Mega Man thread

If somebody invented a device that could copy a human brain: there's a good chance he could compile a working ROM of Mega Man 2 from your head.

In my case, however, he could create a personality chip that would be an exact mental replica of Ciel from Mega Man Zero that can be inserted into a sex bot just like in Cherry 2000.

By the way, the best games from each series are…

This is objective and incontrovertible.

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What the fuck are you talking about

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At least call someone a faggot if you're even bothering to post

i don't host the code of MegaMan 2 in my head

Ciel does not exist there isn't enough data to know her fully, all you are presented with is generic good faith scientist anime girl

Why are you even bringing this up, KYS


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Your list is surprisingly flawless.
You're still a cunt though.

The classic series has perfected the formula for it's genre. Speed, jump height, enemy health, player health, shot damage, level design, boss design, pits and spikes, and the ability to choose from any of the eight beginning levels from the outset

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That looks like an abomination.

What the fuck are you babbling on about, you schizo? Get help.


Go back to 4ch you fucking normalfag.

I sense a heretic.

nah it still failed to balance the difficulty of the bosses then make them super weak to a single weapon therefore making everyone repeat the same pattern with the game, some useless weapons that were more of a single time use for level beating purposes and such things, energy drops for weapons was bullshit, since it made you farm enemies instead of just leaving energy drops around the stage to encourage management, which in turn made the devs lazy on balancing the energy consumption of weapons with some really shitty ones consuming lots of it, game was not perfect by any stretch of imagination, it was just that it was above the then average

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May as well just call it "Shit games thread", OP.

You sense your better, faggot.

Doin' it wrong OP. You're supposed to copy the first few paragraphs about it off wikipedia and then put the actual thread subject after that.

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That guy's in his 30s now. Do you think he ever banged his mom?

Literally what is your post you retard

Who the fuck is Sgt. Night? Where the hell is Wily?

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Zero is trash
Guess how much of this is bait


shut the fuck up nigger zero is great and I wish we got more melee focused action platformers

you got me for a while there fagget

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He gets what he deserves.

You just earned yourself some servo-slavery.

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No. Under certain conditions it's a very fun game to play through but it's still flawed to hell and back and the fun lasts for 60% of the game.

Do the adeptus mechanicus have hot battle women?
Fukken ugly robo niggers:0

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You're a pinhead. Your head is literally shaped like a bowling pin.

I say this from the standpoint of being able to play the games well enough to not encounter those issues.
I understand they can be frustrating before you've really gotten it down, but I won't hear someone tell me how well something operates if they are unable to operate it properly on their own.


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As a Megaman newfag, why does the Zero series get so much praise? Is it because it's a melee platformer with a focus on fast?

Mega Man Zero is the best series.

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Good doujin, 10/10

BLACK MAN posted right after IT'S NIGGA TIME. Well done, user.

Perhaps it will turn out that "Sgt. Night" is Doctor Wily in disguise, and everyone is somehow surprised by this. But that would require someone who actually knew or cared about the source material, which I don't think is happening here.

Or they're going to do the thing, where the twist is Sgt. Night was actually working for Wily the entire time.

The best Mega Man game in years is Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Which is a fucking travesty TBH.

I'm personally a BN6 fag mainly because it's the last up-to-date EXE game.

I hate Mega Man. He ruins everything.

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Only good megaman games are zero series.

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This is a well crafted bait.
This is true
This is true
This is true
This is true, except for robots and that one dude with forehead plate.
This is true
This is true
This is true
I don't remember this, it might be true, but you can still kill everyone with regular lightsaber/gun
I don't remember having issues with any bosses, except bird one that constantly pushes you with wind
Kinda true?
This is true

So the only thing you didn't mention and the only thing that actually serves as saving grace for the sub-series is 10/10 god tier gameplay.

It's the best melee platformer focused on precise ever made. Nothing comes close.
It's not about going fast though, but you kinda can if you're good.

I want to cum inside Aile

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It was obvious, but in retrospect it should have been more obvious.

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OP, first I'm disgusted by your sonic-fan autism, but then I'm turned on by you mentioning Cherry 2000.

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Gonna Meganize that vid for you and give a little something to wash that taste out of your mouth.

