Why is this game derided so much? Explain its flaws

Why is this game derided so much? Explain its flaws.

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It's not a traditional video game so it's hard for some people to get it.

It's a 5v5 game that uses matchmaking to create teams in a game that requires group co-ordination and strategy. It's a living hell when one weak link can pull your team apart and you have no control over who you get paired with if you are solo.
I guarantee 50% of the hate would disappear if you were forced to create a lobby and talk to people before you started each match. Same goes for all online team games though.

There's nothing wrong with it the Holla Forums hivemind just dislikes it because they can't play it well.

Also building on what says it's best played in a team of 5 and most anons are lucky to have one friend to play with.


That's it? So you guys would have no problem with the game if it existed only within a professional circuit?

And that's only from the top of my head.

Yesterday my game was effectively ruined because two people both refused to give midlane to the other. They went there together,leaving me alone toplane. You may ask, they were 2v1 wouldn't the enemy midlaner be in trouble? Well they both tried to get the lasthits which mostly resulted in neither one of them getting it. After they destroyed the tower and one of them left the other one simply couldnät farm creeps anymore without repeatedly dying to enemy midlaner.

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I enjoy Dota 2.

It happens, yes. I hate it when games go that long.

Not so much recently. The game "gets going" a lot faster than it used to (pre 7.0). Roaming supports are standard and the previous 3+ patches have all given buffs to supports.

100% agree fucking nuke south america this is by far Dota 2's worst feature besides unranked matchmaking.

Russians plague EUW servers. USW/E get stuck with south americans. Dota 2 needs region lock.

Treasures have gotten out of hand since Battle Passes (jew shit) became so popular. Its jew nonsense and the kids eat it up.

The game is not without flaws.

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Of all assfaggots i only enjoyed classic Warcraft 3 Dota maps. Back when ice frog was still releasing new versions of it.
Fuck, i used to enjoy a lot of hero based maps and maps based on AoS Starcraft concept before it turned into competitive "muh balance" shitfest of spergs.

Playing over and over same Dota 2 map can be really fucking boring. Especially when people sperg out about each others decisions every minute and think this is fun to scream loudly and make stupid 360 noscope parody videos with dubstep and how they ironically shitpost about it. The only thing worse is owning a twitch channel and being a whore.
Assfaggots is actually dead, its just its a mass necrophilia syndrome going on right now.

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its a glorified lootbox delivery system for valve so that they can keep mooching off of money from microtransactions without any effort.

previous dota threads

I went back into Dota after a 4 month break. First three matches were literally grief matches. Stop playing it because everyone is cancer, but when I come back everyone is still cancer.

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It's popular and some people blame it for killing the RTS genre.
It also got popular without "mainstream gamers" noticing, because there were no ad campaigns and paid reviews, so that made people doubly angry because they didn't want to feel as if they had missed something.

Just don't buy them. There is no point where the game punishes you/puts you at an disadvantage for not buying cosmetics.

You've asked us two separate things, OP. Its flaws aren't necessarily why it's ridiculed so often here.
Its frustrating community.
LoL and Riot have poisoned the idea of ASSFAGGOTS in the minds of non-casuals.
It makes filthy amounts of money.
Near impossible to learn without a big time investment.
It was ripped off by inspired LoL, and ASSFAGGOTS, which some RTS fans accredit to the decline of the genre. I don't think this is true, but the animosity is strong.

Does a terrible job explaining itself. Newbies either have to sit in a demo room and read what seem like walls of text to understand one character and its abilities.
The custom game setup is not well integrated. The editor is very powerful but every patch update destroys map creators' work. Very hard for them to do much.
The monetisation system is fair, but there are very few aesthetic rewards you can earn without putting money into it. The worst thing is that they started with a great balance, with occasional drops from a game being fair and still something, but Valve have since dropped that back far.
Buggy. Valve don't have many people working on this game, and there are a few niggling imperfections. Rarely anything gamebreaking, but it'd be good to have another developer working on bugfixing and UI polishing.

I still give the core game a 9/10, it's just that good.

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It's a casualized version of Starcraft, and killed the whole genre of RTS by introducing normalfags to it.

same i got bord of playing with peruvians and shit gets stale

not even the same genre, retard.
the reason rts died is either because humanity as a whole got dumber to appreciate it or we can just chalk it up to the west being significantly stupid that they let gooks takeover that genre.

It's a subgenre made out of a mod made because a modder's little brother couldn't enjoy an RTS because there were too many resources to manage.
In addition it's used as a cash sink and to groom players that will behave in agreeable ways for tournaments to milk even more money out of venues and admission despite not actually creating any actual new content for the game, and the game certainly is lacking in content depth even with all the extraneous shit they have piled onto it. In addition it is the prime example of matchmaking being used to groom player behavior instead of having organic player activity.

RTS dumbed down for 80 IQ third worlders.

I still get shit games, but if they're that big a problem you need to remember two things

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How about eat shit and die?

You are assuming you can actually communicate with your teammates half the time. Often they are South American, Slav or Chinese niggers bickering in their garbage language

I knew this thread would get them. Are we really sure that ASSFAGGOTS are why? What proof?

So did MMOs, so did GoW-style shooters, so have DayZ ripoffs now. Did they kill off RTS? Can we really say there was an overlap?
That just tells me you suck at ASSFAGGOTS and don't know how to play them, which is exactly the issue with the majority of scrubs in this genre. They think they know it because they can micromanage, build fast bases and pull off surrounds in other games, but ASSFAGGOTS is frankly different. Team communication, hero priority, being protective of your carry, etc. are principles that only have an allegory in the RTS genre but play out very different in motion. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges because they're fruit.
Is that really ASSFAGGOTS' fault?

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Because it helped popularise a cancerous genre alongiside LoL.

Popular things are not derided purely because they are popular. The hatred (and apprehension at best) is due to the inevitability of the whole thing being toned down to appeal to a greater market share. The uniqueness of the game is sacrificed to pull in more shekels and the devs NEVER FUCKING EVER double down on the assumption that what it had is what brought people to it anyways. But casuals don't ever understand the depth a game had, so when it is bastardized they never interacted with it at a deep level to even notice the game was ruined for their fucking pleasure.

>not being a cunt to everyone means being (((their))) buttmonkey
Are the jews using reverse psychology to turn us into dysfunctional apes?

The chat wheels, pinging, alt-clicking and more are options.
These work universally of language. They're far faster to talk with and can be said without any of your frustration seeping in. Why not use them? They do work, at least often enough to try.

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Because it is superior version of RTS and RTS fans can't get over this fact. It constantly reminds them about "good old times" when "classic" RTS had no competition and gamers we forced to play this clunky UI genre. Now superior competition exist everyone except hardcore fans left, and RTS fans left alone has nothing to do but to whine about their loss.

On euro servers, slavs are allowed to run rampant. At least Legal Legends had the sense to not allow Cyrillic or other non-alphabetic character sets, and had EU northeast set up as a slav containment area. I'm sure US has its own brownskin problem in Dota that's equivalent to slavs in Europe.

Dota2 being a modern nu-game means it has a toxic community in the sense that some cunt will go out of his way to ruin your game while being just 'nice' enough to stay within the rules, but if you dare to call him a faggot it's you who will get fucked for it. It's that high school "reporting" culture where everyone abuses the rules to be mean to each other but can't handle banter or fun.

Cosmetics are always bad, they're a form of video game cancer and cannot be "done right".

e-sports was only good when it was a joke to use the phrase 'e-sports', when the leagues were player-created and run and there were no meaningful prizes or fame to be had. Gookclick gaminghouse sponsor tournaments are cancer and probably the death of competitive gaming for the foreseeable future.

ELO-based matchmaking is soul-destroying because normalfags and bad players cannot handle it.

I'm defending Dota here but holy shit

You're completely right. But the reason why I'm a fan of Dota is that this hasn't happened yet. Clutter has been removed, and some roles are less all-or-nothing in utility, but the mechanical depth of the game has only grown. Valve have managed to keep their shekel hungry ways away from the core game itself.

We saw HoTS act as a casual ASSFAGGOTS. It failed; LoL and Dota still dominate the genre. Other competitors like Paragon and SMITE have likewise been muscled out, either failing or settling for their small niches. For what remains of the genre's time in the spotlight, it might actually subvert the trend of simplification we're so used to at this point.

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even if this is bait, the best thing about this thread are rtsfags scattering salt.
they should have gitgud if they didn't want gooks overrunning their game and killing any interest about it aside from worst korea.
doesn't help that gooks left rts to die and moved on to lol.


classic BananaShitstainSlamDogshitJamma

I used to like the game a lot. It was like crack. I watch the International every year and still will even though I quit, it's really fun to watch. TI is something I can gladly shitpost about, and still genuinely enjoy watching at the same time, like a bizarro E3. Onto why I quit though, 7.00 ruined the game for me. I fucking hate the new talent system, and some of the more recent balance changes were retarded.

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When they had no proper competition. As superior MOBAs arrived "the artificial difficulty" RTS genre keeled over.

Proper RTS UI is controlling one unit. Moving away from that reduced performance.

