So what do you think about Swery65's "The Good Life"?

The one glaring flaw i have is he is taking it to kickstarter. But i also understand ain't no publisher funding this shit. You would be more likely to see Tokyo Jungle get a physical release.

So far the idea is interesting. The setting reminds me of folklore but since i'm from the bongland countryside i wonder if its going to feel like a wierd parody like when manhattan in films is (((New York))) and nothing like the real deal.
Still i expect some fun autism knowing the guy in charge, but Let it Die also had fun autism but the gameplay couldn't carry it.

What do you reckon m80's?

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Japdev's quality largely depends on their exposure to western influence. The more exposure they get, the less effort they usually make - the game quality suffers as a result. Since they make use of kikestarter, I'd say it's likely that exposure is high enough right now to make "game is gonna be mediocre" a bretty good guess.

Its going to be trash
one glance at its pitch would reveal that to you.

Sold. Shove your muh rules of gaming up your ass, after 75 years of the same shit, all I want is new ideas.

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Shadow Hearts did it twenty years ago.

So they're furfags?

I'm interested because this guy is also working on it.

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I guess this means dark dreams do die, if he is focusing on another Twin Peaks murder mystery game. I'll never find out who D was.

That's the episodic one, right? It was cancelled in October 16.

microsoft shit canned it. They don't want games they want microtransaction vectors to predate on children with dads credit card

This is what happened to Dark Souls.

that your problem, it's forgetful and only the hardcore game collector usually buy and play it

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Nigga pls talk to me about koudelka and then we get autistic collector tier.

Shadow Hearts is great, you are just a faggot.

beats one to know one :^)

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what's your favorite game user?

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Faggot mod trying to fit in again. Also it's Valkyrie Profile.

Lol, forgetful game

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Forgetful? Do you mean forgettable? Are you retarded?

lol you retareded aas weell

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He's trying to be cool, but in the end, he does it for free.

RPGs are dead homos, got back to irl

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Finish D4 you dumb chink fuck

lol get a life

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I'm never touching one of the drunk's games after he left the company before finishing D4.
Tokyo Jungle did get a physical release
Swery had nothing to do with let it die

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lol ps3 is dead

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Get a load of this member of the gay community.

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That's a mod btw.

Can I fuck them?

Prove it.

How does it feel to do it for free and be mocked routinely?

It evidently turns you into a shitposting faggot.

Except microsoft didn't shitcan it, it was shitcanned by swery because he was going through a phase of alcoholism that threw the games production apart.

I don't trust it based solely on the art style, if their input possibly goes beyond that. I am expecting the worse but who cares, it's not even like it's a video game yet so why am I talking about it? There's also already a shitty game called The Good Life, what are you doing, nigger?

Did you guys break a janitor?


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Shadow Hearts is something else user, it's really hard to completely forget it unless you played that shit when you were a child. Koudelka is the obscure one only game collectors would buy.


Been playing Deadly Premonition this week, it's pretty good. The janky ass driving sections are exactly what I was looking for when I was spamming asking about shitty vaporwave driving games a few weeks back.

I dont like the art or the graphics.
I strangely trust Suda51 though.

Is that like the Goonies only rednecks?

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What the hell am I looking at? a screensaver?

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never ever
t. microshaft

Deadly Prem is one of my favorite games of all time so I think I will be a good goy and back it.

they've actually updated the graphics to look a bit less 'shat out indie game' now.

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I've been following this game for a while now (even back when it failed its first crowdfunding attempt). It seems like it's a stardew valley/harvest moon type game with an actual story in a unique setting. I've been after a game set in the English countryside for a long time, to see it with a weird jap spin on it will be interesting.

My only issue is that swery is a westaboo, but specifically california westaboo. He goes to San Francisco a lot and is definitely in the SJW clique; I hope he dials that down a lot when he makes the game, especially because I'm from the English countryside myself and you would never fucking see a degenerate tranny there or any of these dyed hair types. They'd simply get assaulted.

I'm interested but fuck kickstarter, let me know in about 4 years how it's going.

Don't break my heart user, I miss that game. All they have to do is put it on PC or rereleased on PS4.

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It definitely looks better than it did before, shows that they are actually working on it during this process.

It may be set in filthy mick land where tis like another potato famine us filthy sasanachs wont understand but Folklore on the PS3 is a precious treasure that i bet good money will be a (((collector))) priced rarity in a few years.

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It has chinese box copy, a jp the best box copy and is in the "Best of PlayStation Network Vol 1" box.

I knew my autistic ps3 collection would come in handy one day.


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Sounds like shit

sounds like your average millennial.


I thought it was going to be a 2D game. The fuck is this? It looks like absolute dogshit. It'll fail again just like the first time.

To be fair, that's a realistic chick thing to do.