Far Cry 5 ending

I don't know why but I have a feeling that the "punch a Nazi" crowd will be really salty about this game
>Tfw the bad guy nukes the entire land
So this is an easy way to spoil the game.

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Does the bad guy nuke it or does the feds?

No buy ever fuck off

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The bad guy nukes it and he escapes.

Not trying to convince you to buy the game ffs. I am just showing it so maybe we can do something like Fallout 4 when "you have to nuke Boston or side with your son".

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Boston salt party only worked because retards actually wanted to play fallout 4, who even fucking cares about ubishit's latest shit

it won't work cause normalfags weren't hyped for this at all

Negative marketing is still marketing. Far Cry 4 tried the same thing with the "secret ending" that got shilled relentlessly.

The whole escape the dust storm in a vehicle really annoyed me, more than watching people stand straight up and barely reacting to debris flying around them.
It annoys me more than watching these videos of fighting against mostly white men with your diverse cast of female experienced gun owners.


Well please,do explain why it's wrong,i'm curious

Because shit immediately melts from a nuclear explosion long before the blast wave/dust storm hits you. if you can see the explosion, you're already dead if you're not blind first

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I really wish more games had the balls to do this.

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How's that go down?

That's a shock. I figured he'd get killed by a strong independent black woman with a giant afro before the player can do anything. Still don't think I'll even bother pirating.

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All 3 endings he wins.

Easter Egg ending: ATF goes away, waco 2.0 doesn't happen, no one dies
Nuke ending: Only you and he make it out alive, you get to live in a bunker with him for a couple years before the radiation in the soil dies down a bit
"I've made a mistake" ending: you join his cult

Sorry I fucked up the spoiler. Anyways I haven't seen the ending, that is how it was written up for me.

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Far Cry 4 did this too. The two paths (Sabal and Amita) lead to more suffering for the people of that region. Pagan Min was the lesser evil.

So, as someone who has not followed FC5 in any way other than knowing there was some minor salt over the MC being mildly conservative, this is what the ending looks like to me. Please correct anything I get wrong.
To be fair to it, I'm gonna assume this is supposed to be kind of hallucinatory, even though that doesn't really make sense.

Pagan Min wasn't evil at all, he just needed someone else to cover his HR.

So the father nukes it?

Nope, the government does.

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Because Fuck Trump.

Very important question. I know there is no 3rd person. But if I look down, can I see my tits or am I just two disembodied arms?

Trucker Tom is the hero we need.

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And I was proven right.

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Why is radicalism bad?

Because it's bad user, haven't you been trained on your word associations?

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Shit game fuck off.

Is it in the same valley as Primal too?

Because once things becomw radical and extreme the original intention/ agenda is distorted and corrupted

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Wtf? I like Ubisoft now.

do you have some citations on that? i am genuinely curious.

Holla Forums BTFO

Progressive language games aside, radical changes usually destabilize society, and are therefore a bad idea more than 99% of the time. Better to live in a country where things are reliably stable but can slowly change for better or worse, than one where mass violence, riots, civil wars, or coups "fix" things every decade or so. The only trouble with it is that it's easier to get frog-in-the-kettle'd, like we are right now.

Vid related is useful for giving to normalfags who don't want to read a medium-large imageboard post like the one you posted.

What do you mean by how? Use your brain I dont have to spoonfeed you.

I literally mean how. I'm asking you to show the logic you used, not just to regurgitate aphorisms.

Closest that I have to actual information is this video.

Either webm that shit, or use Hooktube.

Nukes rule, you drool.
Get nuked faggots.

You mean Holla Forums and Cuckchan Holla Forums BTFO?

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nigger, its almost common knowledge

I mean whoever was making these threads over the past months going

Oh please, this is just the second round of controversy marketing. First it was "ooh it's too left!" now it's "ooh it's too right." Stop thinking one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

That is completely pointless.

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What you said amounts to "it's bad because it's not good". He's asking you to demonstrate the underlying logic you used to reach that conclusion.

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real or fake this is fucking fascinating, thanks for posting it

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I wish I could see the look on the faces of those who wanted to buy the game just to kill the "white supremacists".
Also the gaming press must be pissed.

sooo Far cuck 5 is not CY but the 1990s? whered all these fucking red dots come from?

If they were pissed at the Obama-loving libtard comment, I can already see what they will write up.
"Ubisoft betrayed us and left the weak and vulnerable completely at mercy of their abusers. This game will now embolden the far-right and validate their beliefs"

That Trump is going to nuke us?

So what you're telling me is that EA allowed another Mass Effect 3 to happen.

Fuck off, mom.

Niced trips, faggot

That the right is violent and un-hinged, just one bad day away from causing mayhem. Which is ironic since it's always the left rioting and burning down cities when they don't get their way

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Tom Clancy's Chaos Theory had a redpilled speech akin to this. I guess it's something that they wanted to do for a long time and they were finally able to do it in this game. They tried to do it with Rainbow Six Patriots, but both sides bashed them.

Are you assuming gaming journalists finish the games they play? P.S wtf happened to Holla Forums? I know it just Holla Forums 2.0 and Blacked Dumping ground. But the board been taken over my spics and vargfags.

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why would anyone nuke some backwards hellhole unless it has a military base or a gov bunker?

Except I’m not regurgitating anything I came to my conclusions via observation how about you research it? And if thats not enough try it yourself create a movement and bring it to the extreme and tell me how many people will still listen to you rather than assign a new meaning and goal to your agenda. Look at the fucking left if you want current day proof

More aphorisms.

Wat? It's more like the waifufags warring ground. It's also the result of completely unfettered free speech. Don't like it? Go bully them.

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Holla Forums think British fart goblins are cute.

>tfw we had another terrorist attack in my country and the government tried to hide that the mudslime slit the policeman's throat

I think there's no BO on Holla Forums, the mods are doing whatever they want.

They're worse than pedos, they're pedos with bad taste. They're all over that anti-gun goblin from the news this week, too.

You talking about the attack from a few days ago? Arafag?

Wait, not exactly. You can't make fun of Holla Forums dating Holla Forumss BO, he gets salty bout that. And you can't make blatantly obvious politics threads without getting bumplocked, usually.

I'm not even surprised considering how many fags on here love goblins from wow. Probably some overlap there.

Where'd he get the license to buy that knife?

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The tranny? Why? There are much more passable ones.

