The moment you realize mike matei reviews games better than jame Rolfe

Really makes you think.

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James Rolfe is a literal cuckold anyway so it's kind of a moot point.

U thnk abut it… ?

This is pretty obvious if you ever watch one of their "James and Mike Mondays" of any new games. James never has any real fun and shows that he doesn't even read up on what's going on with the industry.


He’ll let you fuck his wife in the Ass

Place your bets on how long you think this'll take to get deleted.
I say 2 minutes.


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Did they ever made a sequel to that?

Wait until you realize Chris Bores was the best reviewer of his age.

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Because I really am dying for reviews of decade old games



James is likable and understands what makes games fun, unlike Mike "totally 10-inches" Matai.

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its around 9 inches in the picture the ruler is pulled behind his penis and is tilted


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but why would you do that

Because he's secretly autistic.

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That guy is reviewing toys with Minecraft Puppets now.

So, while the AVGN was getting cucked, the Irate Gamer was
… And starting his own kid's show in what little free time he has left? He's a God among mere mortals.

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He's still a faggot though. BatDan still works on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog where he shows how cancer his new Puppet show is.

Imagine my shock!

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He was also shilling malware phone apps, chink knock-off phone accessories, toxic meal replacement shakes, and subscription boxes.

Proof or it didn't happen. Also, if you're stupid enough to fall for infomercials, you deserve to suffer.

He deleted most of them but someone archived a lot of these videos here:

Out of the 62 videos, only a handful are shilling, and only an idiot would fall for it. A man's got to put food on his plate, and the ghosts aren't going to bust themselves.