Playing The Divisions Underground expansion since i never got around to it back when it was a meme game a year before...

Do you think Urban Exploration could make for a good game about enviromental storytelling porn? or is it just incompatible with the medium?

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Shit game tbh.

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You could do it, but it would a terrible game
better to implement it into a proper game rather than making it a walking simulator

Oh fuck you caught me, how can i viral market a 2016 release to bump up those important launch sale numbers now?!?
Oh well back to my time machine to shill corn shucks to settlers in the 1700's.

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Isn't that what lead to "mark echos getting up?" because graffitti on its own was seen as 'glamourising thug culture'?
If only they listened. Now look. We have the modern FGC.

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you wot?

In all seriousness an urbex game would be pretty cool, but it would probably be a literal walking simulator. I don't know what gameplay besides looking at cool shit would fit with the game.

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It was a game in the PS2 era that was originally just about street artists and you basically puzzle platformed your way around areas because like a dumbass you forgot your funky dealer OST and roller skates like another game of choice and that was too bland. So they inserted a strange crime story in it.

Or fuck just think of the first Tony Hawks Underground game. Same shit really.

If it was good I'd buy it.


I just want a GTA size open world with urban exploration/paranormal investigation. I want the player to have to search in game for leads on abandoned buildings, hauntings and such. With a whole part of the game having to try and catch a haunting with equipment, but also having the possibility of some random hobo or drugged up psycho attacking you.

Anyone who says roaming around a post-event blizzardy night time city isn't the comfiest shit is lying. Having neat gadgets, tacticool gear, and a not-MG42 is pretty cool too.

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Put procedural generation to good use for once in its existence. Generate a post apocalyptic blizzard city where you can enter any room of any building. Make it survival. Sure. Whatever. In singleplayer, have NPCs you can add to a squad (but you have to now take their food/etc. requirements into account). Move between (or make your own) safe zones to sleep in at night. Keep warm, fed, and either wait for the war to end or help it end one way or another. The draw would be “ENTER ANY ROOM IN ANY BUILDING”; it can’t be THAT hard to do well.

Minus the recruiting of NPCs and add extraction out of the map and it sounds like the Survival mode

Shit meant for

Oh, of The Division? Interesting. There’s no single player for that game, is there? I always wanted to pirate it just to see how the world felt, since from what I’ve heard about the gameplay there’s nothing special at all.

You can more or less do everything solo. It doesn't force you to play with other people except in the PvP areas. You could always play the free trial