Overrated games general

This is not an Undertale thread fuck off

Post games that deserve 0% of the acclaim and popularity they received

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make a good thread instead of this woman shit where you bitch about people

Dubs general

Is this the undertale thread?

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It probably deserves at least 1%
Maybe even 3%; I'm feeling generous

Not until someone spams goats or uses the flower as an avatar to smug at people who don't like Undertale

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This isn't 4chan. Learn to make an actual fucking thread.


Oh my fucking God

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sooo many blatant 4chan thread.

it's been two years, what do you expect user?

This is a shit thread OP fuck off
Post OPs that deserve to be banned permanently so that they can fuck off back to cuckchan

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I made a thread.
The thread is about videogames which are overrated and don't deserve the praise they get.

Honestly the mods should just ban all IPs who have posted at this point. Those who manage to post after deserve to be here, those who can't should die.

You are a faggot, kill yourself.

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You made a shit thread.
The thread is about shit stirring and belongs on cuckchan.

That song was probably the only thing about the game I liked but I hate how it loops.

Toby Fox has been pimping that one song out for years. It was in his earthbound mod, then homestuck, now this. It's the only thing he's ever done that has merit.

Stupid OP + stupid autistic kids = this thread

Most AAA games are overrated, this is the age of overrating (ask digra), but being serious, every year consoles are more overrated and everytime year they are worse.


if you're gonna act like a woman post your tits or fuck off bitch

>>>Holla Forums

You aren't as unique as you think.

where them tittys I won't even make fun of you if the nipples aren't level

Overrated is just a buzzword that people use when they didn't enjoy something as much as other people did, and are somehow mad about it for some moronic reason.

Successful things deserve the success they get even if you don't like those things.
If you think the Undertale fanbase is just a bunch of degenerates, and children. Undertale still deserves that successes for being something those people enjoyed so much.
If you think the Twilight fanbase is a bunch of dumb tween girls who just want to fantasies about having a boyfriend who's perfect. It still deserves the success it got for being what those girls wanted.
If you think Overwatch is a Shallow game that appeals to the lowest common denominator, it still deserves the success it has for finding out how to tap into that market of normal fags.

You can think things are shit, but to be mad that what you think is shit is successful is a waste of time, time that you should be using to look for something you enjoy.

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You cannot make this shit up.

I don't see user saying anything about being unique. That just sounds like standard projection to me m8.

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dark souls/bloodborne

I'm not defending anything, I'm just saying. "Successfully thing is Overrated because I didn't like it" is not a statement that provokes interesting discussion.

That's not your call to make.

Dues ex jesus fucking christ is it over rated
Kek, baited you

Doom. Old and basic, has nothing on more modern shooters. Even something like Duke 3D totally makes it irrelevant.

I forgot I had a whole folder full of undertale porn
thanks for reminding me OP!

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You're gonna share that right now pardner

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Come on terrible tantrum timothy.

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I don't believe such an amount of unholy art could exist,but the monkey paw i have twisted would definitely turn it into that.

I'm sorry, I can't masturbate because I'm enjoying my secret stash of sans too much.

Remember when Undertale first came out and Holla Forums literally had generals on it nonstop for maybe like two months?
that was weird

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You are mean and i hope you share a game night with Jerry

(great dubs!)
pic related?

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Jerry from the game
I'm genuinely a massive fan of it,but you can't say that around here or you get beat harder then a nigger with a whip

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I'm joking, scat is fucking revolting. There is a horrifyingly large amount of Undertale scat, though.

Holla Forums makes fun of anything that's even remotely popular, literally it's a degenerate shitposting website feel free to flaunt your disgusting nature. No one cares and secretly everyone loves it.
You, and only you, can make this board entertaining.
Also Mark is a nigger

also in secret the game is on my list for best games of all time

Pic unrelated?



