The moment you realize the Corporate political push for gun control will backfire harder on the video games industry...

Assuming it hasn’t already. Far cry 5 already being laughed at for it’s hypocritical anti-second amendment themes.

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what if
Call Of Duty

Little off subject. But friendly reminder American tax monkey payed for a soyboy unironically declaring real life scientists should look up to rick.

We're talking about people who will invest their heart and soul into having their human rights removed. Unless someone went inside their corporate buildings and murder a bunch of execs for consistent horrendous practices I'm desensitized to see another bitchnigger getting "clapped back" on twitter or some shit.

I'll admit that I don't get thrill out of making fun of bugman anymore as I see the situation keeps getting worse over time. It's becoming clear that having a last laugh is an absolutely useless notion. What do you think will stop an exec from furthering their interest? A bunch of autists laughing at them or constant fear for their lives?

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Pretty much this. Ski masks and ak's when?

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Jokes on them, Adult Swim hasn't greenlit another season yet. The diversity hire writers they got to do season 3 fucking tanked the show just as normalfags began to care about it, the beast is dead.

Yeah he looks the part. All these youtube intellectuals look the same, sound the same behave the same. Say a hundreds things, but somehow fail to say anything at all.

Guns are for autistic kids who are upset with bullies or want to become a lesbian ghost. The real revolutionary uses explosions to make his statement.

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Guns are more of a necessity than a preference.

I'd rather go bare knuckle personally.
bombs are for pussies

I realize that, but if you want to punish the industry, explosions do the job. In any case, I wasn't talking about bombs user… In fact, I was talking about thermite. I still agree that fists would be ideal, but the public beatings come later.

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Ubisoft is trying to combat it by using fictional guns developed by airsoft companies. In Rainbow Six Siege, the new operators (Delta and Lion) have fake firearms if you couldn't tell earlier.

Why not mount bombs with jericho sirens on homemade drones?

Attached: 8fe3f9269024d360d125b46dabe9c4a6c4f156ecf0da88648c79d72bf6d5f6dc.gif (500x411, 178.72K)

There's no reason you couldn't, although I doubt the efficacy of simulating a dive bomber. ISIS, HTS, and other takfiri factions have been doing it in Syria for about four years now, although most of theirs were just bought from electronics stores by Mossad and the CIA. Hell, the Chinese are already investing in drone swarm fleets, so there's probably something there for everyone.

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I swear. This industry isn’t worth saving at times. Because they caused the cancer that killing themselves.

what fucking difference would that make?

The only gun that's fake is a vector but somehow chambered for 7.62. They're all real except for that.

If you're talking about this thing, its an actual gun made my a literal madman who also designed many other absurd and insane things with soviet backing.

Attached: Korobov.jpg (1280x495, 70.88K)

Pic related

Attached: drone2.jpg (639x610, 68.99K)

Looks nice for a sci-fi game.

Dunno why you'd use a hunting rifle in a sci-fi game but ok.

Why does this soyboy sound exactly like vsauce?

That one looks more like a blaster rifle or something.

Korobov was a man of odd looking things.

Attached: korobov2.jpg (550x411, 82.14K)

Yeah, but including that monstrosity in a game would be like including any one of these, except without the fun of killing someone with a useless firearm.

Attached: Bullpup.jpg (799x579 275.79 KB, 252.32K)

Incidentally most of his designs were beyond accurate and were up to snuff with the AK standard.

Don't know about guns. What's wrong about it? It has a trigger and everything.

That one looks like a vintage toy gun or at least meant to look fake, I mean, 60% of the weapon covered or made from wood?

I am no /k/ enthusiast but WTF are those!?

Korobov made a fuckton of really oddball looking shit in the 40's-70's as seen here many of which were perfectly functional guns that never got adopted due to cost of reequiping the red army.

Its an actual working gun. That is nothing but polymer or bakelite.

Why do Slavs think the Thompson M1A1 is cool?

Is it practical to have all those internals under that kind of shell?

Attached: 1426555214884.png (851x315, 442.21K)

That's bakelite, an early polymer. Due to the coloration, it was occasionally made to look like wood, but it wasn't.

Attached: Bakelite Kalashnikovs.jpg (800x600 81.26 KB, 99.53K)

There are AR's with polymer uppers and lowers. Only the barrel needs to be able to hold up to the pressure as the brits found out with their glorified plumbing pipe STEN gun. Soviet brass did have an issue with perceived durability but cost of rearming/retooling was the main reason those guns sit in a museum.


To be fair, the Sten gun was hardly the least advanced or ugly gun of the war. The M3 is a notable mention of cheap & ugly. Also, the Soviets preferred to keep their punishingly inhumane ergonomics to vehicles.

Attached: Owen Gun.png (484x539 96.57 KB, 18.9K)

For some reason those make me uncomfortable.

The STEN was the basis for a lot of cheap mass produced guns from common shit, the first picture is just a sten gun made by krauts. Even the poles made a sten clone out of everything found in a chain link fence factory

Its like staring at the bottom side of a beetle.

Attached: tkb022.jpg (650x369, 28.7K)

Why can't these fucking people do a single take longer than 7 seconds?

It may have been the basis, but there were a whole lot worse than the Sten. That said, the Polish arms industry has always been 100% shitposting, so it's hard to tell when they're being "serious" or not.

Estronauts have short attention spans to begin with and their freewheeling consumption of soy makes it even worse.

Attached: Literally A Pipe.jpg (1826x1034, 246.68K)

That thing is just a polish made sten with the stock removed.
I think the best one was when they made a pistol version of that new rifle they're making and the ATF lost their shit over it having a foregrip so Radom asked if they wanted a grenade launcher instead.

God I fucking hate the soyboy look.

That's not by Korobov, though. It was made by student of industrial design academy as his thesis work. It's also just an empty shell, no gun inside.

