Dream game you wish existed

Postal 2 with multiple choices and multiple endings with Arrested Development type jokes along the way

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You do have multiple choices in Postal 2 though.

Alright I can agree, but we need more endings. (not like 2 or 3; like 13 or 15)

King of the Hill themed Left 4 Dead game


There could be 5 endings. The obvious ones being a pacifist ending and a rampage killer ending. The other three are less obvious: a murderer ending, which you get for killing innocent civilians but not the police, a self-defence ending which is gotten by killing in self-defence alone, and a genocide ending, which you get for killing everyone in the game.

No no no. Endings that are based on dialogue decisions you make. Like if you have a problem with let's say a drug dealer, in the end, you gotta fight him or some shit.
I do understand your idea, but we need to reflect it in the story like if he's a genocidal maniac, it might be a tad difficult for the Dude to make alliances (but not like impossible)


Ah, yes. That's what RWS planned for the game very early in its development before they decided to go for the more subtle approach to it that you have in the final game instead.

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Battletoads vs Joe & Mac.


An MMO where bots are central to the gameplay. Let me code the bots myself.

Oh my.
Do I have the game for you.

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What would the zombies be?

A Fantasy Adventure Sims-style MMO where making a new character is selecting an unclaimed NPC in the gameworld. When you log out your character is taken over by server AI until you log back in. The AI learns from how you play what activities your character enjoys, who their friends are, and autonomously manages them. Characters grow old, die, procreate etc. Permadeath obviously. Players create their own towns, control territories, form industry. Animals/monsters in the game are tracked by the server and don't infinitely respawn in specified zones. They can also be tamed/trained to use for farming/riding etc.

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A new TXR game, using Chain Reaction's physics, with a car list in the 100's, and at least NFS '15/payback levels of ricing (and a vinyl editor that has a skew and negitive option). And a soundtrack done in collaberation with whoever does Ridge Racer sound tracks and Mad World/Anarchy Reign's.

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Postal: Redux but where they paid me for the artwork

Literally SimCity 4, except with modern graphics and in full 3D.

Total War game where you can at any time take control of an individual unit and fight mount and blade style

Cities Skylines

A new proper Monster Rancher game

Charcoal users of course.

Yakuza, but in the Jet Set Radio universe, with online gang fights/graffiti wars and custom gangs and characters.

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A chao garden style fairy raising game
with optional oppai lolis

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An FPS/RTS set during the Spanish civil war. Only thing that comes close are a couple of mods for COD2 and Men of War.

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because it's cute

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lolis are fine. Oppai lolis shot not exist

a space SHUMP RPG where you can get in and out of your spaceship when you want, you explore a galaxy with different planets and space stations to do missions, you can buy upgrades to both your spaceship and astronaut or buy new spaceships and shit for your pilot, the spaceship would play a lot like thunferforce and the astronaut would play like Contra or Metroid

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It would be like MGSV TPP but finished, setting would be some sci-fi and fantasy mix. BUT also you get a temporary base that is much like the Scarabs from Halo. It roams the world, you can have it hidden away somewhere. Fight with it, use it as a big distraction to sneak into somewhere, fight other roaming bases. You lose one of your arms and its replaced with some mechanical/living arm. You can grapple, fight, climb, sneak with it.

A few classes for you to play, warrior (good at guns and melee), ranger (sniper and sneaking), Operative (sneaking, espionage and sabotage), commander (go into the field with a small squad) and T.A.N.K (big mech suit/exoskeleton).

It would be a literal epic and take hundreds of hours to beat the Main Quest.

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I desperately want a domestic terrorist mil-sim. It would be co-op/single player focused, but you could throw in a proper multiplayer mode, since that meme never dies. You'd play as either:

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Fixed. Also…this game needs to be made

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Well, if you like that, you're going to love the Killdozer DLC, now only 9.95 USD! The worst part is, it would already be made if we lived in best timeline. Instead estronauts and hamplanets took over the industry. Now, you can:

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I really, really like this idea, but I know it'll never happen. I'd imagine it'd be something like Payday except with two-player missions being very rare and not at all the focus.

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This sounds fun as fuck

But that game already exists.
It's No Man's Sky

Nintendo SOY IP.

i don't want a first person space sim, i want a 2d horizontal shooter ya dingus

Unfortunately it kind of exists, and it's a stinking pile of garbage. I've heard one of the three endings isn't even unlockable due to a bug.

