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Is mobile being legitimized as a platform? With increasing speeds inb4 spectrum crunch, phones getting more powerful, and the portability as well as marketshare of them, games that were traditionally console and PC titles are getting ported over regardless of the limitations. It's happening with the battle royale genre and I expect it to happen to ASSFAGGOTS anytime now if it hasn't happened already. Will "mobilization" slowly creep up and replace "consolization" as the the new descriptor for dumbed-down games?

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I only play Ace Attorney on mobile

All this mobile shit and shovelware made for a quick buck or with no effort,man.
I wanna go home,take off this uniform,and leave the show.

I failed to run pirated AA on my phone, so I played it through android emulator on PC.

sounds a little sad playing a portable game hunched over at a desk

Take off your clothes and let's dance, baby

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Only if you put on your red shoes and dance the blues.


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Just get DraStic the ds emulator and play ace attorney on that. Runs like a dream, same as most DS games actually. That emulator is better than the ones on pc for some reason.

A lot of normalfags put up with playing on their phones for convenience's sake, so expect an even bigger shift to casualization. I just don't understand why they put up with the controls, playing all that shit with touch controls is terrible.

Take the Granblue and FE heroes faggots and leave.

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Owning any mobile device except for a flip phone instantly makes you a normalfag. Also your game is shit.

There is nothing of value in the entire mobile market. They're only passable for emulation.

funnily enough the first AA game is the ONLY phone game I've ever spent any money on, years ago

The only way I see that happening is if F2P/whale games become the niche and games with the normal one time up front purchase become the norm. I hate how F2P and the race to bottom destroyed the price value of games on mobile.

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That could be the case, but I think that developers will begin to straight-up switch over to a f2p business model. Single-player modes aren't going to have the budget they need to be good.

It is not. It had input delay on every device I tried it on. And if you're pirating the emulator (it is a paid emulator, btw) you'll miss out on various tools that crash on pirated copies.
Its only advantage is that you can do the touch controls properly. So games like Ace Attourney and Professor Layton play great on it.

If you really have to do emulator shit with a bluetooth controller just get a cheap-ish tablet. Equally or more powerful than your phone in most cases, bigger screen and it won't drain your phone battery so when Jamal wants to fuck you up you'll still have enough charge to dial 911

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Christ OP how can someone be so out of touch with reality?
It didn't happen 5 years ago, it's not happening now. What an embarrassing thread

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They'll always be stripped down or RPG's/Platformers.

Pubg mobile controls are actually pretty good, there's some aim assist obviously.