you want.

It's probably all in your head. Most people think they look weird when they change something they've had for awhile. You might actually look better but just not be used to having no beard. It all depends on how you look with long hair as well though.

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Take a break for a month or so and focus on other stuff.

Cya next time fam, next time tell me about your sermon on NEETs.

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I just give you click clack of nagant design. I don't video spoops or injuns. Just ain't polite you dig?

The hillary hole is easy enough to remove anyway.

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3 hours isn't enough for your body to recover from gym bud. You need a good 5-7 hours.

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You should share your secret with

Or stop writing like a douche who ends a sentence with "so…".

It is if you're consuming copious amounts of b vitamins.

Post spoopy indians next!

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Cherry was the only flavor they had left.
I hate cherry.

Him signing that bill off was a huge load of shit. Fuck Mattis

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Nothing can replace sleep and rest user.

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High blood pressure and constipation and years of effort


Oh that thing. I don't see them hunting down hookers being much of a problem unless theres more to it I don't know.
The cloud one is really fucked though. That shit needs to go through supreme court

I can't go for longer hair now, my hairlines receded.
Why shave it anyway? They won't hire me cause of it or what

You just pop it out and it still works huh?

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Fuck you, Reg.

You should probably go to a proctologist. I don't even know how you fap or wipe, it must be torture.

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I've managed to do it.

I ain't taking no photos of those who want my scalp. Better shooting lead than photos.

Yep, its hilarious given even a nog could do it.

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Puyo VS.

I mean, sometimes they don't if you look really scruffy, but depends on the job really. Most minimum wage jobs don't seem to really give a fuck if you look like a biker or a viking or not. Just that you don't steal shit and do your job.

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Use tobacco instead then

Huh nice. Good to know if I ever see a cheap one I want with it then.

How goes user

I look incredibly scruffy. I'm a shut in NEET fam

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Why not attach a camera to your phone like a bayonet thats set to go off with each gunshot?

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That's not me, but NEWFAGS GET OUT
Bet you're not even gar for cu.

I learned this recently from a coworker at work, but apparently if you're more likely to get off early if you don't do as good of a job, meaning getting out of work isn't going to be easy.

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Well, when you start looking for a job, you're probably gonna need to groom yourself when you get an interview.

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Shit, where I work showing up is good enough, let alone anything else. We regularly have to outsource shifts to other stores because people either bail on their shifts last minute or just don't even show up.

But I already smoke

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My competitive video game venue is having one of their nights tonight. Wish me luck.

Why because you're too good?

At least you aren't on thin ice anymore with the boss right?

Funny enough as my beard gets longer it kinda looks nicer. At the "long" stage where it was like 3 inches off my face I looked like a bum. Now that its like half a foot it looks nice.

You should quit that for snus.

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Not my thing. I'm not counting coup

Well yeah, that's why you always wanna be middle of the pack and save the majority of your effort for your own things on the side. The middle men are invisible and get all the good perks, unless there is actual advancement opportunities in the company. But then it's about being smart, not a workhorse.

Your boss must be stressed a lot.

Oh ok, so you passed the awkward beard stage then. All you need is like a beard comb maybe, and you're good. I still think you should grow your hair out though.

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Fine. It's past time you went to bed though user. You said you had to sleep half an hour ago.

Again fuck Reg and other user

Nice ganbatte fam
Did you ever practice anything else like we talked about last week?

What kind of music you like fam?

I'm considering shaving my head actually. I've let my hair on my head grow out so long at this point its almost embarrassing to go get it cut somewhere

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You already tried to get me into snus and it didn't work

She has transcended giving a fuck, and embraced why our location is nicknamed the hell location by upper management

Wow rude

Attached: 1516935333010.jpg (1254x1771, 213.54K)

All sorts of stuff. 2hu stuff tends to be my jam when I don't feel like listing to anything else.


Can I have a reminder?

How long you been smoking? You get all the bad shit like short breath and coughing up shit yet?

I can't really imagine you listening to 2hu tbh
Didn't think you were much of a weeb

You always talking about how noone there plays puyo and we talked about you maybe learning some fighter or something

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The only advancements I can think of is that you can coach new employees, and I can tell you right now that I'd be an abysmal teacher to new coworkers.

It's been almost 4 months since he said I was on thin ice, so I guess I'm good now.