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Neverwinter knights 3. With full open world of the sword coast

sounds cool, too bad it will never ever happen, despite the fact you can already play as terrorist in CS, be a complete dick like Kratos, or just go postal I actually think that it could even prevent shootings, like cartoon pron apparently prevents rape, but that's not the point, the point is play fun games

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Aw fuck. I was kind of expecting more of a humor rich FPS game. I knew Postal 3 was shit when RWS themselves said it was.


So this game you're describing is quite similar to Star Citizen, am I right, fellow user?

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It's inferior in every way, though.

FIFA vs Madden hentai jrpg

Around the time this asymmetric multiplayer stuff began to emerge, I had An Idea. It might be a terrible idea but, here it is.

It's your typical WAR scenario. You're either one of the Soldiers or the Commander. The Soldiers are a team of players and, to them, the game plays out like an FPS. You go around shooting dudes, destroying installations and generally fucking with the enemy on a large map. Meanwhile, the Commander leads the enemy, RTS style. They're responsible for resource management, creating installations to either spawn more units or assist existing units and using special powers to basically fuck with the Soldiers.

Commander wins if all Soldiers die or if the primary objective of the map has been rendered impossible to accomplish due to player action (i.e. "Destroy the Superweapon" and none of the Soldiers have any explosives left to destroy it with), Soldiers win if they either destroy all units and unit-spawning installations belonging to the Commander, accomplish the primary objective of the map or if the Commander surrenders.

If this sounds very vague and framework, it's because it is. It's just an idea. Could work with a variety of settings from sci-fi to modern to fantasy and would still fit with a bit of rejiggering. Replace Soldiers with Knights or a set of fantasy classes, for example, and making their end of the game play like For Honor or Vermintide and it would work with that setting too.

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A game that makes me as happy as I was when I was a kid

A child-friendly S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Cute girl goes adventuring in a beautiful but dangerous world, makes great friends, finds shiny treasures and fights off hordes of monsters with water and paintball guns.

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Neo Turf Masters 2 complete with Links 2003 styled course/season creator, Mario Golf GBA/GBC styled single player RPG, Legend of Golfer's gear selection, lobbies/rooms and online tournaments.

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The Commander's forces would either be AI, and just cannon fodder for superior human minds (even cowadoody 12 year olds), or other real players who wouldn't obey their commander. The other choice is making the AI stupidly difficult and cheaty with flawless aim, and nobody would want to play the FPS part against them.

You'll never get it back

True. This is an issue. Part of my idea was to have the Commander's troops be AI and generally cannon fodder individually but, dangerous to even a skilled player either in numbers or deployed in proper groups, possibly setting up the AI to take a certain amount of independent action like taking a simple order of "Attack Player 1" from the Commander and being able to extrapolate "Player 1 is coming around this corner soon, so we'll throw a grenade/flashbang and then charge around all at once" or, to use the "proper groups" thing I mentioned before and have a Heavy Gunner unit suppress Player 1 while basic riflemen flank or use grenades to take advantage of the suppressed player.

Of course, this would require an almost absurd amount of programming to get to work properly and would probably be a buggy mess if the AI couldn't figure the proper tactical actions in response to player action. Even with the best programming there would still be no guarantee it wouldn't just bug out and go full retard for no discernable reason.

Still, I'm happy someone actually read my post. It was just An Idea.

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extremely asymmetric multilayer shooter, one side would have like 10 highly trained soldiers with lot's of health and very good weapons and the other side would have hundreds of mindless aliens that die in a instant but have superior numbers, kinda like starship troopers

Forgot to add.

Sengoku Rance 2.

I never knew I wanted something until I read this. Someone fund this shit.

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The Legendary difficulty AI from old Halo would come close to the competency in your idea, but I don't think anything exists that's as good at replicating human strategy as you want.

>Atmospheric FPS coop or not set in an underground lab full of monsters, enemy variety outside of the common cannon fodder enemies that are all over the place, tacticool weapon handling, though to level design, get in and then get out

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An arena shooter with an active playerbase.

My dream game is the original idea of spore.

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Somewhere between Zombie Master and The Crossing.

Elder Scrolls games with good gameplay

Basically this.
Every so often there's a similar thing coming out and I get hyped then it disappears off the face of the earth or changes into something so different I can't even recognise it.