I support what this guy says 100%: soyboys shouldn't buy videogames. Once they take themselves out of the industry, things will get better because devs will stop caring about their retarded positions.

what if everyone just mailed a piece of shit to their congressman instead? Or whoever they want to spite? Just hundreds of people sending little bits of poop.

fucking soys why must they try to ruin everything

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Forgot pic

Attached: 149855384419446719.jpg (1280x764, 113.14K)

I think I feel the same, as I said, I am not even a weapons enthusiast.

It looks like he just took the room hostage. A shame it was just a LARP gun.

Because we're not /r9k/.

I realize that, which is why I said it was just Polish shitposting. Stocks are remarkably easy to make, as shown by literally every last ditch weapon ever, and even other Polish Stens had pistol grips, but some were pipes just cause. Maybe an allusion to their future as Europe's plumbers?

Don't forget Holla Forums favorite youtuber.

Attached: dunkey switch.jpg (2048x1536, 394.2K)

Looks like the average Holla Forumsirgin

"I am getting my degree, or else!"

Biggest irony of the soyboy phenomenon is the lack of self awareness on Cuckchan Holla Forums. Especially with The Devs working on Nu-god of war teasing tackling transgenderism and tackle toxic masculinity. Neogaf mods probably encourage the meme without realizing it will backfire on them.

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Hi kike

I guess that's two things government funding fucked up.

Attached: 1474064174089.jpg (710x710, 95.33K)

It no secret That PBS is tax payer funded propaganda for the Democrats. Poorly made propaganda at that. They accidentally made liberal arts look like a useless degree while defending liberal arts.

Apparently Tula has the plans for it and its action is basically a korobov design, no barrel though. Shell, trigger shit and action.

Gotcha, but most brit stens were just plumbing pipe minus the barrel.

This is why consolewars are retarded. I wish exclusives didnt exist, so that consoles would have to actively try to be different and worthwhile over another piece of hardware.

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Maybe. Judging by the distance between magazine and buttplate, they do need some Korobov magics from TKB-022 to fit a gun in that shell.



Hey, it's not my fault nintendo attracts these numales, the images aren't shopped. If similar thing would be happening to sony i wouldn't oppose it either

No, console wars currently only sucks because it only stifles conversation. If there was more exclusives then people would genuinely be far more tribalistic, thus mocking fanboys would produce far more spice.

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Wait what? That's retarded, got a hooktube?

/k/ has a Far Cry 5 thread with hooktube links.


Most of Holla Forums doesn't care for Dunkey, and I rarely see him brought up.

Yeah thats retarded, all console wars do is create an US VS THEM mentality, insteaad of it being a unity thing to where we should discuss how games can get better instead of shouting my consoles better because _

Some of the things he brings up are good, but I doubt it is taken more than just "oh a new video cool!" by his fan base and then immediately forgetting the message like every other video

This is the same faggot who insisted that being a brony is the epitome of masculinity. So should have expected this from a pretentious cunt

To be fair, it actually looks like a smile and not just an agape mouth.

Its most of the way there.


Kill yourself.

soyboys are just aliens pretending to be human

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go fuck yourself nigger. Healthy competition is what breeds strength. One of the only reason console war trolling is no longer fun is because there is no reason to be passionate about any particular system and the only thing is serves to do is shit up a thread. If people genuinely got into heated and passionate debates about the subject then it would be worth milking. Where you one of those kids that grew up in an age where everyone got a participation trophy?

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I’m not sure if this is brilliantly humorous or something that shouldn’t be used because of its bastardization of language and delegitimization of astronauts.

What’s the name of this genre?

Having actually watched the 3rd season, it's not that bad. it's like Family Guy but instead of the fart jokes, it's sarcastic commentary, and for what it is, it works.

Rick is nihilistic and does whatever the fuck he wants. This is good because kike science relies on (((peer review))) to make sure (((ethics))) aren't overstepped. Reminder that circumcision basically ruins a baby's psyche immediately and rewires the brain, and a study pointing this out was (((shut down)))

Attached: soy overload.webm (650x364, 1.76M)

He's not wrong, but the point he's making is kind of irrelevant.
Sure, if you're a huge obsessive libtard, you can now take this information and consciously avoid giving money to the people who pay for gun imagery licensing, but the losses the gun manufacturers suffer from this are almost null. They lose nothing if no game licenses the likeness of their guns as that's not even close to their main source of profit.

This guy isn't that old, why is his hairline that of a guy who's 48?

Are these pictures of you, user?

Attached: B2657DEC-3555-4342-A39D-B07595897EDB.png (236x296 283.88 KB, 30.89K)

Genetics are a bitch

Reminder that the US government funds this asshole.

remake this webm with sound you Holla Forums degenerate.

My hairline is slowly receding due to stress. My hair’s also nearly totally white and I’m not even 30 yet. At least the white looks distinguished. That soyboy is just burnt out on mental illness.

Thank God. The internet needs less cancer. Glad they canceled Game/Show or whatever it was called too. Killing funding for PBS means killing bullshit shows like this and the teams of hipsters they employ, and that cannot happen fast enough.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1124x908, 387.95K)

Play a sport to relieve anxiety. I had the same issue.

But he gotten replaced by a soygger.

My hair is strong, but it brings no happiness. I would trade it anytime for a strong soul.


Attached: dan harmon.PNG (1014x716, 838.78K)

Looks like that one is dead too, and the viewcount was abysmal for something with all those government funbux.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1322x925, 1.34M)

Attached: haye~01.jpg (364x450, 48.6K)

Because PBS used to have interesting shit like documentaries and Bob Ross and other worthwhile stuff. But as with everything else, the current year only brings absolute shit.

but why would you want that? it's so much worse with the soy squeals.

Attached: soyoverload.webm (640x360, 13.75M)

Much more embarrassing that way, nice.

This guy probably isn't a soyboy, but a paid shill.
He reminds me of that parody RLM made about these kinds of people.

