The above got a free pass

How did this happen? Why is one fine and the other isn't? Its the same design.

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the cup size

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Top is more attractive

FF XV's gayboys bring up the gay meter very high, so it balances out with the hetero content.

torpedo tits
also I think protection money paid to the media racket is a factor.

SJWs don't adhere to logic, they just get mad at what the computer and the other SJWs tell them to be mad

Monster girls are still furry shit; even sjws know that furries are shit.

It didn't
Nintendrones who bought the game comprise largely of SJWs.

but none of them where gay. Why are you promoting homosexuality?

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Pyra caught much more flak than Dahlia, really. The latter was pretty much the weak follow-up act.

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Dahlia was more human than animal, just like pic related. Can we actually call it furry?

I don't recall any articles crying about Shiva in FF XV.

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Holla Forums has turned into a boring broken record.

please feel free to generate the interesting and engaging content you seem to feel we lack.

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Liberals who listen to SJW's buy games, yes.

Gave up on that a couple years ago. The vast majority here is happy to wallow in the same handful of shit topics day in and out. I just shitpost now.

The latter one has torpedo tits, but you have to remember these people are largely retarded social media addicts. One of them has to find the wrongthink and the the rest of the useful idiots will HORKHORKHORK about it. Since they don't actually play games, it's possible that the collective missed one.

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And nothing of value was lost.

how about……

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Must have been birdshot or rubber balls or something.

heed your own advice

It's really obvious. Video game "journalists" were paid off by Squenix so they didn't talk much shit about FFXV. Nintendo told them to fuck off so they drummed up some bullshit. SJWs have been trying to be some retarded moral mafia since Day 1, charging for protection from their whiny rants.

sjws and women are scared of tits bigger than their own

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They were explicity triggered by monster girls. I recall them bemoaning how thier existence implied women were insufficient to sate male sexuality.

Wait that offends them?
I thought they want us to go away from them
Make up your minds

i dunno what game the below one is from, but perhaps square enix is owned by the yazuka

and 2 girls size

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There are no articles crying about polar tits either.
Just listicles collecting tweets

You don't need to buy or even play the game to talk about it on twitter.

The SJW is defined by hypocrisy. All female members are sour-grapes-mad because they're ugly and no attractive guys will fuck them, so they turned on the entirety of men and claim they don't even want us to begin with because we're rapists. Then they look up rape fantasy porn videos and shove cucumbers up their rotten snatch in their spare time. And then they bitch that attractive fake women are stealing the attention they don't want, when in reality nobody would fuck them even if 2D didn't exist.

One of them left a low score on Amazon for the Encyclopedia. You can see thier salt there. I think it was some cunt from ANN who was going to do a review for the site before they pulled it since the material was too problematic.

That's some selective memory you got there.

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Nintendo passing Xenoblade 2 to NoE instead of Treehouse really upset journos as they saw it as a middle finger to them and their friends.

That has never stopped fujoshits before.

Because SJWs didn't play FFXV and bitched about the mechanic girl instead. No seriously that's really it. I guess what you can learn from this is to put all your sexy shit near the end of the game as only people who really like the game will bother getting that far. But there is a risk to that, such as nobody really draws minda in her true form but the furry imp instead.

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The imp part is not the problem. It is all the porn being beastiality with wolf Link.

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I get it, you're fucking furries, anyway my point it's a cost benefit analysis by putting the cheese cake at the end of the game instead of the beginning or middle. Less potential backlash from sjws but less fan art that means porn of that character.

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It worked for all the VNs in English during the early and mid 2000s. Say a girl is 18, only to introduce the girls story arc as being the taboo of fucking a underaged or barely legal. Midna is not furry either, fag.

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The proper course of action is to put cheesecake front and center at every point in the game, and when the filthy Marxist hordes come screeching tell them to go fuck themselves.

Big game titles can dodge a lot of the perpetually triggered brigade if they pay into their Jesse Jackson extortion racket.

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ironically you sound like you fit right in, you self-unaware cunt.