Did you use guides to play these games? I hate doing that...

Did you use guides to play these games? I hate doing that, but it's basically impossible to figure out the most optimal way to use your time, and you won't enjoy all social links and activities unless you do that. And I'm not willing to play 80 hours games twice just to enjoy it all.

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how fucking casual can this thread get?
maybe get it right on your first try then :^)

Play at least once without it.

I tried making my own calendar planner once but there were too many random things that fucked it up.

You never did. You never even played them.

You’ll never get everything on your first run, especially on 4 and 5, unless you grind social stats like a mad man. Other than that, just get good at time management.

of course I didn't, why would I want to play a dating sim JRPG?

Why do the MC's look like gay MySpace camwhore lanklets?

It’s more of a life sim, the dating sim has always been a big meme.
The thing is, I’m not against life simulation. I just wish that Hashino didn’t have the Japanese nostalgia for high school.

Oh I see, so the games are meant to be played twice. thanks.

Guides ruin the fun I prefer to try 4-5 naked runs and see if I can unlock/find/do everything myself before resorting to a guide for cleanup duty of items/quests/etc. that I may have missed.

It's a cultural fixation I've personally always found ironic, because I hated high school. Kids are dumb as fuck and treat each other like shit for virtually no reason. I enjoyed college much more. Polite sage for irrelevant post.

College sucks dick, high school was way better.

Fair enough, I guess.

Gonna second this. Don't concern yourself with that stuff in the first run.
My one advice for OP - boost Guts and finish the Museum asap so you can start the Temperance Confidante. It's a life saver for time management.

It''s possible to get almost everything in NG since the game was designed around that but it requires either clairvoyance or juggling multiple save slots so you can back up a whole month if need be.

Doing a NG+ P5 run at the moment, just beat Okumura and Cutscenetober is about to go full swing. It's odd, I've finished NG with max stats and now in NG+ clear Palaces in the least amount of time, let requests pile up, use days without Confidantes for Mentos or intel on targets, do a Confidante event every other day and I still think I'm not gonna make it (missing 6 - 3 day and 3 night). It bugs me that most land on the same days like Shinya and Futaba or Iwai and Yoshida.
In my first run, I let 3 confidantes incomplete - Haru, Shinya and Iwai. For this NG+, I'm aiming to max confidantes, fight the twins, read all books, finish all Mementos requests, fill the Compendium, fuse Satanael and either clear all vidya or catch the Guardian.

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This is getting a little bloggy, but I saw college as a new beginning to make friends. It's less prone to stupid cliquey bullshit because everyone is a fish out of water when they arrive, not to mention most of the teenage hormones are receding. Even the other "smart kids" (kids who took the advanced/college prep courses) I thought about getting to know mostly acted like assholes towards each other if you weren't also in THEIR special group of friends, or whatever.
Probably the last post I'll make on this topic, but I do strongly feel that high school, at least in America, is kind of a social cesspit. Maybe it's better in Japan because they emphasize clubs more, who knows.

The problem with modern purseownwer is that they market themselves as JRPG games when, in fact, they are shit JRPGs. As dating/life sim material, they're decent.
Tying a JRPG's leveling mechanics to VN good/bad outcomes is a bad idea since the point of VNs is that you're not meant to know their outcome beforehand. But then it turns out this arcana won't max out unless you take this or that route. And no, forcing you through NG+ to unlock everything is not a good fix either.

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Using a guide would be such a joyless burden I couldn't bring myself to do that. Better to miss content by making choices than to stress yourself following what some faggot on the Internet wrote to the letter. If you're going to play like that, you're probably only going to choose optimal choices in S-Link/Confidant events too, which negates the point of the non-dungeon portion of the games.

Because they're Japanese everymen.


