The Absolute State of Mark

What in the fuck?

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I aint reading that shit

Funny but debatable if it's video game related.

What happened to @MarkM447?

He got banned for telling Antifa to kill themselves

Here's the tl;dr:

Suspended I believe. Source is but it's also in the GG thread.


that sounds like antisemitism

no archives no proof scroll down posts are still there.

Mark needs to ditch the Jews. There is no reason for him to be in an "Autism home". It just shows you how evil Jews are. Mark if your reading this flip burgers man and rent a bedsit. Get those religious psychos to fuck.

It's only antisemtism when you call out G-d's chosen, not any non-goy off the street.

found 'em
I feel pretty bad for him. Yeesh. Imagine having effectively no family.

It's impossible to be antisemetic then, because there are no "god's chosen". Jews eternally btfo

man you must be delusional, its more like 15-20%

Mark I pick on you a lot but you can turn your life around. Don't give up.

Thanks user I don't into twitter.

Thread bumplocked?

I really don't want to accept how shitty this board has gotten. I've been on Holla Forums and imageboards in one form or another for 9, 10 years now? Feels good and feels bad man

fuck off, you are as bad as those retards feeling sorry for jeb bush even though he would have fucked everyone over pretty hard.

Technically, Christians are G-d's chosen just because they accept Christ as the son of G-d. As such all Jews and everyone who wasn't in contact with the Middle East while these books were being propagated are going to burn in hell :^)

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It's appropriate, it's not video games after all

Looks like it.

Yes it's fair as long as it doesn't get censored.

True enough, I was just testing.

Those are things that losers do. I don't want losers running my boards, I want winners.

The G-D shit is nonsense. His name isn't God, it's Bythos.

have fun waiting for hitler

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Dude have you met him in person? He is literally autistic and need a handler at all times.

It's all good.

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mark dont be such a tease and actually kill yourself now please

You fool Christ is the Lamb of God. The whole point is about accepting responsibility. The old covenant Passover scapegoat has been done away with. The new convenient is one of accountability and personal responsibility.

>>>Holla Forums

So if we ever find aliens and they accept Christ as their lord and savior does that mean that Humanity becomes the Jews of the universe?

Oh, so it's B-thos

There never was.

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Sounds like something you'd read in a trucker's pitstop bathroom stall somewhere down in the bible belt. Both self-righteous and full of shit.

Jews in space?

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The Modern term "Jews" is from 1000 ad is defined as those who Killed Christ. They don't fallow the law of Moses but rather the Kabbalah and Talmud which is actually Babylonian heresy. Judah was merely one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

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Out of all the Jews that were in the world, only those near the Jersualem were personally responsible for the death of Christ but the blame is extended to all of them. Therefore it's logical to assume that aliens would simply extend the blame to all of humanity. Yes, we are the sci-fi Jew race.
This is out future.

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Aliens are a science function meme

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Well, golly-gee Billy Bob! You's sure are preaching the holy word of the white men something fine from your basement while mudslimes multiply next door.

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Good taste

I really hope he kills himself.

Not before she gave birth to cancer incarnate. What goes around comes around I guess.

I vote we make Ed new BO if mark leaves.

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Hopefully he'll kill himself sooner rather than later. Some of us actually want to like this board.

maybe after hes dead sonybros can finally take over this board

im okay with this

lol mark stop being gay move out to long island you can live in my crt closet and I'll get you a job you kike

Mark get out of the Jew house