So my friends wont stop gushing about Rainbow Six Siege...

So my friends wont stop gushing about Rainbow Six Siege. Its been a year and they are still gushing about it and thats usually the point where i look into it myself.
I loaded it up and first thing i saw was this image.

I know theres siegefags on Holla Forums, level with me my N words, is this a good game or a meme game?

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Siege used to be good but now its a meme because ubi kiked it.

so the tacticool was replaced by bumrushing teens and streamer screamer meme queens?

Sort of yes. Basically the game comes out and it wasn't very popular so ubisoft left it alone. people slowly trickled in because it was fun and then when they smelled profit they started to fuck the game up. Its difficult to explain how it all happened.

You mean they went full blizzard.


does it at least have bots or private games?

Please tell me that it results in constant wipes, because if that ever achieves validity then Rainbow Six is dead.

i heard about it when it had a '15 dollar starter edition' as a 'early win' tactic like a zerg rush.

but you make the barrier for entry low and tweens and smurfs flood a system.

It absolutely depends on what kind of experience you want. I usually play Siege with anywhere from 2-4 friends and the experience greatly improves by having a team to communicate and friends plan with. To me, Siege is best as a tactical shooter that is just arcade-like enough to keep the rounds short. At its worst. you'll facing cheese strats, smurfs, and griefers; this naturally comes with a growing community.

I know it's a meme, but: try it with your friends and return it if you aren't entertained during the 2 hours you have on Steam.

It can absolutely get you if you aren't expecting it, but with the amount of operators that have traps to slow movement , it has become harder.

Hard to deny at this point, but at least they had the decency to rollback their scummier practices, but the question for how long they will do that.

I'm honestly more worried by Ela being as strong as she was for nearly 6 months, receiving only minor nerfs.

In the end, the updates can make or break the game, sadly.

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I haven't played in a while (stopped post operation health), apparently they are still adding operators because they need to sell season passes but the thruth is the game was already bloated when i stopped playing. The problem with operators is that their gadgets are one trick gimmicks except for a few ones and most of them just make the game more unfair without making it more fun.
The core mechanics are compromised between trying to appeal to the console cod audience and being a bad copy of counter strike, gunplay is just aiming down the sights while strafing and getting the first headshot while peeking around corners (and the peeker's advantage is especially awful in this game compared to CSGO because there isn't any penalty to shooting while moving and all weapons 1 hit kill if you aim for the head).
I like the desctructibility, the complexity of the map layouts and the focus on info gathering but the actual scouting phase at the beginning of every round gets boring really quickly and the whole thing falls apart if your teammates don't cooperate, which is very common, way more than in a CSGO match for comparison, where people at least try to coordinate and talk with each other.

absolutely do not buy this game under any circumstances, the gameplay is also nothing special with more emphasis being placed on killing people from bullshit angles and spamming q/e as opposed to any actual skill or even realism, and there's no campaign at all which is a disgrace to the previous games. pve mode can be fun but it's not worth buying the game for, and the game still has a cheater problem in competitive modes.

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also forgot to mention dlc operators will take upwards of 500-1000 hours to obtain all of them, as they cost ridiculous amounts of money so you need to buy the season pass for each year if you want access to the newest overpowered operators. please tell your friends to fuck off, or even better, get new friends.

There's no mute function?

there is, actually

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It's good but grindy, ignore the nu-Holla Forums hipsters who haven't even played it. If the game is newer than 10 years old and not from Nintendo they shit up the thread because they know they can get away with it.

Bumrushing only works against badly organised teams.

You've outed yourself and are trying to cover it up. Just quit before you dig a deeper hole for yourself.

You kinda missed the boat on the best times of the game, but there is still fun to be had if your friends want to play. Just some tips
Other than that just have fun learning the game. And watch for spawn peekers always.

nah it was always shit

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>in a week playing every day for a couple of hours and doing the challenge you get at least two new ops
Na mate, you are just shit at it

Rainbow Six Siege is the best shooter of the last 7 years tbh.

you missed out, it went to shit last year and now it gets worse with each passing minute.

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I dunno man, Titanfall 2 is pretty cash money.

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ITs only tolerable if you have friends to play with, good communication and call outs can make or break a match. Pixel peaking bullshit can take you out 3 seconds into the match and just the same at any bad angle you just happen to accidentally go past.

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It is the death of the series. Any sequel that comes from this will likely only double down on the cancer. Fuck everyone who supported this shit.

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are there any good multiplayer shooters with a consistent online life at the moment and fucking raw mouse input? I've been really getting into FPS's recently but it seems all the good multiplayer ones are dead, including this one.

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Fucking normalfags. As if I needed another thread to remind me why buyfags and steamfags are completely fucking cancerous.



Then why don't they fucking use it?

Wait, I think I can sort of answer this. See, if you were to say something mean to me and I mute you, I would have this "curiosity" of how much worse the verbal insults would become. So I would unmute you and hear it again and decide to ban you. I think thats why they think banning is a good idea, maybe?