Or as with the reality we live in; they're unintentionally making it shittier than what even the most pessimistic of us expected. If it was Capcoms decision and not Man of Actions incompetence, then it was because they remembered it working out well in the Battle Network anime.

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Have we ever tried to come up with new armors for X and Zero in one of these threads? It seems like something someone has done on an imageboard at some point, but it should take on a special significance now that MM11 and another MMX collection have been announced.


How was the cartoon anyway? I never saw it myself.

It's a mixed bag. Some of the episodes are good in that kitschy, corny kind of way typical of Saturday morning cartoons of the 90s, and others are mind-numbingly horrible.

what, don't you enjoys furries reproducing through eye beams?

What this turn out to be as good as the Sonic Boom cartoon.

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It can't be as good as that show. A vocal portion of the MM fanbase are hypersensitive morons who can't take a damn joke. The show would make some Legends-related joke and then the community would go nuclear.

But to be honest, at worst it's going to be as inconsequential as Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

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No one expects it to be nearly as good as that show.

Ya know, I'm not one to buy a bad game just because it appeals to my niche fetish. But it's nice when a game I actually like has something I can get into.

I doubt it. After all the original Western Animation was garbage and the only legitimate reason to like it is nostalgia. The MM fanbase enjoy that tripe even though its a Joke.

No one expected the Sonic Boom to be good either. My commentary is based purely on the fact that people here on Holla Forums, and the broader fanbase, where having a similar knee-jerk reaction to the aesthetics but then later ended up loving it. I am merely pointing out that improbably but possible outcome in regards to this Franchise.

Well yes, it's a wait and see situation.

Remember when the MM fanbase made a massacre out of a Gunpla joke?

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To be fair it DOES look like concept art for X9 and people are on edge because of what happened with legends 3. The last thing we need is Megaman 11, rather we needed something like an X9 or a Legends 3.

or maybe an enterily new Megaman continuity with a female main character

So how about that mega maker update?

People really blow the quality of that show out of proportion

Remember when the DMC fanbase made a massacre out of a hair change?

can you make love to roll yet?

I think that's planned for 1.5
Can't wait

That's true of every fanbase.
If you're working with a Sonic Boom writing style, then a Legends joke would be taken well as long as it isn't at the expense of the core fanbase.
The fanbase would be pissed about Joke A, but accept Joke B, and it's not even that great of a joke.

It's enjoyed because it's a joke, not in spite of it. It has a few interesting bits, but is really only still relevant today because it's so ripe for memeing.
The average, non-autistic fan's reaction to Sonic Boom's redesigns was completely justified, since major character redesigns almost always end poorly, and those fears were proven valid by how the game turned out. The TV show happening to get writers good enough to salvage it is nothing short of a miracle.

You're missing the point.

It was never intended to be seen by western audiences. It was designed for Japanese audiences in mind. "Ver.Ke" is a dead giveaway that it's a Gunpla joke! That is alongside the fact that that design was posted on April 1st .

But no, leave it to this community to take something not even made for us and assume we're getting something out of it. Everybody wants to say that they're in the know of how Capcom operates and what they do with the brand, yet nobody puts in the actual fucking research to back it up. It should've been obvious that the somehow disastrous TGS 2017 Livestream wasn't going to be an announcement of any new games given that it was primarily headlined by CAPCOMTV, and even just a google translate tells me that they don't do new game announcements. Something that could be found out with a little research, but no, we'd rather be offended than informed.

To be fair, it wasn't the hair change alone, it was Tameem's attitude towards the established appearance of Dante, and that actually did go further than just appearance alone since it was later reported that Capcom attempted to salvage DmC by having original DMC staff called in to assist with the project. If you're someone who actually knows Capcom's history, this is about as unprecedented for them as taking a MM fangame and making it an official part of the franchise.

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Mega Maker is hands down the best thing to happen to Magaman. Still, need more standard enemies. Got burned out on the older version, the update looks great. Glad they reduced the map size and sprite limitations. It sucked making a huge map just for it to run slow.

Massively overrated meme.

Sega just has that luck with anything but the games. If Capcom doesn't fuck the new cartoon up and want to let Man of Action do their thing; Man of Action will fuck it up.

That was when there were no games and workers at Capcom pissing in their wounds.

user, all of Man of Actions cartoons are mediocre (Ben 10, Generator Rex) and when they work on already established IPs (Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble), they produce shit.