Soygasm.webm would have been acceptable also.

you go all the way, user

I'm with This looks more like a paid shill who's dead on the inside, putting on an act for shekels. Not that it really matters - either way, it's still fucking shameful and he should be put out of his misery.

Attached: Mgspw-paz-cg.jpg (700x1300, 82.86K)

I'm seeing this more and more. This pleases me.

Attached: IMG_0219.JPG (907x907, 234.87K)

Attached: neastanza.png (600x450, 395.85K)

Could be worse.

Attached: FNp90_concept.jpg (834x442, 66.04K)

It was on the front page of Hooktube today so probably thought it was new.

Surprisingly, that's not even the worst of the P90 prototypes.

Attached: What Even Is This....jpg (500x265 50.87 KB, 24.94K)

It looks like a power tool.

Honestly, aside from the ungodly large, uh… shit, what’s the term for “distance between bore and sights”… aside from that, I’m okay with this design. I had an idea for a gun where the mechanism is “suspended” in a spring-loaded track mounted on the part that the user holds. When the gun is fired, the recoil moves the entire barrel in this track and is absorbed, in part, by the spring mechanism. The obvious issue is the added complexity of a mechanical recoil dampener, but not losing sighting after each shot would probably be worth it.

Holy shit, I like that even more. It’s a fucking dust buster.

Attached: il_fullxfull.355171137_6wgi.jpg (1500x996, 163.9K)

That nigger… and he even has bought one of the worst games ever made.


Is that an armored core linear rifle?

Attached: ac4 rapid rifle I forget the name.jpg (474x316, 10.3K)

I recall seeing an old soviet apc or something that had a gearbox/shaft located where the passenger seat should be, so every time you had to change gears, you had to stick your arm really far away to the right.
Were the engineers angry with the lack of food? Because they sure did design things just to be as annoying as humanly possible.

Attached: soy.jpg (302x433, 34.57K)

Maybe the copilot would handle the gears? Sounds communist enough, dividing labor and whatnot.

That first P90 concept kicked down, yes down not up.

to what end?

Attached: a3762471adb703d10a7f15fbb738779303f37609c37e1a77c5f3327092aba7d3.png (358x314, 79.87K)

You are like a little baby! Observe!

Attached: what is balance.png (555x221, 156.63K)

"I don't like guns, but I don't mind if other people do"
If that were true, why the fuck would you ever make this video?

So they can fake a neutral position while still browbeating normalfags into not liking or supporting guns and people who do support guns.
Also to give soyboys and feminists one more reason to criticize and boycott games for men.

Thanks to all the gun hysteria I bought my first gun this month. I figure if some idiot is going to get sales banned I might as well get in on it now while I can.

Attached: 90287adecfdbd81087d2566c70f56617c95bc423101c6a2ba3913b228eecaadb.png (559x603, 105.41K)

I hate sneaky fuckers. "Nice people" are predators that camouflage with fake smiles and neutral opinions. They smile even when they hate you and plan your downfall. At least with disagreeable people you know where you stand with them.

I've never seen more blatant psyops. You don't even need to watch the video, the title alone is suggesting to weak minded people that ideas are a privilege and only certain people can have them.

Attached: 1248886858830.jpg (715x561, 150.88K)

The intention was to provide national television. But America is not a country where the concept of national media resonates, it isn't Yurope and it isn't Canada.

It's a great time to buy guns, prices are low as fuck because Trump is in office.

I first heard girls warn each other about any guy that wanted to date them who described himself as a "nice guy." Over the years it's become clear that's a universal rule.

Fun fact, his relatively black sidekick left to create the website KillScreen, it's more cancerous than Polygon. They're the ones who created a controversy about The Division by suggesting that Ubisoft was racist because one of the enemy factions wore hoods and some of them had dark skin.

To disarm people emotionally so they can proceed to literally disarm people.

Easier ergonomically speaking to resist the downward pull rather than upward kick, perhaps? Pushing up on the foreend with the palm rather than having to keep a firm grip and pull downward with the fingers. I suppose that with a sling and a drilled hipfire position- something like the WW2 German assault pose for standing MG fire- you could negate the pull of the PDW entirely by compensating with the entire body. Probably useless at any range outside spitting distance, but it's an SMG that got big for its britches; in my barely operating-literate mind, you'd do such a thing to semi-indiscriminately paint a room on breach with some foreknowledge of enemy positioning in a way shoulder fire might not allow.

The Stoner rifles, meanwhile, had such good recoil compensation- had to do with the muzzle brake as I recall- that they had almost totally neutral vertical kick, and could be fired one handed full auto without issue. I don't really understand why no one has attempted to throw a kickless rifle into production, or a sufficiently advanced compensator that can convert existing rifles into one on the relative cheap.

But wouldn't it lead to more fatigue as you must combat the weight of the gun and the downward kick? And how did they pass up neutral kick guns?

Disagreeable (but respectful) people are top tier, people that show kindness and are too nice for no reason almost always want something from you.
In other words, it's the same as normal forums and imageboards. Forums are full of apparently good people, but they're just after social recognition points, while in imageboards people just want to be real and have some fun.


If you're firing a gun that does an upward pull on firing, you have gravity and your muscles pulling it down.
If it has a downward pull, you have to fight gravity, and the only force pulling it up is your muscles.



Oh unquestionably. I got my handgun for about 15% off the MSRP, new. Ammo seems a bit pricier than I expected but I got 250 rounds for 60 bucks so I can't complain that much.

seems like very synthetic reactions

We're still fucking recovering from that dumbass scare from when Obama was president. It's actually reasonable prices now, though.

The only one I don't want to punch is the 12 year old simply because he at least has an excuse for having a low level of testosterone and for being naively enthusiastic.

Sonyggers are the most pathetic people on the planet

Which video game is this thread about?

The greatest game of all times.

Attached: medievil.jpg (830x535, 319.52K)

One you should know well, it’s a little old and has been passed around a lot. I think the title is “Your Mom”.