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Is her boob clipping through her bikini

Attached: Reaction Images (151).png (659x720, 602.37K)

Post some. I like 2hu music but it's hard to find the good stuff

3 years
No To short breath yes to coughing shit up. I'm also fucked in the head and enjoy coughing up wads of phlegm

Attached: 1517554268029.jpg (690x960, 87.05K)

Looks like just a loop fastener to me.

There's a ring holding it together. It's a bit hard to see, but it's there.

Attached: Filia 8.png (857x1089, 1.43M)

Oh yeah. I'll probably try Rocket League or something if there's no takers that night. Pretty much anything's fine as long as it isn't more Smash 4.

I'm looking forward to looting electric town this July. Also my office is covered in weeb stuff because I don't give a fuck, I am the boss of the shop.

Ok. We can have some 2hu eurobeats.

God I hated the phlegm. Its the main reason I ended up quitting. Let me tell you, its great to not have that lump in my throat 24/7

How goes user

Yeah I can see that

Ohhhh right it was rocket league. Did you practice up to prep?

Anything in particular you are looking for?
My imouto said she wants to go to nippon with me, dunno how I'm gonna swing soaplands with her there tbh

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I don't even have the game, I can't practice.

Chess ofc
lichess.org/ if you're lucky (or unlucky depending on point of view) you can even play Magnus Carlsen the world champion.

2hu stuff, possibly last tour stuff as well and maybe some AKB48 junk.

Wew have you played it before at least?

What do you win if you beat the world champ?

I've considered getting into AKB shit but I got no clue where to start with it tbh

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what is fun?

Attached: Filia 17.jpg (850x807, 216.27K)

My two favorite things of smoking is the feeling of smoke in your lungs and getting that shit in your throat out. If I could find something else to smoke that tastes good And can smoke at work without getting fired I'd probably switch from tobacco

Not bad.

Attached: 1513757941082.jpg (636x900, 425.29K)

I don't think theres anything that could make me give up baccy. Its one of my most favorite things in this world

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I'm going to bed. See you guys next thread.

Attached: Filia 10.jpg (850x555, 86.42K)

Cya next time fam

Nope, not at all. I saw it a few times and that was it.

I just enjoy the act of smoking. White Sage tastes like shit, smells nice when burned though.


Attached: 1520909577606.jpg (1000x1000, 121.86K)

Probably just gonna get some CD's in all honesty.


I'm alright, I think. Tired as all hell and burnt out to fuck on doing gesture drawings. But I feel strangely inspired to do something productive before I go to bed and I'm not sure exactly what.

Attached: goat jumps into flowers.png (900x599, 1.02M)

Might be fun learning with other people then.
First time I'd played one of the more modern smashes was at a con and it was nice getting tips and stuff.

They make weird herbal cigs with tea and stuff. Don't how'd that be though

I fucking forgot to really look for CDs while there sadly. I've only got 3 k-on ones and it hurts.

Post drawings.
Maybe work out? Would feel good to go to sleep nice and tired after

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Night, I might go too.

Attached: Ishii sleepy airplane.jpg (596x595, 53.87K)

You likely get a ton of rating. If you beat him in a tournament and you wind the tournament you get a cash prize

People always forget the CD's.

Ohhhh shit nice. Do you have to pay in for the cash price?

Yeah well next time I'll remember

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Time for a caffeine crash. Tutoring is tiring at this hour.

Had my first coffee in weeks just now so wide awake
Cya next time user

Hi can all of u listen to this song. I can't stop listening to it, I used to listen to it in school when I was lonely.

Working out would be nice, but my legs are fucked from pushing myself too hard while running and I don't have much to do on-hand for upper-body.

Attached: Picture 336.jpg (2907x5168, 766.36K)

Need to start keeping water jugs around.
Kinda a spoopy pic tbh

Attached: Reaction Images (139).png (491x370, 128.9K)

I suppose it is kind of mannequin-like, now that you mention it. I'm just a beginner so I'm trying to practice the basics of forms and anatomy and all that, so I was working on a 45 second timer. Couldn't add any details, and I barely even got the pose right (as is probably fairly obvious).

Thats really good for just 45 seconds! Keep it up user
Welp off to play video games, cya next time

Thanks! Have a good night.

You remind me of me. I'm always pushing myself too hard when I run, and I'm a wannabe artist too.

Gestures are one of the rare occasions while drawing where looking at your page more than you look at your subject is actually a good thing.

It's hard to know where the line is, isn't it? They always say the best way to improve is to keep at it and push yourself, but I guess my mind is always more determined than my body.

Similarly with art, I practice every day but I'm never quite sure what is "enough." I hope your learning endeavors are going well.