Wurm Unlimited: I Haven't Archived Shit Edition

Come give Bruce and Default a reason not to kill themselves and the serb yet. We've got a town with room for coziness and autism. What else needs to be said?

Serverfiles and client:
–Server-side Mods:
–Client-side Mods:
–Advanced Modding Stuff:
—Broken Mods:
-Handy Stuff:
Main links and files:
Map generation:
If map generation freezes or takes too long try running the program from the console and giving Java more memory. Java version 8 64-bit is required.

Port: 3724

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just let it die

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Previous threads:

From the looks of the last thread people will be working on a new server for summerfags.

lol no

Personally, I'm digging the spider meme map. I guess Australia could be cool. Whenever current server goes down, or if it goes down, there better be some attempt to screenshot everything like the other serb.

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Nobody would play that for more than a week at best if that picture is what the map is going to be based off of.

I know that's just a build off of just a heightmap but it needs loads of work to get working and would probably not even look like australia after it's good enough.

That actually sounds like a fun idea:
1) 1 pangaea landmass
2) Crank up the mob density to Affliction levels
3) No walls allowed (houses are fine)
Then we'll have some real fun

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Absolutely, and as far as I know it's being worked on. If that ends up being what we're going with.
>not wanting to settle on a mountainous eye or a thin strip of coastal leg

pls. Mobs really do need to be ramped up, tho. There needs to be real threats. On the practice serb before, there were mobs everywhere. Crocs were spawning out from their nest faster than we could kill them. It was hell, but it was fun as fuck. Roaming hoards would be nice. Something else to defend against besides other kingdoms.

fuck off idiot newnigger

We didnt even get a chance to kill the black dragon.

Wanna cry any harder? I'm here for you, bae.

Single landmass works fine, but you need to fill most of the map with it and not have huge swathes of empty ocean like that one.

We want zero to do with you wolfspider.

Aussie map is looking promising so long as it has actual nice beaches, biomes, things to murder and its not a 2k pinprick map like the last one


This is the whole thing in its current state.

nice month long server life faggots. When are you actually going to get something long term going?

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I've been working on setting up a map, backstory, questline and events for a server for about a week now. I plan on taking a few more months at the very least to get everything together. Maybe next server will be mine but probably the one after next if people are impatient again.

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godspeed user
if you don't manage to fuck it up in some way I'll be nice to you and not call you a nigger behind your back


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The serb is still up, friend. If you really want to go over the circumstances of this current rendition, we can do that, but the short story of it is that, as always, it depends on people's ability to not burn out in the first week. We had a high of about 50. If the new one is thrown up come Summer, which was the initial idea anyway, it still comes down to people being able to play the game without shitting all over themselves.



Several months on and my account hasn't been emptied to China. It's perfectly safe, goy.

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This, if we had a serious attempt at a server tomorrow with advertising going on outside of the thread I would be onboard immediately. If I was in charge of it I would get a dedicated server and the map ironed away here well in advance, then spend two weeks hyping it on forums to get a playerbase going. I would really like to do it around another sale like that humble bundle $1 deal so that we don't get gimped by the pirate client shit. Admins could have player alts like other servers so they don't get too bored too. But I'm just an idea's guy.

Will the Holla Forumsposters do some planning and not jump nose first into a new serb, autistically grind one skill for 10 days, burn out, and never log in again?
Find out next time on Dragon Ball Holla Forums….

We need to shill this shit to faggots outside of the chans. I've talking to the redditfags, the autistic rooskie gamers, normalfag wurmfags, etc.
And if its not summer when the new serb starts, I promise you I wont be joining because it will be another half-assed, poorly planned serb destined to die early. If you fags want to play before new serb, try logging into the current one.

I'm talking about the reddit fags***
Just fuck my post up.

I don't know why somebody doesn't take ten seconds to post it on the WU subreddit a couple weeks in advance. That's what I wanted to say but didn't want to get flamed. Seriously if the goal is to prevent cancer just ignore it. We invite worsechan and they instantly bring in Russians and unironic underaged Communists. Might as well get actual players then just ignore the shit that comes with it, it's not like they could report people for toxic language or anything.

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If we control the serb nobody is getting banned for triggering some cucks, so theres no problem. At worst it will just bring lulz. Just pave a giant swastika in your town and they won't join your faction, simple as that.

I would understand the concern if it was a normalfag serb and you could get banned for shitposting.

Billy finally can rest. Even if it took the server dying before he could do it.

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oi i just remembered that i need that diamond staff back for a couple minutes to take some pictures of what stone wall and ice wall do for archiving purposes

any burnt jenn kellon anons still about? we would really like to fight the black dragon, please consider returning to us for a day or two.

any burnt HotSfags lurking around? id like to get the black dragon and trap him in our caves soon

I don't understand why you made such an ugly town

rip hots
I had no idea that was even the Nile we were crossing. It really is a shame nobody caught on about the map size in time.