ELO-based matchmaking is soul-destroying because it destroys idea of self improvement. Elo is perfect "level scaling monsters". No matter how players does, good or bad, player will get same 50% winrate result. Perfect dream world of liberals where everyone equally wins. Player would never feel real tangible results of his improvement.

Constant incremental updates and competitive games just don't go together. Dota 2 does a better job at it than most, but it's still a bad idea. Sooner or later it drains the life out of the game even if there's no disastrous set of changes in one of the hundreds of updates forced on the game.


Yes, I've slugged through ELOs and even at the top it's as bland as at any other level. I miss having a healthy spread of good and bad players in a given server. Getting destroyed by great players enjoying a good pubstomp made me want to get better at the game.

Only good thing about DOTA 2.

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I never heard of this bideo game


Penny Arcade is responsible for this.
They made a video on this, talked to devs and even encouraged their fanbase to mail Microsoft and others devs about this. They wanted automated bans for people that get reported to much.´. They took their video down for some reason and I was not able to find a backup or reuploaded version.

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Like my only problem is the entire MOBA genre is that your progression is locked down to one match.
I.e. no matter how far you level up and what shit you get, you start next round with nothing.
It's fucking frustrating.
Why make progression at all then?

This is why I prefer fighting games - no progression, pure skill.

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Because ignoring the cancer is gonna make it go away right?
Why don't you fuck off?

It's part of the game shitty poseur RTS genre. ASSFAGGOTS are the reason we don't get new Age of Empires/Rise of Nations sequels.

Because the point is how you progress you dimwit. Every game you have a unique scenario from heroes to people playing. You are put on even playing field and its your job to make it uneven.

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what logic is this?
i play fighting games the same reason i play shit like dota. because the only progression is player skill. one requires individual skill while the other requires skill to carry 4 retards against 5 others.
nothing carries over to the next match, just improvement on the player.

Nigger, shut the fuck up. You think we would have new RTS games if Dota and LoL didn't exist? You are a fucking nigger. There is a reason why recent RTS games suck, these kind of games are simply hard to make. And on top of that, nobody is willing to play them online because everyone is afraid of getting their ass kicked. Just look into the RTS threads, everybody is playing offline or RA1 and RA2 because they have figured that game out. Nobody is willing to pick up a new RTS and play it online.

You may be right to call me dimwit since I can't understand what's your point.

Mobas have levels, and gear that you accumulate like in action rpgs similar to diablo.
At least you do in Dota. I didn't try other ones.

Valve has no fucking clue what the fuck they're doing and is just blindly following sheckles, and as a result, the game has been on a decline ever since Dota Reborn. I honestly wonder how many of the players are just bot accounts for getting out of LPQ/buying accounts/etc. The games doing what every game that is turning to shit does. Slowly bleed players until its a fraction of a fraction of the size it use to be.

Just look at how they handled the issue of not having teammates speak the same language. Instead of doing region lock, they waited for fucking YEARS to eventually make the game pair english speakers against non-english speakers, sometimes. Even fucking League has region lock.

And their way of handling game-ruining players has been a fucking joke. Automated mutes? Automated bans? Are you serious? This is a game where you get reported just because a shitstain wants someone to blame on your team. You could have just ripped off League's system (Which CS:GO also uses) and had player moderators watch replays which would be 1000x better even if a bit flawed, but then you'd lose 1/10th of a sheckle to compensate them with skins or whatever. As a fucking result, the community gets more and more cancerous and finds ways around it. Such as farming commends to get their behaviour score up.

Valve's latest scam to get more money, dota plus, shows the game isn't even a fucking game anymore. Something that made this game more and more unfun is when players try to badly rip off pros or the meta instead of experimenting on their own. Completely ignoring the fact the meta is different at each skill level and essentially just mindlessly copying things without knowing why it would work or not. It's like they're not even playing the fucking game. This game isn't even a game anymore. It's just a cesspool of meta. Players forgot you can win in pubs without copying the meta, or have fun without copying something, but the game isn't about that anymore. It's not about understanding the mechanics or any of that. It's about copying other people

Honestly though, dota is unhealthy. It's super addictive even when it's absolutely miserable. It's just so fucking miserable and unfun now that players are starting to leave. And all of this isn't even addressing the gameplay issues such as buffing starting HP, fairie fires, raindrops, wells, gold flowing in the fucking rivers, etc

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This is true. Superior MOBAs took way players from the inherently flawed RTS games. RTS have no big audience and market to sell because of that.

Fucking casual, I bet you love Overwatch if you can't stand a game being long.

Its a party game that has no business being "competitive"

Why is this thread not sage bombed into oblivion?


Game is not bad, the community is retarded. All these features are cool additions to the game to keep niggers out, but when 80% of the community is fucking retarded they still make it into ranked games.

This is also false. Fuck off casual. This isn't even me defending dota, it's me telling you that an hour long match isn't bad and only a casual has that give up mentality.

Nothing wrong with long matches, but some matches are just cancer. Imagine you first pick support and your team proceeds to pick absolute passive cancer heroes will the enemy goes full offensive heroes. You have to spend at least 20 minutes doing nothing will your team get's destroyed. For example, carry drow games. When your only real core is a safelane drow you gonna have a bad time. Because that shit hero isn't doing anything. You want to gank? Nah, nobody coming with you, and that is basically the only thing you can do as a support.

I've won plenty of unwinnable matches like that. But these days everyone wants to give up and move to next at the first sign of issues. With issues with the game valve failed to address like boosting services, bought accounts, shit match making, region MMR inflation, etc…. You can't really blame the players for wanting to give up.

I played it for three hours, I enjoyed it, but not the part that really matters.
This was around 4 years back so shit might have changed drastically. Basically the problem lies in the fact that this game is so dependent on other players, except said other players are so shitty it completely ruins the experience. I played around 10 PvP matches. Every single match had any combination of the following
Believe me I enjoyed the game. I enjoyed playing the supports and getting crafty with abilities and items. But if the people you're playing with are so desperate for a nuke then I'm not going to stick around in the hopes that eventually I'll find a once in a lifetime match that's actually fun to play.
I haven't played much of it to talk shit about the actual gameplay, but I will say last hitting was not that fun(denying was) of a mechanic.

Nigger, you are really fucking stupid. Thats literally your fucking role. Protect the lategame carries. One team bets on lategame whiles the other bets on late game. This match up is fucking ancient and you get pissed over it?

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This is not. If player is decided that match is lost it is his right to believe so. game is about player choice. Player chooses his course of action, what he believes is the best. Te may be right and win he maybe be wrong and lose. This is the game. Decision to surrender match is no different than decision what hero to pick. Now you coming in and saying that players does not have capacity to decide how to play game, that means gaming process itself is meaningless.

That's not what I mean, you can turn a lot of shit around when you try. but sometimes you end up in a match with niggers who don't even want to win. Like, you open up the profile of your carry and you see that he has played 8 matches today. That assclown is clearly tired as fuck and plays out of… who fucking knows… But he clearly doesn't want to win. he goes jungle 24/7, ignoring the minimap and everything else. Sometimes you just get 4 niggers in your team who wait for the game to end.

1) It's Steam-only. We're not fans of Steam, so that alone is enough.
2) Community is seriously fucking retarded until you enter high MMRs.
3) MMR system is complete dogshit and Valve wants you to pay for the chance to fix your MMR.
4) Valve is casualizing the shit with talent trees, shrines, rebalances, and other crud. Their new heroes are dumb as hell too, carrying is in general more difficult (and more teamwork-dependence means more chances your cancer team will ruin your game) and Valve's predilection towards forcing a particular meta is really annoying.

Honestly DotA is an inferior AoS game on the whole. Maybe among professional AoS games it looks good, but if you were part of the Warcraft 3 custom map community, there were a lot of better ones. I personally liked playing perSonas back in the day, although that got broken by a patch, but they made a sequel called Arkana.

Its nothing but foreign shitters. Mexicans, Peruvians, Russians. Theres so much griefing and shit behaviour with the players that it becomes an awful time playing, win or lose.

the worse players are usually the most vocal, even if I was to support flawlessly I would get blamed for their own failings, There is so much ? EZ Shit talking that it makes you really appreciate other videogames communities, people actually being polite and saying thank you comes off so alien after playing dota 2 for so long.

Now some of you might be thinking that its a videogame and that I should go look for a hugbox game thats less discouraging. Well I simply dont see how people can be encouraged to work as a team in a team based game if you're surrounded by shit flinging apes that will ruin your game if they so much as not get their gold rune. I dont see how someone can think to themself I want to help my team with the dota 2 community. I honestly have more fun playing tiny and throwing them at enemy towers, its what these people deserve. I'm digusted more so with myself being involved with this abomination of a videogame.

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Are you one of those faggots who doesn't buy BKB vs invoker, zeus, etc

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Fuck off casual. It's thanks to idiots like you that 60% of league games end with the team voting to surrender. There are so many games I have won despite us losing up until the end. You are the definition of casual.

This post is bait, right?

