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What future do you think there is for the Ace Attorney series? Do you really want AA7 to be an Athena focused game, considering we already explored her past in Dual Destinies?
Should the writers get rid of Wright? After all, his personality and behavior is inconsistent with what he displayed in terms of logic and feats in Apollo Justice

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Make Investigations 3
Localize Investigations 2
Localize DGS
Localize DGS2
Capcpom you

Good claim
Why though? We got a near perfect fan translation.

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You'd have to be completely retired to only release the first and last game in a series

You just made me realize how retarded my post was, you're right. But once again I'm afraid of an official release because the puns used for the names were good and I'm also used to it by now as well as the rest of the AA fandom.

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If Apollo could get another game then why shouldn't Athena ? Poor girl got two cases across two games and the one if Spirit of Justice was crap. Give her a break.

make something like this but actually real and not some shit fan project that never amounted to anything

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I miss that pal.

Holy shit I would kill for this game

Why are you doing this. This is pure torture for the mind

reminder that this man is the direct subordinate and right hand man of the Chief Prosecutor

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What would it actually be though?
An arts and craft game?

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A Nintendogs spinoff where you train/play with Missile.

Investigations but more comic-relief heavy I guess?
As far as I'm concerned, Gumshoe being Edgeworth's assistant in Investigations is enough recognition for the guy.

I'm a fan of the series and I'm not used to their fan names because I haven't played the unofficial translation.

I want Athena to die in the first case

Ghost trick vs Ace Attorney

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This pic really arouses me for some reason.

An actual whodunnit mystery where you aren't immediately shackled to some poor sap whose innocence you must prove. Drive around places, ask questions, find the killer.
The first cases should be comical stuff, slowly creeping down the trail towards a shadowy crime empire with connections in high places.

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IMO the idea that they take place in the same universe was stupid, Ghost Trick doesn't really have any connections in the game itself and the whole ghost business would conflict with the existing supernatural side of Ace Attorney.

How so? I thought having a ghost society and a spirit medium would make perfect sense and have interesting interactions.

A compilation of all games if they want money.

Because ghosts in ghost trick are left lingering for a day and can interact with things by themselves, when AA spirit mediums have to invoke them through their bodies for the ghosts to have any tangible presence, but can do so whenever they damn well please.

Oh true

Is that why that crossover was never made

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Her gimmick is boring, stupid and ridiculous even in a game where spirit summoning is an accepted fact. Actually, that's part of why it's so stupid; spirit mediums is acknowledged as something supernatural, and Apollo's bracelet thing too to some degree. The bracelet just makes him focus super hard on details with some hints of the whole magician family, which is silly but relatively tame. Athena's bullshit however is dumber than any supernatural nonsense while at the same time being presented as scientific. I would only want her in the spotlight if the whole measuring emotions shit is ignored.
Also, I can't help but dislike her simply because they cucked up the localization by making her complain about microaggressions.

She does feel like a bit of an eternal understudy, but now that Apollo's essentially been severed from the cast she has to share center stage with Phoenix. I think that's why we haven't heard any news on AA7. It's not going to be easy to write a game around her because her backstory was already explored in DD.

I feel like what Athena needs either
But God forbid they end up adding another fucking junior partner to the office that they need to develop and shit. It'd need to be someone that they can cut at the end of the game.
I was thinking about potential gimmicks that they haven't used yet in the games, and I think having a new junior partner be the main villain would be great (they sort of did that in DD anyways but ending up backing down hard to save Athena). It would allow Athena to develop, create some interesting drama, and cut the extra baggage when they're arrested.
Someone who takes a whole game or more to catch. Outside of the Phantom – which Phoenix pretty much handled for her – Athena's only gotten slapped with minor cases and hasn't had a chance to deal with real shit. Part of the reason she feels useless is because the game hasn't presented her with any serious challenge yet.

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>Von Karma solved it weeks ago, but Gumshoe forgot about it
>she wips him for wasting her time, and cuts his wage for the third time this month

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The mood matrix is silly, sure, but I don't see how it being presented as scientific makes it unacceptable in an ace attorney game. Especially since it's about as scientific as an X-men power. She can hear emotions super good, and made a gizmo to pretend it's some kind of deep research, who cares.
Besides, it has its place in a AA game much more than Apollo's gimmick. It actually asks you to deduce shit, Apollo just has you play where's waldo at an annoying level of zoom.

Yes, it's easy to say she's useless when she only handled two cases and was essentially a suspect for the last case of her own game. Honesty, I wanted her to be the true but tragic culprit. They scuttled the new Gumshoe instead and kept her on the team, so suck it up and give her a real role.

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I don't remember how it went but wasn't it a lie told by your mentor in the beginning (who was revealed to be an aged version of Missile the dog) who had to trick you, in order to get you to stay and save everyone in the same day? He has lingered for more than one day as he's aged and his powers has changed over time. They can linger around as long as they like, so it could be possible for a crossover.

He probably meant Von Karma senior. Also Investigations 2 pretty much implied even he was innocent compared to the shit the Head Prosecutor was up to.
Also, Franziska would probably gloat in their faces and lead the arrest team if she solved the case so it just doesn't fly they simply 'forgot' about it.

AA should have ended at 2.
3 was pretty shit and it all went even further downhill from there.
You don't need to run franchises for decades.

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I just want more coroner loli.

DGS probably can't be localized because of Sherlock. I don't know the details but I think there's some oddities about the IP. Though they could pull a Leblanc and introduce Herlock Sholmes, the Original Character.

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Even though 3 closed Phoenix's arc completely I have to agree. It made a mockery of the system by allowing Godot to become a prosecutor while remaining a mystery. It's like the bar exam has zero standards. His whole gimmick was pretty retarded.

But we got the Investigations franchise, which everyone knows is better than the main series.