It's one of the only games i played from start to finish in one sitting,true ending included,and i went in completely blind as well,it was a damn nice experience,was my game of the year

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Undertale wasn't that bad. The demo was so much better than the full game though. The only thing the full game had on the demo was Omega Flowey (one fight), the True Lab (I'll say it was worth an hour), and the Genocide route (maybe one hour of decent content).
The No Mercy (killing everyone without going full genocide) ending was savage but I wouldn't consider it worth mentioning, since it's just a few lines of dialogue changed in the copypasta neutral ending.

Flowey's still one of my favourite video game villains, if only for how cool he was in the demo. Chara was a great villain just because of how much I sympathized with the whole "fuck this game, let's end it already" mentality of the Genocide route. Asriel is a fucking steaming pile of shit character who ruined one of my favourite video game villains. Fuck Asriel. Fuck Undertale. Fuck everything.

People who complain about Undertale and the whole liberal agenda are laughable though. There was one joke romance scene and I think a few implications in a single fight. If that's enough to dismiss the entire game without actually discussing what it did well and what it did badly then you need to get the fuck out of my hobby.

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I thought the alphys and undyne romance was cute,and it didn't feel forced to me,i think people hated it because they genuinely just hate the idea of a same sex couple there,which is fine,but goddamn,really?

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I just didnt like that best girl couldnt be romanced because she was with that fucking worse the 100 stalins kobold fattygross

I'm okay with people hating it, thinking it's forced, thinking it's Marxist propaganda or whatever Holla Forums is complaining about lately, but it's when that's the only thing people actually know about the game and it's enough to make them hate the whole thing without bothering to think for themselves, that's when it gets to me.

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GOAT is best character

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Alphys is relatable with her self hatred,and that's what hurts the most,to see her get with someone so cool,and not you

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Alphys = Holla Forums
Undyne = Trump (made anime real)

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It's a good song

but this 46-chapter Undertale fanfic made Trump real




I don't get the game, like you can jump and shoot but the rifle doesn't propel up, it just drops, so seeing a bullet drop i thought of stalkan but it was not even close. THen the building part? man what the hell.

all AAA games that have come out within the last 8 years. Nintendo especially for being overrated even on Holla Forums

0% is a real harsh percentage

Half-Life 2

Undertale deserves plenty of the praise it gets. However, the interesting thing is that Megalovania does NOT. The song is actually complete garbage, and doesn't even belong in the fucking game because it shares none of the motifs of the rest of the soundtrack. It only exists as a tie-in to his earlier popularity and fanbase through that fucking retard-show Homestuck.

The best way to determine whether someone actually likes the game for what it is, instead of just being a gibbering moron who lives and breathes le dank memes in it, is tho ask them which song is their favorite. If they say Megalovania, they deserve the rope.

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Overrated: Games you like
Underrated: Games I like

It's worse

Overrated? Every single Gamecube exclusive. All of them. Sunshine is the worst 3D Mario, Wind Waker is one of the worst Zeldas, Melee does not deserve the fucking autism surrounding it, TTYD is mediocre at best, Pikmin was never good, Star Fox Adventures is only liked by furfags, Wario World is fucking bland and Eternal Darkness is far from the best horror game ever made as some retards say.

Undertale has the audience it deserves, frankly - fans of Markiplier and that green haired Scottish cunt.
My sister, a liberal cunt straight out of college, considers herself a grill gamer. Her favorite games are Skyrim, Fallout 4 (she hated New Vegas) and Undertale. I think it says a lot.

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Actually if they've even heard Megalovania in the game itself and not on Youtube or in the files or something, they deserve the rope.

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I honestly never ever like it.

Holla Forums loves undertale now


Everyday I don't think it could get worse but I get surprised everytime. Why am I so attached to imageboards.

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The consumerbase was replaced by Neogaf, as can be seen by all the ps4 shilling.

There has always been anons here who liked Undertale, this is nothing new you newfag

For teenagers that know nothing about quality tracks.

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>Buggy as shit b-b-b-but mods will fix it doesn't count
It's just slav Oblivion.