It's called a late game strat. If you can't even comprehend this then you're better off not playing dota.

crappy cashgrab that could only possibly be consistently fun in a match of all friends that requires you to have (((steam))) to play

Shoo shoo, tornigger.

No it's not, there is no thing as "late game start" in dota anymore. This is why Huskar is op in 5k and okay in low ranked games. In 5k Huskar and his team and the game in 25 minutes, in low mmr people don't realize that he falls of and they jerk around until the enemy manages to come back. You gain a early advantage and finish the game.

But I wasn't even talking about that, I am talking about people who say "fuck you all" and then go afk jungle, dodging all fights, just waiting for the game to end. If the enemy team is equally retarded and goes jungle all day long you have to wait 30 minutes doing nothing because the enemy doesn't want to finish yet and your team doesn't want to play.

What is even the purpose of asking for other humans in your game?

Should I have mentioned mass pingspamming, courier feeding and a tilted carry blaming me for the loss when I give them free farm early game? Because thats generally the stuff that pisses me off that falls in the catergory with the 'ez ????' shit.
You make it sound like its dumb for people to get irratated by these people that can waste up to an hour of your time in dota 2.

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Late game isn't rigidly tied to a minute count, it's tied to how fat the late carries are at any given point. As soon as a main carry starts getting 3+ items you know you're riding the wave into the late game.

It's an ongoing effort keeping up with community meta and balance charges on top of a steep initial learning curve on top of dealing with a community driven slightly insane by all the listed experiences. There are elements of these things in any worthwhile multiplayer game, but at some point it stops being a game and more like a shitty job.

Nah man. Youre strawmanning. I casually play it almost everyday when i don't have work to do and that shit rarely happens.

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I think that the main issue is that assfaggots plague RTSes by association, now devs think RTSes have to invest in (((esports))) or outright make assfaggots instead of RTS. Most games got hit by shit that assafggots have brought, but RTSes were hit the hardest. And apparently central european autism grew weak, so there's not much of an audience. Or maybe RTSes simply drown in marketing noise, I don't know.

That's what I was getting at though. The community is so tilt from the same shit over and over again, that even if you can win they will just give up at the first sign of resistance.

Its just another case of faggot devs or publisher misreading audience. I like Dota but I still love RTS games and I'm sad that devs/publishers forcing upon devs are retarded.

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Dota is the reason shit like overwatch became a thing. If you like, or play this game kill yourself.

Oh, the CHALLENGE system encourages players to prioritize doing retarded shit over winning. Also Valve's tendency to push players into a specific meta, implement build-up phase requirements, and generally make the game more reliant on teamfighting and teamwork really don't help when 4/5ths of the team consist of people who are not you, thus limiting your ability to decide matches with superior skill. And the lack of backdooring reduces strategic possibilities further.

Ultimately Valve's balancing trend is more pushing players towards a specific meta than allowing a diversity in gameplay strategies.

Go back to >>>/4chan/ newfag. You're on Holla Forums, and this ain't a goddamn 4/v/ bunker for you to shitpost in every time you get banned from halfchan for being too retarded even for them.

True. Although these days you can't go wild with shit like MoM anymore. They nerfed that item right proper.

True. If you add a surrender option to DotA you will see DotA 1 plugpullers make a comeback and attempt to surrender and throw a fit when it fails because they died 5 minutes into the game then feed or rage all game long because "game is lost" or shit.

The MoM meta was fucking retarded.

You mean TF2.

It's pretty funny how people used to complain about RTS matches taking too long to finish because you'd need to make a base and an army, yet those usually last about half an hour at most (unless you're playing something really slow) and now they're stuck with hour-long slogs.

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Then you're a lucky son of a bitch, because the shit I just said happend to me yesterday, or the day before that.

I had a game where I was supporting as rubick, was beating the enemy with a 3 v 3 top lane fight. I ended up having the most farm while mid and my carry only had a Shadow blade, 20+ into the game despite they never ganked in general.

What comes off to strawmanning to you is pretty damn common to some folks. But playing in a pub game instead of ranked is probably my fault but its still a thing regardless.

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On the contrary, Holla Forums hivemind is cuckchan shit.

RTSs are fucked because nobody wants to experiment with the genre, and now that mobas are a thing, they're pretty much doomed to either be a moba clone or a C&C clone.

Works on my machine.
I'm not saying this shit doesn't happen but judging by my own experience its overblown as fuck.

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It's probably dependent on your ranks.

Oh, you with (((they))) were faggots. They don't misread anything - they aim for the exact audience they want. It's called "lowest common denominator".

I don't want an innovative 4D all physics buzzwords game, I just want a fun game. Too bad nobody knows how2 anymore.

Well if you don't want innovation there's indie C&C clones. Personally I have a really hard time getting into RTS'. They just all feel the same.

My point was they try to make shekels by appealing to what popular even though thats not what their audience wants and they end up losing because they are retarded.

And they're really bad at that. Just look at DoW3. Face it, a lot of devs don't know what they're doing. They try to pull players away from DOTA and LoL not realizing that the people who play those games don't want to invest time in other, similar, new and little known games. MOBAs are a huge time sink and hugely addictive, so the players won't want to spend time learning another game when they already have a game they know inside and out. MOBAs ruin RTS games indirectly when devs try to cater to an audience that does not give a shit about RTS.

You said exactly what I was trying to say in less words. Fuck me.

MOBAs ruin RTS gaming because it is better and proper version of RTS. RTS can't compete with them.

And they ended it by completely savaging the item so it silences you. High risk high reward playstyles are hard to come by now.

Never go pure support you moron. Remember the ABC of DotA: ALWAYS. BE. CARRYING. Or personally, always semi-carry (preferably with disables). When you play pure support, you open yourself up to this shit where your team's carry is too retarded to carry the game and you end up losing no matter how well you can support. If you were to just add Midas, pick the 60 damage talent at 10, and use the extra gold you amassed later on to get shit like Orchid and Halberd, you would've had a hero that both supports and carries instead of depending on his dogshit carry.

Alright, that's a fair argument, but a lot of people here really DO hate Steam.

This works until you start losing games simply because the enemy team had a support who did nothing but buy smokes, deward and ward.

It's true. There really isn't much you can do if you're not party matchmaking.

It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. At the end of the day you will lose games simply because no one picked hard support.

I remember being in this situation a couple times, but I can point to a more specific example. I was watching CLQs games where he stomps ancient and below, and he constantly is buying himself wards and smokes. This only really works for him because he's so above the players he's against that he can suffer the small GP loss. In his own rank though, theres multiple times where his team gets raped because the other team has a support.

The only time doing the core/support thing worked for me is when I would pick chen, and just rape all the lanes so hard, get early towers, and end the game before the enemy team knew what the fuck was going on. I suspect this only worked because chen can push like a monster early in.

When rat doto got popular, you'd see people soloing the game with NP because fuck relying on literal niggers when you can just outpush the enemy team by yourself.


When the other user said "the point is HOW you progress" he meant that even a simple DotA character can play in a variety of meaningfully different ways depending on item choice, the order you level your skills in, and other factors like your team's income and potential early game snipes.

Of course, many of these builds are outright wrong or outclassed by other strategies (to say nothing of characters being outdone by other characters), so I am skeptical of this claim.

A very-highly competitive game, in which small actions have high impact on the game.
A game where you could be losing terribly for 60 minutes and you have to stay and keep at it until the very end.

It's okay.

That's like comparing

What the fuck? Are you stoned or something? Carries don't win games, supports do.
If your team has a decent carry hero picked, then they need a support to get them through the laning and earlygame. Give them their wards, their rotations, their warning pings. Sacrifice yourself for them.
As a support, you're the chessmaster and your team are your pawns. You shephard along your cocky manchild Anti-Mage so he outfarms the other team. Most pub games at low MMR and commend levels are shit because there aren't supports.

Can't say I didn't go into the fucking shit. I even bought some skins, but I am regretting it right now.

Supports can counter-carry now? Ayylmao, there is not way you can find a "decent" team right now. There is not team direction or even team composition, you're really playing 1 vs 9.


fountains and talent trees, also the betrayal of a loyal fanbase in favor of whales

Too bad he's dead. Now he's just another wannabe DotA streamer with nothing to differenciate himself from any other DotA youtuber aside from some over-the-top complaining. Truly a treasure was lost.
"You have no reason to play DotA anymore if you're an english speaking player."
"There should be a game mode where you get shot in the head the moment that you're negative."

It's a team effort to win, under the ideal circumstances.

Idk about that. I think he only streams because it's his living. He very rarely streams and has said tons of times that he doesn't like it because it's harder to play the game.

i stopped playing in the HOTS talents update. seemed like they started taking the mechanics of failed mobas and tried to implement them in their own for some reason. i really hated that. did it get any better since?

Attached: 10e0c284c828b8f54e0f35b23bf0e534bd64b734cd7614812d5c4520d335efc7.jpg (1280x1054, 113.34K)


Yes you can, it's called having a decent commend/report ratio. 1v9s are the minority, you're acting like they're the constant.

Supports decide so much. Their roaming and lane support. The crowd control. Their ultimates as initiation/followup. Where they ward. In a proper game of dota, fighting without the support can be suicidal and both teams know it.