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You mean the one Twitter guy who made an unfortunately worded post about Legends 3, don't you?

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I'm pretty sure part of it was a feeling that the franchise had just become a joke to Capcom. Sort of a "why are you making jokes like everything is fine and dandy, when you've treated Mega Man like shit" deal. You have to remember, they hyped up a long-awaited sequel, just to cancel it and every other Mega Man project in development, then Capcom of Europe's twitter basically said it was the fans fault and the fans were supposed to make the game. It wasn't just a "our franchise isn't getting games" situation, but a "Capcom promised us a present, gave us a stab wound, then accidentally knocked the salt shaker onto it" situation. The blue bomber, himself, not showing up in MvC3, and the poor timing of Bad Boxart Mega Man in SFvT, didn't help matters.

It was one of their employees on one of their official accounts.

Didn't even get the prototype they promised would be the deciding factor if the game was canned or completed.

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It doesn't change my feelings that there's still a vocal portion of the community who still feels as bitter as they did 6-7 years ago. So for their sake, here's stuff they don't want to hear:

First, Inafune was the one who bailed on Legends 3. He left Capcom. He was not fired. It's really difficult to actually fire someone in Japan as a matter of fact!

Second, well yeah. That was the entire point of the Devroom. Fan involvement. They obviously weren't going to ask fans to make assets or code for them, what we got in the Devroom in terms of interactivity was what we were going to get at most had the project continued. It's fan cynicism and the whirlwind of hate boners that popped up after the game got canned that the entire premise of the Devrooms somehow got twisted into laziness.

And? Said employee retracted his statement when he saw it was being taken wildly out of context. What they said was not the official viewpoint of all of Capcom.

I like that new design. It reflects the current contemporary fashion but still keeps the spirit of the classic designs.

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That's the point. You the reactions to the gunpla joke out of context. I took the reactions to Donte out of context
and Katoki's designs aren't even that good

I still don't get what was with the Devroom thing anyway. From what I could gather, the forum was pretty lively, so saying MM3 was canned for "lack of interest" really sounded off. Was there some backdoor politicking after ConMan jumped ship?

The Devroom was pretty much made with community interaction in mind. Users (labelled 'servbots') were able to vote on certain character designs and also submit boss designs of their own.

But on the note of cancellation, I think the only reason the projects of Legends 3 and Universe only existed to begin with because of Keiji Inafune. He was in a pretty high position within Capcom, at being their Global Head of Production. He'd been heavily involved in their R&D years prior, and he was always teasing the idea of making a Legends 3 in interviews.

He was the man with the vision above all else for all things Rockman-related. So when he left Capcom… He left the project without a way forward, he left his team without a guiding light, and potentially left his project without anyone to vouch for it since the DASH series (note, DASH series, not Legends series) was never a particularly good seller in Japan, being beat out by the X series sales-wise at nearly every turn.

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Yeah, cause sequels to niche titles (one of them being yet another 16-bit platformer, which the market is already saturated with) is really going to renew interest in the brand.

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Are you fucking me OP? Those are all of my favorites, except I prefer EXE 3 over EXE 2.

But the X series hadn't been 16 bit since X3, right?

Well the people asking for X9 definitely aren't asking for another X4-6/X7/X8 styled game if that's what you're implying.

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And the person was in control of their European account as a job; a position that's there to have people speak for them.

Legends 3 was pushed through to the point it was, behind Capcoms back by Inafune but Universe seemed like something Capcom themselves got set up since there were no signs of Zero or Zero-like characters.

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those are meaty legs.

First, you didn't see that sentiment as part of a press release, did you? No? Then it's not the company's official stance. Not to mention how I distinctly remember one point of contention being as ridiculous as how Capcom's CEO didn't put up a special post on his own blog saying goodbye to DASH 3.

Second, I really doubt Inafune had to under the radar for both projects if they were given official web space. Again, he was Capcom of Japan's Global Head of Production and he'd been sevring *at least* as Lead R&D for many titles that he's probably went uncredited for. The staffers who do talk about what things are like within Capcom typically mention him as a figure that was worth respecting the decisions of.

