Asspained Mods 64

A rarely known fact about Mario 64 fanboys, is that they can't handle the truth.

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Fuck you board kike.

When is this spic getting deported



I bet most of the ass pained weren't even here to throw in for the flowers. How can one be so new and so sensitive.

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When did Holla Forums become kikepedia?

for better vidya discussion than this pit try >>>/vg/

Nintendo shill squad is here I see.

The other threads aren't insulting mark's precious Nintendo.

I'd rather someone replaced mark tbh.


That's exactly what he wanted to feed his victim narrative.



Point them out and I'll happily report them.

Says the fag who's pushing hard for posting unsourced bullshit

So thinly veiled it didn't even mention either console!

I would too but that fat kike will die before he loses his one meaning in life.

Your console war defense is starting to lose it's effectiveness tbh


No, really. Where did these faggots come from?

Mobile app that lets you use both 4chan and Holla Forums.

Hey guys, wanna see a dank trappy meme slut, durrrr, I know you do memerz!!
Here you go! Fappity fap fap away! And remember to upvote for le gay rightz.
:3 nyaaaa

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Might be sooner than you think tbh.

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It's like nintoddlers have collectively started transitioning like CWC.


Mark has always been here though.

We need need NEED to nuke Japan, archive all the good anime, just get rid of the fucked up post WWII kike influence that came with it.

Only reason Mark matters is he grabblered up the Holla Forums board. And he was there at chilly laboof's CTF gamenight.

Ah, so he doesn't matter.