Yes, but then again I'd tell you that talents made the game better since it did some much-needed filling for some holes in most heroes' sets.

I do agree with that, though my point was mostly in regards to the relationship with his fans. A lot of the people who watched him did so for the Long Qua persona instead of for the DotA content. Now that he's dropped that entirely there really isn't any reason to watch him. Last I heard he streamed to pay for college which is fine, just a shame he was the only DotA content creator putting out content of his nature, and he abandoned it entirely for whatever reason.

It's called you roam, gank, deward and early push until the enemy team is so crushed they don't even want to play anymore. I remember I use to play nothing but fucking Chen, a hero who is irrelevant after 20 minutes, and would consistently win just because the enemy team had no room to do anything.

Dota would be fixed if you could que for a position (1-5. Carry, Mid, Offlane, Roamer, Support) before you join a game. You would have longer que times but it would be worth it to avoid pic related every game.

Attached: dotapub.jpg (500x410, 32.31K)

I bet you have 5 k hours. I had around 2.5k after giving up on it. There came a point where I just started to hate the game. How do you guys keep playing it? The game has gotten progressively worse since 6.83 with the comeback mechanics. Just watch pro dota and stop wasting your time on this joke of a game.

That's pretty sad. I remember in one of his old CLQ streams he basically said everything I thought about college almost exactly. That it's basically a scam and the teachers are idiots. At the end of the day though if you don't have a degree most places wont even look at you.

Some people on this board legitimately think the game hasn't been on a decline and that it wont get worse.

They are actually good.

That's a really good idea, too bad you need to post on reddit for valve to read it.

I know you're just shitposting, but fuck it. That's like saying that TPS is better than FPS. It's plain wrong, they're different at their core. MOBAs are closer to ARPGs like Diablo than RTS.

I think LoL already has this feature. Or it did the last time I played it which was about 3 years ago. You could team up with a friend or two and form a team. Matchmaking would fill any holes if you didn't have a 5 man team.

not enough cute fairies

also, isn't it a purely PVP game?

Hopefully he's majoring in something that isn't completely polluted with stupidity. A couple of friends of mine got degrees in engineering and apparently they barely had to deal with any brainwashing marxist dogshit. If he's going into something other than that though he's probably fucked.

Its probably comp sci. He said if he went to college that'd be his major, but he took one class that was so bad he dropped out.

No, it wouldn't, because this would be ignoring how the meta works. The purpose of positions 1-5 can fluctuate because the meta itself can fluctuate. Part of Dota's charm is that the ideas aren't defined so strongly; if you'd suggested this in 2013, you'd be saying "support 1 and support 2" not "roamer and support". Furthermore, the meta is about going for what is best, not what is best within those definitions. For instance, some carries are so good in lane they don't need supports at all, and so both supports roam. Can we allow that if we have the game hard-coded to define the idea of a hard lane support? We can't.

Attached: d83et7i20m2y.jpg (400x600, 40.43K)

What little college I experienced the IT field was strangely polluted by blue-hairs and trannies despite it being a relatively exact science. So he's probably fucked.

CS feels like the goto major for millennials. Particularly gaming normalfags.

This is a bad idea. The creators should not force any sort of meta, and besides, if you are getting your pic related every game, then chances are your rating is in the dumpster. You can climb out by picking the best hero after accounting for what your teammates pick. Improve yourself instead of whining about your teammates.

I agree with this 100%. Which is why Dota Plus will permanently keep me from ever reinstalling the game, ever.

Daily reminder that Windrunner is not flat, and her model could be fixed by adjusting one part of her skeleton.

Attached: windrunner fixed.jpg (1920x1080, 214.19K)

>it's not fun at all

Attached: faggot.png (188x164, 68.28K)

That is overwhelmingly true from everything I've read and experienced. Saw some CS major once who actually managed to graduate but was a Transgender antifa supporting self-identified communist. They punched his professor once in a fit of autistic rage but the guy didn't press charges unfortunately.

This is like the cancer is eating itself. Retard professors who curve the class so any idiot can pass and the same retards turning on them.

CS is where the best jobs are at. Since it's popular, of course SJWs are going to be in it to some degree

It was like that before the retarded MoM meta, newfriend.

This is not fun. It's a waste of time. The only way to play dota is with 4 other friends of about the same skill level but none of us have that which is why people are defending match making itt.

I've been debating with myself on whether or not it's worth it. You're going to be spending a lot of time with soyboys and poos. Not to mention most companies are so bloated that they could fire half the people there and still function and it reflects in their code. Doing basic things takes forever, and it's some extremely unfulfilling and tedious work. Having a break-room that serves beer doesn’t change that. Pretty soon paired programming will take over due to the Agile meme, adding another layer of cancer to the whole process.

You can still pack a midas and damage talent on your pure support. You might also be able to save gold dewarding by carrying a gem (or using Necronomicon 3). You can also go semi-support on heroes that get superior farm, like Doom.

Not exactly. A lot of idiots are also bad at using cost-effective early to mid-game items to dominate on a budget and just wait to get the big items. If you want some budget asskicking items: Ring of Aquila, Treads, Phase Boots (I've gone double boots before when playing budget builds), Mask of Madness (the silence really fucking sucks though), Helm of the Dominator (OP in the earlygame), Blademail (if you're int, it's a 32 damage item guaranteed to win the trading blows game), Diffusal Blade (People really overlook this combination of damage, attack speed, and slows for just 3.1k). The ability to use cost-effective items is seriously underrated. Every fucking idiot seems to build directly for the lategame prize instead of building earlygame items they'll sell later if it helps them dominate the early and midgame.

If you're playing shit like Luna or Drow, it's totally possible to go earlygame Ring of Aquila, Ring of Aquila, Treads, Wind Lace, and steamroll some poor bastards. Everyone will be confused why you're already destroying people with that tiny bit of farm. You can also go right-click Sniper with Ring of Aquila, Phase, MoM, and Wind Lace. People die before they even know what happened.

You can still buy wards if you're semi-carrying. You can also win the warding game with shit like Beastmaster.

Emphasis on "ideal." Unless you are at high (5k+) idiot-proof MMRs or playing with a crew you know, it really shouldn't be counted on.

Pick Computer Engineering instead. It's better.

I haven't played DotA in a long time.


Never ever do this.
Pic related is not a joke, this is how every single match will go, there is always going to be at least one guy like that and it is going to really drive a wedge between you if you keep going.
There is no banter, only butthurt and frustration.

Attached: dota with friends.jpg (1016x5128 297.58 KB, 605.2K)

It's the same thing with a different name.

I wonder what kind of shitfit the autist who compiled that first image would throw if he saw all the modern immortals with particle effects spilling every which way.

Dota is the ultimate Zen game
- Must focus on self-improvement win or lose.
- Must try to get along with wide range of nationalities and personalities.
- Endless chances for anger: will you give in or continue as best you can?

Daily reminder that flat is justice and you're a fag.

You share fewer classes with them. You can also go Engineering major with a Computer Science minor. That way you definitely have fewer SJWs to deal with, and you have more well-paying career options.

as usual

I don't go to class.
Except you don't. Where I'm at all the computer engineering jobs went to electrical engineers, and computer engineering is essentially CS with more time consuming classes.

I had no choice weather to be pure support or not user, we were against an axe in that trilane and they were pushing really hard, ganking hard to deny people farm. I was simply fighting constantly.
But sadly even if I was not pure support, I needed Dragon knight or Wraithking to get blademail, but they chose poorly on items, it was a loss either way.

assfaggots are just anti-fun time sinks with shit people playing them

>It's not fun
Fuck you, check my dubs.

I wasn't saying to major computer engineering with a computer science minor. I was saying to major engineering outright with a computer science minor. That way you both have computer jobs and engineer jobs available to you.

Not sure what the current situation is but I used to just rush Soul Ring on heroes so I could abuse abilities to harass the enemy out of lane. Soul Ring Sven was really good at relentlessly hammering the enemy and helping himself to creeps. Soul Ring Rubick can also spam Fade Bolts on the enemies. Your other options were to request a lane switch that works better against him (ie. more fucking range) and hope your teammates aren't too retarded to listen. Usually against trilanes though you send one sacrificial stooge and try to win the other 2 lanes, but a lot of retards will flip their shit at the idea of a double mid.

Honestly this.

Minors don't do anything. You might as well will just go straight EE and not waste your time. It's not like you'll learn anything from those classes anyways.

Where do I begin?!

If you enjoy ASSFAGGOTS, you should probably kill yourself.

They don't try at all, they have 2 paragraphs of text that you have to put in effort to even see.
The dubs are the only true thing about your post, user.

There's little or no effort put into Willow and Monkey King's stories compared to Skywrath Mage.

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In short, go back to your amibos.

Fucking eastern europe can suck my dick. Every time there is a nigger in my team it's either eastern eu trash or muslims. I want a fucking first world server without these niggers.