Don't you have a webm thread to be shitposting in or something?

Attached: 1462653630852.png (600x470, 531.11K)

How's the combat in that game? Is it fast button smashing like God of War (ps2-era) or slow strategic presses like Dark Souls?

Bump because your kikery doesn’t fly here.

You say that like it's an easy thing. Without exclusives, everyone just gravitates toward the console with the better hardware or online functionality. Even if all games worked the same on all consoles, there will be inherent exclusivity, no matter how small it is. Maybe there is more people buying this console so more people buy more of that console over the other because they want to play with their friends or have more people playing on it, because there is no company that will share servers across consoles.

We even got an example where not having exclusives hurt a console. Just look at the xbone. Barely any exclusives and you've got games that are cross platform between xbone and PC, which begs the question, what reason is there to buy and play a game on xbone when PC would be the superior choice to play it on? In theory, it would be great if there were no exclusives but the reality proves that wrong. Exclusivity is the differential that has been a driving force for economy to get people to buy something over another. It has worked in distribution for department stores, which will likely be phased out by online stores. Exclusivity is the just the nature of how everything shifts hands from one-to-another and that'll likely not change for the foreseeable future.

All of them.

Doesn't have lock-on, so it's mostly careful positioning while moving and swinging to avoid taking damage, while also keeping in mind which weapons deal blowback in order to keep hitting. The weapon variety's pretty big for its time so it's like Dark Souls in that regard.
The camera hasn't aged well but it's still a great game with good music and atmosphere and great humor. The sequel isn't as good save for a few levels and Resurrection is unspeakable.

The worst game of them all.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (512x512, 400.99K)

It says it's epic right on the tin.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (640x751, 813.48K)

It's a matter of whether the efficiency of up-exertion beats out gravity assistance, and this in two realms; controllability in a vacuum from fatigue, and the fatigue itself & its effects on controllability over time. I will not comment one way or the other as I do not have the requisite knowledge, but down-kicking seems novel if nothing else.

The Stoner 63, which was Eugene Stoners' modular weapon system baby after leaving ArmaLite post-M16, had some glitches, but it was also put through trials it couldn't initially pass and which frankly nothing could. Those things that could be fixed & demands incorporated resulted in the Stoner 63A. One point Wikipedia mentions is that 'ammunition requirements proposed were unrealistic and the weapon was expected to perform with an extremely wide range of port pressures, leaving very little power reserve with some ammunition types; for instance, the tracer ammunition used in the Stoner 63 was of such low pressure that it even failed to function reliably in the M16.' Subsequently, it was consumed by skepticism and military-industrial inertia, I should think.

It had maintenance obligations and it was a little complex. The Navy Seals (this perhaps being before they became the sham they are now) and the Marines loved it, particularly in the LMG configuration; the Army Special Forces rejected it. The LMG variant got phased out in the late '80s in favor of the M249 SAW, and they scrapped the lot of them. And before one should think 'oh, well, it's clear that it just wasn't a very good gun,' recall that we stuck with the M60- the Pig- for agonizing decades before finally dumping them after they'd been run down by years of service, having already been a finnicky design from the outset, and failed entirely to acquire a decently workable light machine gun or SAW in that timeframe. We went into 'Nam with the BAR, for godsakes. And that wretchedly heavy unergonomic antique was still preferred over the jamomatic early M16.


Attached: 168.jpg (1600x900 90.95 KB, 2.43M)

Some care to sum up what the video is about? The hooktube doesn't load for me.

The gun's Belgian mate.

Attached: fuck is this.jpg (604x550, 50.64K)


That was revolting. Honestly hard to watch

Attached: 1db7eaa153a03060d2412537a9a925811aba7745a7b8f61c1cdda474027db522.png (611x609, 625.07K)

Not many people can fire a machine gun with a 200 round box one handed, this unassuming guy must be incredibly strong.

Attached: Stoner 63-DV6WHA2efm4.mp4 (320x240, 3.19M)


Attached: Chad Groyper.png (588x627, 335.14K)

Attached: 1341195723319.jpg (600x766, 73.56K)

Dual Hitmans were my shit, dude. I'd run Motorcobras on my heavier builds, but these were great for a nice light unit.

Get out of your bubble, season three had some of the network's highest ratings. Dan Harmon is probably waiting to be paid one billion dollars. The show has been shit since it's pilot, nobody will notice any further drops in quality.

It's sad because Rick and Morty has some nice science fiction ideas, it's just the poopybutt humor and the idiotic nihilism that ruins it.

Yeah, if you're one of those faggots who thinks that every single action has to be quantified using some moral consistency. I don't. I think that sometimes your morality will come into conflict with itself; meaning, there may be scenarios in which one will be compelled to choose between two things that are both so in conflict with your world view that it'll be shattered in the process. As an example:

When will God stop these sinful perverts.

Or hardcore ascetic sects, but even then it's done for functional purposes (degredation of the self at the expense of the Self), which is emphatically not what these food cults are about. Hell, there's an an Upanishad with the refrain "I am food, I am food, I am food."

It had high ratings because it's when Normalfags started watching. Network ratings aren't based on quality like Rotten Tomato scores though, it's simply "how many people are watching this?" Lots of people were watching it, far more than the first two seasons, so it got higher ratings. But ask any normalfag and they'll say the first two seasons (which they retroactively watched after discovering the show) are much better than the third.

Totally true. Rick is starting to feel like House: a character that won't be explored nor changed out of fear of ruining the formula.

Attached: house-73255-cover-768x432.jpg (768x432, 34K)

I feel bad for 1st pic. Because that guy isn't doing a soy face. He's actually showing off his mouth because apparently he has a world record in how much he can open his mouth.

Yes, that's the joke.



Shabbos groid

How long did you last before throwing up?