They did this really weird cobble thing around their walls. I have no idea what the idea was, if it was a really lopsided road they never fixed or if it was suppose to look like a support structure.

The virgin autist commie grid vs the chad natural growth city.

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paved outside walls were suppossed to keep myce from spreading for a monopoly on the hate tile

i really hated how forced Chicago was built. there was zero planning when those walls came up, just some sperg putting up wall plans and never commiting. even the spot sucked ass with all that untamed marsh

When was this taken?

like three weeks ago maybe, here's a new one I took that looks way shittier because of the weather and time of day

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dog blessb ur aubtism

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What are we doing until June? Keeping the threads up or what?

I think we're wrapping up the serb, getting final shitposts in, and Dakin is making a dank tour video of the village.

In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, Wurm Unlimited 1.6 Beta patch notes.


Now if only leveling leathermaking wasn't complete aids.

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yeah, helpful


So we still need to mod again. Wtf is wrong with these people

This is actually pretty cool

Also cool

those stats are for epic, though face protection is now something all helmets have, so non-plate armors are more viable

it's just slower, i'll take 1 second ticks over waiting for the window to open so i can hit enter each time
it's the best we can get from rolf and the WO dads

fuck yes we wont have to wait a year for the metal and dye changes and all the new shit

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Nerfs affinity farming right after I made a plan on farming a good affinity on a new server. I guess I'm going to be stuck with something gay like catapults again. Probably for the best.

Stop bullying piratefags
t.not a piratefag

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Lel I'm currently building a tower on my house that will give another view of the billage :^)

Hots having a more active population than us is depressing.

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I-I'm sorry I defiled your last town, I only did it out of boredom.

the guys there are hermits

The anti-bully ranger is off duty. She can't save you now.

4chan has half a million users on every day, of course they'd be more populated. Hell you even see roughly five or so of them constantly lurking the Holla Forums threads and some more to shitpost. We'd have had more to join but with this pitiful map size and poorly coordinated server you'd walk two steps from [insert kingdom] spawn and you'd be a stone's throw away from the other. Speaking just for myself, I wanted to hermit and possibly make a side village from the one the thread would be maining. But there was no where to settle that wouldn't be raped by everyone including your own kingdom potentially that was also decent fertile land. Plus the serb was thrown together pretty hastily so it's no surprise problems occurred with 50 autists playing together in one room.

I stopped playing like a week back. Though if the next serb features a larger map I'd like to make an even smaller village with some of you lads for the sake of comfy. Spurda was really fun while I was there despite it's flaws but what teamwork we had and the few ebin maymays made it fun.

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its fucking hard to shill this game on 4chan, youre lucky more than 3 people "join" for more than an hour per shill. also gotta keep the thread bumped every 5 minutes or you aint getting shit, but keep bumping your own thread and youre obviously desperate. thread die? whoops cant shill here, time to go to the dedicated generals board where no one looks for new games to play anyways
be happy you have the luxury of a slow board

it must be hard to keep up with 7 ruggarell threads and 30 consolewar threads generating per minute.

You niggers managed to create a small playerbase, keep building upon it. prepare some basic newfag visual guides, something we need to do as well.

That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Is that jerk really still around?

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So what you're saying is that I should wait until June if I'm interested in joining but have never participated before.

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Yes, do not join the server. Everyone will just kill you anyway. Don't ask me why someone bothered to make a new thread.

you nerds are always waiting for the next thing, like an addict waiting for the next fix. the high don't last too long in this ultimately-boring game

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Blame the antisocial retards for keeping the new server a big secret.

you can join, the server's just fading out so there aren't many people, so it's probably just best to wait until the next serb goes up

/vg/ was a mistake. joot should just have created a second Holla Forums board with the same rules.

The way I understand it, it was a short-sighted solution to a real problem at the time. It's easy to say that it was a bad decision in hindsight, but generals were plaguing the board before it was instituted. 8/v/ is slower than Holla Forums was even back then so it isn't really a problem here, But I'd still personally prefer it if everything was contained to one board even if we pick up speed. I can't keep up with all this splintering.

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A good 4-5 of them are alts for helping building.

Maybe the steam community pages would be good but then you can't have a pirate client unless you think up some elaborate excuse.

wew. 4chan playerbase is stagnant and will only spawn splinter hots groups at best. im thinking that if that summer server rolls out, only 3-5 of us will play for a few weeks.

If you want to see what things at least look like, give it a run. Join JK. We and HOTS are the only real entities left. I have no idea about MR or Freedom. There seems to be about ten people total on the server during the busier times. At least a half dozen are still cruising JK.