6 millions is common knowledge too

I bet Holla Forums degenerates would waifu Amy Schumer and Sarah Jessica Parker if they were underage.

He dates her? Does he fuck her?
Are there videos?

The one that happened in Trèbes.

Oh god, is that true?

I have no idea what kind of political stance this game tried to make of. First they tried to pander the atheists & gun-control brats & west coast hipsters by making religious, conservative hillbilly people as bad guys than in-game ending is somewhat neutral.
I sense PR marketing people of this game badly wants the game to fail. But in the end it's all doesn't matter because SJWs doesn't buy or play games. PR of this game should have focuses to conservative gamers that this game 'Removes Scientology heretics and make south great'.

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Holy shit i'm sorry,does he fuck the abomination?

He's a neet who moderates a board centered around television on the ass end of the internet. I don't think hes got a lot of options easily available to him. Or maybe he just gets off to assfucking another boards owner? I can see how it'd be thrilling to dominate another boards leader completely, and feel like you got their entire board as your personal bitch too.

Pretty sure you've already seen the one.

Can't say for sure, but any mention of it gets the thread insta-deleted and the person banned, so seems like there is a nerve there. Could be Holla Forums is embarrassed as fuck about people pointing out he takes Holla Forumss dick on the regular.

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See oink.webm

It makes perfect poetic sense too, the modern left only exists because of the TV box.

Eh,oral doesn't really count.

this comes off as dumb as shit, I mean first off i'm pretty sure that everyone in scene when the bomb blows up would have been blinded immediately but let's suspend disbelief to bunker and it just seems to be a shocker ending for the sake of a shocker ending. Probably just to kick up more sand to make people talk about that game more

Guess that's how they met. Holla Forums probably watches a lot of tv, so they got that in common. I bet Holla Forums asked to do it though, and Holla Forums was just whatever about it.

So you wouldn't care if the person you were dating was giving oral to anyone else?

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Nah i'm saying oral does not count as fucking,it's oral,it's still cheating though of course.

Oral can count as fucking if you're thrusting properly. If they're doing the work it isn't, if you are it is.

Unless you come up with an objective definition of "extreme" or "radical" it's just another emotionally charged label, and whoever has the dominant platform gets to dictate what is "extreme".

Interesting way to look at it.

If feel like one of the main triggers to people getting offended is they see others getting offended, signaling they too need to signal.

That's still the backbone of the game. FarCry 3 and 4 both had a half-baked "but aren't *you* the real bad guy" theme. Which is supposed to be subversive to machismo and violence or something. It comes out an unfocused mess because they're not trying to craft a game, they want a container to put a bunch of ideas in.

I didn't even realize it, CT was MGR before MGR existed.

MGS is Holla Forumss "the Dark Souls of." I swear to god.

wouldn't like everyone immediately get third degree or worse burns if a nuke went off that close to them?
Also is that fucking discount andrew aurenheimer?

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I'm pointing out the speech is exactly the same. Also

Depends on the bomb, also the first bomb goes off behind a mountain so they're somewhat shielded from the blast.

I imagine if the shockwave hit them they'd fucking die though from the superheated air.
Did they seriously just knock off weev?

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The only resource I have is the source of the picture in the picture.

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No matter who loses, I win.I just love seeing nukes go off

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Wouldn't an airburst create a strong EMP that would destroy most electronics?

Weev didn't start a cult, isn't a religious fanatic and is a fucking jew shill, you fucking retard. How many times did he go to bat for Enoch?

Locally. The fear with EMP is an air burst that is so high that it almost isn't felt on the ground.

Pretty much. Nationalists were the bad guys in CT but they were so well-written that I didn't mind one bit.

I don't want to burst the bubble, but Weev denounced the extremism or bad optics of the right-wing recently. He's also a pagan, but I see what you're talking about.

So does he nuke it or is it someone else? Does WWIII just start or something?

Not surprising if the jewish rumors are true. Proof?

I guess he was only memeing right?

Do you seriously not know what the word 'radical' means?

Is ubisoft doing this on purpose?

That was made up by his own mother so antifa would stop knocking on her door.

Fake and gay.

I want to hate this as much as the next guy but this is obviously fake. Just suddenly a bunch of nukes go off? Fuck off with this.

So it's Hotline Miami 2's ending but Waco? That's honestly way better than anything I was expecting although I will say the bar wasn't that high.


So it's something of a return to form with what Far Cry 2 was doing, except that it's also an "F2P"-style lootbox microtxn game on top of that.

I remember that scene being better somehow, or maybe I'm thinking of another call of duty game

called this shit back when they first announced the game. feels good being right.

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Not like it required any insight or anything user the "villains" have been the good guys since 2 onwards arguably.

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If you hold your thumb up to the mushroom cloud and it's bigger than the cloud, you're outside the radiation zone.

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There's a big difference between a terrorist nation getting their hands on a nuke and actually using it and some guy in Montana apparently able to get his hands on a dozen and link them up to go off hundreds of miles apart at the same time.

Interesting Nuke Fact. Energy propagates mostly in a direct line. While the air pressure wave will propagate force over a vast distance most of force will be deflected by a elevation. That first nuke going off in the fake ending is far enough away and behind a massive chunk of mountain, the characters would have easily survived that blast. Given that the sound wave puts them at around 6 kilometers from the blast. Which would have been a rather good way to end the game. But when you just have nuke after nuke go off and have the landscape start burning (congrats, if its hot enough for wood to spontaneously combust everyone is dead) it just becomes a rather stupid parody.

Who was the good guy in 2? Vaas?

based tbh
I was going to buy anyway because it looks like a solid shooter with a nice map creator and I reckon I like those types of games

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You don't need to be right to feel good bb

Vaas was in FC3. Jackal was the guy in 2, if I remember correctly.

Still not touching that game even with a rented 10-foot pole, because like every other ubisoft game other than For Honor and R6 Siege, it's a fucking Far Cry 3 remake.

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Chad Project at Eden's Gate. vs Virgin Reistance
How soon until game journalists start calling Far cry 5 a alt-right game because the bad guys were more popular?


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Persona was a mistake.

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Couldn't care less. I have video games to play. Watch out for Holla Forums LARPers. It's getting less political and more criminal, every day. Call it what you like, all day. I'm still better at making my actual video game as a hobby. You're all bad at your chosen profession.

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This makes me angry

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no, anime was a mistake.

No both anime and Persona were mistakes.