I would too but
1. I have a felony on my record
2. I'm scared I'd be tempted to an hero

Black powder guns aren't considered guns. Enjoy being the Pale Rider.

you have to pay (((IMI))) to have something UZI like depicted in your game?

sounds about right

you should find one of those cucks holding that $80 cardboard box nintendo sells

You guys realise they are putting the stencils up for free? You can just buy the actual game and make your own cardboard for free.

Post broofians


So, when did youtube add a "muh russia" warning to videos?

you dont happen to have a picture of yourself being excited about something would you?

i couldn't find anyone doing the fear grimace in response to nintendo cardboard but i do have this

Attached: d20.jpg (598x733 6.67 KB, 68.21K)

That video is pretty fucking cucked. There are already gun laws that turn gun ownership into a no fun allowed nightmare in most states, where the most you're able to own is a semi-auto pistol. The point of the second amendment is to keep the people armed so they can fight against either foreign invaders, the occasional person trying to kill them, or the government overstepping its bounds. EMPHASIS ON THE LAST ONE. If the government oversteps its bounds and a revolution is in order, we're not gonna win it with 9-round semi handguns.

for fucks sake.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1303x183, 121.96K)

this too i guess

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 134.62K)

you some sort of faggot who doesn't use the catalog?

yeah actually you could, said situation is assymetrical warfare, and the only real strategic goal would be to get rid of kike politicians

How cucked do people have to be to fall for shitty arguments like those, let alone make them? No shit, the military's going to have superior equipment especially if citizens are limited to 1700s level weapons. Apparently they conveniently forgot pretty much all of America's failed nation-building attempts.

Do those faggots just let themselves get murdered "because you can't win bro"?

but dont tell fucking morons they can just as easily be killed with a ruger 10/22 or an SKS as an AR15 or else all hell will break loose with the cuck gun laws

The faggot in the video was pro-guns but also pro-more-gun-laws at the time of the video's creation. My point is we have enough gun laws, they are already restrictive. He's a faggot for implying we need more.

They are lemmings that don't internalize the "hero" mythos. Their problem is several fold. They don't believe in truth as a general concept. Because of this, there is nothing "good" in the world to hold sacred and protect. There are only "things that happen." They see life as an unfortunate event that they have no power to change so they suck up to whatever authority will give them cummies for their temporary existence untill they die.

Attached: 20664899_904201549727802_5172686601289785697_n.jpg (720x960, 150.97K)

Nihilism is a disease, is there anything worse than convincing yourself life has no meaning? I can understand thinking that way when you hit hard times, but embracing it as your core overriding view on the world is just idiotic. It's like the mental equivalent of cutting yourself, or suicide.
I could probably write paragraphs about how pathetic it is for one's life to amount to nothing more than pitiful self-loathing and mere day-to-day survival, but I'm probably preaching to the choir here.
Or so I hope.

I'm in a pretty bad place right now, so by all means give life some meaning, random guy.

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You must be pretty desperate.

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You have no idea

getting pretty loose

At the very least, it's about doing your best to ensure the world isn't too fucked up for you or your descendents to live, making it a better place so you don't have to worry about trucks of peace or pinkos ruining society, being able to pursue more than just the bare necessities for survival. Being able to make something of yourself and do things you're proud of. Striving for something beyond yourself.
hopefully my sleep deprivation actually produced something meaningful here probably not

Nihilism and the concept of subjective truth are "smart" mental defense mechanisms that do their job well in the short-term. Embracing Nihilism is attractive because it lets you dance around every meaningful question about existence, and pretend that the elephant isn't in the room instead of confronting it. Embracing subjective truth is attractive because you can't be a failure if there's no definition of success, and there can't be a definition of success if all things are subjective anyway.

They're placebo answers for the questions of existence and what you should do about them. At best, you're only treating a symptom, at worst, you're poisoning yourself. They feel good in the short-term, but actually make the very problems you were avoiding with them worse over time. But most people never realize that it's happening, because the entire point of adopting the ideas in the first place was to avoid thinking about it further.

they added it too american networks too

Well I mean you can't assume you're understanding a real truth either since we don't know what it is. You also can't live like a teetering faggot who only assumes he doesn't know and can't make up his mind on any concept. So basically there is no right answer and thus all of them are right until debunked.

Looks like the disclaimer is more loaded on Russian public broadcasers though. The obvious propaganda tactics couldn't be more transparent.

Don't do this. Also, having a nihilism phase and discarding it is useful. Removing sentimentality is the only way to fix the world.

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False. Pic related.

Any time you make an affirmative statement, you create an axiom.

That statement is an axiom. You are assuming we can not know what is. Assuming we as people can not know what is true is reasonable.

That is what the concept of god exists to fix. Someone out there that sees our deeds and punishes or rewards us accordingly in a just fashion like a loving father. We need god to do good, because not all good is rewarded. In fact most good in this life is never rewarded.

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Just because it's used as an excuse, doesn't mean that's what it actually is. Life objectively has no "meaning" until you give it one, or can prove there is some objective meaning there. Nihilism is more about the acceptance that there is no real value or meaning just inherent to life as we know it. It's not idiotic, it's accepting that you don't know. The burden is obviously on the individual to find or take on a subjective meaning to their own life. It's not a cheap tactic to avoid asking a question, it's a decent answer to a question that has no good answers. If you can't actually solve the problem, accepting that you can't is a fairly honest thing to do.

u gotta be kidding man
they had house go through a whole bunch of bs. The psych ward, the whole "please believe in our psychiatry meme goyim"

whatever loser, its not the people's fault you cant achieve anything reddit.

So? If there is no premise there's no truth. If you can't refute a truth with facts then it's not the truth. And since we can't refute many truths without facts and much of the more higher truths WITH facts you can only suppose.
We don't understand it therefore you can't say you do either.
Yea well don't just assume it's the absolute truth is my point.