Isn’t that the point, though? That the law system is horrendously fucked up in every way possible that even some random dickhole in a mask can become a prosecutor?

I interpreted it, as him having connections in high places, that allowed him to become a prosecutor. They were also probably quite desperate in finding a good prosecutor, since Von Karma(both of them) and Miles left on a vacation.

But Payne is a good decent above average prosecutor. He has no presence but he has won plenty enough of cases to be known as a rookie killer before Mia left him bald and between AA3 and AA4 he recovered a lot of confidence. He just gets handled pretty shit cases when the main cast is around.

I wasn't absolutely sure about that since it's been a while since I played ghost trick to the end, but yes. Doesn't change the fact that GT ghosts don't need AA spirit mediums, and AA spirit mediums wouldn't be needed if GT ghosts were as powerful as they were. You could always make a contrived reason the games could work together, but it's definitely not a concept that would flow naturally.

mood matrix was fun in 5-5
The second time I played DD I kept thinking about what it would be like if she was the killer, she has some pretty suspicious moments even before the space case

The actual ghosts in GT are special though, remember? They have to die withing a certain range of the Temsik meteorite to get ghost powers

Luke Atmey says that Edgeworth vouched for Godot, but Edgeworth also didn't really seem to know him in 3-5. Maybe Edgeworth interviewed him over the phone or Godot had some documents forged or Atmey was just lying.

Nah, I think 3-5 is the best case in the series and justifies the game's existence.
also this

You're not alone

Every time one of these is posted someone replies to it calling it Facebook garbage, even though steamed hams is arguably one of the most inoffensive memes I've ever seen in my fucking life. What's so bad about it?

That would make a crossover all the more impossible, wouldn't it?

Reminder that you're on full chan

Not a thing, though considering the effort that goes into some of them I'd have to call it less a meme and more an activity

It's the first time I've seen it called facebook garbage. What threads have you been lurking?

I swear to god, nintendrones should be hanged on lamp posts, firing squad is too good for them.

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Just play the Japanese version you pleb.

Shit series, phoenix taking up a spot in marvel 3 was retarded too.


We haven't seen him since flashback in Apollo Justice game, so we it can be assumed he got his shit together in the meantime, motivated by his first pay raise in Investigations 2. Maybe he was spirited away by Franziska to work for Interpol?

I can understand why people hate them. I just really like the ones that are well done and true to both source materials they're using. Most of the time, they're just low effort bullshit, which is why they don't get thrown around much unless you want to be called a 9gagger.

The vidya ones are actually pretty good

Yes. He's way better suited in smash 5 which he'll be in

It's too hard to keep on living

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The Yakuza 0 one is great.

Might as well try my luck while I'm at it - anyone found scans of the DGS2 artbook?

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I don't think she will work as POV character. Though it would be fun to have "Whip" button instead of "Press".

I thought the same thing about Edgeworth, but they pulled it off fairly well in the main series by having him be a mixture of pompous and relatable. I think it could work with the right sort of internal dialogue and banter between her and a buddy cop. We always hear about how Franny's a genius, so I'd like to see her make investigative deductions and track down suspects while being smug about it.

Plus, given that she's known for her pressure on witnesses and whipping, they could make an interrogation segment as a new gimmick. Can't you imagine it? Catching suspects and grilling them in the Detention Center? It could be fun.

But with all that said I'd give this whole thing up for another proper Investigations entry.

A whip game in the same vein as the logic chess mechanic would be great
Like whipping at the right moments or places to get more testimony

Nah, she's not using her whip for actual interrogations. She usually whips people to stop the unnecessary chatter. So the whippings in the game will be about keeping the testimony on track if there is danger of it getting derailed.

Then the difficulty would reside in determining which parts are unnecessary or vital to the case. Because some outbursts can sometime reveal important plot points

>tfw no game where you get to fug loli franziska

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There's a shamefully low amount of porn of best girl.

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What we do know for sure is the next game is on the Switch, Capcom specifically singled it out one of the games they're bringing after a certain point in the year.

the girl in apollo justice was so fucking annoying. are there any past the original three that are even worth getting?

you're gonna love best girl then

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You mean reasons, and hips are among them.

Wait when did that happen?

I'll never understand that character design.

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I don't know exactly what the garb's pattern represents but I've seen it associated with thievery in other weeb media (see:TAC's knapsack in Kirby games). The rest of the elements should be obvious.

Only because of temsik, this is explained in the game.

It's in SoJ, Athena's dialogue got the blunt of the localization cancer.

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I thought it was agreed that 2 had the worst cases and 3 had the best ones.


Oh come on that was one little isolated line. People love to meme about this but we know that it's not a great part of her character…

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reminder that faggot cook was originally going to be in 2, but space limitations made them bump that case back to 3
If they were willing to give 2 a bigger cartridge we would've gotten a new and probably better case for 3-3, so 3-3 is still 2's fault


what's the deal with the series the humor is so fucking childlike and boring. Well, at least 80% of the time. I get tumblr kids being entertained and engrossed by this but I'll never understand how this cancer got so popular among other groups, unless it's simply because there aren't any good attorney VN alternatives

The cases are interesting and the music is good.

You should've played this 10 years ago

I know that she's not some tumblrite, but I'm pretty sure there was other dialogue from her that sounds like it was modified during localization maybe it was sprinkled across other characters, I don't remember the specifics of each case in SoJ.


You'd rather a mature game for mature gamers like you?

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Not to defend it – I'm definitely not justifying """localization""" – but you have to admit that it is a pretty accurate rendition of the kind of dialogue you'd expect from a post-millennial female lawyer in her late teens. I give them credit for that.

Francisca Von Karma should've been in MvsC3, whether as a special command, Lvl 1 hyper, or a character

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He was already a lawyer, though.