Everyone bitches about the new mmr system, but honestly the old one was just as fucking pointless and stupid as the new system. People got autistic over points, but you still had people make stupid mistakes and rage quit in 5k+ games. 7-9k mmr players were just as bad and shitty as 1k players; however, retards in the community think if you're over 5k you're immune from criticism even if you're a faggot like Arteezy or Waga (reminder Waga gets cucked by his attention whore girlfriend Keo, who uses him for attention). Also, spamming a top-tier hero like a faggot doesn't make you good if you suck at everything else, or your fanboys help certain "celebs" you boost your mmr (Like what Arteezy did to hit 10k, and that guy still sucks).

Silly user, blacks and muslims don't play Dota. My case was always the Russian faggot who thought he was being funny for spamming shit on his mic thinking he's gonna get Youtube or Machinima bucks for trolling a game.

we're going to play or not?

It didn't have anything particularly glaring back when it was a LAN party staple wc3 map, but in porting it over the tourneyfags got involved, and with the addition of matchmaking, region-unlocked china, and the cosmetics mill, shit went downhill fast.

attack / spell / turn animations so slow it feels like you are merely suggesting what to do rather than actually doing it. too much legacy RTS shit and not enough ARPG inspiration. yeah its important for melee vs ranged balance but there are other ways to handle it.

stupid RNG cancer like phantom assassin and chaos knight.

way too many fucking edgy demon lord designs because of the good vs evil theme of the map, and origin as a custom game contributed to by teenagers.

tons of point and click damage / CC means your only counter play options come from your ability set or inventory, downplaying mechanical skill and significantly intensifying the importance of matchups.

many matchups have the express expectation that your life will be hell and you just gotta suck it up because thats how the matchup goes. hope to god that your team got the better end of the draft, only then will your suffering have been worth it.

between long cooldowns, and high mana costs, actually using your abilities is a huge cost so all fights that arent teamfights are a game of holdem.

carry kits are dominated by steroids and / or passives, BORING.

almost nothing about ability or item interactions are consistent or intuitive, half the damn wiki page is a wall of exceptions, special cases, or explanations of ass backwards interactions, and thats assuming that none of it is bugged causing yet more odd behavior.

atleast the game has invoker thats pretty cool.

This is probably the most retarded thing I've read all day.

Of all the MOBA's, probably the objectively best. That said, getting banned for calling someone who's 100% a faggot a faggot is stupid, and these MOBA's love to do it.

Daily reminder that windranger looks way better without the "fix" because flat is justice

It's been bad since WC3.
It's completely jewish in nature from last hitting to item combos.

Ever noticed how people still debate the merit of Dota, yet we never hear even a devil's advocate for LoL or the others?

Attached: IMG_20180323_140000.jpg (850x1201, 124.99K)

Because dota use to be the only moba worth playing. League couldn't have half the heroes dota has because they're all behind a pay wall. As a result the game is dumbed down in pretty much every aspect, which is probably why it is also so popular.

Attached: 93efa544bccf1c9c8e39cfe186544e85f4262ec05973c7a0c51278a80f090bcb.gif (208x200, 56.49K)

as if queue times aren't absolutely fucking abhorrent as they are, I remember average normal matchmaking waiting times being 30 seconds in 2014-15, now it takes 10 minutes for any fucking game I swear to god Valve is throwing bricks under their own tracks

this. just pick doggo man, ignore teamfights, fight buildings instead, get BoTs and Necro 3, kill the ancient

Soul ring got nerfed, now costs 180 HP for 150 mana because they reworked the recipe to give like +6 regen

How is last hitting Jewish? It's more like Determinism honestly.

Never actually happens, speaking from experience.

you lucky nigger
that said, are there any eurofags willing to carry my ass out of low priority? I abandoned like a massive faggot when I couldn't stand my feeding carry flaming the entire team for his own incompetence.

meme spacing

You must be at a shitty rank where all the soygoys who can't handle the shit talk play. I honestly never got penalized for calling people niggers and faggots and whatnot. Probably the 3rd worlders don't understand what I am saying.

I make a rule of not adding anyone from Holla Forums, so good luck.

This. The Dota scene has so much shittalking that implying they're snowflakes is ridiculous. Everytime I look at twitch chat people are trying to say it instead of watching the game

It uses psychology in its matchmaking to keep you playing again and again then one day you realize you've done nothing but played this for the past few years.

well, I just started after like 2-3 years, so my actual MMR and my pseudo MMR are both dumpster tier right now

Dota itself is fine. The people playing it are by and large, are fucking cunts, but that apllies to any competitive game. However that really hurts Dota due to the game requiring a large amount of teamwork as well as individual performance from every member of the team. That said it's probably the only current "esport" aside from Counter Strike and fightan games that has any sort of actual scene outside of company held events.

The only "good" thing I can say about League is that it has a lower barrier entry due to not having all the weird WC3 quirks left over in Dota. Although one could argue is said quirks are what make Dota itself so unique.

I dodge free2play games to avoid muslims and niggers. All the free games are full of muslims, and so are all the pirated servers. I remember when I first started buying games, it was so refreshing to play on a german/french only server.

Attached: NIjTY1z.jpg (1797x1200, 257.87K)

this is a meme, even at 6k people are trash and rage.

I got into low prio for feeding twice, valve must have improved their grief detection or something.

Penny Arcade is responsible for this. They asked devs to do this.

Attached: Extra Credits, Season 4, Episode 11 - Harassment - YouTube.webm (1280x720, 15.9M)

Don't conflate Penny Arcade with Extra Credits. Extra Credits went full retard so much that PA shut down PATV in it's entirety.

Learn to read faggot

why is it so hard to press a mute button?
even at the end: he end up saying "the pwoer should be in our hand"
then why the fuck would he ask for an AUTOmute system ?

Took them way to long to separate from them, that vid was published in 2012.


Attached: 2453.png (1707x730, 75.67K)

you're fucked user, you are going to low priority

I already am in low prio. Now you know what's funny? Valves way of punishing griefers is to force them to play with muslims. What a shitty race.

I think this is the best hero in the game, and possibly the best offlaner too. 4.7 starting health regen, so you don't even need to spend money on tangoes. He can sit comfortably anywhere in the offlane with spiked carapace, he has a solid stun and an ability that destroys INT heroes. He can go invis but doesn't rely on it. His aghs is basically the ultimate thing for base defense. Combined with dagon, and Nyx can run around the map off the fucking wall, especially with the movement speed talent and a euls while invis, suddenly hes got a haste rune. The 100 agility talent at lvl25 lets you tear down buildings too.

Attached: Nyx_Assassin_icon.png (256x144, 60.43K)

Muslims in action.

Attached: 570_20180326183659_1.png (1189x611, 950.12K)

Because there's nothing good to say about it.

Iranians are pretty fucking secular, dude. Also he's just swearing at his team, like everyone. His build's pretty bad though, but then again feeders get kicked to low pio all the time.

All this MMR shittery reminds me btw:

Valve wants your fucking phone number for ranked play and they limit chat access unless you bought shit on your steam wallet. They also make you pay for opportunities to reset your MMR, iirc.

Not to mention his voice lines are autistic as fuck.

Attached: 3e0db961dc412807176e1303d2ec16a7163e7a60b0fa8e2d36f67af2e718121e.jpg (241x232, 12.84K)

Your MMR gets reset bi-yearly now. Phone number and steam wallet crap is still shitty though.

I hate that game so fucking much.

Same, it's not even that low mmr wise. I calibrated at 1.300mmr and managed to get all the way up to 3.5k. People in 1k use to build shit like that. No idea why I keep seeing assholes like that in 3k

Also, no point in censoring his name. Fucking hate these niggers… What is up with third world people hating dogs? It's only ever asian's or muslims who use dog as an insult. Fucking niggers are so low life they feel the need to insult dogs to feel better about themselves.

Attached: 570_20180326184048_1.png (1064x359, 440.41K)

this is why people need to play tiny more, Tiny is the hero we need to clean up this mess.

Attached: 1447258997434.jpg (599x900, 60.95K)

It's because dogs are white mans best friend and a testament of his superiority to the subhumans simply because of the act of taking a wild beast that preyed upon him and then taming it to serve him. Also dogs hate niggers, gypsies and other subhumans on a primal level and it can never be erased.

It is a MOBA, and is therefore automatically shit.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (277x296, 134.65K)

that feel when ive got a quarry to settle

Attached: tiny.png (286x316, 142.56K)

I was abandoning when I wanted a new game to practice instead of waiting 30 minutes for the whatever ending. The first round of low priority was a joke. The second, I must have pissed off a valve employee when I refused to even select a hero with them. I was sentenced to 8 games and 90% supports. It ended up taking around 18 games for me to roll heroes I could solo carry with or a decent player on something supportable. It also seems to decrease on a timer so I had 5 wins total in those 18 games.

That hell taught me more about DotA than anything I'd have learned in ranked. I learned everything by being unable to do anything on shit heroes, failing to play to perfection with what I was given, or raping kids when they gave me mid viper. I can't believe how shit people are at mid and how handicapped I'd been when dual laning as carry. Having a good hero in the mid lane was like playing against easy bots. Splitting xp in the sidelanes is for cucks.