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I've been in college for about 3 years (technically 4 but I don't wanna go into that) and I have next to no friends here. It feels like I have to make much more of an effort and go out of my way to. In high school, while the bullshit was indeed higher, the overall interaction and interconnectedness of everything felt much higher. A college feels like a city (in ways because it literally is more often than not, thousands of students everywhere, but I feel more alone than ever). In high school you could just make friends with whoever was nearby or something, in college you have to bother to find people outside of classes. Thankfully I still had friends outside of anything school-related or I'd be miserable, but outside of the most casual of acquaintances I've met at college, the place feels miserable.
I guess high school sort of forces you to make friends because you're stuck in a building for so long. College that isn't the case, and in my case it sucks dick for me since I just end up staying in my dorm playing video games and fapping all day. I had a literal ton of friends from high school, some still try to get in contact with me over faceberg despite me almost never touching the site after making it, and not logging in for around 4 years or so, but I can't remember more than a name or two from college who I could call more than a bare acquaintance


100% pure prostitute.

Kawakami never fucked anyone besides the MC

College is way more relaxed. People actually want to be there instead of forcing kids to be there.

No, you'd have to be fucking retarded to need to use a guide. First run you aren't meant to max everything, second run is very easy to max social links. Third run is cleanup incase you missed anything.

Fuck you and your nignorance, Super Hitler.

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Only 5 and that's because the vault code thing is fucking retarded

[citation needed]. She doesn't tell you about her other johns, but it's incredibly unlikely that he took her virginity.

P5C when?

The what now?

I think he means that incredibly easy puzzle in the Yakuza guy's palace.

That was my first though, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

MC might not steal her cherry but she's not a hooker. Strips, lap dances and probably handjobs. That's part of the point of her story, she gets all the stigma of a sex worker but none of the pay and it's heavily implied she'd be forced into that if MC didn't fuck up Oberon and Titania.

The various 4 digit codes in the bank, I wager. A bit annoying but mostly for having to check the key items over and over. For me, the real pain in the ass was the air lock ones though in this run, I realized how stupidly simple the last one is.

RIP fly guy (and fortune girl)

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No, except for the exams

Only on 3 because I didn't want to play through the game twice: Didn't want to suffer through Tartarus again. I went in blind for my first run on 4 and 5 and then used NG+ for Social Links and stuff.

user, If you mean the Bank Palace, have you ever heard of paper? It could help you in Puzzle Solving 101.

Part of her storyline was that she almost never got requested because she was too old, and the few times she did get requested all she did was actual maid shit.
Because of this she wasnt making enough dosh for the maid company, so she was going to be fired and take on a more seedy service instead.
So she wasnt fucking anybody YET, but she definitely would have gone into hard prostitution if not for the MC coming along and fixing her extreme guilt complex.

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you do realize all the codes were key items right?

I'd say 5 is a pretty good JRPG because the dungeon side is much more fun to explore, to the point where I'd say it has some of the funnest dungeons of any game I've played

The dungeons are the bes tbit.

I hope this will answer the burning question. Who is the canon waifu - Yaksini or Cybele?

I played 2 (both versions) 3 and 4 without guides. I couldn't be any less interested in even bothering with 5. If i was a 17 year old NEET i might have loved them but fucking hell they just drag on and on and on when there's really about 5 minutes of story in them.

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I feel like I missed half of 5's content because I thought you were supposed to delay the boss fights as much as possible. Had to struggle to max any of the party.

If you really want to play a Persona game, my advice is once for the story, once for everything else.

What's important is doing the dungeon in the least amount of trips as well, get the most out of Confidante events (compatible Persona + right answers) and never neglect attribute raises. For the most part, the "new guy" will only be available after the fallout date.
NG can be daunting with all the attribute walls you'll face. I barely put a dent on Haru because of the Proficiency requirement, I neglected that since other Confidantes required other stuff like Charm and Knowledge.

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5 was pretty easy if you spoil the rewards for the social links. Getting the fortune teller bitch up basically guarantees that you will be ranking up someone every day.

What a beautiful Jewess.

Oh Jesus user are we the same person?