Not even going to give you a (You) for that lazy bait

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If you have psychopathic tendencies, yes. Most people will do "good" for people (or at least what they, in their subjective cultural/personal experiences views to be good) based on a conscience, something which exists purely for evolutionary reasons as we are a social species dependent on living around other humans. If you live in a tribe of a few dozen other people, nobody is going to tolerate a cunt that is constantly fucking people over if they don't have a damn good reason to. The urge to do good isn't god, it's instinct to make ourselves more endearing to other people so they don't exile or kill us and help us out in return.

Even assuming that it's unknowable, and will never be known, one of the options leads to you conducting yourself in a way that you'll actually care about. Even if it turns out to be wrong, the choice is clear until we know for sure.

Don't do this. The video is succinct and makes a point that I didn't want to type out verbatim. If you want to refute that point, then do so. If I agreed with his views on the Jews, or thought they were relevant to this discussion for that matter, I would have posted them.
I can see how it would be, especially now that it's a common belief. At least confronting the possibility that it could be correct is necessary.
Humans are social animals, so removing sentimentality entirely isn't happening. Aside from that, you can't define what the proper amount of any emotion to feel is, except in the abstract. Why do you think sentimentality is the problem?

I think I better point to make for you would be to "know what you don't know."

You have to have absolutes to hold dear or you have no principles. You are morally nothing with no absolutes because there is nothing you would defend with your life.

Having a strong supposition is sufficient for humans. It's the closest to objectivity we can get so well call it as such until we can get closer.

Mind you most people don't think about these things at all, let alone with any nuance.

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You're missing the point. I'm not talking day to day, I'm talking life or death.

What does that mean? What life or death situation? What exactly does belief in a god do to prevent killings that a regular conscience doesn't? If anything, the amount of holy wars and killings over heresy/sinners seems to run counter to that idea.

you really think the greater society can think for itself huh?

Ultimately he went through traumatic events but didn't grow as a character, episode to episode he didn't change his mannerisms or blunt his comments for the sake of others, although his one change involved how he treated his patients, he was fucking horrible with bedside manner at the start. But it's very slight. He DID have slight character development.


That is so, but that doesn't mean you should hold EVERY part of your life as an absolute. Seeing shit as black or white, great, seeing EVERYTHING as black or white? Fucking retarded.

The fact that you couldn't even come up with a scenario is evidence enough that you are a coastie faggot. You really need me to think for you? Open your mouth so I can skull fuck you to death.

Enjoy. Prices on the rifles have gone up a bit since Trump because a gun grabber, but still mostly right.

Was. Draft dodging fudd Wayne LaPierre convinced Trump supporting gun control was a good idea.

The ability to have a polymer lower and polymer upper is because the AR is designed around having as little force on the receivers as possible (and polymer receivers are shit because they break during normal wear and tear).

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You're not saying anything. You're just making broad statements and refusing to address my points. Societies don't think, people do. And the majority of people have an instinctual compass across all religions or the lack thereof. Much like psychopaths exist universally as well. It's not about thinking, it's about you pinning up an idea as important and refusing to explain how.

Are you meaning to imply that religiousness would affect that choice? I don't know if you noticed, but just as many religious people are afraid to die as atheists.

I think only people without self awareness do that.

You should be working towards understanding what IS black and white, not living in a pot induced state of "it's all like relative man."

It isn't all relative. It CAN be defined and you have to have the courage to go out there and find it.

Military enrollment statistics do not reflect what you have to say on average.

Do you know what averages are used for, faggot?

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who makes up the society? people. you contradicted yourself. the greater society needs a god like figure to have their morals in check. without this transexuals and pedophilia will be normalized. after all whats the point of banning said things when morals are nonexistent right?

That compass is drastically different across cultures, religions, genepools, and time, which suggests that it's memetic, not genetic, and certainly not a genetic constant across all of humanity. There are places where rape and murder are expected.

Wrong. The average person makes up society.

Liberal faggots don't understand statistics. They don't know what averages are for or what they have to do with social cohesion.

If the average person thinks throwing acid on women for showing their faces is okay, then guess what is okay in society.

I constantly have conversations where I have to explain what averages are used to determine to the point that it's pissing me off.

No. There were hints that he would change, but the writers always reset him to default. They were too scared about changing him in any meaningful way and ruin the show, which ruined the show.

No, a great society doesn't need a god to keep morals in check, it just needs a culture and community. Religion can be part of both of those, but it is not necessary for it. And I never said "morals are non-existent" if you'd been reading what I said, I explicitly stated they DO exist, and why they existed.

The specifics are cultural and do vary, yes, but it is definitely genetic because the idea of morality exists in every human population ever discovered, and has constants that arise in even the most remote populations: theft and un-provoked murder being the most obvious. But whether or not the specifics change and why don't exactly have anything to do with discrediting nihilism.

A god is what makes aboslutes, you fool.

A god is the ultimate axiom. The idea that an all knowing being set ground rules means those rules are set in stone and never to be violated. Who cares who the god is, you are missing the concept entirely.

a culture can range from elders fucking the kids so the kids can become a man to taking your shoes off at home.
Religion is the backbone of the greater society's moral you dumb faggot.

Religion is the backbone of Pakistani society, where that exact shit happens. It's the backbone and one of the founding principles of Israeli society, and you know what happens there. It's the backbone of a whole slew of African and Middle Eastern nations and they're a fucking mess. Explain to me how that works exactly? Religion is just a specific type of culture, and is not necessary for morality. It may influence it, but does very little to actually enforce it or else you wouldn't have Rabbis biting off foreskins, Priests diddling kids, and Imams calling for terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Unless you consider all of those to be moral by virtue of being "godly". My point is that morals exist apart from religion, not that they are identical across the globe nor that everybody will follow the same ones.

Right, which probably just means that there's a genetic constant of empathy, but there doesn't seem to be a genetic tuning for what is worthy of empathy, or if there is, it can be overridden by culture. Why else would it not be okay to murder by default, but suddenly be the best possible thing to do when a woman shows her ankles? Where did the empathy go, and what removed it?
I wasn't arguing that it did.