Gameplay-wise it hasn't become significantly worse, community-wise it hasn't changed too much since Year 2. When people say that Ubi killed it they refer to the auto-ban for bad words and the 'temporary' Zombie mode, other than that the experience you'd have in Casual now compared to like a few seasons ago isn't that different. However, the grind for ops is still rather real and the Starter Edition is a fucking scam. You can tell Ubisoft has their sights set on Siege considering that even on sale the Standard Edition is 30 bucks whereas other multiplayer games which came out after Siege are being sold for around 20. I nabbed Siege a year and a half ago on sale for 20, be wary of their trickery.

The skill ceiling is genuine, it took me about 50 hours before I could stop being deadweight, it took me about 100 hours until I fully understood the game, it took me about 200 hours until I learned to take the fight to the enemy instead of camping in one place like a little bitch, and it took me about 300 hours until I could carry matches in Ranked. People bitching about gameplay mostly consisting of getting lucky headshots and peeking around corners for the entire match are like scrubs who think fighting games are all about stunlocking opponents in a single combo or mashing buttons, they haven't truly experienced high-level play yet, and they've probably never even flanked a fag.

It just depends on how much you're willing to put up with. If you're going to put hundreds of hours into the game, then the grind will of course seem like nothing.

keep in mind this game has a huge, and i cannot stress that enough, HUGE peekers advantage.
if you plan on playing competitive your whole play will be based on jiggling and trying to peek first, holding angles will get you raped.
otherwise it's very fun.

You reminded me about this video again.

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Siege is in a rough patch right now, ubisoft is throwing questionable shit at the wall such as a PVE zombie mode, which admittedly isn't horrible to play but its only like 3 maps so it loses it's appeal real quick. Even before the infamous operation health whenever new operators dropped they would be considered grossly overpowered until midseason or worse for them to get nerfed and in the most recent season we got outbreak instead of a new regular map and one of the new ops is already a 100% pickrate for good team comp because of how his gadget works. I like siege, I've been playing it since year 1 when i tried it on a free weekend for a laugh and will defend it's core design to a certain extent even though it's been tweaked questionably over the last year or so. If you're interested in it at all just wait for them to throw out a free weekend because that will give you enough time to get a feel for whether or not you like it or not without exceeding the refund window or what not. It could be easy for some one not to like it especially coming into it late to the party while ubisoft is really digging their fucking claws into it because it was the only one of their recent projects that succeeded and survived while everything else fell apart. So now they're looking for ways to nickel-and-dime players and listening to reddit shitters for balancing instead of going at the good pace it had going before operation health

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some user posted a vid a couple months back showing the ubishit devs talking about how they balance ops, and they basically have a "wait and see" stats approach. They look at how often an OP gets picked versus how often they're victorious; high pickrate + high winrate means a nerf, low pickrate + low winrate means a buff, and the other two combinations of those are a "we'll see how it goes" kind of take. This means they usually see and react pretty fucking late to something that's already been well established by the community as true, like Tachanka being borderline useless and Ela being fanfiction Mary Sue tier fucking good. There have also been line graphs showing pickrates for Ops as you climb through comp leagues and those are pretty interesting to look at (Tachanka was at the bottom, I think Castle was close behind).

If you're still here user, Titanfall 2. It'll be the best MP FPS you'll find anywhere in the past half decade at least, unless you're looking for Quake like arena shooters. I still strongly suggest it.

Is it still alive on pc? I’ve heard it was kill.

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It's fairly worthless as a Rainbow Six game, even the characterization is somehow more boring than even the first R6. How they manage to make everything so boring and featureless these days is beyond me.

I've noticed that there is already a script that censors words like "shit" in the chat of The Division.

its still alive for sure. TF1 is kill, and it wasn't anything other than an okay FPS to begin with. The only real downside to Tittydrop Deuce is that most people play Attrition, which is the game mode I hate the most, since I prefer to focus on objective based modes.

This game is not dead, on the contrary I'm pretty sure it was at an all time high with the outbreak mode. I don't disagree with most of what the anons have been saying all thread, but the game being dead is just not true.

The moment you get it, your friends won't be playing it anymore. So don't fucking bother nigger.

There have been some questionable balance decisions and the series is doomed now that EA owns Respawn, but if you want to play it then I'd say you have about a year before TF|3 shows up. There's a free trial on Origin and the game goes on sale frequently; you could also just torrent it for the campaign and see if that's enough for you.

i got it on ps4 for £8.
the next day they started playing warframe.

but the single player little missions were a hoot on realism but very short. Hopefully more 'doorkicker' style tacticool games will show up in the future.


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It was fun for awhile, but it's been getting worse with every update. It feels like everything good about this game was an accident, and ubisoft is slowly taking away any redeeming qualities this game had.

I see him more and more and didn’t get a buff since year one
It could be some ELS meta faggotry about avoiding flank?
**he is still only useful in hostage and even then it’s pretty shit being so many ops with granade breaching and impacts

I see him more and more and didn’t get a buff since year one
It could be some ELS meta faggotry about avoiding flank?
he is still only useful in hostage and even then it’s pretty shit being so many ops with granade breaching and impacts