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I forgot the absolute retardedness of the Judgment Confidante jumping 5 ranks straight to Max. Some many moments for it to rank bit by bit and climax with Sae joining the party for the Shido dungeon.
Anyway, found a couple of interesting things:
If you draw the Phantom Thieves logo on the blackboard after Okumura's death, you can get a Guts point.
The book town will eventually sell you a speed reading book. By the time I bought I got, I only had a couple of pamphlets to go through.
Also, if you're aiming for the Bookworm trophy, you need to go fish and play vidya once so the books on the subject become available at Shibuya.

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IIRC, you can do that after Palaces 2,3, and 5 for a random stat point.
I think drawing it after Madarame gives you a proficiency point and like you said drawing it after Okumura gives you a guts point.

Super Hitler is actually my EDF handle.

Nope. Played it blindly and enjoyed the ride. 2nd and 3rd playthru is usually for the strats to grind for everything.

Getting all S.links in one run isn't hard to figure out as it's mostly figuring out as soon as the game begins what can you do to maximise social stats early on without taking out of the in game time.
Then just seeing which S.links happen more commonly and leaving them for last while doing the rarer ones first.
Then by following this you've built slots of free time to further social stats which are needed for the late late game.
There's about a month of leeway to getting everything in one run, the devs of P3 didn't even know that was the case originally and added an additional persona in Fes to congratulate you for it.
But TBH, it's much much easier to just max out the Magician and Emperor in any game since that gives you the optimal Fire/Thunder/Physical coverage to kick any Persona game to the curve difficulty wise then focus the rest of the game on making sweet persona stat gains.

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I managed to max all stats and get all female confidants to max affinity in my first playthrough. Yes, even Ohya. I didn't even touch the politician guy. I only played this game for the dating elements and I was satisfied enough after getting them all, even though I missed out on most of the other male confidants.

The best way to go about this is by, as anons before me have said, making the most of your palace raids and finishing them in 1 night - with the exception of parts which force you to go back home, in which case you just finish it the next day.

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Why did persona make such huge nose dive at 3?
Why it never recovered?
Persona 1 was pretty good twist of SMT and Person 2 duology was fucking masterpiece.
Why did the do 180 turn?
Why did they never recovered the series?
P5 had potential to be not garbage, but it ended up being absolutely irredeemable just like two before it.

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Entirely different staff.

Why not call it something else?
Like Shin Megami Tensei: Shit Eaters or something?

Persona has never been called SMT in Japan. That's a western exclusive thing, and is to help bulwark the brand as a whole. There the first game is Megami Ibukero: Persona and the rest are simply called Persona.

Persona is, and always had been, an SMT spinoff. They might have different themes and target different audiences but they are still joined at the hip, and trying to pretend that they aren't just because they don't call it that is retarded.
SMT as a series is more than just the mainline games, and Persona is no less of an SMT game than DDS or Devil Survivor.

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Then quit, faggot.

Yes, but it's not part of the series and isn't titled that way in Japan. Like Catherine, it is kept distinct despite sharing a franchise/metaphysics.
It absolutely is given those are actually titled SMT: game title in japan, not just in the US.

Everyone has their head up their own ass in college. There is that dangerous combination of still being too young and ignorant to know what "real life" is like, along with an arrogance imparted by the kike professors patting everyone on the back for paying to listen to them and the idea that simply being there will somehow make you a better, smarter, and wealthier person.
It's a social bubble that hasn't been popped by reality, which is why so many grads come out confused when they're drowning in debt and working shitty low pay jobs.
You won't really find friends in the workplace, either. People get shady because of cutthroat conditions, or they're just idiots that you'll barely tolerate working with. Some co-workers will be friendly with you just so they can bum rides and money from you, or so they can hijack your projects and get one up on you.
It's kinda sad but that's how things work, even worse is the fact you'll grow apart from your old friends as they move away or get married. Modern life is kinda cold and shitty in general.

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