Mindless Games

Games that doesn't require near constant thinking/reading to play. In the past, I've played stuff like Binding of Isaac, Desktop Dungeons, FTL, and WoW for this, but I need some others.

Stuff with occasional reading or heavy decisions like FTL work, but games where those are near-constant like Darkest Dungeon don't.

I recently started with Cave Story but there's a lot of small dialogue things you need to pick up on to progress, so it's not great for this either.

Any genre really, but some obviously work better for this than others.

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Into the Breach


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I heard that it didn't have much replay value past 20 or so hours. What was your experience?

I've only done 5-6 hours so far and it's acceptable.


Risk of Rain
Binding of Issac
Stardew Valley
Gone Home


Do you have any idea how good of a fap tool that would be for me?

Kerbal Space Program


Sven Co-op

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Bought Risk of Rain and Stardew Valley per this recommendation. Stardew Valley has been amazing for this so far, haven't given RoR a shot yet.

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Farm Together if you've got friends. It's just planting crops and harvesting them. No townspeople, no combat. You get quests, to plant such a crop and harvest so many units, but they reward you with points to buy cosmetic farm items or fuel stations for your tractor.


sort of like an idle game?

Prototype 1 and 2 and Hulk Ultimate Destruction.

Windward is pretty fun and mindless.
Grim Dawn is mindless as well with little spurts of thought when you apply talent points and swap out equipment.
State of Decay is mind-numbing if you like zombies
Hero Siege is a good twin stick bloober game in the style of binding Issac.

Agreeing on grim dawn
Also, titan quest is another good one and it's almost identical to grim dawn.

Windward is indeed fun.