Three Kingdoms of Online Gaming

Warframe of the west
Ruling with the iron fist and providing unadulterated M-rated gore action gameplay Warframe treats its citizens as resource, precious but expendable, ever moving forward and not asking for opinions. Unique parkour and combat systems paired with unlimited trading capability are offset by tyrannic rule of canadian overlords caring only for profit.

PSO2 of the east
Benevolent and resourceful but weak willed offspring of the royal Phantasy Star lineage offers classic japanese stylish action gameplay and wealth of content, but struggles in endless attempt to please every single of its citizens lacks coherency and direction. Constantly torn apart by internal disputes of nobility but held together by commoners' trust and support.

FF14 of the North
Proudly bearing the standard of long passed western overlord known to history by the abbreviation of "WOW", FF14 adheres to the oldest of traditions and customs boasting support of Final Fantasy clans and ruling over few but noble people of old-fashioned beliefs and lifestyle, unfailingly paying tribute to their proud lord.

BRbarains of the south
Drifting between private servers, abandoned ruins of kingdoms lost passed and wilderness of the unknown these savages seek momentary pleasures and excitement of the moment never thinking of tomorrow. What they lack in focus, they make up in sheer numbers.
Amongst them exiles and refugees of kingdoms fallen still clinging to the glory of days past falsely hoping to rebuild former glories from the ashes stomped by the young and the wild.

Undead legion
Legends are told about vast army of the undead lurking in the shadows waiting for the hour of darkness to overthrow the realm once the balance of power falters. Few believe those tales, but some pray for it to never come to pass. Scholars insist on those just being brbarian tribes refusing to move along the main force, finding pleasure in striking primordial fear in common civilized city and town folks.

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Wheres Runescape

Cute. No, really, I like it. But what discussion did you think was to be held?

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Part of the undead legion.

What kingdom do you belong to?
I'm a PSO2 citizen, that gets bored of its sterile and never changing environment and occasionally sneaks into Warframe's wild parties but not for too long to get found by the authorities.
I have passing interest in FF14, but not strong enough to spend money to get there and I'm absolutely terrified of Brbarians eventually invading my kingdom.

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Guess i'm a BRbarian.

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Even roaming wilderness with savages is better than bowing to animals user.
I encourage you to flee that filthy place at once.

FF14 had some free weekends didn't it? I have something like 40 hours in it despite never paying for it. Sometimes I think they struggle a bit with their low population.

FF14 being similar to WoW makes me not even bother trying it.
Why did ToS choose to take that treacherous path I'll forever wonder.

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TOS is just a poor parody of one of the old kindoms fell to the brbarbarians' onslaught.
Can you be by chance a refugee from it?
Honorary suicide ritual is the only way to find peace of mind I can suggest to you.

The fall of that beautiful reign was due to the Juden and automatons.

>implying chinese eastern slave children are constructs
I'm not going into philosophical dispute there, but what has fallen once can not rise again.

There's dudes in the Amazon too.

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Are these by player bases or what?

I think it would make more sense as the following:
WOW: Let's not kid ourselves, it still isn't dying. This is the Iron Empire. It has had many lands taken in the past, yet it's nationalist forces have yet to back down and let themselves die. To attack the Iron Empire is to simply punch a metal wall until flesh gives out.
FFXIV: The Silver Empire. A rapidly expanding territory that continuously pushes on all their fronts, primarily with the Iron Empire. Their rule is just, yet strict. They say a vast majority of their numbers are actually prisoners of war from other empires rehabilitates to living under Silver rule.
Warframe: The Blood Empire. A fluctuating warband that regularly acts as aggressors against their boarders. They would have the largest base of numbers but they invite the idea of ritualistic human sacrifice for power and will often feed that machine with thousands of individuals.
RuneScape: The Jade Empire. Legend has it there is an unseen continent that has achieved inner peace of it's peoples. They do not seek to conquer, yet ships sailed in that direction never return.
GW2: The Ashen Empire. Along the Fringe of the mainland lies a nomadic empire that roams where territory is weak. They are strong in number and pride, yet have suffered a great calamity from their past existence and will never truly be a super power in their name again.


North Kingdom best Kingdom. Our art and culture is superior. You degenerate plebs probably can't even appreciate our artistry.

Existing != living
That's what being undead means.

Combat is still wow shit isn't it? I can't get past that, I want real time hitbox-based combat, and the other two deliver fully.

