Raid Boss Gaming

Streamers are new fashion. They drive game's popularity and sales. But they accidental to a game itself and their game driving potential is not used for its full capability.

Another thing. Many MMOs have raid bosses. Big enemies to slay, final goal of the game so to speak. But here is the problem. They are controlled by AI, utterly stupid bots. Killing them becomes repetitive and not engaging.

Suggestion: we combine these things! Company makes contracts with top players from the ladders of their game and popular streams. These players receive ability to control unique assets in the game, Raid Bosses, may receive in game loot as payment or just payed in money. In exchange they make contract obligation to play certain hours and missions controlling these bosses.

Ordinary players get Raid Bosses to hunt that have actual intellect, who know game mechanics better then anyone, who can learn and exploit different strategies, much more interesting to play against.

Even more. Also make mission were Raid Boss hunts players, image players join "stantart match", enter common area and here comes announcement. Raid Boss invasion. It is the chosen player with unique overpowered gear. And he hunts "ordinary" players. If players surviving set amount time they can start escaping via escape routes. Players killed by Boss permanently lose some levels and gear. Leaving or AFK players lose double. This is to give players good insensitive to struggle. Imagine how glorious stream would look from the Raid Boss POV when he is slaying in style dozens of screaming in fear players trying to run away tripping over each other bodies to escape zones

But if player participated in successful mission of this particular Raid Boss hunting after they receive their lost levels and gear back.

Yes this is notorious player killing. But legitimized. Why not? It will drive controversy it will drive conflict of the sides to unprecedented level. And conflicts drives desire and action, drives interest. We don't need peace. We need blood and tears. I think that has much more potential than e-sports. E-spots are mistake, mindless copy of real life sports they don't use unique proprieties of digital medium.

P.S. Someone may say that idea is somewhat stolen from The Running Man. It is.

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This has been done a ton already. Odin in FF14, for one.

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Streamer games are often garbage, the phenomenon is very similar to "youtube bait" games.

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fun fact: this kind of practice is widely considered to be what killed everquest

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This could have been a decent thread with a better image in the OP, more concise ideas and less focus on MMORPGs.

Right now Amazon is developing an opensource game engine that is designed specifically for this purpose but only for games played on Twitch/Amazon web servers.

Facebook is currently paying video game streamers to use their service and are trying to get in on this fad. Their push into browser based gaming and VR has been a disaster yet they're still trying.

Microsoft also has their own video game streaming service that is supposedly designed entirely around the concept OP talks about combined with using low latency servers for better audience participation.

Google has been bleeding money on Youtube Gaming and are building a cloud gaming platform for Android designed around multiplayer cloud based gaming.

Lots of annoucements around this field have surfaced at GDC but didn't get much attention outside of serious trade publications.

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