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Just post the gay goat porn and call it a day.

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I really don't know why the fuck people like this. 1 was great - possibly one of my top 10 games ever - but this clunky, poorly balanced shitfest was such a letdown. Also fuck the retarded third act twist.

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It's one of those games liked by people who haven't actually played it.

Here's your (faggot), You

I didn't say it for (you)'s I'v just never seen someone use the term Overrated and then proceed to make any actual interesting criticisms.

The other boss themes in the game are much better like Undyne the Undying

Now, nothing like cuckchan at all

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Can goats even have the gay? I know sheep can, but don't know about goats.


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I feel your pain.


Undertale specifically is as popular as it is because it's relatable to a large number of people.

Normalfag bait x1000, I agree. It's like the big bang theory writers managed to work for Nintendo and Square enix.

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This whole fucking board has become fucking Tumblr holy shit all of you need to fuck back off to your melodramatic daddy kink site and leave Holla Forums to simmer in it's own juices you repulsive faggots

I liked the skeletons (somehow), that BGM that sounds like it's inspired by Touhou, the cute dogs, and a small portion of the pixel art backgrounds. But honestly replaying the game just shows how shitty it really is. It's a one and done. The genocide route has the best fights, but is also the most boring route because muh moralfaggotry we have to dissuade you from your psychopathy. Flowey did nothing wrong. There's too much shitty designs, shitty lel meme jokes, and some of the background tracks are really monotonous. The sometimes literally gay characters and the cancerous fanbase don't make me want to replay it either. The only reason I've not deleted it is because the executable is so small.

I want a game that plays like Undertale, just without the AIDS that is diversity, lolsorandumb, and moralfaggotry. I can even stand power of friendship if it's done right, just not that stupid tumblr/reddit bullshit. Touhou doujin/fangame version when? I've seen a Touhou MAD that parodied the fights, we need a full game.

I'll give it this: None of the boss themes were terrible. Even Wrong Enemy was decent.

I can only presume you weren't here in 2015.

On-topic: The first Portal game. Most of the game felt like a glorified tutorial level, and only the last handful of levels were good. Having autosave on a timed boss is completely inexcusable. The cake memes didn't help either.

Undertale is popular because it launched with Homestuck's fanbase shilling it constantly.

You cannot end up on the genocide route by only killing in self-defense, is what he means. You must kill at least one monster who does not attempt to harm you.

It was shit then and it's shit now. A few crappy FPSs tailing off its legacy don't change that.

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At some point in the future, we will have evolved to a kind of computer architecture that's completely different from the kind we have now. Undertale will no longer run, and will require an emulator. There will be people who unironically put filters on Undertale and every other pseudo-retro style pixelart game. This is inevitable. This is the future we chose.

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You talking about papyrus? because i'm pretty sure he hurts you,albeit before you die he saves your ass.

Where do these fucking casuals come from?

Where do these people who like things i don't like come from?

So fucking good.

Well you come from 4chan.

[Citation Needed]

Aren't you happy that you can assume i came from there recently.

Thank you for providing it.

At least this undertale thread is appropriately titled. I wonder what shit game will delight the Homestuck/My Little Pony/Undertale fanbase next?

Doki Doki Literature Club, if you can even call it a game

Please user,tell me what games you like.

It's a big stretch to say that those fandoms are anything close to synonymous. Undertale got its initial boost from Toby's Homestuck notoriety, but the fanbase it accrued eclipsed its initial fans by far. Bronies are irrelevant, and are gradually disappearing as the property is cynically milked like it was always destined to be.

Link to the Past is fucking terrible and ruined the Zelda series even more than 2 did. BotW is really obviously trying to repair the damage LttP did to the series, but between having to pander to the terrible Zelda fanbase and obviously spending more time on the mechanics than anything else seriously limits the potential.

They absolutely are, and you can confirm it for yourself by checking how the tumblr tags and crossovers cluster.