Don't take my word for it as there's a lot of information to put down, but I have been following up with those figures for a while.

true, my fault about that. wish there was a another nuke thrown at tokyo

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No. D&C across boards was a mistake. You can play both sides like a medieval puppet show all you like. You may not even have a side, but this still isn't the club for you.


I assume they were banned from /a/ and Holla Forums too. Curious, how they don't want you to shit up their neighborhoods.

Alright, if you are eating it yourself.

I smell goons in the house. Watch out jannies.

ok then, but work on your word play. you sound like a insufferable jackass irl or a quiet loner waiting for revenge

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Patriots got an amazing concept

I have multiple ideas why you are losing your spaghetti, absolutely none of them have to do with Holla Forums.

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See how this works? Call them a goon and they recoil.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Come on now.

Where are the video games?

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I refuse to believe people cared about franchise enough past fc2 for it to become an actual franchise.

Clearly they aren't in your posts faggot why don't you start practicing what you preach instead of being a spergy fuck?

I refuse to believe we live in a world where we still haven't gotten a finished and polished version of FC2.

I think he going crazy user, by overexposing himself on internet or by having a midlife crisis.. or both.

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>nukes the entire land
Does that means next Far Cry will be goddamn Fallout Shooter game?

The only redeeming thing I've seen about this were the facial animations, they were pretty on point.

I am not going to say this again. Act like a duck, quack like a duck. You're a cuck.


Nobody cared about this trash after Crysis, and then that was found to be a disposable series too. Exactly who do you think gives a damn about another FarCry game?

jesus user, go to sleep. you acting like you are the center of the world.

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They both peaked long ago and none of this matters. I don't even understand the morale factor. Shit is trash and there is a treasure trove of video games. This is like arguing with a petulant cousin. Go play a video game.

Is ubisoft really a secret right wing company or something? do Holla Forums members run and greenlight stuff in the company?

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You are low energy and that tactic is extremely stale. I smell your shit from a mile away, and it only takes one quick glimpse of Holla Forums when you shit in on my block. Just like a nigger golem, wherever you go.

no one is surprised by this.

it took me a second, but when i remember this WAS hotline miami… I'm *not at all* fine.

this shit still doesn't work mid-sentence?

You're thinking of redtext. For italics, you put two sets of two single quotation marks together (rather than two asterisks together) to get this.

what the hell is going on with you? you act like world is going against you or something?
If you calm down and think, and tell how much this game is shit then I'll stop pestering you.

I'm not even planning to buy this game after the whole assassin's creed denuvo mishap don't want my computer burnt to a crisp.

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>Spend money on marketing the game as (((fun)))

If you're going for some sort of edgy "fuck you fans" sort of deal I guess it's alright. I guess I'm just weird where if all your efforts in a game are wasted then why did I pick up the game in the first place? I get that you can have a profound message in a game but a mainstream game that's advertising itself as a fun coop shooter shouldn't have a shitty fuck you ending.

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Where are the video games, 10bucks?

Reminder that weev is 25% prarie nigger as well, one of his grandfathers grew up on a reservation.

Now where's the Ben Garrison DLC?

As an addendum? This is the absolute state of genestealers and skinwalkers. Know them every thread.

Their counter-marketing failed and voided anyone's interest. The last time they made one that was close to something was FC2 and that was still boringly derivative. I want everyone to step away from the keyboard and cease thinking they can write well enough for a video game. There was a small time capsule when that worked.

Why are all these liberals so terrible in portraying there conservative villains. It seems like a trend where the antagonist in all the Far Cry games is always in the right.

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If you want to play it pirate it.
But dont buy this propaganda trash. You are setting an example

It wasn't even him. He and his cult were just insane preppers pretty much.

The ending is a metaphor for Israel and the Jews and their Samson Option.

Attached: nazi waifu.png (935x1094, 802.64K)

I can't help but feel all of this was deliberate on Ubi's part.

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video games are fun there are use as a medium for entertainment. we are talking about a video game namely on-topic about the far cry series.
you are talking about the video game industry on how it starting to stagnant.
both are talking about video games

Attached: where_da_videogames.webm (480x360, 396.17K)

It has to be, no fucking way their optics are that fucked up.

I'm confused about the time where Far Cry 5 set, because Blood Dragon have nukes at the 'end of 20th' century. This user makes point

Nah they're definitely pouring it on hard, it'd be retarded if it wasn't intentional.

But, well, you know, still a bit Poe's law in this day and age.

Attached: aphex_snake.jpg (720x720, 240.2K)

I mean 3 and 4 set the track record of subverting expectations, but 5 goes right out and says the doomsday preacher was right all along about the apocalypse coming and there's nothing you can do to prove him wrong. If it wasn't Ubisoft who developed this game I'd get the feeling this was a deliberate 'fuck you' to people who thought this was/wanted it to be Epic Drumpf Slayer Simulaltor 2018.

Attached: 1445750788402.png (527x634, 559.88K)

Or maybe deep down these frenchies know that all this PC bullshit is just another attempt at social engineering by the kikes.

moving pictures were a mistake

Fuck you, Moving Pictures is Rush's best album

Attached: b13dca6ab90817253fe1b9c97e02e3732db823dfb924679aa40398383cd16aa0.jpg (960x960, 57.12K)

Pity the gameplay still apes the FarCry3 formula making it shit though.They managed to displease their supposed target audience by pulling a switcheroo on them with the story and ending and they won't gain anything in return because all anyone else wanted was a FarCry that looked like Blood Dragon and played like FarCry2 with better more fleshed out , not more casualized , game mechanics and a NG+ hardcore mode maybe

Attached: tfw you'll never bathe in nuclear fire.webm (640x480, 5.72M)

so what's the final pozz level on this one?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (600x600, 533.48K)

There's really nothing wrong with the FC3 formula. It's a watered down Crysis with somewhat functional easymodo stealth. It's fun if you know what you're getting into since it all just werks or whatever. That being said the biggest problem with the enemy is that you can just buy a sniper and kill a whole base without having to even enter it because the enemy has no capacity to retaliate at such distances.

God no, fuck that game and all the shitty busywork mechanics it had. Weapon jamming and degradation was neat, but if all it takes is two magazines worth of ammo to go from pristine to a rusty piece of shit that jams every two bullets, what's the fucking point? Also, other godawful mechanics like having to hunt down malaria medicine, the checkpoints, etc. What I did like about FC2 was having to use sound to hunt down the diamonds.

