Roguelike Thread: Archived Domains of Vidya

ChestHole recently pushed a large update to DDA tiles (The link in the thread should get you to the newest release, if not you can also access it through his patreon or the DDA launcher)

ToME DLC announced

MTB of Demon has been released

User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua) (CDDA, angband, PCB) (Angband and variants, including PCB) (Nethack and variants, including slex)

Most recent death:
Involuntary asphyxiation due to opioid overdose in DDA.

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How does isometric mod work for DDA?

Not sure exactly what you mean by that but if you're using the launcher you can select the ChestHole_32_iso tileset and it should launch in isometric

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Ah sorry I'm asking how work navigating work since it's not quite top down anymore

Can't help ya there, I don't play in isometric. Though I assume it should be easy enough to figure out just use the same movement keys and see what happens.

I dont think anyone does. Its one of these things, like 3d visualizer for df. You can use it, say something like "neat" and than never use it again because there is no reason to use it beyond that.

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Yeah, but… what the fuck does the amulet do? What power could it have that would be worth BEING IN A DUNGEON LONG ENOUGH TO FORGET YOUR OWN FUCKING NAME? Now, I have shit memory. It has ruined my fucking life. But I know my fucking name. How do you even get that retarded?

Names are irrelevant thing in face of greater destiny. You may learn great things from magic, but if you are unlucky you may understand that your own existence worth nothing and your whole life was nothing more than a life of a worm in a pile of shit.
And its a bad idea to tell anyone your real name in a fucking dungeon. You can use alias after alias and than forget if you even had a name in 1st place.
Magic fries most of your brain and testicles.

Have you guys played Smart Kobold? It's a 7DRL with a very strong emphasis on AI. Something worth checking out if you're tired of your usual roguelike gameplay.

It turns you into one of the four Horseman of the apocalypse

The 3d visualizer for df is nice for when you want to see large exterior decorations like skulls carved into a cliff facing.

…There's a 3D visualizer for Dwarf Fortress?

More than one, look in the tools tab under the LNP launcher and they should be there, armok vision is what I use.

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movement keys adjust accordingly
however if you like your monster rigs its gonna be awkward driving them

When I play the game it always ends with me and the kabolds staring at one another across a hallway because the AI thinks it's to risky to move towards me.

I don't know if it is the sound design or what, but infra arcana is pretty good at giving me jump scares. Pic related actually spooked me when I open the door and suddenly, a gunshot.then again, I'm sometimes quite easily spooked.

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Don't feel bad user, Nethack isn't even well balanced anyway. Half the trick is just throwing piles of gold at one priest for extra AC, then killing him and doing it all over again with another one. If you really do want to beat a real roguelike though, you could always load up a game of DCSS and post for advice on your build/for help when you get in a shitty situation.

Speaking of Elona, is there a way to wish for a sandbagged monster? I'm trying to test how effective the +Pierce enchantment is on my living weapon, but everything I find is either so weak it dies in one hit or so strong I can't easily weaken it enough to sandbag it.

Wow! I never knew that was a thing.

isn't it that game that removes stuff all the time because speedrunning and "balance"

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You forgot the SJW shit like the whole sword of jihad thing.

Still better than Nethack though. And less prone to RNG than ToME. Better play an old version though, before they remove combat.

The Amulet of Yendor reminds mankind of its origins. The Rogue will reclaim his name when he holds the amulet high and delivers it to the light of day.

Yes, which is why I specified 'Old DCSS'. It's been a long while since I last booted it up, but checking occasionally what's new, I wouldn't touch any recent version with a 10 foot pole.

It has no win condition and the huge world means you're likely to eventually run into a Chrome Pyramid out of normal depth or some shit and get obliterated. You don't win games like it, you just experience them.

You need the Knockout feat.

Anyone playing Caves of Qud want to try this out? It's just a little QoL mod, adds a Kyakuya and Six Day Stilt Recoiler, they should appear in the same locations with the same frequency as Joppa and Grit Gate ones. I also modified Joppa a little bit, mainly just made the houses bigger so there's more space to store chests and other junk. If you don't want the modified Joppa just remove Joppa.rpm from the folder. To run it just place the folder in "$user\AppData\LocalLow\Freehold Game\CavesOfQud\Mods" and make sure mod loading is enabled in options. Mainly just need confirmation that the recoilers show up in loot as I know Data Disks with the recipe can spawn. Somewhat busy and more interested in other games at the moment so can't test it myself. Note CoQ mods only work on new saves.

Change the 1 in d1scord to i, also if you can think of any other little QoL tweaks/items that you'd like, suggest them.

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I don't give a fuck you shitlicker. Stop bouncing on Jamal's cock and play some video games instead of sperging out about fucking chat applications.