Cuckchanners BTFO

In the newest Mario Tennis Aces game, Luigi has a very visible bulge around 1/5th of his lower body, which means he should be around 8-9 inches when erect, which is a sign of extremely healthy androgen and testosterone levels along with an overall healthy male development during adolescence, and he is not afraid to show it off.
Where is your god now, soyboy posters? You've just been beaten at your own game. I'm glad to finally see the meme die.

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A fictional character is making more money in a week than you will your entire pathetic life.

Go back to your home.

Nice false flagging


Fictional characters make no money.

This fucking meme is old even for Twitter standards, get the fuck out of here with this shit

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At least we have games unlike sonyggers.

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You OK, user?

At least I make money, you do it for free.

Picking a dogturd covered in glitter still counts as eating shit.


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I chuckled a bit

Got a drink for you sweetie.

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I'll rather have almond though, you got almond?

Activated only.

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Nice work faggot.

If you are gonna make a joke about a platform without good games at least do your homework lazy nigger.
Xbone One doesn't even have a Knack to make fun of

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I wonder who could be behind stoking ill will from nintendo to sony…last I remember all console users were on the same side until a day or two ago

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PCucks are just as bad.

He might prefer this one user

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Enjoy shitty controls and crashes while paying to your Jewish overlords at valve

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Seems like they would benefit most from sowing conflict between parties that usually got along just fine.

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This thread is trash and OP is a retard.

So it tells you nothing about his current hormonal balance. Aside from that fact, the meme about Nintendo consumers being soy-fed has nothing to do with the characters in the games, it's about their tendency to behave like complete manchildren, which is not affected by Luigi's alleged dick size.