He is quite literally a controlled opposition gatekeeper promoted to corral all of the wrongthinkers back into their slow genocide after the YouTube shoah of actual truthful videos and channels. It's not like his arguments are unique, just post someone who isn't literally trying to trick young men into enslavement instead so that lurkers don't get the wrong idea and listen to more of him. He's a much more subtle and dangerous Alex Jones.
It's not "the" problem but modern useless sentimentality, donating for a "cause", virtue signaling, and feeling anything towards those who aren't kin must be purged from the souls of anyone who even wishes to admit the problems the West has, much less correct them. Every normalfag knows a "friendly" minority, and cling to that, even as more bad parts of town, full of them, spring up. They cannot fathom that the mediocre replace the good, for they view the mediocre as helpless children in need of care. They choose to have a child disabled from birth instead of ridding themselves of it and simply having another healthy one; they cannot even see that they kill the future, whole, child instead. After a phase of nihilism it is easier to see what few things matter with clarity and viciously discard the illusions and propaganda in between. It is a helpful reset button if not indulged in at length.

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Religion specifically outlines morality. That's what it's for.

Hey lets talk about religions that don't work instead of ones that built western civilization. Leave the goal posts where they are, faggot.

It's in their religion, not mine
Catholics are heretics
I'm not here to defend islam

You are using bad examples to discredit Christianity under a "religion" banner.

Yeah I used to try and make that point to my dad when I was younger. Guess what, we get that. You are the one missing the point. Maybe try to re read what has been typed here, because you are missing key distinctions.

More or less I guess. My only point was that there is nobody who actually lives by an objectively perfect truth who can back up every fact.

Well thats a stupid point.

Have you ever met anyone who thought they were god who wasn't a woman?

In my original statement I qualified that it lead people to do what their culture/society deemed as good. I'm not going to pretend to know the exact specifics of how far personal experiences can override instinct, but just because they do fucked up things doesn't necessarily mean they're going contrary to the original purpose of morality. Morality makes one strive to do good, but only in the context of their own society. The baseline seems to be "don't steal, don't murder, etc.", but overall the entire point of that is to avoid being outcast by society. If, somewhere along the line, psychopathic individuals (lacking in morality) manipulated and controlled the society through persuasion, intimidation, or similar means, they could easily reshape the society's morals into something amoral. They stone women for showing ankles because they have been raised for generations in thinking that is evil, and discouraging it is good, going contrary to that would outcast them just as much as one caveman stealing from another would.

Again, the exact mechanism and threshold by which one can be swayed to cross over their moral line is highly subjective to the individual and the situation, so I won't say this is always possible. It just seems to be the case.

Stupid by being redundant or stupid by not being true? Because you can't objectively say that there are people who live an absolutely perfect truth.

And that's why you need Jesus, faggot.

Because if that happened to me, I'd shoot the big bad man in the face.

Redundant. We aren't perfect but it's reprehensible to not at least do your best.

[Citation Needed].
Where do you draw the line on what is or is not kin? Nuclear family? Extended family? Community? Country? Phenotype? Many normalfags nowadays consider all of humanity to be their kin, which would be beautiful if it wasn't so shortsighted.

Well obviously. But the way you put it sounded otherwise. The fuck is with this Axiom shit?

>>>Holla Forums11401517
>>>Holla Forums11401793
and many other posts in that thread if you can stand the gore and spam. It's also anchored, since 8/pol/ is a compromised shambles of a board, so it'll be gone soon. But really it's just simple pattern recognition, guy with a jewish wife, wears creepy masks, giant portrait of Lenin, maybe don't have him teach you life lessons, I dunno. Call me paranoid, I suppose.
Family, then race. It's working pretty well right now for all the teams who only pass the ball to their team and not every other team, don't you think?
Perfectly sentimental deracinated atomized slaves. Pete's trying to make more.

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What if your family, community, and country were broken or at odds. You become a furry or brony right? Is there any way to revive a corrupted capitalist beaurocracy run by (((allies))) if you're just a wageslave or Hikki?

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Just enjoy the choice and let user get out anything he wants to say because if Holla Forums is on the deathbead shit isn't going to be so cash. As it were.

We must first take over the world so that we may recreate the '90s golden age of vidya.

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The tldr is

Because leftists are parasites and we wouldn't even be on this board if not for their reductive "philosophy" of relativism.

I'm speaking on objective points here not natural ones. You genuinely can not know anything without making imperfect assumptions.

It veered off into a tangent of debate over the weight of nihilism though, which becomes a meme discussion because you can boil down knowledge to solipsism and "what's real lol I don't even know man blows my mind" even though that's fucking stupid and brings absolutely no contribution to material prosperity of any sort but user probably hasn't had enough life experience to understand that.

You are right about nihilism in and of itself, but it is interesting that most oldfag Holla Forumsacks grew out of 2003-2006 Holla Forumstard nihilism, is it not? The "Before and After" of nihilism is rarely pointed out or discussed. I'll stop now. I wish actual discussions were still possible on Holla Forums. And that there were more games like Ys. And less subhumans to buy things that aren't Ys. Farewell, thread.

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My sides

People grow out of nihilism because they tend to find a subjective meaning as they get a job or family and generally develop a more concrete identity. Most people have a harder time saying "there is no meaning in life" when there are things they personally care about and have meaning to them.

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I'll have to remember never to open my mouth since that's apparently a soyboy thing now.

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Because they removed kebab with it.


This better be clickbait

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Why the fuck is he so excited about it ? I don´t watch Superheromovies or any movie, but most parts of this trailer aren´t that different from all the other (superhero)movies.

I want this man to die.

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Because it's so le epic, user!!! xDDDD

Thanks for making my monitor shoot soy onto my keyboard, asshole.

I swear some porn producers are anons among us. This shit plus that entire porn about baneposting prove it.

post your soyboys

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check this video if you have 20min to spare. Describes the western civilization pretty well. We need more knights, but those are artificial creations molded with great effort from us normal humans. Set your ideal and strive for it, enduring it's judging eye.

