Death in Games

Post people dying in games.

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Just play Dead Space. That game is failstate porn.

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This was considered awesome back in the day. There's an emulated version of the game but it's buggy.

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here you go

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Or fap to pokemon snuff

Not enough games with spikes you can walk through but not fall on.

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I can't tell if this is from an h-game or not.

Nah, I don't think it ever goes full lewd.

I got a couple.

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Well that's disappointing

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Fucking ayyliens.
Speaking of lewd there was this webm posted a while back, of a movie or something where lara croft was tied up and some woman with equally large tits was either feeling her up or carassing her or something. What was that from?


Have an update.

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Some enemies in DMC1 could do fatalities on you if your health was in the Red. I imagine allot of people miss this when playing the game, since your most likely to die on DMD but from just regular attacks.

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I really miss that sort of art style in video games. It's a shame we're not allowed to have nice things anymore.

Pretty much the only redeeming quality of the nu-Tomb Raider games is the gore porn. At least in the first game, anyhow. Haven't played the other one.

That never happened to me.

After all these years, this is till my favorite.

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I can't believe i played that shit when i was little and didn't end with terrible nightmares yet
By the time of Metal Slug i was desensitized enough

Don't worry I got you covered for some nice hot thicc milfs my friend.

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I'm scared to open that.

It's cats, okay? nothing but cats.



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oh hey i've fapped to that vampire hairdresser, no idea of the source till now.

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Metal Slug's developers have always been cheeky and I like it.

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that can't be from a regular game, I demand sauce!

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S-seconded. Also reverse image search brought me nothing good.

Try the filename you dumb faggots.

Is that GTA IV? I recognize that dick car.


Fuck you I had dubs. Either way I got what I wanted.

well what is it nigger

Really makes you think.

Speak English you stupid weeb

Suck my cock user-kun.

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boner killed and buried

damn, nulara croft is super hot too,
and there some pretty nasty ded scenes

IIRC that's an user edit. The original has her in that pose but not with her leotard to the side like that. It's a very lewd game regardless though.

The most disturbing thing about that video is her reduced breast size, thats what really makes me sad and angry.

Her bust is nice and she overall looked pretty good, stop complaining all the time for unnecessary things.

Man FUCK this boss. This asshole gave me nightmares like a motherfucker when I was a child.

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Says the low test beta male.
She is indeed pretty and her large bust size was unnecessary too but that was part of what made Lara "Lara". Its like Mario without his mustache, thats just fucking wrong.
But its not like I'll play or care about a mediocre game like nu-tomb raider anyways, the rest of the game looks like shit too.

Vivi. Yeah she's sure as hell got it going on.

I'll never get over that.

Have some suicides.

And now for the glitch of the opponent performing a fatality and a hara kiri being activated at the same time.

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That dark Varia suit is fucking sexy

Some of these are fucking great

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That's Dark Samus.

nuLara is still hot as fuck, while still being realistic, and in case you never seen it, that's how natural large breasts look like
but of course, makes sense that you've never seen actual tits….

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Nigga plz. Certainly above average for bf%, but large?

I know fat dudes who have bigger tiddies than nuLara.

Clive Barker's Undying had the best player deaths

Her tits are smaller than Angelina Jolee's.
She's worse than 3D.

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Sayonara sides.

You sir, are a faggot.

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Thanks to her being the most recent incarnation everyone always makes porn of NuLara instead of the Real Lara, and that is just unforgivable.

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That's just not true. Shit-tier SFM faggots make nulara porn mostly, people who actually draw usually do old Lara.

Impressive bait

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That's because SFM people can't model for shit so they have to rip whatever is out there that fits stylistically. They can't even animate for shit most of the time and generally have godawful taste in content. Even mediocre H manga is preferrable to most SFM.

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sorry mate, but Angelina wore fillers for that movie

nulara, at least 2013, has nothing to lose against her older self,
she still is packing heavens in her chest, just without fake anti-gravity rigid plates

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I played uncharted raider and none of those shots seems genuine, except the comparison one which clearly shows nuLara is smaller. Bigger than the film one, sure, but Lightning is a pinup compared to that.

Underworld Lara a best, also second from the left has a le 56% face.


Yeah but that's because of shitty chinese engineering, nothing like that would ever happen in a western country! Right?

Not watching that shit.
I live in an apartment with an elevator

The elevator chops him in half

The nu-tits are way more modest. I don't know why you don't just get glasses.

Space Invaders Atari 2600. Ship dying sounds like a fart blub

She was always shit and always will be.

Got a more recent one; fatalities on NPCs in MK9. Because they don't have a Gib file, they don't dismember and instead, duplicate, causing entire full bodies to spawn when a limb is ripped off.

And now similarly, corrupted shinnok doesn't have a gib file either, but weirder tricks were used to dismember the characters, such as stretching and bending at invisible points, so shit gets REALLY weird.

Case and point.

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shes hot though damn

Hot girls never have to buy into the intelligence meme.

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Pretty great too. Still nothing tops "if you kill your enemies, they win".

At least they tried to make a decent 3D rendition of the video game character. Calling the new one a faker would imply she looks anything like Lara.