But you are right, these games need to stop pretending they're AssCreed and put in some challenge.


Maybe the kikes in charge are starting to worry all the nationalism and battle lines being drawn is leading to civil wars and they want to try and steer the newer generations away from tribalism and resistance through propaganda?

Attached: ¹âͺ.png (1024x1024, 110.25K)

Also, the majority of the maps in FC2 seemed like they consist of straight roads with barely any detours. Then again, it's been years since I last played FC2, so I could be wrong.

Pagan Min is a fucking hero. He's pratically the Gheddafi of videogames.

So I think a better way of putting it, then, would be to say that what's needed is more games that follow the Crysis formula.
Crysis was such a wonderful, innovative game in so many regards. It feels like people are only just starting to copy its innovations - not even learn from them; just copy them - now, and even then only by coincidence.

You're right that only now people are starting to realize how innovative Crysis was. My biggest complaint against Crysis was that the guns didn't really feel like they had punch, but that likely has more to do with the lack of particle effects, better gore and ragdolls and their sounds being muted somewhat. Also, the bow in Crysis 3 was my favorite weapon, wish it had more types of arrows.

I'd certainly love an open world game set in some jungle environment where you play a not-Predator fighting some military with the game basically letting you do whatever the fuck you want and tackling objectives as you see fit.

Question. How soon until the faggots from the YouTube ((skeptic)) community star posting anti-Far Cry 5 rants if not outright start dozing the game Devs?

Sorry for the late response, I fell asleep.

Granted this is dependant on how close you are, but flashblindness can last up to minutes. And if that isn't enough, the dust storm is going to get inside your eyes if you're still keeping them wide open during all of this. At the very least turn your back to the wind.

The explosion has sent a shockwave capable of tearing down structures and sending debris everywhere. For people who have literally just been in a battle, they're going to be far too weak to stand let alone walk through this.

Speaking of which, their reaction goes against both common sense and every bit of guidance seen to survive these things.
If you're far away to the point where buildings aren't being blown away, get the fuck inside. If a piece of debris hits you, you're most likely dead or seriously injured. Utilise building as cover and mitigate the risk of structure collapsing on you by going into a basement.

If you're in the open? Get down on the floor, do everything you can to keep your frame as small as possible and try to protect your head if you can. A group standing up is just asking for someone to be hit by something.

Now I'm not denying dust storms won't be an issue, but it'd be over far quicker than shown in here. They're over in seconds, explosions are quick and deadly things.
Debris isn't going to continue flying everywhere minutes into the explosion, but dust certainly will.

This is just a huge Hollywoodism.

The evil white Christian man was right all along, and you get scolded for starting Waco 2.0. So, it continues the decade long run of Far Cry games making the villain not only right, but the better man.

But what if you just want to drive arround, go fishing and hunt?

Attached: far cry - have the villain be the good guy.png (747x280, 33.43K)

you're the reason the series is shit

It's almost like this is a precedent of the series and people were stupid enough to think it wouldn't do it this time because they haven't been paying attention. Whoops.

Attached: 45d5ecff701ed5b0a149366fe2ecf9b275229aff6ff6f7420b17044f69f7cdaf.png (271x201, 12.19K)

Does it take the possibility of a nuclear winter into account? Even if just India and Pakistan would nuke each other to hell, the combusted biomass and the subsequent wildfires could produce enough black carbon to affect the climate world wide, the real threat wouldn't be radiation, which would be locally contained and gone within a few decades, but the lowering of temperatures could destroy most arable farmland and lead to devastating famines. The results of an all out nuclear war would still be apocalyptic in scale, even though the fallout scenario is mostly fantasy.

Attached: 5e79eb2f71ea61a51465277891674ab3243c2d6313bccbc9d6da6409cc353607.jpeg (852x480, 218.2K)

You know what would actually be pretty funny? Is if while the devs were researching “dangerous” conservative groups for their lead villain they ended up becoming redpilled and changing the overall message and tone of the game.

There might actually be something to that.
What do we know of the devs of this game?

Attached: -0-.png (478x483, 155.15K)

They're french who slobber over muhammad's dick.


Wouldn't be effective propaganda if it didn't leave you with a lingering fear that the cis het white male was going to come get you in your sleep.

I noticed this with every non-Blood Dragon game. Especially considering how sucky the writing is for most of the good guys in the franchise.
I didn't even understand how the cavemen were the good guys considering they were the invaders in a foreign land.
I like to think the writers are unironically anti-liberal, and understand that a lot of effective villains are 3-dimensional, and that protagonists who take them on are most likely retards who will do anything some chick asks them too in a quest for pussy.

We're never getting FC1 again.

Fuck your paranoia have rev up a notch user

Are you actually saying those poor refugees are actually the bad guys? How racist!

With leftists it's difficult to tell. They're so insane they tend to think even the most reasonable of arguments makes you into Ultra Hitler.

Attached: 1464185756206.png (790x1200, 1.61M)

Becasue taking anything to the extreme corrupt the original idea and makes just the place for shitbags

If anyone cares the song in the back ground is cop killer by john maus . It's a really chill track man i wish it was longer

Whos says what 'extreme' is you fucking twat?

By that login if I put my hand still and thrust it myself rather then move the arm every day I fuck

Attached: 84EB7EEB-4695-4D22-BDDD-948A402389F7.jpeg (853x460, 70.69K)

Where are these images from and are there any more of them or posts like them.

Centrists like you are complete imbeciles. Not everything can be viewed through the prism of moral ambiguity.

I didn't know Soygoy browsed Holla Forums.

Attached: Liberalistism 101.jpg (537x403, 49.73K)

So, this is a goon thread full of black or mestizo admixtures, LGBTBBQ scum, and marxist losers in general. Kill yourselves, but please post it on reddit first. Faggots.

They were talking about the actual cavemen from Far Cry Primal you absolute retard.

