Moments That Nearly Ruin the Entire Game

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I don't know about you, but I personally enjoyed Xen

there literally isn't a bad part of yakuza 0

I don't know you but your opinions are okay. It was interesting to see vortigaunts just going around their business.

An oldie, but the difficulty spike at the Doc Robots in MM3. Seriously, who designed that fucking needleman stage.

I wish Half Life had more moments when the enemies don't attack you outright unless you strike first. It would really make the Xen beings feels like living organisms.

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

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Do you mean stealth as an option or stealth that lands you a game-over if detected?

Pretty sure he means when an action game suddenly has a shitty ham-fisted stealth section out of nowhere.

This, sorry for not being clearer. I'm retarded today.

I got bored with it at that part and still have yet to go back and finish it.

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Fishing minigames


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delete that

Fuck off.

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Forced "skill" minigames in an otherwise thinking/numbers game.

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Its best when its also forced.

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I've had worse

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How about sitting through 10 minute long cutscenes done like 3 different ways. Or sitting through sidequest dialogue without even voice acting to save it?


Do you guys like actual fishing sims or just mini games?

Genuinely curious.

To be fair, there is a fishing game aimed directly at Holla Forums.

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Got the image in my head of some user chilling out in the late afternoon, in a boat on a lake, playing this game.


Vid related, the devs should be thrown from a helicopter.

>dicking around doing stunts and making my own fun


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I forgot about that part, thanks for reminding me.

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Meat Circus in Psychonauts was cancer, hugely impacted my overall impression of the game.

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I dont want your nigger memes, george. Niggers shouldn't be seen nor heard.

Glad I could help.

Path of Radiance Prison Break?

There isn't a single good thing about Final Fantasy 15.

Nay, the entirety of the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith

>Tartarus in God of War 1 as well as the minicerberus gauntlet took me a while to start prioritizing the little shits first

fuck any dev who thinks this is a good idea
or an underwater section
or an escort mission
or an ice level
or all of the above in one

I don't recall the name of the game but it makes me angry just trying to remember it.

Which version, the PS1 has a different fight that is much harder until you know the trick

PC, I've always been shit at videogames though, but I JUST CAN'T QUIT THEM!

Just remembered: when game code shits the bed or a dev didn't even realize a certain move could be pulled off so they didn't code a result. Case in point: HuniePop. Turn all of the broken hearts into regular hearts, but sometimes they don't even register and you have to manually redo all of the combinations, wasting moves even though they are already lined up.

Worse, SRW Alpha Gaiden's sneaking missions. Prison break was fairly easy, this is on an open flat field where you need to manually count out vision cones.


Holy shit, good post user. I will download this promptly

Can someone explain to me why developers consistently push forced stealth sections and escort missions in games despite gamers complaining about both for decades?

Also, why the fuck does every single escort mission make the person you need to protect walk either faster or slower than your own units/character?

It took me years to realize you can cast speed increase spells on the NPCs you need to escort in Morrowind

To pad time and add some variety.
"Gamers" complained about difficult games and look at the medium now.

It's not nearly as bad as most people make out. neither is on a rail or blast pit.

Freeman is an invader on their territory so it makes sense for them to attack. The only reason the slaves don't is because they're slaves.

That part was piss easy and absurdly funny, what's wrong with you?
Ok, i'll give you that one. Jim wasn't the only one screaming there.

it's piss easy when you know you can pick up the wardrobe, I didn't

It's weird that everybody hates the Meat Circus to me - worst time I had was in that goddamn bullshit Spain ripoff that consisted of a single circular route.

Well, unless you spent half an hour chasing the damn thing, it hardly makes that part THAT bad.
If you mentioned Level Ate or the final boss i would be more in agreement

See, I found Level Ate easy peasey lemon squeezey, all you have to do really is just run to the right with occasional stove maneuvering. Final boss can be kinda bullshit, but I just whip into her after I run out of bullets and that's an instakill.

I didn't have any problems with it. I died once. Maybe you're just bad at games?

Yeah. Besides, i just can't bring myself to hate those level because of the music. God i love that game.


Hands down my favorite two games on the system. As much as I hated level 3, it still had some bitching music.

that reminds me:
Shao Kahn in UMK3

More like mega-damage sponges

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Fuck you, just give me the destination so I can get there and then wait three minutes for this slow asshole to finally show up after finishing their cringe-worthy roleplay.

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I mean it's pretty fucking stupid to have it, since usually they don't have the mechanics in the game to make the stealth actually worth it, and suspensful.

forced walking segments

fucking amen. I would 100% rather just have a cutscene for this stuff 9 times out of 10 because it feels more like i'm being treated as too stupid to pace myself the way the devs want me to.That or it's considered for immersive for some reason but it actually ruins it for me and ruins replay value

AKA 90% of the Witcher 3.

Years later, I still don't get it

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Wario world's final boss. Apparently the final boss in the Japanese version is actually somewhat of an interesting fight. Still doesn't look hard, but it's a lot better than what everyone else got. Then again, being released in Japan one year later does give you time to fix shit.

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Fishing irl is pretty fun, too. Fuck off, user.

Git Gud at fishing anons.

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Its simple, but my god the game becomes infinitely more fun.

>the NPC you are escorting can only hold their breath for a limited amount of time
>their breath meter is shorter than the player's breath meter
>you can only see their breath meter when you look directly at them, and you get no warning if it's about to run out
>you return to this area near the end of the game and that part's an escort mission too
might have to make this game just for the salt

These fucker ruined that game for me and the horrible forced base multiplayer that you can turn off but when you accept the terms once it's on again Good that i tested the "demo" before i bought it.

Fuck you, fishing is so good that even AAA companies started to copy it

Goddamn that image is so funny on all layers

The ones in No More Heroes were infinitely more stupid until I realized I had my Wiimote volume turned all the way down.

As funny and sad as it is, it still gives me hope because you can see SOME brain activity going on in that kids head.

Does it disable weapon skins?

It's the endgame, why not just fill it with the same enemies you've fought before but they're stronger now instead of anything new? Genius.

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I think that the trademark of that particular artist which I'm about 99% certain that it's Poyoyon Rock.

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