You shills are making me feel about Nintendo the way Hitler felt about Jewry

I'm sorry you like shitty casual games like Link to the Past, but it is worse in every way compared to the original Zelda. BotW's problems all come from Link to the Past and questionable development choices. Now, I didn't pay for BotW so I may be a bit biased, but I had more fun with it than I had with LttP and OoT, and I was more easily able to get into it than TP or SS. BotW isn't a great game, but it's alright. It's a step in the right direction for the franchise, although knowing Nintendo they'll learn all the wrong lessons from it and make another terrible game like Link Between Worlds.

I still like them both, the real cancer was Oot. Every fucking game after that kept trying so hard to "replicate" the "magic" and it killed it so hard, BOTW broke that cycle of 3D Zelda games, AlttP only gets away with it because it's a 2D game, and the only thing it is moderately guilty of is the linearity, then again, it managed to pull off quite nicely compared to the future installments.

Kill yourself shill.

It's the furfags as always. They support undertale, they push degeneracy and massive amounts of sex outside of a relationship, they're pro console wars, they try to drag /monster/ into their shit, they're obsessed with scat, and they're pro censorship.

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Did I not make it clear I pirated the Wii U version? Are you some sort of retard who can't understand context? It's not worth talking to you, you're clearly subhuman.

OoT is a huge problem, no doubt. If I had to pick linear Zelda games I like, Link's Awakening, the Capcom 3, and oddly enough Wind Waker do it more for me. In fact, Wind Waker is a lot like BotW, they pretty much have the exact same strengths and weaknesses. For me the appeal of the original Zelda is being presented with a problem with no real solution. You had to figure out where to go and what to do. It's a shame that the actual dungeons were kinda crap, which is where later Zelda games shine. The problem of later Zelda games is that the problem can be narrowed down to "use an item". At least LttP and OoT didn't completely insult your intelligence, something even WW couldn't entirely get right and reached peak terribleness in SS.

You're not fooling anyone you horse loving freak

Tumblr and fanfiction sites don't reflect the whole of Undertale's audience. The majority of people who know about Undertale were introduced to it by watching Let's Players, which are huge. I'm not saying that there isn't major overlap with autistic fans of autistic media, I'm saying that you can't say that MLP, Homestuck and Undertale's audiences are equivalent, because Undertale's audience size far exceeds the other two combined.

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Thank you for this thread OP. Have a rare goat for your efforts.

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Probably due to the fact that the word immediately turns what little brain matter you have off as soon as you see it.

Fixed that for you.

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The only real example I can think of that earned literally none of its hype is that game that started the phrase Walking Simulator. I can't even remember its name now, but it could be beaten in 1:45 if you knew where everything was.

Unrelatedly, Undertale genuinely had some bumpin' music I enjoy completely unironically.

Fuck, Gone Home. That was the one.

I had to remember it by the time somebody gifted it to Hotwheels and when pressed for an explanation user responded he thought he'd appreciate a walking simulator.


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Good of you to finally come out from under that rock user.

No it's not shill-kun and none of those things you mentioned deserved their success.

You're trying too hard newfag, that's not what an unpopular opinions thread is.

I'm not shilling anything, and Success does not equal quality, but their is an art to manipulate people into buying your crap.

That track you posted is awful

That reminds me
Sounds fucking amazing
Fuck me. I just wanted Skeleton Wild ARMs.

Okay I feel like I should rephrase what I said because looking at it a day later I did make myself sound like a contrarian just for the sake of being a Contrarian.

What I mean is if someone rated something very highly and you took a look at that same thing and saw it as shit, so what? Unless that person giving the rating is someone you respect their opinion shouldn't matter to you. If a million idiots think something is great and you don't, that shouldn't be a big deal because those people are idiots. Every time i'v hear someone use the term overrated, they are either purposefully trying to bait people, or it's because they bought into the hype for something, when they should have just done a little research / had more grounded expectations.
I'v just never heard someone use the word "overrated" and then actually proceed with thoughtful Critique. it's always just "X is overrated" and that's it.