Look at his fucking eyes
This cuck is on coke

I wish they didn't attach to soylent.
The idea of a non food that can entirely replace eating as convenient meals in a bottle with the needed daily nutrition is fucking amazing to me and given the chance I'd be the guinea pig to survive off it alone for a year. Thats future tech, if only we could get it in little tiny sugar cube form.

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Gave me a chuckle.

Rick and Morty shills (((scientific nihilism)))

I don't get how people think science disproves the "subjective", rather than simply refusing to comment on it.

Are you retarded? It's very obviously intended to imply the opposite

Yeah I'm sure the government sponsored media is pushing actual free thought, not just "you can chose kosher blue or kosher blue lite!"

Don't compare baleen whales to soyboys you double-nigger. Fear Grimace is a primate's show of submission and non-threatening behavior. Other mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that open their mouths up wide do so because of The Flehmen's Response. A gland on the upper pallette of an animal can take in scent from the environment and further analyze it. It's why you see seals, alligators, cats, lizards, etc. with mouths agape; to take in air vapor.

Try watching it then, jackass. There's only one way a PBS video with that title is going to go

Oh fuck off m8.

I didn't know whales ate soy, user.

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is actually conservative and also not that bad

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Fuck off.

That dumb nigger doesnt understand why borders are still a thing in current year

Pick one user.

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I'm just going to refute that clip real quick. Saying that nothing matters or all meaning is relative isn't necessarily denying that actions have consequences. Everything you do does affect everything else, the question isn't even "why should I care?", it's "what should I care about?" His rejection of nihilism doesn't answer that question in the clip, I can only assume that it goes on to apply some standardized set of values to say that "I should care about being 'successful', making lots of money, having a big family etc". The nihilistic viewpoint merely rejects the idea that I should care about anything other than what I care about. It's entirely up to me to decide what has meaning in my life and to do what advances the things that I value, NOT the things that others would value for me.

I feel the same way as you, anonorrino.

You are describing existentialism, not nihilism. Nihilism says that meaning itself is meaningless.

Fair enough, I was only interested in the arguments he was making specifically rather than the philosophy behind them.

Peterson is weak shit anyway. All he does is turn Jung and Eliade kosher.

Yes, this is all an attempt to make everyone a bunch of faggots. Blacked in particular posts a lot on 4chan under the guise of "how do you do fellow anons".

The Russian government edits their news to make it more dramatic?

Pretty sure that's more the 2 tons of body fat he's got from the truckload of McDonald's it takes to sustain his life now.

Makes me sick, tbh.


I haven't even watched a marvel movies since Iron Man 2 I think.

Keep up the good work.

If there's something in this world I will never truly understand, it's grown ass men who act like this about fucking superheroes.

I bet PBS would still be good if analog NTSC broadcasts hadn't been killed.

Vidya is Hindi for knowledge, you know.

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I don't drink soy, I'm a conservative and I don't open my mouth like a fucking retard to photos. Should I shave myself Holla Forums?
Sage for blogposting

I wish that there were no exclusives so that I could finally play Bloodborne and Gravity Rush on PC without needing to buy the Bloodborne playing machine because I really don't want to spend money on that shit.

Try using an example that doesn't use someone that puts talking lions and water jesus in their stories. While you're at it, stick to the original Arthurian legend, Lancelot was shoehorned in by frenchies..


Christcucks and Shnozzes are of the same semitic flock.

The problem is not that he's overly excited, the problem is that he's overly excited for something that probably isn't worth getting overly excited for.

Not only did the Jews reject Jesus, but the Church went through the process of gentrification, stripping the religion of Jewish practices. Many Renaissance depictions of biblical heroes such as David are uncircumcised, for example.

Attached: 'David'_by_Michelangelo_Fir_JBU020.jpg (682x1023, 73.93K)

To be fair its only the marketing. You get only bad endings if you just don't walk away or ally with the christian militia (otherwise the government nukes the whole country, all your friends die and you have the spend years in a bunker alone with the main antagonist).

In Brazil an entire neighborhood just made a giant bonfire out of a refuge center full of Venezuelans.

It's a literal fairytale you mongoloid.
What, you mean the one paragraph about the Dux Bellorum, who was a warchief in Britain? The original story wasn't even about a king, it just expanded with each re-telling.

Hooktube's frontpage just shows what's trending from hooktube links.

Is that real or is he just playing for his audience? I refuse to believe that there's someone this excited for a trailer.

to think that 10 years ago bronys were just a weird western moe anime otakus
yet RM 9001 IQ crowd overshadowed them in cringyness so to say

Well, that explains everything.

The baneporn was an actual brazzers producer going on cuckcchan and asking for memes and what's currently "in".
Forgot what board tough, Holla Forums or Holla Forums I guess.

Even with rejection via gentrification, it can always subverted by the kikes because of its origins. It will always trace back to them. It's better to take lessons from pagan or egyptian religions.

nigga, that's a shark

Attached: Boogie_has_a_message_for_the_people_who_think_his_wife_is_being_unfaithful.mp4 (1920x1080, 4.42M)

Attached: 43673698374697349084.png (1055x775, 1.3M)

yea and then vatican 2 decided to de-canonized child victims of Jewish ritual murder and say that all faiths had equal legitimacy, abandoning the right of the church to exist as THE TRUTH. along with as subtle push for infant circumcision. But no totaly not run by jews.

yeah, but it has Xenoblade


user is that statement objective or subjective?

underrated post

The solution was always to kill those that are afraid to be killed in the first place.

Whatever threatens their lives as well as damaging their products or giving any kind of financial loss at the same time, is the better option.

Because there are retards that won't kill them on sight.

that'd require a shit ton stealth quadcopters or a big airship though.
Wouldn't it be better to drop glide bombs from a rocket?