It's a game in which everyone is expected to spend 30 minutes, most frequently 45 or more, on a game in which they could easily lose just because one guy was retarded, or an extremely asshurt Chink/BR/Vodkanigger that intentionally feeds when he doesn't get mid lane or something. These people exist and continue to exist despite any of Valve's efforts because all you have to do is make a new account to play their free game. I'd say easily over half of the population who played "normal Dota" is now playing the custom mods because they're just tired of dealing with that shit and I don't blame them, which has made the crowd who plays "normal Dota" even more insular and obnoxious even in unranked casual games.

I think, inherently, game length isn't an issue; although, that does go toward how angry the game can make you feel. Inversely, it goes towards how great winning a game can make you feel. It gives you just the right amount of dopamine so that you come back and play another match after losing one just so that you can feel that high of winning and stomping the opponent.
The issue is, as you have said, the invasion of shitskins and Ruskies shitting up the servers. Unfortunately, that's just something you'll have to put up with unless they range ban IPs or something. The internet truly did go to shit in 2007.

Attached: 1392085988533.jpg (2048x1365, 455.11K)

I still have no idea why they wont do this. Their retarded decision to ignore such a blatant issue with the game probably due to political correctness is what is killing the game. Retarded balance changes, cosmetic cancer, etc pales in comparison to the declining state of the community.

Attached: 1468764208585.gif (255x170, 1.52M)

Huh, another Iranian.

Been as low as 1.300 mmr and as high as 4k+ iirc. Retards at every tier, although the lower tiers are somehow still stupider than the higher ones.

Yeah, made that mistake once. Turns out Valve has a special formula it likes to use when it's calibrating your MMR. Back when I calibrated (before Valve demanded your fucking phone) I made the mistake of assuming calibration worked like regular mmr matches and it was all win-loss, so I played a lot of pushstrat, split pushing, and that stuff they call "rat dota" these days. Died loads, had like zero kills, got a lot of towers and rax, and won games. Unfortunately apparently I was being scored based on my kda, the amount of damage I dealt to enemies, the amount of heals I gave friendlies, and the number of wards I bought and shit. Suffice it to say it was like every calibration match my calibrated MMR dropped by like 200-300 points because I look like turbofeeder worthless trash to the algorithm even though I was winning games. Ended up calibrated sub-2k. If you ever calibrate, go study what the calibration formula is and game it, like a lot of high MMR shitters did. IIRC Zeus globals were a good way to increase your MMR ranking by doing tons of hero damage and kill-stealing.

Bitch, what the hell are you on about?

Play every hero and random loads, nigger. Wait. That reminds me:

DotA 2 completely fucked the random pick option. No one plays All Random anymore.

It isn't as big an issue for me specifically as other people, but it's pretty much the reason why everyone acts like such a massive cunt. Most people tend to get pretty upset about it due to the length of time involved.

While I'm talking about the community, the game involves a ridiculous amount of coordination just to do basic shit like use your abilities in the right order, which is almost impossible unless you are playing ranked where people use mics (and even then only sometimes). The coordination honestly gets to the point where it's exhausting unless you play with the same group of people over and over, and then you have to get matched against other 5 stacks. This is much more involved than say, Counter-Strike, where you can choose to jump in a server and play a few rounds and then jump out without any penalties or Valve shoving their dick up your ass because you "abandoned."

It's not just a problem on American servers. It's also a massive problem in Euro servers, specifically with Russians, because the ping is decent for them there. They really do need region locking in this game. It's shocking how differently players from other countries behave and it's unpalatable to almost everyone else.

Asians and Arabs didn't really domesticate dogs, they have no respect for them and see them as nothing but stray pests that carry disease. It's a disgusting facet of their culture. Just look at China.

You want to ruin entire matches by pussying out you can go back to battle.net nigger.

Half Life is the reason why exposition type AAA garbage came out. If you like or play Half Life you should kill yourself.

Sadly people can't just drop in and out of a DotA match like they can in other games. Also this shit happened because Warcraft 3 games had a huge problem with leavers (spurring the development of bots with banlists punishing leavers, but there's so many different bots with different banlists that it doesn't work too well). I agree games take too long though. DotA has a shitton of issues.

I was actually making light of the fact that "bitch" means a female dog, and it's a really, really popular insult, bitch.

Something something hivemind

Mongols & Turks used to think they evolved from Wolves. The Japanese bred their own dog races. The Chinese eat dogs. All these motherfuckers seem like they like dogs very much.

Can confirm, that guy is me

that said, how good it Tony latest patch?


Why should anyone be forced to endure another 60 minutes of jungle sniper just so he can farm his moonshard Daedalus and 'win' the game? He might not even stick to that plan and just run in circles delaying the game until you lose. I can fit 2 more games in that time, which is triple the learning value of that single long game.

All I do now to avoid low priority is play poorly to end the game and go next. That is a 10 to 15 minute loss to everyone, assuming they don't start reading a book or something while they wait.

They got rid of his craggy exterior and his aghs upgrade in favour of players being able to use an ability to tear a tree out of the fucking ground and smack people around with it. You can also throw it as well and it will deal damage.

Basically a bit of what these two said:

In short-form: it's entirely team-dependent, but most of the community aren't team players. Because it's free to play you have lots of kids, people from multiple countries, and just shitheads who don't care about winning all thrown together with players who genuinely want to try and compete. This creates a ton of friction and makes matchmaking only good for frustration and wasting time.

The second issue is that, being free to play, Valve puts the vast emphasis of their workload just being Valve and only balancing gameplay for (((esports))) tier players and only introduces new content to sell cosmetics and other bullshit.

And lastly, it's nothing special. There are dozens of MOBAs out there all with similar issues, but DOTA 2 only stands out in that the games take longer and there's more nuances in how to play. The nuances confuse newer players, and the longer match times dissuade people who don't want to waste 30-60 minutes sitting there and losing because they queued into a team with Pedro, two 12 year olds, and some drunk dude who's throwing because it's funny.

Good? This is why Dota is better than League, because everyone starts on a level playing field every game, whereas League forces you to not only pay to use characters, but also has runes and masteries which affect stats.

that's cool, but is it good though

I played it for over 3000 hours and just stop playing it in the last two years. The problem is not the game itself its a fun game if you have a full party of irl friends, the game fucking sucks if you play it alone with random players. People take it way too seriously like people who throw around golf clubs if they miss a put. Bunch of fucking Happy Gilmores who have a problem with you if they suck and will purposefully try and fuck up your put because they couldn't put earlier. Every single person thinks he knows better than you and will constantly tell you.

The biggest problem I have however it stopped being fun because of the community, they want you to do the same thing with every single character every single game. Same items, same lanes, same style of play. NO DEVIATION. NO FUN ALLOWED! YOU MUST PLAY THE CURRENT META OR FUCK OFF! I hated that it was much more fun in the Beta and Dota 1 was fun because people took it seriously and sometimes just played for fun. Nobody plays Dota 2 just for fun anymore.

The micro transactions and hats is a whole different fucking story. Made over $800 and spent around $40.

Fuck off. There are a lot of games where you lose midgame and win lategame because they had shitty carries. Idiots who give up because "game was lost" will cost you matches for no good reason.

Honestly part of the problem is when you advise a person on a better build and explain why it's better only to have them get butthurt because your constructive suggestions were taken like a personal insult against their abilities. I could advise someone a smoother build-up or an item that would work much better for the current meta ("meta" not meaning "popular playstyle" but "the team composition, builds, and tactics happening inside your match") and have him tell me to fuck off and start flipping his shit about how I think I'm so much better than him. I did it loads anyway though because in my experience there were quite a few noobs who were willing to take directions on how to play better so if you advised them your team of scrubs would turn into a team of half-decent players, letting you carry games you would've otherwise lost.

I did that a ton. I always improvised unusual variations on builds and a lot of people got fucking pissed at me for daring to build outside their shit, at least until I started winning anyway. It was pretty funny. For instance, I did TP boots ember before it became the meta and I got a lot of rage for my "retarded" build. Then it became the meta and you'd sooner get raged at for not following the build. You can totally do shit like Carry Dazzle, Rat Disruptor (Glimpse OP, maybe just go TP boots + Necronomicon 3 + Helm of the Dominator (dominate catapults if you can) + Blight Stone + Deso + Assault Cuirass), Support Sven (Grab Aghs + Vlad + AC, and do this when you have a Tiny on your team) etc. Mjollnir is typically a better item when your team has an Axe (buff him, watch what happens). You can also build Ethereal Blade on Drow Ranger, Mirana, Riki, Luna, Venge, Medusa, or Anti-Mage. People really underestimate the raw stats and the power of making an enemy carry ethereal for 3 seconds while you kill his teammates, saving an ally from autoattacks, slowing someone you're chasing, or just the free laserbeam nuke. On a strange note Ethereal Blade builds can transition into Dagon builds too.

The Dagon meme is still effective. Dagon 5 might be retarded, but a Dagon 1 can allow for some stupid ganking potential no on expects.

They killed the entire market, from what I heard.