Say what you will about this game, you can't deny that the voice casting was flawless. You got…

All in one game; what more could you ask for? behindthevoiceactors.com/video-games/Fallout/side-by-side/

Please keep being ass aggravated, behind bothered, and derriere devastated. Nothing makes me happier than knowing autists are bitching and moaning about games I have fun with ;)

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Do people even consider those video games anymore? They're like wallpaper.


Welcome to Holla Forums enjoy your stay.


Nobody gives those games praise anymore though.

I never said I do it, just that the majority of Holla Forums is composed of such retards.

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I see you're one such retard.

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I don't dislike them, they're just background noise at this point. Culturally dead.


It's the only place left to have any discussion.

It is quite literally not the same you massive retard. You cannot be a single entity but also have a majority of you. If I said the majority of japan is japanese, that does not make japan composed of a single person.

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reads the same and has the same meaning as
even if they're semantically different

You are too stupid for words.

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Further there's nothing wrong with using Holla Forums as a singular noun to describe tendencies you observe on it, you stupid fuck.

Aww, I was about to save that…

dont worry friend, i give you another chance.

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Thank you, fellow loner :^)

Dunno dude, ask Mohammed

Pretty much any game from Team Ico or by From Software. All their games have been complete shit.

Of course :^)

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Still makes me rage everytime.

the pso2 remix is better.

Or should you be proud that everyone forgot it even existed?

Why the fuck would everyone be mentioning a AAA game from several years ago that was forgettable as fuck? You're trying way too hard to fit in

This IS an Undertale thread fuck off

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I found Persona 4 to be overrated. The gameplay was fairly simplistic.

Holy fuck,what gun is that?


i don't believe you

I like Toriel porn.

What's a good /startingshotgun/, strelok?

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i am ok with this

But the monsters dindu nuffin. It was all the terrible humans' fault.

im not gonna even start to argue about the balance but come on clunky compared to 1 are you retarded? Also what is wrong with the twist, you just don't like being surprised or think they didn't sell it well enough?

Attached: 1521845063604.gif (120x130, 13.32K)

Those got success by being shallow and by not challenging anything or anyone to appeal to the widest audience possible. It's called pop culture and will be forgotten quickly as opposed to those that built up dedicated and niche fans. Try harder next time.

Attached: 67b5557725bad1565af04da5e448ab8278a36f1a9757643be25ca3c61d654f79.jpg (480x221, 11.7K)

It's sole purpose. Don't take proper grammar and word choice for granite.

I didn't make that image. And it's almost like it's supposed to be bait or something.

I repressed what I meant in this post I admit that my first post was Prime (you) bait when I wrote it.

1 was clunky but actually good 2 was clunky but boring.
It was unnecessary and an ass-pull.

I haven't played undertale yet despite getting it for free but megalovania is a banger

Sans is best girl

I suppose there'd be pus if they were infected with something. you're looking for puss puss friendo

I lik undertale ;3 i go to collag

what a faggot

The blowjob version is way better.

You make the same mistake most people make and that is thinking goodness is subjective, it's not. Liking something IS subjective but you can measure goodness objectively. We may have not found a good metric yet, but it exists, like how we can say objectively that Go is better than Tic Tac Toe.
Overrating is what happens when a lot of people like something that's not good, because of other external circumstances that do not fall under that theoretical metric. That's also why these games usually get forgotten, because once those external circumstances go away what you get is an empty shell that cannot stand on its own.
Example: I personally like Oblivion a lot, but the game is SHIT. It has countless flaws, bad mechanics, it's buggy as hell, etc. I like it because of nostalgia, because I like the style, because I find it comfy, but hardly any of these things make the game good.
Of course as long as you have fun it doesn't matter, but it doesn't make it good, hence why the term overrated exists.

Shit, that's the wrong version, my bad.
Someone has it, though.

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