4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite game where you can cook food?

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Yakuza 5

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Finally finished Leafgreen's postgame today. I would've beaten the champion on my first try if I didn't try to style on him. twice.

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Morning everyone, Ritsu here

Still running low on tobacco. Monday can't come soon enough.

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Back still hurts but not as bad. Got a busy Sunday up ahead which will be fun. At least I have Friday off.

why the hell would i want to play a game that makes me do chores?

Currently phone posting from my friends utility room in long island cuz we did a trip out here for drinking and other debauchery. Met some internet friends while out here pretty good time getting away from the apartment

What is post game in that game?

What are you doing with tobacco if you don't smoke?

I had to drop my emulator run. The elite 4's levels were too jacked and I didn't want to grind for 20 hours.
How goes fam

What you doing on sunday?

Sounds fun. What kind of debauchery we talking fam

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Cooking mini games can be fun.

Did you got to any strip joints?

Long drive for cigarettes and I got some work for my classes that isn't done yet.

If I wanted to cook I would change my name to Nicole and get my dick cut off.

Rubbing it in my eyes

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The Sims 2

I thought you said it was going to be fun.
What kinda cigarettes you smoke?

How goes user

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Drinking and touring round long island. It's fun but I always wish I could sleep in my own bed during a trip. Pic related I took a cot and chose to sleep in here since its away from everyone else and pretty comfy

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That one game on the Wii where you cooked or whatever.

It's fun the way going shopping with your girlfriend is fun. Sarcastically.
The ones they sell on the reservation that are $40 a carton.

Nah just bars and 2 different houses. Didn't even see any titty bars in my travels oddly enough

After beating the champion and catching at least 60 pokemon, you can:

Can you speed up the emulator? I'd recommend just doing that and turning off battle animations to save time.

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You in a meth lab or something?

What'd you do today user

Do they roll their own or something?
Now that its warming up I'm going to go have one of my cigars some morning soon. Will be comfy

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fun killer

Don't get any diseases.

I never beat pokemon games now I want to.

I went to my local Toys r Us closing sale to look around today. Huge mistake. Place was absolutely crawling with shitskins, soccer moms and screaming kids. The lowest sales were 30% off and that was on birthday/greeting cards. I ended up not getting anything, except anger.

Its already running at like 2x speed because I don't limit the frame rate. I thought about cheating in rare candies honestly.

Whats good in the hood monica

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Fuck f I know. THey're tax exempt though so it cuts the price in half.

cooking isn't fun

Utility room, kinda comfy tbh. But I'm used to sleeping in floors when I travel.

It's the best anticipating for your hard work.

Play some music and drink a beer while you cook and its fine


I kinda figured it'd be a crap shoot. They always had jacked up prices anyway, its why they went out of business.

Are they american spirits?
And 40$ is way more than half if you live in canada.

What else are you all gonna do?

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Found a bicycle in the woods, drank a whole fuckton and found my .410 hiding behind my couch. Lifes been alright.

Its illegal tobacco, as in they've smuggled it in from somewhere cheaper.

I always just think about the things I could be doing instead that are fun.

It's about $80 a carton normally around here. Most of that is tax

I used to be really good at math in school but its all long gone from my brains. Good luck with that user
How goes

How do you just lose a gun?

Huh weird, thought all of canada was really fucked up price wise.
I got some of the cheapest prices in the states. Its really nice.

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they tell me user it is spring but no is of spring is of winter why still after these meny year

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Probably just get breakfast or lunch and travel home, we all Gotta get back to work on Monday after all

odun spier

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You ok user?

Are you the guy who made the kikechannel vid?

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theres also a new tax as of last year or so

of nos budy IRS call me say hey u owe money or de local cop cum n tak u

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No I'm the guy who complains about my roommates a lot6

You set it down somewhere and forget about it. I mean I found a can of ammo one day in the bathroom, its probably just me putting things in oddball places when shittered.

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lucky, I'm in Texas

y her tiddos so beeg

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One of these days I'm going to grow my own. If I had the money right now I'd consider trying it since I think you are supposed to plant around now anyway.
Imagine all the free baccy you could ever want

How did you get internet in the slammer

Thats like 5 people in here.

Now what would a man need ammo for in the bathroom

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no of not in jaeil but de IRS call leave robo voice mail say u got 4 charges u better call back
I call back to IRS indian call center say budy u owe us monees

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Well I'm one of those 5 I guess

How do I fix this?