Funnily enough, this thread is making me curious to try the game out again, except I still don't want to give 'em my fucking phone number or dosh. I might load up the old virtual machine and re-install that Steam cancer on it with a new account. The only thing valve should be able to spy off of me would be my VM specs and IP address anyhow. Then again I'm pretty sure I'm only in for disappointment in how much worse DotA has gotten, plus I can't random anymore. Valve seems to want everyone to have a safe earlygame and farm for late.

I'd say he is better now.

Match ID 3802973143

Just had my first match in a while and I had fun


If you want to know the merits of LoL: Summoner spells, Masteries, Runepages, and Brush. But they're all a tad underpowered. And DotA doesn't really need brush when you can chop trees for ganks no one was expecting. The power of treecutting and positioning in DotA is really underrated. So many fucking morons whose idea of ganking is to run up the lane rather than surprise cornering someone from behind out of the trees or whatever.

I've been hearing something about reports getting worse these days.

You do have an option to enable strictly solo matchmaking now

Like I said I haven't played it in two years +- but invested a shit ton of time in it. I regret that time wasted though.

Can confirm. When i used to play with the group of friends I no longer talk to, they would all take it so seriously. I understand getting competitive, but it's just a fucking game man, and not a really good one either.

don't. It's just underage russians and shitskins screaming in all chat whenever the game stops going the exact scenario they have played out in their fucking heads, unless you're playing in a party of 5


How sexy is this? Dota without cosmetics and Valve's bullshit.

Dota has lost nearly 100k players within 3 months even with the Spring cleaning update. Even though Dota is going down the shitter since Reborn and 7.00, is it safe to say adding Ashley Burch to anything dooms a game yet (they buffed her character who is so broken as a support she makes fucking Bounty Hunter, one of the most spammed supports, look fair)?

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So yesterday ranks cosmetics and everything else was disabled. Couldn't try it myself but it does sound like a lot of fun.

Let's see how this turns out. Hope Dota loses even more players forcing valve to do something about it.

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I like 10v10.

I played with an underage sounding kid the other day, he was playing Rubick and being the best support I had in my team in a long time, and at the same time he was playing captain role making calls and shit. He was also polite. I was pleasantly surprised.

You must be in the bottom 10% of the playerbase if you're getting teams like that.

To solve the problem, if you're actually good, play mid if you can, it's the position with the highest impact on the game if you're a good player and your team's shit.

As for why that's a bad idea, it misses so many intricacies with team composition. It's not as cookie cutter as league. Your pos 4 could be in safelane instead of roaming, your pos 5 could be in the offlane instead of the safelane, your pos 3/4 could jungle, and in a few rare cases, 2 people mid can be a thing (with io).

I remember being really bad at the game, in what would be considered crusader/archon. It certainly was hell, but the way I got out of there was simply spamming 1 hero I was good at.

I got Legendary 4 rank this weekend, how bad is it?

I'm legend 5 myself, but according to opendota you're in the 89th percentile. That's not bad if you're a hardcore player, but excellent if you're a filthy casual.
Personally I think that legend rank is quite inconsistent in terms of skill, it's best played with friends of similar skill level which is what I do these days when I'm actually playing normal dota and not 10v10.

Excelent, considering I was drunk for all the 10 games I played for it.

I've been playing a while with my buddy. He was sick of playing solo and wanted a partner so I started playing once a day or so with him. He's a lot better than me. He's an Ancient 4 and I'm an Archon 2. Since I only play Ranked exclusively with him the gap in rank never closes and I'm always in way over my head whenever we play together. I'm usually the lowest rank, by a lot.

My major problem with the game is that it's very difficult to play from behind. It feels like to me that if two of the three lanes collapse then you are fucked no matter what you do. Once they have control over your jungle the game is effectively over. Those are the worst games by far for me, where you just sit in base waiting for them to end or overextend. It doesn't help that since I'm the lowest player in the team I usually get blamed for everything going wrong, even if I've played pretty decently.

That said, on the extremely rare occaisions that I've queued solo, I've done really well. I feel like I play above my rank, if I recalibrated I think I would be around a Legend 0

This works too. Spamming one hero gives you a much higher effective mmr.

At that point, since you've already fucked up, for you to win they need to fuck up. You can facilitate this by getting picks through smoke ganks, or defending high ground until they make a mistake and lose a teamfight.

Oh yeah, I used to do Necronomicon Slardar with Treads, Blink Dagger, Armlet, Vlad, Assault Cuirass.

I think DotA is losing people because started demanding phone numbers, steam wallet payments, and removed shit like randoming while making shit less fun. Even if the players stick around out of habit after that, it's a lot easier for them to switch over to something better.

That's where you play shit like Zeus, Nature's Prophet, Spectre, Bounty Hunter (the gpm from Track is nuts in 10v10), Ancient Apparition, Drow Ranger (stack agi, enjoy high damage team), Troll Warlord (global attack speed ult), Crystal Maiden (global mana aura is win), Tinker (gets aghs for more rockets), etc.

That said 10v10 gets kinda dumb. Tbh I kinda miss HoN's more varied maps, but HoN had to go full retard and chase the LoL business model, shooting themselves in the foot. They should have kept it as a $30 game and made good on their promise to make custom maps possible instead of going LoL route and freaking out over custom maps making cosmetics irrelevant or shit. Vid related. This is a HoN custom map that was never completed because S2 games fucked over the custom map scene hard.

I have no idea wtf this ancient archon legendary shit is. New valve crap?

Valve recently reworked MMR. Instead of just having a number being your ranking, you sit in a tier, much like LoL/HotS. Ancient is the highest tier. It is literally just a name change, the matchmaking still works the same.

Important part here being "instead of just", you can still see your own MMR privately, same as before, but others can't see it unless you choose to show it on your profile.

To me this more seems like a move to both push other features of theirs (dota plus comparing stats based on MMR tiers looks nicer UI-wise than comparing stats based on ranges of numbers), and to fix some outliers like people with 12k mmr.

Meh, idgaf. Honestly DotA's not worth the trouble. The MMR is always a crapshoot and Valve never improves anything. If anything it seems to get worse with every patch.

Even cuckchan has better taste holy shit


Then fuck off.
But seeing how you call Dota a MOBA is enough to see that you're probably from plabbit trying too hard to fit in.

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Dota 1 was the game that started the MOBA genre you fucking retard.

Correct. Non redditors will properly call it by the appropriate term.

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please lurk more

Not really. Everyone agrees DotA really isn't getting any better. It's just that for better or worse (mostly worse) a number of us have experience with it.

Wrong as fuck. Aeon of Strife was there before DotA, which is why the genre is originally called AoS (Aeon of Strife). Aeon of Strife wasn't the first of its kind either though. Also don't call the genre MOBA. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena sounds like something that would describe Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament. The reason we call the genre ASSFAGGOTS on Holla Forums is because it's actually the most descriptive acronym for the genre so far: Aeon of Strife Style Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides.

I want to snap this guys neck that disgusting belly, balding in his 20s, glasses everything in this video just made me rage. Im trying so hard to train and this fat shit who plays dota all day just dare to make videos or streams with his disgusting face and body. Im preplexed how those people works is it self denial which makes them continue this kind of lifestyle with ending that will make them suffer or is this ignorance thinking life will get better by time? I really dont know but if i had chance to meet this guy on streets i would simply beat him to near death just to prove my point he is fat shit weak slob. If this country would be meritrocracy i would be dragging this kind of shits on streets and waterhosing them until they freeze to death.

That's like a fucked up kind of envy you got there that you want to beat him up for making a decent living while living like a lazy slob. Why the fuck are you comparing your life to his anyway? Why are you acting like it's your problem? He's got nothing to do with you and you shouldn't be acting so personally offended that someone like him exists. Focus more on your own life and happiness and not on other people's.

I have to compare my life to his because i was like him. It's very easy to lose weight once you get grasp of basic concepts. It's very easy to gain pretty body it makes me mad because he doesnt even try to comprenhend this concept. Right now we as race are in very deep problems we might not survive and this guy there is just sitting there boasting about his dota 2 kills while dancing with this fat disgusting body. I am indeed very afraid of future of mine and our race and what happend to South Africa i cannot sit idly and watch this havoc. I am very very mad at betas that they let this happen i am mad becasue those weak cuckboys are streaming on twitch and those left leaning parasites are getting more and more power. All the big platforms like youtube, twitch, twitter, facebook are disgusting it makes me sick anyone could EVER go there and support those traitors. Every day i grow more and more genocidal anyone who mentions any left policy is in my eyes a worthless trash that needs to hang. I am simply unable to continue as a normal working human in this society when everything you see are fat beta cuckolds who support their own deaths. I am sick and tired and i will not let those fuckboys take any more breaths in their worthless life.

Sorry man, but you need therapy. I'm not shitting you. You have issues and you need someone there to talk them out with and let go of your frustrations. It's fine to have an issue on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level it's no good. You're taking this Holla Forums shit (soyboy and crap) too far if you are getting offended that there are people like that existing.