The dictionary
1 furthest from the centre or a given point
2 reaching a high or the highest degree; very great

You want a practical example?
Both Bible and Quran said to behave properly and love thy neighbor
All of those have extremist that behead people that don’t like, shoot up islands of people that don’t like
Both left and right want to move forward the society and help people. Both have extremist of nazi skin behaving like niggers with a badge or SJW censuring things they don’t like
Humans grow as omnivores and extremist vegan want you to not even use things that have been used to cut meat
People have evolved with the help of animals and most of the times respect for them. Extremist wreck ships becasue using oil of whale is “bad”
Playing for fun. But still there is people that take it competitly and do shit like speed run to cut a second on a game or do half A press for the sake of it

I can go on more if you want but I think I’ve made my point clear

Attached: 1504B7B9-A728-4F2A-AE9A-31038AA0B6F2.jpeg (450x299, 35.24K)

I fucking love this caveman logic! Every fucking day i see it and every fucking day it makes me laugh how dumb people are. And those people even expect to make revolutions! You're like funny autistic toddlers who think they are more powerful than anybody.
The worst part this logic is like a virus, its easy to catch it, and its hard to make immunity to it. Survival of the fittest.

Attached: caveman.jpeg (788x900, 88.62K)

I still fail to see how any of that is wrong.

Having ideas!=extreme ideas you fucking meme loving fag.

because life is a balancing act between sets of contradicting concepts and taking one to its logical extreme while eliminating the other creates an unnatural state of being

the public median you dumb nigger

Villains are a way for an author to explore facets of himself that would in another context be shunned by his peers.
If you got a villian that got a point, the author is not a retard. If you got a 2dimensional chaotic evil villain, the author got some anger management issues. Which is why villains in SJW capeshit are mostly strawmen, its just the author projecting his own final solutions onto "the other side".

Attached: jack off to cartoons.jpg (720x590, 29.8K)

OIC faggot.

the memes are real

Attached: 4a6f955be7d8a3e4087.png (1000x893, 38.79K)

Attached: Безымянный.png (670x141, 78.71K)

No buy ever fuck off

Eheheheh. Wonder how many copies this meme game sold.

Some people simply need killing.

This is why everyone calls you stupid.

People that only eat meat don't exist. Vegans are a special brand of stupid, and 99% of them are leftists.

Again, leftists.

Nothing wrong with autism. Who are you to tell people how to have their fun?

So, what is the centrist view on rape? If one extreme is to rape everything, and the other is to not rape at all, are you saying that some instances of rape are okay?

Not for leftists. Villains are always caricatures of their political opponents meant to make them look bad.

Nicely done nu/pol/ you have outed yourself as a faggot yet again

did you miss the

The median of today or before 60 years?
What about the median of 10 years from now?
They all define whats extreme don't they?


But it's not just capeshit. Just look at Star Wars, or the Purge, or really any other story made by them.

My point is that leftists are so far gone that even villains that might be seen are reasonable are, in their view, complete monsters, case in point Red Skull.

I guess my conviction that cucks need to be shot on sight makes me a monster. Okay.

Yes, it does, Tovarisch Stalin. You ARE a monster for killing people for simple mistakes in life giving them no opportunity to change or at least live life till natural death.

Attached: bloody_potato_stalin_by_verichthewolf-d5vxel4.png (733x1089, 427.5K)

The absolute state of centrism.

Attached: 29089106_387368095023260_6033468034767650816_n.jpg (640x683, 84.46K)

If a slave has the conviction that he is or should be free, then that is an extreme position to take.
Or it would be, depending on the owner. If he is a cuck or wants to get rid of stupid nigger, then the slaves convictions are moderate and acceptable.
If the slaveowner disagrees, then the slave presents a danger and will be dealt with.

lol guess my conviction to not wanting to suck dick makes me a hetero extremist. This is has got to be the most retarded thing I've read all month.

Attached: mcc9k6avi7301.png (263x395, 145.9K)

Absolute state of extremism.

Attached: stalin.jpg (596x728, 140.14K)

It's a numbers game my man and their numbers keep increasing and nobody is doing anything to make their numbers decrease.

Attached: 1469237363197.jpg (640x480, 32.39K)

Didn't you know? It's cool to talk like a 13-year-old wannabe school shooter if it's for a good reason that you'll never actually accomplish. It says something that that behavior isn't met with vicious mockery.

You probably wouldn't even have them jailed or fined you absolute cuck.

As a centrist, I reject math on the grounds that there has to be a right and wrong answer. According to the horseshoe theory, being right or wrong is technically the same thing, so I avoid math where I can.

Holy shit, this centrist faggot is still at it? You'll be skinned alive when the day of reckoning arrives.

I must tip my fedora to you good sir!

Attached: 96559.PNG (961x981, 487.97K)

Attached: 02bb6cd73fd5f3516af1e85eff778e514c0dc7b4d468219544a25c99d287a20d.jpg (750x500, 74.82K)

good bait tho

Attached: cat_disgust.jpg (467x470, 110.97K)

Just go and shoot up a convenience store if it bothers you that much, faggot.

You are all acting like you're tough guys on a anonymous taiwanese basket-weaving forum. You're not the next reincarnation of MLK or the jackboot gestapo, you're a bunch of autistic spergs.

Attached: 2c2bb31fb42c015afef734f709cd33c8676ad10ea2b2a644ac01bc72f4e38f31.png (787x546, 206.31K)

This is why centrists like you are stupid. You are fundamentally incapable of understanding what people are talking about.

That we are. Centrists are still imbeciles for pretending there are no moral absolutes.

No, its about you becoming really angry and bloodthirsty because of ongoing demoralization of population, and only in NATO countries. Because some political figures want you to kill, revolve and pillage, so they can either frame you as sick bastard in front of all people, or counter revolt against you in order to tighten control over population for their own gains.
But of course you wouldn't think about it. Why would you? Extremists can't think with their mind properly when society is demoralized to the point they can only think about killing.

Pretty much sums my thought. Sometimes you need to mock this shit at least so they will remember about their own safety. If they cannot think straight at all.

Sounds like you believe atheists suddenly acquired a god that told them not to kill? What a way to put on an argument.

Attached: Yuri Bezmenov.jpg (488x356, 36.5K)

If you haven't noticed, the only one bothered because there are people who would do the right thing if given the opportunity is you. Go back to jacking off in your cuck corner while feeling smart that you've embraced your apathy.

According to the horseshoe, doing nothing is the same as a revolt, so how about we do a half-hearted march against diversity instead?
Everyone knows Atheists are the same as religious people; extremists who will kill for their disbelief. A shame they can't see it themselves…

So, your idea is to talk it out with ISIS and BLM? How's that working out for Christians in the Middle East or whites in South Africa?

What you really are is a virtue signaling cuck that is too stupid to realize his ideology will never work in the real world. You're actually so arrogant you assume everyone will see the "wisdom" of your cuckery and immediately acquiescence to your idiocy.