I haven't paid attention to mmos in years, has FFXIV really passed WoW in userbase? Not that I expect blizz to let anyone know actual numbers

Honestly? Probably not (WoW has stopped reporting subscription numbers iirc), but FFXIV is still growing, and it seems to be generally accepted that WoW is finally in the process of dying of old age.

I still play Ultima Online

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Hark, breathren of the north, a lichlord of the undead legion

This is from a pre-aos shard. So no necromancy. Just magery poison spell and bone armor from skellies. Though I do play on official shards from time to time just to check out the new stuff. Endless Joourney also comes out soon which makes it Free to play.

As someone who played all 3, FF14 and Warframe in their older forms before changing things radically I only really play Warframe still.

Square-Enix has managed to kill any fun FF14 had for me with each newly released expansion to the point where id say it's currently worse than WoW. Systems for new fights are incredibly droll and boring and it's the exact same shit you were doing back during the first few dungeons, almost nothing changes as you keep going on with it. With the latest expansion I kept being reminded why I liked FF11 for what it was and ended up going back to that and it still has its appeal to me for the clunky mess it is.
I think they way they went about changing 1.0 to ARR was mistaken and they've never managed to fix the mistakes they've made and instead only made them bigger, with the simplistic boss combat and Item level problems only exasperating the issues without getting rid of some of the older issues like weekly tome cap's.

I used to think the same, then I played ESO.
Fucking hard job being a healslut when you have to hit the guy you wanna heal but he's being a retarded frog jumping all over the place. I'll take having a handy portrait to click'n'go with any day of the week.

Healing classes are tricky with actual action combat.
Those should be designed differently in those kinds of games, with more AoE/Lingering heals, regen buffs and aim-assisted homing healing projectiles to that pierce mobs and go straight to the team-mates.

The combat in Warframe and PSO2 is spot on.
Though they lack balance(especially PSO2) and and fun shit to do other than steamrolling linear missions.


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I tried it during free weekend and am baffled that people willingly pay money to play such trash.

fucking end your life

MMOs have always been shit but XIV really got worse since ARR. I realize Yoshi is a hack who just reused content from 1.0 which is what made the game succeed. Once HW rolled around you knew instantly it was going to be the same exact formula xpac after xpac. And to no surprise SB released and was the exact same thing with some retarded underwater gimmick no one uses and a shitty combat system revamp. I left the game after finishing up some stuff in 4.1 and now just laugh when I hear news about stuff that failed such as eurkeka. The White Knight fags who try and pretend it's good content is truly pathetic and I have always firmly believed the shills for xiv are far worse than wow.

Member of the east kingdom, used to be north. Took a trip south to play mabinogi with Holla Forums though and I might stay

GOOD the less shitskins get in my online world the better POORFAGS AND SHITSKINS BTFO BY MONTHLY SUBSCRIBTION

The dead shall rise; some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

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Still better than WoW at any rate, but you're not wrong, it is certainly not worth paying a subscription for.
Though I totally want to buy the new expansion collectors edition because of that Mephala statuette, I'm a sucker for in-world type tat

That mostly goes unutilized because the majority of the level tiles were designed before it, meaning that a badly aimed jump will just smack you into a wall. Only use is moving (a little bit) faster.
Standard issue third-person shooter. They might try to sell you on "muh modding" but it all boils down to any gun having the same set of prerequisite mods, meaning the modding is mostly redundant. You get MOBA-style abilities for each character.

This is also bullshit. You have a cap on how much you can trade, and it's based on your player level (mastery rank). You can try to trade items for other items but it's rarely ever going to happen. You'll likely be trading for platinum, the currency used and bought with real money.

This is absolutely true though. If you google "warframe prime access" you'll find their packs for the newest character and how the price for it ranges from around 70 to 150 dollars for just one character.

The game also uses Mobile game bullshit tactics to sucker players into buying plat, since anything you build has a crafting time ranging from half a day to three (certain characters require you to build multiple, meaning it won't be playable until roughly seven days later)

Warframe isn't so much a kingdom as it is a third world country that happens to have a valuable resource.

As much as I love hero, it really did destroy the game's balance. It would be stupid to try to bring the standard classes up to hero's level since it's supposed to be an advanced class, but that just opened up the issue of hero being so good that there's no point in playing anything else except for people who are so shit they need maxed iron will and automate. Sega really should have added at least one more advanced class at the same time as hero so that hero wouldn't stand out as bad.