Nice image. Not having HOTS accusing people of offline raiding at the bottom, bit of a missed opportunity.

Same fag, it will have to be some time in August before I can join. I really shouldn't even be on Holla Forums right now, really.

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I've been personally gathering basic info from time to time for the past couple of weeks and I'm in the process of creating a how to play wurm for retards guide. I don't expect to see this completed or even a "basic newfag visual guides" done anytime soon™/6 months from now and no one else seems to want to do this.

To anyone who doesn't use the disagreement: any basic in-game info that isn't commonly available from either wurmpedia/forum.wurmonline/any other helpful website that I'm not aware of/googleing, please post whatever you know here for the time being and I'll add it to my bible and thank you for you co-operation.

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What do you have now? I think the way tiles work in Wurm needs to be explained better to new people, especially with surface mining and tunneling.

Nothing significant, btw I'm one of those newfags so I'm mostly learning about the simple things before I get into anything in-depth.

What knowledge specifically about tiles in regards to surface mining and tunneling does need to be explained better that isn't available from wurmpedia/google? I haven't don't much with those particular skills.

The only thing I know iirc about tiles atm is the: "Where you right-click to select the dig command has absolutely no impact whatsoever on where you dig, where your avatars feet are is all that matters" - wurmpedia.com/index.php/Digging
It was a bit confusing at first when I was getting dirt despite clicking on a clay tile. I didn't know at the time it was finicky about your avatar placement but I blame myself for not having read about it on wurmpedia before asking in-game. I'm guessing surface mining and tunneling have that similar issue as well?

Well basically everything can be learned from Wurmpedia, but if it's a guide then we need the biggest mechanics grouped together for people to refer to.

For terraforming, the corners is what should be explained in more detail because when I first played I was basically at mercy of the level command until I figured out how placing dirt worked. Only digging guide I can see is rambles too much and doesn't have suitable visual aids. I would tell them how to see the height of the corners and what the "X slope down/up" means. Then explain leveling vs flattening and how walls or stone will stop your terraforming projects.

Then I would relay the information from the PVP guide on Wurmpedia along with a guide for getting to 20 FS from a fresh start along with basic information on healing. We know the differences between swing speeds and damage but newbies don't so a little table on the different weapons along with dual wielding notes would be nice as well.
Information on priest restrictions and the gods benefits.
Some etiquette, rules and so on so you're not a cock sucker.
Essential mods.

You could either link the relevant pages or design your own guide and put it on imgur or some shit. I'd help but I'm not good at design, just information.

dool weelding was modded in the ME server so it wont necissarily be consistent between servers

Most of my info will likely be based from wurmpedia since the other wiki sites are essentially dead. The difference between wurmpedia and what I'm attempting at is that this will be more of a in-depth guide sorta of thing with an emphasis on a lesser need for hyperlinks/searching or something to that effect.

For example: If someone new was reading the digging page on wurmpedia and wanted to know about the pile of dirt they were getting out of curiosity, that person would have to either unnecessarily click on the dirt hyperlink, get sent to wurmpedia.com/index.php/Dirt before clicking another hyperlink for pile of dirt or have to manually type in 'pile of dirt' in the search field.

My guide for digging would have the pile of dirt page within the digging page under it's own subsection i.e. Materials along with Clay, Sand, Tar, etc. and it would contain more info than what is currently on wurmpedia.com/index.php/Pile_of_dirt.

As for access: All of the info I'm gathering is stored offline in text format atm, my initial idea was to have our own wikia we all could collaborate on but having given it a bit more thought, I think that would be a big waste of time considering wurmpedia exists and it would be easier just to update that and have our own image and/or text guides.

Please be aware that this is somewhat of a fan project that I'm doing mostly for myself in order to have a better understanding of the game to it's very core mechanics rather than learn as I go, share what I know via playing the game normally online. I'm not the best candidate for this type of thing for countless reasons. What said is basic newfag visual guides and I'm taking that concept into maximum overdrive in my own way.

Literally anyone else with the time and knowledge can do this much faster than I could ever hoped to achieve, even if it's just simple visual guide on either how to play in general or for a specific skill. I'm currently the only one involved in this matter and my involvement is semi-active/part-time at best along with many other excuses as to why it will take time to finish a "complete guide", if ever.

tl;dr: possibly autistic user has autistic pipe-dream of making an autistic guide, press ◻ to doubt

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If my knowledge served me correctly there was not one fucking thread on /vg every time I went to look. As far as I could tell, the HOTS were just a group of discfags and that was it. Maybe you guys actually had a thread set up on Holla Forums, maybe people only use vg with one game in mind, instead of surfing threads like the standard board, but I don't remember a single time I saw Wurm on there


there were a couple on /vg/ and while theyre well intentioned, no one browses that board looking for new games to play. the few threads we had were basically just the already HotS players going there to dump images or larp as a newbie

Fair enough, partway into typing that I started to realize the few times I went to look for games I realized they were essentially their own miniboards with little to no crossover

Storehouse never, ever.