Jews, niggers, mudshits and leftists want us dead. What is the enlightened stance that must be assumed in the face of complete genocide?

this tbh
every moral stance (you shall not kill) has a blind spot, and upholding that stance does not mean you have to be 100% on board 100% of the time, it means upholding the stance as close to 100% as possible
suspending the moral stance (you shall not kill 20% of the time) willy nilly is relativizing the moral imperative

oh youre one of THOSE people
nevermind, ignore all of the above

Attached: 1430280123155.png (756x574, 85.53K)

Agreeing to half a genocide, obviously!

Attached: smug#0178.jpg (915x718, 89.72K)

sauce plz

Attached: source sauce.jpg (200x412, 17.75K)

Fuck off go away

Once again, actually describe how or why that happens, don't just list other negative adjectives.

Stop being gay. Stop using the internet to justify weakness and faggotry.

You don't even realize how obviously saying this makes you gay.

Remember, anonymity was never intended for non-whites and degenerates, and they must be stopped by force from abusing it.

you are not welcome here

Oh, okay, so you have no fucking stance. Everything is relative and malleable depending on your feels.

Being a traitor is not a simple mistake, it's a life choice, and you always shoot a traitor first if you only have one bullet, and then bludgeon him to death for good measure.

Attached: cicero traitors.jpg (620x271, 73.65K)

Looking at things like there's only two choices - doing nothing and killing people is the very sign of extremism, brainwash and maniacal bloodlust. You're turning yourself into a predator, an animal, and stop thinking like an intellectual human.

Just because other people are bloodlusty doesn't mean falling for it is a good idea. Radicals hire people into their ranks exactly by baiting them into such behavior, that they only see hate and anger. And then become a bait for political propaganda of higher forces.
Even by your racist terminal cancer of mind can't you just see that trying to copy behavior of a nigger is not a good idea?

Attached: africans.jpg (650x433, 68.9K)

I'm picking the middle path between two extremes, my dude. You're sounding like an extremist yourself though.

You are not an intellectual, you are a coward. Hate is good. Violence is good. Argumentation and discussion is only possible on a foundation of a willingness to kill.

"I am a faggot, I will never be wrong, you can never prove me wrong"-types can only be taken care of through force. Once those people have been taken care of, THEN discussion becomes possible. Violence is the foundation of proper argumentation.

There's nothing wrong with racism. It is backed by factual data. You're the idiot that is doing the whole "feelz before reelz" bullshit.

An extreme cuck.

Attached: refugees welcome banner.jpg (598x617, 64.87K)

I'm not buying your fucking game

Data is dangerous, because you're either right or wrong, but that's a binary way of thinking that inspires extremism. >:(
I'm a moderate cuck, thank you very much.

I've never even met an actual Nazi in my life, I don't think most people ever have, but I have met annoying fucking commie children who are legally retarded trying to incite violence everywhere and riots waving around Soviet flags. The nazi's died off after WW2 and have never been prevelant since, just because you fucking call people nazis doesn't actually make them, but pushing people into a corner and leaving them with no other means but to fight and defend themselves from dying sure as hell does

Attached: LaughingHitlers.jpg (608x402, 25.43K)

you didnt read the post did you
you know I told you to disregard the post at the end because youre not willing to hold a conversation, you want to hold a monologue because clearly you are right and everyone else is wrong to the point you dont think it nessesary to even read their posts

Attached: snok.gif (270x188, 1.78M)

Holy shit go back to reddit

Anti-hunting faggot as well?

This is the BAD guy right?
Same thing as FarCry 4, The bad guy actually has good motivations, he wants to get the degenerates and rebels off his land, the Father just wants his family to survive the incoming nuclear winter.
Also is nuking the country and destroying the governments and corporations meant to be an evil "alt-right" thing to do? I'm pretty sure its lefties who want to get rid of the "corrupt" structures, not the right wingers.
The morals and the buthurt caused by this game might be interesting to look at but I'm sure that the gameplay is actually trash.

Funnily enough, that's how Nazis came into being in the first place. Then again, it's the lot of the leftist to never learn from his mistakes.

I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I know that leftists and centrists are always wrong by default.

Attached: well, that didn't work.jpg (500x746, 210.72K)

Government does it, not the preacher dude.

This has to be the most utterly retarded nuclear explosion I have ever seen in any form of media ever. Also the writing and voice acting is absolute garbage with the exception of the bad guys' voice which is somewhat decent.
People should be unironically have their faces ripped off for enabling this fucking shit in vidya.

Attached: 1390811723783.jpg (908x730, 204.37K)

There's sort of a theme with these games.

followed by
youre not very convincing in your attempt to feign humility

Attached: kotvoprosvopros.jpg (750x592, 67.49K)

Why should I ignore the historical failures of communism and anti-colonialism?

At least fear before God justified people not preemptively killing each other for every "bad behavior" pattern, and no, those who killed "for jesus" killed for satan, they didn't knew Jesus. Without knowing Jesus there's nothing to discuss on the subject of love and understanding. Or even sacrificial love for that part.
You are so focused on this world because you don't look forward for heaven, and neither look into hell damned and wicked inherited you will always circle around almost animalistic behavior of bloodlust towards evils that will eventually begone and be punished by God when He will come to harvest saints back into His place.
I've been trying round and about talking about such subjects as even considering to not kill even if you are being murdered and forgive, but its all useless for those who don't believe.
Honestly only for saints its possible to bear patience and suffering during hard times, and even worse hard times are incoming.

Those who kill by sword will be killed by sword. There's no life in killing. And you will just jump into that deep bottomless hole of bloodlust and angst and won't get out. Because the only justification for removing degeneracy a non-beliver will see is in killing people, becoming just as degenerate as those who he murders. And extremists like to brainwash people into doing that, for their own bloodlust or for satan, or for greedy politicians that need another shooting scoop, or for organizations that will do more killing. Its an endless loop of death until all ends.

Attached: bored.jpg (620x651, 106.83K)

See here

Attached: 1451663678340.jpg (600x337, 17.92K)

Well then he LITERALLY did nothing wrong.
Farcry may be owned by Ubishite but I think the development team that works on it might not be walking exactly to the French Cuck CEO's tune.
I wouldn't go so far as to say "based" because this isn't fucking reddit

Problem solved

Attached: when_you_see_the_jew.JPG (155x116, 3.06K)

Welcome to nu/v/:
Holla Forums shitpost every thread with vidya and nothing can be talked about otherwise you are a shill

Joke's on you, I'm a Muslim.