While we might not know the entire story, I think we can boil down Legends 3's actual cancellation to three things:

1) The 3DS was doing horribly when it started out. Granted, the DS did almost as poorly when it started, but the 3DS didn't have all of it's full functionality and everybody else was waiting for stuff to come out. So, low install base.
2) The DASH series (note: DASH, not Legends) wasn't a great seller domestically, and was typically beaten by everything else Rockman-related at every turn. Despite how Capcom was happy to use the DASH series' imagery on products, they weren't confident in making an actual new game after 2 completely flopped.
3) Tatsuya Kitabayashi, the guy who absolutely had to have his OC named 'Axl' in X7, who was also the guy who couldn't decide if X7 should be all 2D gameplay or all 3D gameplay, was on this game. So DASH could've been X7, round 2.

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I hope you all take time to appreciate that the Joe line of robots are the best.

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Checking your trips because people apparently forgot how to do that.

I always wondered who was behind this, and I always said X7 was fucked with by the management. If this guy hadn't been on the project, maybe it would have been more focused and the devs would have been able to fix some of its flaws before release. Of course, Capcom execs giving them more time wouldn't have hurt either.

I was going to try for trips again but I got caught up thinking about how they could have implemented a light-gun type system in X7, so you can either have X shoot where he's facing, or activate the reticle and have him shoot somewhere in particular. The reticle would highlight when it's over an enemy, so even if X would otherwise shoot parallel to the ground, he'll shoot at an elevated enemy if the reticle commands him to. I've tried to think of other ways to reconcile Zero's 3D melee action game mechanics with X's gunplay and that's the best I can come up with that isn't the autoaim stuff we got. It'd be a bit like the Aiming Laser from X4, except it'd be handled with the second joystick.

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Event has been wrong more than once. Of course, it's hard to be wrong when you're shitting all over nu-Capcom.

I think the 3DS selling poorly has the most to do with it. Perhaps if there was a chance for a return in the game it would be the Switch to fuel it.

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I don't believe you made that screenshot.

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Of course I, the OP, am not kidding you. By the power vested in me, my word is infallible.

Battle Network 3 is also a masterpiece and outshines BN2 in a few respects, as well.

Sure are a lot of Crapcum apologists here acting like Inajewme was in any way capable of leading even ants to a picnic.

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Megamanchild's games are for people who are too shit to step up to G&G, the superior Capcom platformer.

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The adeptus mecanicus do have women amongst their ranks, you jsut wouldnt be able to tell them apart since they are mostly robotic, space marines have no females at all.

Well, he certainly wouldn't have made it so high up in the ladder if he sucked at his job within Capcom.

On that note, lemme tell you what Inafune's failings really are:

- He was trying to make Capcom act like Nintendo. In that, he wanted Capcom to have an active role in a third party game's development, hence part of his mission as Global Head of Production was to make Capcom games not developed in Japan feel more like Capcom games that were. In effect acknowledging that third party games with Capcom logos were all trash.
- He was all about the western market and had games tailor made for them. Final Fight: Streetwise, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Dark Void, Bionic Commando, DmC: Devil May Cry, acquiring Blue Castle Games (and retitling them Capcom Vancouver) immediately after they'd completed Dead Rising 2, to name a few. I'm always willing to bet that Inafune was behind a good portion of Street Fighter x Tekken's DLC scandal.
- Note that I said western market, not western audience. All of the things he's been noted to be involved in have kind of soured my view of how legitimately "for the fans" that Legends 3 and Universe were as projects, because everything that they were built on could've been nothing more than marketing platforms. Bad Box Art Mega Man in Mega Man Universe? …That could've all been marketing lead by Inafune.

That's a funny way of spelling Bionic Commando.

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user, these days Social Media accounts are seen as one of the voices that represent the company so they shouldn't have put anyone who would make such an obvious mistake in control of the main thing people uses for information short of Capcoms website.

I hugely doubt that since Nintendo handhelds never under-performed anywhere near the point that it would be detrimental to making a profit.
That's the one I agree with
We already got an OC in the game so I wouldn't really give a shit if we got another and it's already 3D so it wouldn't be hard to decide

I'm happy I never got into DMC.

I hope it doesn't; Capcom will just fuck it up.

I bet it was a push to get a more realistic Megaman known so that he could make a game looking a lot more Western than Eastern.

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Missed you too, user.

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