Is Holla Forums dead because of constant meddling of mods who can't just stop banning people and removing effortposters?

Is Holla Forums dead because of constant meddling of mods who can't just stop banning people and removing effortposters?

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No, you’re thinking of Holla Forums.

You're a gay and retarded cuck. Besides, Mark doesn't remove ANYTHING, not even low effort garbage like (you).

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It's dead because the user base is trash.

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Really, nigger?

This is the real answer. Only maybe 30% of Holla Forums today is what Holla Forums should be, and I'd guess less than 10% of us are posting regularly. We're being displaced by dudebros, tardposters (failed shitposters), and facebookers.

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Pay no mind to the fact that OP is lying and misrepresenting the actual PPH.


Thanks for the dubs thread op.

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Mark is a literal kike that banned me before for calling Atlanta a nigger shithole so yeah, the board was always compromised.

It's pph from yesterday's burger daytime.

Also take a look at the board log here. Why don't you count to me how many times it says "Mark" and "deleted" in the same line?

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die op

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Kill yourself.

No, it's dead because from the beginning the board was squatted on by an underage newfag circa 2011/2012 (one of the worst periods to ever be on half/v/) who, just like moot himself, wants Holla Forums to be his own personal Holla Forums with video games.

Posts should not be allowed to be deleted without a reason. I’m not saying it should be posted on the board, but a deletion reason MUST show up somewhere in the log, otherwise there’s not even the PRETENSE that the site is not run by paid shills.

It's more than it was a couple months ago, and that's fucking terrifying. The only way this place isn't gonna be a smoldering crater is if we permaban ALL facebook frog and wojak posters.


They ruined Holla Forums and now they're trying to ruin Holla Forums.

No but it's filled with low quality threads such as yours. Hopefully you get banned, cry like a bitch once you get unbanned, and then get banned again.

Why don't you make your own board and enjoy just your own company if people's opinoins trigger you that much? Board speed is evidently not a problem for you, after all.

What the fuck is mewch?

They can ban me however many times they want, but it won't be effective. After all, I actually care about my anonhood so I adhere to what it says at the top. Don't tell me you're a retard who is here without TOR or VPN or both?

Holla Forums

Why is Krautchan down this time? Raided by german diversity police because someone said nigger?

Shitty imageboard.

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God, just go back to cuck/b/ or 9gag, or whatever putrid niggercattle feed lot you came from.

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I just gonna assume you got banned because you where posting stupid shit.

You know nothing of what the destruction of a board by its mods looks like.

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Wtf is this abonimation

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For some reason I haven't felt like drawfagging or contributing in general in a while, and I don't think I'm the only one. Whether it's a symptom or just unrelated is debatable though.

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That's Mark.

what is this fresh retardation?

They're an imageboard that shits up Holla Forums and has been doing so for years. During the dead hours of Holla Forums they've been shilling pretty hard over the last week. That's a screenshot from their Holla Forums and if you look at the date of that thread about Mark it was started on Monday when this raiding took off. Suspicious timing for sure.

I don't think their userbase is large enough to impact Holla Forums or Holla Forums, much less so both at the same time. Look at their imageboard, it's deader than /sudo/.

Oh you mean like Holla Forums?

Eh good enoough

Geeh who is behind this thread?

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Hello Mark

No, Holla Forums is dead because we didn't put a lid on migration from cuckchan before we started getting their undesirables, like people who think writing a wall of text is effort.

>>Implying markstein, the leftypol tranny, the faggot running Holla Forums into the ground, the complete dickhead that runs /a/, or /k/'s new BO who is a fucking australian are any better at all

You spent a whole day thinking that one up, do you?