Also there's always gamergate >>>/gamergatehq/ if you want to do something about the shit in the gaming community. But honestly, a lot of people supporting this cancer are just normalfags who don't know any better and in their own way they're happier for it. I agree a lot of cancer needs to end but you need constructive solutions for that. Getting angry and butthurt and closer to flipping out is not a winning attitude in life. And if you care about being an "alpha" (which is fine until you take it to excess), you should know that it's a hallmark of alphas to not let shit get under their skin. They just take life in stride and make their own decisions based on what they want out of it.

But Dota 2 has already been casualized. It's worse than it's ever been and Valve is never gonna make it fun again.

I think it's Valve's recent stuff that fucks shit up, their original games were pretty okay. Left 4 Dead 2 and 1 for example are VERY cruel games. You have to dig like 200 hours into the game and you are still only mediocre in VS mode. Valve can make hard games if they want to, but for some reason they don't make hard games anymore. I think Valve hired some really big retards, the "every game needs a noob weapon, otherwise it will fail" kind of devs who casualize games thinking it will help them grow.

Are you just throwing that word out there, or can you show me casuals beating pros with only 200 hours of playtime?
'Only' 200, I say…

game is being made easier so newbies can get into the game. Dota today is easier than it was a few years ago.

Given just what imageboard we're on, I can't fault you for not caring if you like this game. But if a game needs a few hundred hours to begin to play at a casual level…it's objectively flawed as fuck. So long as it's done without lowering the skill ceiling, I have zero complaints.

I disagree there, these kind of games are the best kind of games out there.

I know you >inb4 but come on. I've never got people complaining about autistic time sink.

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You gotta be a special kind of idiot not to get blink almost immediately on axe.

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I don't know why retards hate blink so much. I assume because it's harder to farm? It's the perfect item on Axe, Slardar, Sven and many other heroes like old Tiny. The moment you get it your hero starts snowballing out of control. Hell, before pike got added I even bought it on heroes like sniper and drow.

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They don't make games, period.

Retards hate it because it gives you no stats and costs 2250 gold. Pub players hated it even more when it cost mana to use.

This, movement > blade mail.

No, not autistic time sinks, but learning curves. Dota doesn't simply take time to git gud, it takes a long, long time to even touch the skill floor. That's not a mark of master craftsmanship; I do not fault Valve at all for wanting to clean that. Again, so long as they don't also lower the skill ceiling with it.

You can love them all you like, I do too. But if we're talking from an objective evaluation rather than a subjective appreciation, Dota fails hard at the introductory level.

Because they don't know how to use it. Noobs play as if this were a TBS, and do not see any value in positioning. If their hero already has the tools to do high damage, and just needs a gap-closer against the current enemy draft? Doesn't matter. That evaluation is lost on them.

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That's because DotA is not designed to be a traditional video game. It started out relatively simple and it just grew to what it is, mainly due to how good the players were getting at exploiting every advantage they could discover.

I really miss the bonerlord. It was around when he got changed that I feel the game really started going rapidly downhill. That was the beginning of the chink pandering.

You are on a hobbyist chinese forum saying the game is bad becasue it`s 2hardcore4u? Kill yourself

Did you ever played early versions of the war3 map? It was a broken game, overpowered heroes and completely useless ones, dumb items and flow with no singular vision. The game only started to get playable when the indianfrog took the project, he removed most of the roster and started a skill overhaul focused on standardization and hero roles.

Now don`t get me wrong, this game is awful, you will discover that after that first year and will slowly come to resent it like every older player, you have to be literally autistic for that not to happen. Also this thread is shit none of you kids know what you talking about, yall either new to the game or never played do us all a favor and start shitposting so mods can nuke this thread

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I don't really fault the game itself for this at all, even though I don't think any gameplay changes by Valve have shaped this. The way I wish they'd do is make a big single player campaign mode like WC3, one that could easily and entertainingly ease players into mechanics just like Blizzard did it when they were still good. But nah, that'd be asking Volvo to put too many shekels into this.

Flawed, not bad. Is nuance too normalfag a concept for your autistic skull? I'm not saying the game is shit, I personally love it: I'm just pointing out one flaw in its merit from an objective POV.

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A-at least his new skill lets you summon skellies

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You are the one talking about steep learning curves and how that`s bad, the fact that you put so much weight on skill can only mean you started this game late and believed the competitive game meme valve shoved on your throat.

Explain to me why any other game in history - from Mario to Deus Ex to Ninja Gaiden to Dark Souls - would be better if it needed 1000 hours to call yourself as good as a casual at. Not pro, not good, casual. Like, 'able to clear the first level after four deaths' good. After 1000 hours.

Attached: shrek.gif (366x512, 2.51M)

And you really need to define "casual" you faggot. The tame it take to be on other's level is so great because everyone has been playing for so long. Its all you compared to others. You are crying that people are better than you right now. If people autistacaly spend 1000 hours playing a game thats your issue.

You need 1000 hours to get decent on EVERY aspect of the game, we talking about every role, juking, cs, builds, jungle, rune control, timing, playing with all heroes and have a reasonable understanding of the game, doesn`t take nearly as long to pick a secondary role and perform decently with a small pool of heroes.

Its held onto a lot of archaic gameplay elements that were a result of it being an RTS mod. I won't anger the diehards and suggest anything be changed, I just think that anyone looking to get into an AoS-like at this point would likely be better served in LoL. I like neither, for the record. Or any hybrid form of it, either.

Stop. Before we can go further, I need you to tell me where I say my personal enjoyment is affected by this aspect of the game.

Decent at a casual level, mind, not necessarily 6k or even 4k tier decent. But you didn't answer my question, and I wasn't being facetious

Who gives a shit about you?

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You did?? If you're not giving out about my personal opinion, the fuck's your complaint then, so?

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user, you are the one complaining. I am contempt with the learning curve. I'm just telling you you are an idiot.

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I should totally value your opinion.

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Funny you used 4 exemples, all of them being single player focused games. Indeed it wouldn`t be fun grind it out against the CPU but this dynamic changes on multiplayer games, you want as much depth as you can as long it doesn`t clashes with the fun. It this case it doesn`t as I pointed out the level of investment you need is a bit more than your average mainstream multiplayer gayme. A complex game gives replay value to it, the player immerse himself on the game and then gives a meaning to the whole experience. Furthermore being "Good" or even decent at a certain game doesn`t direct mean you will have more fun, in fact for DOTA is the other way around: Learning the game is fun, once you reach a reasonable level it devolves into frustrating game after frustrating game, eventually you will despise this whole system as I pointed out .

tldr your game is bad and you should feel bad for playing it

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Cancer 2
run around in one map for hours and achieve nothing as everything gets reset every match
Theres is no progression and there is no world building
Show just how soulless online games can be

What are "assfaggots"?

A fair point, and I wholly agree that learning the game is part of the fun. I just think there are examples of separating the casuals from the pros better. RTS games with campaign modes, for instance, do a good job of letting you experiment with things before diving into multiplayer.
Only thing I disagree with is your conclusion: once I understood the game in full, I started really enjoying it. Now not even the shittiest of teammates make it stressful for me.

Fix your shit, dumbfuck.


DotA 2 has a campaign mode too, but it's an abomination. The learning curve on that game is a serious fucking mess and players with over 2K hours still make plenty of dumbfuck mistakes. Valve never made a proper tutorial for DotA for some dumb reason.

Massive learning curve to be even remotely competent and no tutorial, resulting in tons of bads learning on the fly by wrecking matches and learning bad habits to boot, along with many becoming risk-averse and slavishly following build games. Probably one of the major causes of the awful community DotA enjoys.


That's without picking on specific heroes, but wait, there's more!

Shit they specifically fucked up since Dota 2's release

Attached: crowlerface.png (242x208, 101K)

I meant "slavishly following build guides."

You mean people having to answer a 100 question quiz to not be banned/blacklisted/kicked from rooms in War3 to play classic DOTA, and by the time they got the 'permissions' to play they still haven't played the fucking game yet? lol

I don't think so, Valve.


Imagine Super Smash Bros. But instead, you can only jab and your specials are restricted to a cooldown timer. And you're always forced into a team fight with people you don't know and you can only play on 1 stage. None of it seems to be skill based, but rather how effectively everyone seems to be on the same page.
And as for why ASSFAGGOTS are popular, it's because of bloodlust. You get one player kill and you start to crave more.

What do you mean? It's a good game. It's a lot of fun. I playd it for like 600 hours, probably less, because a few of those was just me keeping the game running.
It was fun for a bit and I came back to it multiple times. Up untill recently I still used to watch Purge's patch analysis.
No one can play the same game forever. If they do, it's probably not much fun to them. You have to move on. People here for some reaon like to shit on it, because the patch made it so that they have to relearn the game, because all the builds aren't working anymore. This constant patching has cons like these, but also pros. It would become stale, if it didn't do that.

So as I said, the hate just comes from Autists who hate change or from people who for some reason think a game sucks, if they got bored after playing it for 1000 hours and for some reason MOBAs should be an exception to that and not be boring.

I am an exception I guess, because I really don't like playing normalfag multiplayer games like these. I need new stuff. Or at least a comfy singleplayer experience.

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