Games you don't really like with an [A E S T H E T I C] you love

Ever have a game thats not actually that good but something about the artstyle, tone, soundtrack or some other none gameplay element just kicks your ass because you love it far more than the rest of the game deserves?

For me its easily Bioshock infinite. I liked the retro futurism meets art deco and mild dieselpunk elements of Rapture but Columbias alternate 1915 Americana gone down another path was something i found really striking. Theres lots of styles like victorian gothic or high sci-fi we see a lot in games but this kind of "game by gaslight" setting is something there is not nearly enough of and its idea of a clean, beautiful utopia falling apart instead of you showing up long after it happened like Rapture made for a really compelling art style/assett set that i really really like even if the game is just a disappointment in every other regard.

Do you have a game like that?

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JRPGs and increasingly more mobile games. Every time I see a cute character and think "Oh hey I might check that game out" it's from a JRPG or gachashit mobile game. It's infuriating. As for a few specific games, Asura's wrath for being a QTE fest and Warframe for being owned by the most malicious retards and being a skinner box. I love both those aesthetics but the games themselves are lackluster and would be so amazing if put in the right hands.

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Brother i understand. The tittymonsters of Destiny Child or Gothloli of SinOalice are not for our filthy gaijin none mobage vidya.

Everything about the world of Columbia was great (other than having niggers up there at all), including the sound design (I love modern shit rewritten to sound like pre-kike music). Had it been a COMPLETELY different game, it would have been groundbreaking.

Oh god yeah this too. I didn't notice the barbershop fags singing a tears for fears song but i remember walking through a fair and realising the tooting of the pipe organ was madonnas girls just wanna have fun and i loved it.

Funnily enough i am watching Westworld for the first time -pretty fucking good show so far- and right in episode one i saw them pull the same trick when a wild west adventure version of 'paint it black' played during a bank heist by the robots.

Wolfenstein did this well too.

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That vocalist sucks, it almost sounds like a parody. The rest is pretty good though.

That's pretty damn nice.

Dishonored, it was a terrible game that didn't know what they were trying to do, but the Victorian aesthetic with whale oil powered everything was great


Its okay but i'm a sucker for wierd westerns anyway -probably one of the few autists keeping /tg/'s malifaux threads alive- and i love western meets sci-fi shit that leads to stuff like this.

Fuck give me a westworld game god damn.

Thats another good one. Nautical witchcraft and deep sea devilry meets an alternative to steampunk take on a fantasy industrial revolution was great too.

Its ironic the only game like these that managed and art style and a fun game was PREY and boy is that games rep tainted by the bethesda bullshit even if arkane did make the best shock game since system shock 2.

At least its bargain bin prices now?

I liked the way it was painted,or at least some parts of it.

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Pretty much all these anime fighting games on steam. They look cute, but I just can't stand fighting games.

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Reminder that you will never get a good eldritch horror game set in the rust belt because of this shitty "game."

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D-don't say such silly things user, rustbelt gothic will have its time!

Blue Reflection.

I can admit that Alien: Isolation is probably fairly, but horror games just aren't really my thing, but I'll be damned if that 80's sci-fi aesthetic doesn't get me hard as a rock.

One of my favorite things from anime (the insane focus on making food look delicious) made the jump to FFXV pretty damn well, but I suppose that's to be expected of an 80 hour ad for cup noodles.

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This pretty much. I love most JRPG art, settings, stories, and so on but I'm more of an action-adventure game person. Action RPGs are okay, but character progression (leveling up to get stronger) feels so inauthentic to me compared to actually learning and mastering the game for real. Repeating the same killing of NPCs over and over is annoying and the idea that you're so "strong" now that the monsters that could kill you in the beginning can't even touch you anymore is ridiculous to me. Possibly worse than for turn-based RPGs since in an ARPG you see the monster hit you and it does nothing no matter how thin the clothes you are wearing are. Some ARPGs are fun and well-balanced enough (not casualized but also no grinding required) that I enjoy it in spite of being an RPG, but the fact is, I'd like it if the nips made more action-adventure games. I'd particularly like another action-adventure Final Fantasy spin-off, but I can see why they wouldn't after Crystal Bearers.