Attached: Boondock Martyrs.png (720x405, 539.82K)

If they really put effort into the voice acting of the villain, I think they want you to really listen to them.

Far Cry 5 is shit and Ubisoft again made villain "likeable" for the sake of promoting degenerate antichristian cults, just like i thought the worst thing in this game will be.
Buying or promoting this is sin.

Ah, the old, "everyone who has an opinion different from mine is from Holla Forums" complaint

you shouldnt
why do you immediately assume someone who disagrees with you is a commie, are you perhaps convinced that everyone who disagrees with you MUST be a commie?

Attached: #callbrussels.webm (854x480, 7.74M)

I'm not the gentleman you were responding to earlier. I don't think I've accused anyone of being a commie in this thread.

Aaaah the old “everyone that have an opinion different then mine is Holla Forums-cuck-soy-cuckchanner”
You aren’t making a strong point to show this shithole isn’t run from shitposter larping

You that guy who married a Muslim girl and said how her parents are totally moderate and won't insist on his conversion?

well you implied I was defending commies for one

Wow, it's almost like a game about political issues would attract people who want to discuss those issues.

Attached: eb661a1f15996c201f7ea7a140f0fbbf2a12a9e33a50990dece8aa2bddb03553-pol.jpg (1200x800, 101.63K)

You are though. You started the comment chain by calling someone an egoist for discounting communism.

Nope, and I don't know whom you're talking about. Sorry user. I'm just here to help shit up this thread and talk about the game when the topic actually comes up.

I'm just going to post those two.

Attached: e1f4110de229a618d3639103671c95f3e7079acf8b82ab03af970bdce82fc2fa.png (699x389 212.16 KB, 23.65K)

That's not what I wanted to send, fuck.

This is what I wanted to send.

Attached: e88cbf90d53f701bf1dbad3e4f703010a552d09a20117e7919779df32e04fb6f.png (699x389, 121.45K)

Some of faggots in this thread talks like total savage hood rats.
Beware SA and cuckchan goons, they likes to LARP both Holla Forums and Holla Forums to stir shit up, and they often talk in edge.

Attached: deep cold philosopher stare.jpg (990x814, 121.64K)

The best one is where it's just two Holla Forumss autistically screeching at eachother.

cetristcucks btfo tbh

No, this is the best one.

Checked, but you're only partially right. Some of them might be SA goons, but most of them are just newfags from Holla Forums, who weren't there to witness the time when Holla Forums was actually good and had actual discussion alongside with different kinds of right-wing ideollogies that actually talked to each other and discussed stuff instead of throwing shit at each other like a bunch of angry niggers. Those who aren't SA goons nor newfag Holla Forumsposters are from Holla Forums.

Attached: 8chan in a nutshell.png (430x464, 75.85K)

point me out where I did that fam, because there must be a whole fucking lot of mental gymnastics involved to attribute defending communism to any of my posts
or are you one of those people that believe that everything that isnt national socialism MUST be communism

Attached: WRONG.webm (1280x720, 501.47K)

Honestly? I'm pretty sure they're actually cuckchan rapefugees utterly unable to refrain from being autistic speds outside of their former safe space.

Attached: 7c3ab91369b5db599e951ed7a2458c5c361c3e05db53afcf6fd5b36f5b558406.jpg (323x633, 29.26K)

Then go back to your political shithole. This is for vidya and talk about the vidya not about what political agend makes autistic screech
Nice pic, but you are stuck behind faggot, the buzzword of the week to insult someone that doesn’t agree with you is centrist

You mean before the kike shills started attempting to fuck it up?

Well they're definitely not from here, because holy fuck, this place changed from was actually happening around here during the exodus days. Remember how comfy this place used to be? And how fucking quality everything it was? The worst we had were the ponyfags.

That's why I think it's cuckchanners; I remember what it used to be like. It felt like people could actually hold conversations with each other without some turboautist barging in to try and show off how much of a cool guy he is by appealing to what he thinks is the status quo. It reeks of cuck-chan Holla Forums and nothing more.

Can we talk about the game now, or have we finally turned into 4cucks Holla Forums?

Attached: If Only.jpg (500x500, 30.32K)

Ii's an unfinished game then, i can smell the DLC

Unfortunately I don't think anyone here has played it. Even in the Sea of Thieves threads we had one or two anons explaining just how shit it was, there is nothing but shitflinging here.

mark endorses the shitposting by just allowing it to happen
the fact that my posts and the posts that I replied to are still up just proves the above
we got template threads, corporate threads, shit threads that are allowed to exist on page 1 for days meanwhile it is fucking impossible to talk about videogames because of the shitposting
until the day mark finally starts cracking down on the egregious shitposting I shall partake in it, as it is the only thing thats going on on this board right now

Attached: die pinguine aus madagaskar.webm (1280x720, 3.37M)

This shit is evolving into a meta thread again.

Because it's not out yet.

It comes out tonight user, it's not out yet. I don't think it has denuvo so it'll be cracked pretty quick if any user wants to try it, I wouldn't 100% quote me on that though.

Attached: 1df0d7a28492294caae8a207f9dc04900b0289ce0d4f10fe93b4637584e7947e.jpg (1280x720, 109.78K)

The sad part is that any other choice to actually talk about games are dead or meme boards

I guess that explains it. I might give it a pirate once it comes out and give it a playthrough.

Attached: fafc486b18f4dbb0ab257d9153201d3a14ec1c573b6b0e4e02625bef35201db9.jpg (81x174, 14.84K)

You really are a fucking retard. People are talking about politics because that it what Far Cry 5 is marketed around. If you think people are here to talk about the mediocre gameplay and shitty story, than you really are thick

Where does it say that?

I still haven't seen proof.

It's the eternal cycle of threads.

Attached: Vicious cycle of v.png (1479x986, 188.79K)

reporting shit threads and shit posts didnt work
talking to mark personally didnt work
community policing clearly doesnt work because the shitposters are overwhelming in numbers

mark does not seem to understand the concept of chemo and is convinced that the shitposters are the main target audience of this board

Attached: a billion dollar dumpster fire.webm (640x640, 932.65K)

They already released the DLC trailer, you faggot.