5 months in 2014 want their meme back.

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All games have heavy furgoon presence user, if not all of them.
Also bump.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is doing better than Dragon Quest X in the East?

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I'm not the biggest dragon quest fan, but damn I wish I could play this.

I tried to play it like last year and I still had the stupid captcha boss, explain this

I'm having some unironic fun with this, but it's not much of a mmo at all. I can explain if anyone's interested.
It's actually decent now and way better than the CBT, picked it up last week. But again, not much of a "true" mmo if that's what you're looking for.

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Blizzard has moved to a model where the amount of subscribers is no longer as relevant due to all the ingame services, mostly tied to recustomizing character races. They report profits to their shareholders now, not the sub numbers themselves. Legion was created with the idea that people will play through the batch of content on their own pace, get bored, unsub, then join in again when a new patch hits, thus maintaining a steady ebb and flow of players. The fact that one of the new features of the next expansion is quite literally the framework for endless additions of new player races confirms the theory that most of their cash now comes directly from these cosmetic services.

It's hardly surprising, too. Cosmetic shit is the big cash cow these days. People just want their characters to look cool, and they'll whale like mad to make it happen.

Does FF14 still have the retarded 2,5 second global cooldown? I tried to play it, but it's fucking unbearable to finish casting a spell, then still having to wait a fucking second just standing there for no good reason. The starting experience was absolutely miserable and I dropped it. If the very core gameplay is like this, why would I spend hours to get to a point it gets anywhere remotely interesting?

The captcha boss isn't a gaijin block though. A gaijin block is a non Japanese, or at least American, IP block that you need a proxy to subvert. PSO2 doesn't IP block Americans like, say, Dragon's Dogma Online does.
All I can recommend for the Hiragana Captcha boss for you and any interested is to do the obvious and cycle them until you find one you can work with. Or, come to think of it, the Nipponese Learning thread may help, but I can't speak for them.

What did they change since the beta? I'm curious.

There were claims that they both are in top 10 most played online games in japane along with FF14, but I can't find source anywhere.

That's just diablo with ragnarok skin. Play Grim Dawn with autoattack build instead.

There were talks about it having combat system revised, but I have no idea what exactly did they do to it.

Thanks for reminding me of this hot garbage

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Fucking tree of savior man, so much potential wasted, the only think that I still like to this day is the music and some of the artwork with them thicc thigs

yeah no. they have cut out anything mature about this game. they could change the rating to T if they want to manage how they treat majority of the playerbase. judging by how shitty and generic the player usernames are getting its only a matter of time before i run into a squeaker smart enough to know how to use the in-game voip.

the only time it becomes necessary to even bother knowing it are spy missions, rescue missions and void time trials. ALL a joke since there is no challenge to it and you can just beat it just by sprinting and rolling, the same shit you could do 4 years ago.

they listen to a huge percentage of their sub lelddit.

you are limited to your mr.
so if you are mr 10 you only get 10 trades day. sometimes trades bug out and you end up wasting 2-3.

The BRs were driven away, but is correct. The rot came from within.

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That's only obvious in the first few levels, past that you get oGCDs that will fill space in-between. After that, you'll be spending time moving around dodging mechanics which will take up even more of that time.

What the gay shit.

But we do need PSO2

Only because impatient low IQ and time preference retards went and rushed ROman.

ffxiv pretty decently good
warframe enjoyable but im to far behind and don't know where to start again for plains of baloney
and to lazy to get into pso2

any new mmos f2p b2p or shit worth a dam or least bit interesting

So I can write my own then?


PSO2 is still objectively the best action-based mmo in history. Nothing comes close even after 6 years.
It's monetary model might not be ideal, but it's still not nearly as p2w as warshit's one, and they did in fact removed some of its p2w features, like needing premium to buy 10+ rarity items, as well as moved some fashion services out of premium currency into SG stones that you can grind.

PSO2 doesn't really require any investment other that the aforementioned captcha boss.
It may be worth it try at least because it is different enough from the rest of mmos.

I quit partially out of boredom and mostly out of principle when they fucked up the drop tables MULTIPLE times and banned people for even mildly benefiting from it while AFK Necros went unchecked. I firmly believe it is because the latter inflated the economy so people were tempted to buy more shekels whereas the former crashed it so no one would buy shekels.