Any game with potential waifus.

Give Darkwood a look if you want rural eldritch horror.

Sailing, I absolutely love sailing, the game doesn't even have to be fun otherwise.
Wind Waker, Black Flag even the new Sea of Shit has some lovely sailing in.

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Cyndi Lauper, dumbass.

I don't know. Far Cry Blood Dragon I guess. I thought it was pretty mediocre but the aesthetic is bretty gud, except for the shitty meme-tier humor.

pirate the Warhammer pirate game, it's decent

I really dig Subnautica's spaceship look. Everything is so smooth and slick I just want to put my penis on it.

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Blackwake and all that.

It's funny how both Wolfenstein and Man in the High Castle bring back the Nazi esthetic and make it hip. Hollyjew's digging their own grave by trying to do the ironic parody thing and having it come off in a way they didn't want.

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You're in luck, there's lots of unused designs in the concept art that are really nice looking.

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That's oil driller you git.

I played Bioshock expecting a mediocre barebones gameplay yet it still went under my expectations. My issues with the game seems to stem from Levine's autistic desire to control the player's experience yet pretend that he has a choice. I heard that Levine keeps scraping entire games to end up with half-baked products in the end. I keep thinking that a robot made a generic FPS with some nice art assets only for Levine to trash it for being too fun and interesting.

I actually enjoyed The New Order. It's not nearly as politically charged as The New Colossus, so it's more palatable to anons. Never bothered playing the rest of the reboots and don't really care to.

Bioshock unironically would've made a significantly better movie series than game series.
The story is there
The setting is there
The set pieces and music and atmosphere are all there
But the gameplay itself is shit

Now that would be weird as fuck, considering westworld is based on the concept of if people could be 100% immersed into a game world. I mean the writers basically spent months talking with Irrational, Rockstar, and other companies for information regarding how they did world building and how they would design a place like WestWorld.

How would one even make a westworld game? License it off to TellTale?

Wat? Infinite's was retarded at the end, the first one was just "you were the demons", and the second one made no sense.

The story in infinite was indeed retarded and all over the place. I guess you could say the "narrative" was there rather than the story and I just chose my words wrong. There is a good story somewhere in Bioshocks lore though.

I liked what it had going, with the whole revolution thing and you and elizabeth, but everything really fell apart. If it had a grasp on multiverses in a narrative use, and made the story feel necessary (cause there were a million times when booker and elizabeth could have escaped EZ and didn't) then it could be great. Same goes for the first two if it was more just escaping rapture rather than some convoluted shit about mind control, spy implants, and Ayn Rand. Although those could work if done well.

Is he in luck? or is his penis?

hilariously enough it's actually fairly Holla Forums tier


the narrative? I don't think that's the right word. It also jumped all over the place, introducing new things like a child would writing a fan fiction, characters acted like things they just made up and introduced were running themes and concepts throughout the entire game, taking it 100% seriously. I'll never forget the asspull of "It's a key…I didn't know it existed but I guess I had it all along" it's just so remarkably stupid. I can't believe they actually put a "ding" noise as that line began, what the fuck was that about it's like childrens TV writing.

Even though the world would be more technologically advanced if the Nazi's won, I think part of the explanation of that in the game was that they found alien artifacts.

They found the jew tech IIRC.

The Darkness for its hellscape bastard child of WWI trench warfare, WWII nazi uber machines and demon skullfucking corpses in no mans land. It actually did the whole hell thing right unlike most games where it's just throwing lava all over the place and sticking horns on every skull lying around.
no I'm not an edgy 14 year old

The Order: 1886. Shit game, but the style was good. Would have been better as a literal movie.