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Yeah, today truly made me realize why online shopping became so popular in the first place. I had hoped I could find some kind of neat model kit or Switch accesories/bargain bin priced amiibo, but no, the prices were all jacked up with 20% off max.

Wait until you read up on what you have to do to make the tobacco smokeable and I hope your neighbors like to smell something akin to a methlab.
Operators operate on operational levels unknown to most.

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Kill me, pete

pick gaem at random once u start won't matter
here tri 1

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I'm still waiting to get my tax return. Dads being slippery about it and I might gotta bust a cap tbh

You gonna get laid this weekend? Did that one girl go?

What kind of model kits you build?

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honor ur modder n fadder

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I've read a bit about it. Fermenting and all that shit. I'm hoping I can just cure it for a bit then either pasteurize it or put it in a food smoker to make it usable.

How did you lose your friend?

Mans gotta eat

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Monster Hunter probably.

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this usually happens after long games, it takes a bit. Also, who's that pic from?

Been a while.
Hows life fam

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Various shit, it's been a while since I've built something and felt like it. Was mainly looking for Lego and Gunpla (I highly doubted TRU would have gunpla, and did not find any) and of course 95% of the Lego shit there was overpriced licensed IP garbage

Leafgreen was only about 22.5 hours ingame time for everything. I don't think it was that long.
Filia from Skullgirls.

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oh thanks

You've gotta remove the ammonia or you're gonna be dying.

like to the game?

I saw a pic of some old lego set I had as a kid and really want to see if I can buy it now. Some UFO or something.

Can't you just add like baking soda to do that

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No odds of getting laid here, some cute girls out hete though compared to my town. That girl I talked about last week lives mid West so I won't see her again for ages. Probably why she admitted she thought she was "throwing" herself at me in a message after she left.

Life's okay. Joining the navy pretty soon.
What've you been up to?

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Nope, if you don't do it right you get mold.

Not with that attitude famalamo. You in another town where theres no blowback with girls you'll never see again. Go crazy.

Navy huh? You know what they say about guys in the navy. They like water
Just being a comfy NEET doing nothing like always.

What if you just throw some booze in it and put it in barrel for a few years.

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I used to have a shitload of random Legos and Knex as a kid, I have no idea what happened to them. My parents probably sold them at a yardsale at some point, I bet

I mean I'm already done for the night and we leave today (Sunday) so I won't be encountering any women now

When fapping to 2D, where do you guys focus your eyes? Breasts? Ass? or elsewhere?

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I only ever got a couple of sets as a kid but thought they were neat as shit


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That don't sound right.


Hey It's a pretty fast way to get the fuck out of this shithole country, and every shithole for that matter since I don't get to spend too much time on land. Pay's good too, only downside is there's a lot of math involved and I suck at it but I'll just have to git gud.
Still masturbating like a rabbit in heat?

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fapping to 2d is wronk

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I'm sure I could find some way of curing it in a lazy way.
I'm thinking a food smoker might work. Like a ghetto kentucky fire cured.

Well good luck with that then. Maybe you will get to see a lot of cool places if they let you off the boat at ports.
And not really. Ain't had a chance in days

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They do actually. Met a guy who found his nip wife that way. Too bad he's a faggot who joined greenpeace.

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Oh nice. That would be really fun then.
Let me know when you go to nipland

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I don't know what this is.

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It's as if they want nothing to do with me. Dead silence, minimal interaction, all while practically sucking off everyone else in game. Complete shift in personality and behavior.

so I take it everyone is partying on saturday night?

Oh that kind, sorry dude. Was he your only friend?

I haven't had a single saturday off work since July.

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Where you guys super close before? How long have you known them? Did anything happen?

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Bunch of dirty hippies.

Proper or go home

I'm not talking about you. And sorry.


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I'll most certainly end up in some African shithole before that.

Faggots who chase fishing boats and oil tankers for free.

I'm dancing with myself.

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Gotta go my own way. I'm an innovator

I wouldn't even get off the boat there

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It's cool. I have a bad habit of making things about myself tbh.

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They also damaged the Nazca lines.

Not nearly enough really

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Oh, do you at least have some days off?

I'm a dumbass explain in full.

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I have no words.

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httpsdon't use link shortenersNvNAr5RyAg


I most certainly won't.

Source? Never heard of this.

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We were, but it's been an almost overnight change. I just didn't see it right away. As far as I can tell, and what I've been told from her, that I am "uninteresting". Meanwhile she has two others glued to her hip, one being a constant whiner who hates people, and an innocent kid just desperate for attention. I guess she enjoys the company of people who depend on her.

