Desert Vidya

What are some good games set in deserts? Not just wild west shit, but preferably something with camels, caravans, exotic stuff etc.

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Dune 2

Go back, Mohammed.

Also, deserts are the worst settings in vidya, and the desert stage is always objectively the worst stage in any game it appears in.

Counterpoint: sewers.

I'm a Khergit, not a Sarranid


Journey :^)


Xenogears, Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 both disagree extremely.

I fucking hate deserts.
I will never play a game that is centered about this terrible biome.

Good taste you faggot.

I played Xenogears and severs end pretty quick, what are you talking about? They do have some strong enemies, but you finish them in like 30 minutes if you're leveled and geared properly.
Unless you mean dungeons of disk 2, which are not technically sewers.

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Opinion discarded.

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Fish wouldn't even know desert exits.
Actually if I name one game I didn't have deserts in that would be BOF4.
Hate grass plains in it instead.

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That doesn't sound like a bad videogame.

Time for a drink, tbh.

deserts are best

Are you high? BOF4 starts in a desert.

Good taste as well.

Rayman has some desert levels.

Nigger, the actual desert part is when you return to it and get to control flying ship to race around it.
Intro is meh, but serviceable since you spend most of your time in towns and combat.

Which is funny because that's just a reskin of the boat section from BOF3, while the plains segment you mentioned before is just the desert of Death.

Why do I have this strange yearning for all things "mundane stuff in futuristic space"?


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I'm not arguing since I didn't play past first 5-6 hours of bof 3 because of inferior combat and narrative.
I played bof4 first, which was probably a mistake, since its quality made me allergic to 99% of all jrpgs ever made including other bof titles.

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rogue galaxy starts in a desert

Do racing games even count? Their levels are mostly just skins, except for slippery ice.

God that game is shit. Battle system is fun, but everything else is god awful.

You could say that of any game
In the end a level is a bunch of geometry with a skin on top of it

Because you wanna escape the current hell on Earth? Just a guess.

Half Life is the only thing that comes to mind that I've played. Someone should make a Dune themed megawad for Doom.

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Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 Desert Regions were the worst.

Drop out of life with bong in hand
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Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land

Proceeds the weedian - Nazareth
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Creedsmen roll out across the dying dawn
Sacred Israel holy mountain Zion
Sun beams down on to the sandsea reigns
Caravan migrates through deep sandscape

Lungsmen unearth the creed of Hasheeshian
Procession of the weed-priests to cross the sands
Desert legion smoke-covenant is complete
Herb bails retied on to backs of beasts
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Jordan river flows on evermore
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but there is one, E:D, the problem is it's an awful game

There is a point-and-click adventure Dune game. There is Dune 2, 2000, Emperor: Battle For Dune. But that's all I can think of that actually use a desert desert and not "Wasteland"

Counterpoint: warehouses with boxes everywhere

all the shantae games.

I guess it's close enough, but I was thinking more along the lines of that Cowbob Beepboop episode or the setting in Planetes.

Please Mr. Wizard, take me far, far away.

If you're climbing and platforming on the boxes and hiding in shipping containers and everything's stacked three stories high warehouse levels are great.

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(very nice)
Do like to stack boxes?

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Counterpoint: FEAR had some amazing sewer levels
The first signs of the Replica assassin for example were fucking stellar and would not have worked as well in any other environment.
Sewers feel dirty, dark and confined by design. They lend themselves well to stealth games, since they can actually be combined with other elements such as catacombs, subways, underground parking garages, or storm-drains, each having their own unique look and feel. All of them can be connected to the sewers, which allows you to do an entire underground section of the game, and connect major hubs easily without going over ground.

Though, I strongly recommend playing the first game, before playing the second one, as your stats, spells and money carry over from one game to the next.

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Unironically this

What in the actual fuck.

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Jak 3

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Metal slug and that train level in lost planet 2

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Conflict: Dessert Storm I 2 was also good, though I prefer the first one
They're both outdated as shit but I still find them enjoyable. They also have multiplayer and I wouldn't find it surprising if some autist still plays online to this date.
Expect a lot of behind-enemy-lines operator autism.
It's a tacticool TPS where you can command 4 guys from your squad and play as any of them whenever you wish. Each soldier specializes in specific kinds of weapons but they can use every weapon anyway.
You can control vehicles too and they're pretty neato. There is also stealth and can make some missions pretty challenging.

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My nigger; brb reinstalling

mount and blade warband, the sarranids territory
nier automata, big comfy desert
red faction guerilla, mars deserts
Kenshi, probably the largest desert areas in any game I can think of

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Foo Foo Fantasy 12.
The game's like, all desert.
A really, really gay desert.

Hang yourself my man

I like Sleep but that song was always too long for my liking. It was a bit too much like drone metal.

Aladdin for DOS was a genuinely fun platformer featuring a bunch of desert levels.

I remember Desert Strike was pretty good, or at least I spent a lot of time playing it. But I'm not sure it actually featured any camels or other features you were asking for 🐫

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This makes me want to play Hotline Miami again. Good shit.

Because mundane things in space are genuinely cool and significantly more immersive than the tired old epic space operas. I'd say that's because background lore for performing mundane tasks has to be significantly more detailed and well thought out than one for some epic quest, and it's those little details that draw you into the world.

Best 50s B-movie horror game ever made coming through.

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The desert section of Nier Automata was pretty nice if that counts.

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I can appreciate a good desert level, but snow levels are superior objectively in every single way, mate.


Woah that looks awesome, thanks for posting it

Dank as hell. You made this thread worthwhile.

You are definitely right that out of all the half-assed video game biome abstractions out there, desert is the fucking worst. Real deserts are actually full of interesting shit if you're a autist naturalist like me.

Game deserts are always dune ergs (in arabian settings) or xeric shrub (in western settings). I would like to see a mix of dune ergs, canyon lands, xeric shrub, yardangs, salt flats, glacial moraines, and mountains. Like something set in tibet, mongolia or Kazakhstan. Desert game levels tend to be generic and don't really capture just how surreal and mysterious deserts can be

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