That and the training grounds. Thanks Abuu. Thanks Scientestdad. SOON?

let it die

Does the -2 combat rating penalty render atypical weapons worthless or can they still be viable? I'm drafting a fighting guide and I'm wondering if I should even include information on sickles and such.

According to a random post by Rolf apparently the base hit chance is determined by adding both CR values together in a fight then dividing the your CR to it. Two level 70s fighting, one using a sickle, would be 18 / (18 + 16) = 52% hit chance and (18 -2) / (18 + 16) = 47% so in theory I don't think it's a big deal unless you're using a belaying pin or some shit as your weapon.

Anything I'm missing?

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Killing HOTSheads with a ship Stern when?

May as well, I'm curious myself about this and according to wurmpedia.com/index.php/Skills:Sickle :
"a sickle is one of the more efficient training weapons that can be used in game, it hits fairly often with a low damage output allowing a fighter to spend more time fighting his opponent thus getting more skill in the process."
Keep up the good work!

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IIRC wurm online gives xp for skills on a tick based system thus you want to use the shittiest of items to increase the action timer, or in this case, the duration of a fight. But in wurm unlimited you gain skill based on a completed action so you would want to use the best items you can possibly use, in this case, whatever weapon you can get your hands on that deals the most dps.

I hate it when the wiki throws in shit that is obviously regurgitated from people that have no clue what they are talking about.

Hits harder than the longsword, hits the speed cap with no training necessary in any combat style, and has one of the best potential DPS in the game according to the data. Dual wield them with LT on it and you end every fight with full health. Parry rate sucks but that's what a shield is for. The real penalties is the -2 CR nerf it had to get because it was too powerful (which is the laziest way to nerf it if you ask me) and the cutting damage in servers where everyone swears by plate + medium maul. Two handers still beat it in PVE since the armor on elite mobs just flat out makes 90% of the weapons useless. I use two sickles on Mythmoor and it worked fine until I switched to hammers for dragons, but you do notice that you get hit a little bit more often with the CR nerf.

Little tip I learned on PVE servers, you can train the skill for any weapon/tool in this picture on practice dolls up to level 20. It also gives you some skill in the parent skill, for example you get two handed swords, longswords, and shortswords all to 20 you will gain "swords" skill for all of those levels. However, you can't train parent skills itself so if you maxed all three subskills but you are only at swords level 12 any further training won't increase it to 20.

WU just gives you a flat skill tic for any successfully completed action while apparently WO gives different actions different skill gains. The idea with fighting training is that you get low ql sickles (preferably with LT) which already start with almost the quickest swing speeds and go fight some easy monsters and give it a death by a thousand cuts. This way each successful hit will give you skill in sickles, your fight skill and whatever characteristics you get with it. Not ideal for fighting skill grinding obviously but nice for getting your weapons and styles up without running everywhere.

So FS training kill stuff as quickly as possible but individual weapon skill training you want to hit stuff as often as possible while dealing as little damage as possible?

/wug/ shared the same fate as Cyber Games general, Armored Core general, The Fast general and countless others. That is to make room for quality threads like Katawa Shoujo General #3446, Doki Doki Literature Club! general #599 and various skinner box generals in the shape of mobile games.

Why do all that when you can agro like 10 roosters and then target some horse that's out of range. I got 70 medium maul skill pretty quickly that way.


You can do that later but this is intended for the beginning of a fresh start. Also let's you dual wield instead of dedicating a slot for a shield and dealing with defensive mode's speed penalty. Basically it gives you a little extra oomf from your practice doll at the very beginning and gives you a lot of long repair timers so you can get mind logic up extremely quick for piloting more vehicles.

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spooky shit


Did some testing on a private server and it seems like plate armor negates any advantage sickles may have making mauls the most practical weapon in my eyes. So what everyone already thought is indeed the truth.

70 FS, 50 weapon skill, aggressive fight style, 50ql plate and medium metal shield.
Strictly aiming center, no focus or special moves.
But once I threw on 50 power lifetransfer on the sickle and 50 power frostbite on the hammer . I selected these because they are usually considered the best enchants for these items.
Glancing attacks ruin any advantage the sickle could have (and I assume it's the same with longswords and such.) Accuracy also dropped by around 10% on the sickle while hammer had the usual 80% to hit.

Anything else I should try before I wipe the server?

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