They set up a banner sometime in 2013 and fucked one of them up, the bird if I recall.

Which is some fucked up shit, fuck those gay hippies.
t. The only Peruvian itt

Yep, or rather, was.

Innovation, the killer of many men.

I get two days off a week. Those two days can be any day of the week except for saturday and sunday for some reason.

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Mania? One of those wrestle things?

How goes user

Are you allowed to fish off the boats?

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You probably just didn't buy her enough stuff in game unlike the other two

I will never die

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Yeah, pulling another red eye to make sure tomorrows mania is ready.
I ain't complaining I love doing this all nighters so that tomorrow a bunch of people can have a lot of fun.
But it does get irritating espeically when I've been up since 9am this morning working on it lol

Communist are truly scum. Throw more of them out of helicopters and put gopros on them.

Well she bought me EDF so that's that I guess.

Wew lad, that's some grade A rage material.

Que tal peruanon. Como se vive por ahi?


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Sims, I wish 3 wouldn't lag with all expansions though

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Yeah I know how you feel fam. Its why I'm up at 4am every morning for 2 years posting the thread here.
How many views your mania get?

Maybe attack her in game or something

Wait does guatamala even have a navy?

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Eh it varies but it's all for the fun and to bring Holla Forums closer together. So it doesn't matter how many views we get

How goes brendan

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EDF 4.1 on steam you nerd.

Deje mi país hace años, pero visite últimamente en diciembre. Nuestro presidente es un imbécil y renuncio en lágrimas. Tengo que decir mas?

Should I get DMC HD collection along with the PS3 and P5 when I get them?

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Every day fun?
Even donkey function?

If the DMC collection runs well then yeah. DMC3 is amazing.

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runescape is the most fun I had cooking in games
that was 10 years ago

How goes user

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the colors

I wouldn't know about Guatemala but Argentina does, albeit a shitty one.

Espero que no estes viviendo en Argentina.

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Do you guys even have any big boats? How many people would even be in your navy.

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Argentina's navy is capsized.

Eternity is boring. Trust me.

Mejor, Canadá.

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Every Dick Flies

I'm out. See you around.

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Only for the plebs.

Maybe she was giving you a hint then

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I think Harvest Moon DS had cooking.

Dragons crown had some fun cooking. It was very satisfying, both visually and practically.

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night have fun fapping

Cya next time fam

How goes user

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A couple of destroyers. They're all in terrible condition like pointed out. I just want to get the sailor status so I can go work for a real navy.

Le agregaste la hojita a tu bandera entonces :^). Me alegro por vos, no se pierde nada de valor por ahi.

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I'm streaming YGOpro right now. It's okay.

Once you are part of one countries military is it even possible you ca work for another? Seems like they'd avoid that because of spies and shit

Oh nice. Playing duel links myself right now.
What kind of deck you playing?

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Just trying to get BES to work because a guy I know really likes Gradius games.

Funny enough in DL right now theres a deck that uses BES crystal core to good effect with secret sea attack, only way I can see any of those gradius cards being very useful.

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My bad, I didn't clarify, merchant navy, as in civilian. Imma be hauling cargo n shiet. It's still a dependency of the military branch here so I've gotta go through them eitherway but the degree's supposed to have international acceptability.

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You could also look into being one of those mercs who ride on ships through pirate territory. Get to shoot some niggers on jetskis.

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Duel links is fucking weird.

That requires being in shape, knowing a ship and being able to operate.

Yeah the meta in it is getting kinda wacky right now. Releasing a bunch of fun stuff.

Which he'd learn in the navy

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I'd rather avoid that if I'm gonna do civilian work. I'd just join the military if I wanted to get shot at.

I still require those for this career though. I get firearm training during the third year I think and maritime security from start to finish.

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You know the navy is part of the military right?

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Most navy dicks only get to qualify with a pistol unless they're for a boarding team.

Pro tip, don't look bored on a ship. If you do you're gonna be the guy stuck doing dumb shit.

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I know, I was referring to it as a whole, navy included. Again what I'm doing is civilian work.

I think that applies for every job.

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I'd rather have a saber and revolver

Seems iffy.

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Well the the job itself is very much real since I know people working as it right now. Burnouts too.

Attached: flcl_mamimi0011.jpg (720x480, 44.54K)

Well good luck then fam.
Gonna bounce and play games, cya next time

Good luck to you too. See ya around, it's been real.

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