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Fallout 3

A crucial part of the game's plot is that the nazis stole technology from (((them))).

That's right, we can't even let muh ebil nazis make their own technology, they have to take it from poor schlomo.

Fuck right off >>>/cuckchan/

A few games were like that for me.

Absolutely love the aesthetic, the atmosphere, the soundtrack. But it is such a boring non-game and the dialogue is so cringy and awful that it frustrated me. It was so close, but it was so far.

I really like the characters and the art of these games. But I hate ASSFAGGOTS, I hate tryhards, and I hate chinks. It's such a waste of assets and wonderful character ideas on what amounts to a shitty Warcraft 3 mod, when the characters themselves could be fun in their own standalone, non-shit games.

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Doesn't that create something of a plot hole? If the jews had this sort of super technology, or at least the basics of it, for thousands of years, why were they ever "oppressed" by anyone? Why didn't they rule the world overtly from their indestructible fortresses made of super concrete and shit like that?

Pointing out plot holes is illegal in much of Europe.

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Because God hates them. The Bible literally explains multiple times, and for multiple reasons. God literally hates jews so much he destroyed their societies at least 4 times and scattered them to the desert (they were never slaves in Egypt like they lie about).

God is jealous and wrathful. When you do things that invoke these known qualities in God (ohhh like say worshipping false idols and gods in God's own temples), you tend to piss off the locals when you actually manage to bring down God's wrath.

My counter question, knowing that the acts of jews have been recorded for history, would be why were they ever "allowed" to live by anyone? You would think that at some point in their repetitive 5000yo history of fucking everyone over that the kikes would have pissed off that ONE guy that hunted them down an executed every single one of them.

I look forward to that day… when all the jews get to kneel before Christ and beg for forgiveness knowing they were pre-judged and cursed to hell by God Himself.

Are they not his chosen people?

Won't happen since their god isn't real and rabbi yeshua is dead… you'll be disappointed, christcuck. But we will exterminate them.

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They are not. I don't feel like going into the nitty-gritty of it, but an act of god destroyed valuable records that their religion literally depended on to function. Their entire religion is a sham that violates its own tenants.

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They were apparently chosen to go to hell without any chance at redemption (like everyone else gets).

The real jokes on you LARPagans/Fagthiests. God is real and Jesus wasn't a jew.

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Though to expand on the chosen people bit, that's a heresy introduced by the Scofield reference bible. It lied about the translation of a specific part of the old testament, namely that Moses's seed would be blessed, and misrepresented "seed" as 'all his descendants' instead of 'one specific descendant.' The passage referred to Jesus as being a blessed chosen one, not kikes being in some way divine. A basic understanding of the history of the talmud and a quick read through the new testament would leave you with the knowledge that kikes are the exact opposite of God's chosen; they're thrice-cursed by him for the crime of deicide.

They try to explain it away with your jew scientist saying saying "The chosen scientists were peaceful, goy! They only made weapons of mass destruction for the sake of it!". Ignoring that they apparently just gave in and died without a struggle, they still could have made technology only slightly ahead of the current age and still passed as regular people and won the war. The jew technowizards just giving in because they're "peaceful" was a fucking ridiculous explanation.

Your pic attributes the wrong chapter and verse in Revelation btw. I'm fairly certain it's 3:9 where he tells the Philidelphians he's going to make the jews come worship him at their feet, and make the jews know that he loved the Philidephians.

That's retarded, they literally made power armor that multiple characters use in both games to fuck shit up.

It also forgets how much bloodshed the jews have caused in the past that's praised in the old testimate.

They also made a cannonball filled with grappling hooks and winches with the specific purpose of leveling whatever structure it latches onto. It makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
That's probably because MachineGames haven't read a word of the old testament and only know about "muh six gorillion".

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Second half meant for

I used to play Blacklight Retribution from dawn 'til dusk and vice versa. Now the game has been patch so much, it doesn't feel like the same game anymore. The layout just isn't as intuitive as it used to be.