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A little known fact from history is that Shigeru Miyamoto was so disappointed in how his magnum opus Mario 64 compared to Crash Bandicoot, that he lost his creative drive and this is why he took a backseat to further game development.

Shigeru Miyamoto's biggest emotional turmoil over the issue was mostly due to him having claimed that 3D platformers absolutely could not mimic 2D platformers in regards to camera, and based his entire design philosphy for Mario 64 on this. Upon witnessing the much more refined and skill based Crash Bandicoot and how it made Mario 64 look like a sloppy mess, broke his spirit as a game designer.

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Nice source, sonygger

Well Crash was revolutionary compared to any Nintendo product of the era.


In what way am I a fanboy? Crash when it came out did something nobody thought possible or at least practical.

In what way did I reply to you?

Also, Spyro's the better playstation platformer.

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Spyro got one good game then went to shit.

An even more telling contrast between Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot is how the latter embraced and perfected the art of obtaining things from boxes, while the former was almost completely distant from this very thing despite it being part of the roots of the series.

Shigeru Miyamoto surely must have felt pain over witnessing this fact.

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Spyro had one amazing game in between two okay games. Crash had 3 average games.

Soygeru Miyalowtesto

I'm sorry that unlike Miyamoto, you were satisfied with Mario becoming a somersault simulator instead of a true platformer.

Not going to disagree with you there.


Did you know kirby was invented when Miyamoto accidentally spit his gum out during a meeting and Iwata thought it'd make a good character.

The most saddening fact I have about Mario 64 is that Miyamoto stole some of the ideas for the game's physics from the engine that was eventually used to make Bubsy 3d, when the development team for that game tried to sell nintendo their engine. Nintendo originally showed interest and had their hands on a test build that included the source code, but opted instead to go with the engine they had supposedly already be in the works of.

Evidence of this code theft can still be found in Mario 64 in the procedures handling jump mechanics which were barely modified from Bubsy 3d's source.

Didn't it dawn on them that 2.5D could work? It's what Smash Bros did and that was made in the same console gen.

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Smash Bros was developed later than Mario 64 by an entirely different team, and was not a platformer. If Miyamoto had been involved Smash Bros would have been about backflipping around a small arena collecting things instead of video game character dolls fighting each other.

Mario 64 > Ape Escape > Crash

Anons like you are why despite getting a ban every time I share these historical facts, I enjoy myself. That some of you get butthurt enough to claim these things are untrue and console war bait (every single time) and report the thread brings a smile to my face.

You can only hide from the truth for so long, user. Only for so long.