Was just exploring a tower in skyrim and i came upon this...

was just exploring a tower in skyrim and i came upon this. how dumb is it to build a campfire on a floor consisting of wood planks? that's fucking retarded

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Those wood planks have been blessed by alessia's own spittle, now check my dubs bitch

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I see you are unfamiliar with campfires. Flames tend to go up, not down. The wooden floor would get a little singed for sure, but it won't catch on fire.

This sounds like the kind of thinking that gets places set on fire.

A thread died for this.

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How dumb is it to play Skyrim in the first place.

Quality thread

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Not very dumb actually. The writing and story is excellent, the voice acting is very good and the gameplay is also very good.


Fuck off, Todd.


Try it out yourself and see how retarded you are.

There's a new generation of people playing skyrim.
People playing skyrim vanilla, who never played skyrim vanilla before.

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They have been robbed.

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Kill mark and all reffoo scum.

I can tell right now that you have never lit a campfire, let alone a fire, once in your entire pathetic life you fucking faggot.

Who the fuck you kidding?

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You're not supposed to sarcasmpost in these threads without using mockups of Todd Howard in a paper-thin disguise.

If you only burn flame stage. After wood burns to coals these coals will fall down, contact floor and ignite floors wood via thermal radiation. You need constantly remove coals and this is much of a hassle. Of course this not difficult to isolate floor with a clay but this is not shown.