Not that hard to find user. Still it’s makes sense since every religion just state not to be a dick to anyone which is why most extremist don’t follow the concept

Its almost as though Holla Forums is full of autistic faggots with short attention spans, but that can't be…


No, they ripped off Jared Leto

The currynigger slave trader is straight up bad in Far Cry 3, but Vaas is just trying to kill his bitch sister and stop her evil cult.

That’s becasue Mark is a redditor with a persona. boards shouldn’t have owners showing the face or anything like that otherwise brakes the concept of being user. We need a chemo but it’s getting late and there isn’t any other option out there to talk vidya

Attached: BC9CA46A-1D2D-4549-B12B-AF4CE38F58A9.jpeg (383x263, 66.46K)

This commie faggot got destroyed, then resorted to arguing in bad faith and underhanded tactics to strike back. You are women with small dicks. That is all.

I unironically think the second DLC sounds fucking awesome.

They'll find a way to make it bland

I unironically like all of them. This is what sold me on shelling out my shekels.
I just want something that feels like it's trying to be fun, even if the gameplay is slightly above mediocre.

theres a reason the only (you) you got in this thread you got is from me
why dont you go a cut your thighs for a while and then go shoot up a mall, you ineffectual pathetic child

Attached: feminism.mp4 (480x480, 4.36M)

Was asking for an opened ended love neighbor command. What you cited seems to be more among Muslims themselves.
I already know about Quran 5:51 "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."
Which precludes any open love thy neighbor law

Or buddhists and hindus in SEA and india.

You underhanded little cunt

I disagree with the idea that svidya put forward but it was at least an alternative.

this is a smug
now back to mewch faggot

Attached: 9b25b01d5bdb173560f81c62d2599557163e2d587f6f153e2a202ffed6e7f448.gif (500x500, 3.02M)

Yes. Probably. All the same I will keep an eye on it.

Drumpf, am I right, fellow goys?

Attached: Pee Tape.JPG (641x903, 116.28K)


Attached: 065eb38f835d99a176603efd5042c22831b6875a388ebb5911fad62891ba2d5d.jpg (672x645, 68.94K)

Oh also, I might have been wrong on no Denuvo. From what i've heard it'll most likely have Denuvo+Uplay+Steam drm+ Irdeto.

I mean, the subtitles of the quest and tape are right there in the picture dude. Maybe you should calm down.

Attached: O95w.webm (480x480, 680.75K)

Facts are racist, goy. Xir is doing everything right!

Attached: 06225ff0cc3d3cd4ce8545593be5b45c81a5634b92dc6fccffab9c9c71925860.jpg (199x200, 16.8K)

Attached: she.gif (263x150, 2.71M)


O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as witnesses to fair dealings and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just, that is next to piety. Fear Allah, indeed Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do.] (Al-Ma’dah 5 :8)

user I enjoy theology and I can clearly tell you every religion have the rule to not be a dick to anyone and love only god

That'd in fact be pretty funny.

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Same, but it’s batter then shitpost 24/7


Good image, "meaning" is another word that has been heavily changed, mainly by (((leftist academicians))). Originally the author's intention was the meaning behind a work of art, hence why we ask "what did he mean by this?" In Spanish, "entender" is "to understand" and it is not a coincidence it sounds like "intend" in english, as they share a latin root, "tendo" which means, among other things "to strive for". In other words, understanding a work of art is about understanding what the author was trying to accomplish with it, but (((they))) co-opted it for their postmodern BS, likely because (as Barthes wrote) God is the greatest author, and the same system that works to undermine the author can be used to undermine the authority of God and the baggage that that authority carries, such as objective truth and morality.

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Death of the author is a terrible meme tbh

This was an Ubisoft game.

It's real, polygoy

The Skeptics changed their brand, they're the Liberalists™. Their main goal is to stop the UK from turning the Stepfather's son into a tranny.

Let's be real, the gameplay is just going to be FC3: Montana skinpack. You won't have anything groundbreaking, just
By the way, why exactly does the government nuke Montana?

Watch_Dogs 2 had a mission where you had to hack into the house of a Shkreli-like guy and empty his bank account.
The thing was written by people who only read Vox or Mashable.

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From what I heard, there is no radio tower climbing

Isn't the gameplay pretty much the same as previous Farcrys just with a different setting and scenario? I don't think there will be anything to talk about BUT the plot.

/svidya/ deserved it


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There is no radio tower anymore. I think they've re-used the system that was in GR: Wildlands.

What the fuck, look at it's balls

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Yeah, that's how I feel.

ITT neo Holla Forums

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It's from /k/.

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That's what I was thinking. I was iffy about that second nuke but that third one clearly too close. The player was clearly within the everything's fucked radius.

We should have gotten rid of them long ago.


Did they watch the Postal movie ?
Anyway, bravo.

Holy fucking shit

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weren't the other guys cannibals or something?

People don't have ideas. Ideas have people.

Read the sources he is distorting. Start with Eliade and work to Jung.

He has "weak" people executed though. Like how his subordinate, "The Cook," burns people alive, among other things.

That's all I know though, but come on. The guy isn't good, at least.

nice dubs you filthy nigger but thats not how you spell Grace Under Pressure

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So? Don't need dead weight when recovering from a nuclear war.

replace marxist with natsoc, but then again who knows the difference anyway amirite

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Nice job fag bag but that's not a farewell to kings and hemispheres

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Well, hello there, /int/ where have you been hiding since Hillary lost?

Holla Forums is STILL this butthurt about Peterson publicly humiliating that feminist in a debate huh?

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Notice how you don't actually have anything substantial to say? Also, what sort of leftist would recommend you read works by a fucking propagandist for the Romanian Iron Guard?

So what did I just watch there? Is this the "bad ending" or something like that?

Holla Forums hates peterson too, now. Don't they? Oh right, "everyone I don't like is Holla Forums". Sorry to bother you.

All part of his master plan to alienate as many people as possible so he can keep being the most kosher centrist of all.

Ubifags don't care about story or spoilers. They're content with just having a shiny objective marker dropped in front of them to blindly follow.

But given that it's all the powder and flak's fault, would there be some way to clean the skies afterwards?

Survival Under Atomic Attack is essential reading:

That's a good ending imo.

I'll pirate single player games but if it has online elements it's usually not possible to play online.

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Shut up about this meme.
Negative marketing is always negative for the product and the company.
Negative marketing must always be used against shitty companies like Ubishit.

A jewbisoft game with DLC? Wow what a fucking surprise

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