Playing Half-Life with Opengl rendering turned on

Why do people do this?

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I'm dumb, explain the difference between the two to me ca11ca

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OpenGL blurs low res textures out, making everything look like it's covered in vaseline. The software renderer doesn't have this problem.

Because they have video cards

Software renderer has no texture filtering, color depth is more limited and texture resolution is smaller.

If you want a know a real reason why people play t in opengl compare 320x240 software to 640x480 opengl that will be more time accurate, back in 90's CPUs fast enough to do software at any high resoutions didn't exist.

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massive blurred textures
sage for valvedrone shit

I'd rather have classic valvedrone shit than Nintendo Soyboy™ shit.

OpenGL is superior, but only if Valve would consider fixing OpenGL bugs.
For now best way to play Half-Life is to play it on Xash3D engine.


You have to go back.

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If you're talking about 'GL_texturemode GL_Nearest': That only disables the filtering on the map, the viewmodels and the NPC models are still filtered.

Is that? S-sam Hyde?


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here you go

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what do you mean software renderer? opengl is software too?
*scratches snout*

What are you fuck'm'plying?!

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The only way to play Half Life is to play Black Mesa.

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lmao no the source engine is fucking garbage.

I-i just fucking scerred, man… like how this happened? Why this keep happening? Why people let this happen? Will this be ever stopped? will he ever be stopped? WHY IS HE KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY!!!!!!!

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Nice joke.

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So guys, first of all
Steam version of HL has these problems
1) Lack of Overbrighting
2) Lack of texture randomization
HL has sets of textures which are replaceable with each other.
3) Textures are resampling in engine because steam version can now work only with textures with sides of power of 2

All of these are problem of OpenGL rendering in Steam HL, but they were fixed in most recent Quake sourceports and in Xash3D.

If you want more info about Steam HL problems search for posts by MarphitimusBlackimus

Yeah yeah fuck off.

-gl_round_down 0


explain what does this mean then
As i remember first one somehow changes texture sampling but it doesn't turn it off.

I was talking about the gameplay: in Black Mesa, the weapons feel really weak to use, it also feels slower because of Source engines movement. The HECU soldiers are really fucking hard to fight, they're obviously based off the Combine Soldier AI but like in HL2 they don't really take advantage of the AI potential, they just take a lot of ammo to kill. It's probably my computer but it also ran pretty terribly sometimes. Black Mesa is a decent fan project, but it's a terrible remake.

Opengl looks better, but the colours are shittier.

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First is supposed to fix the power of two problem.
Second one is supposed to disable anti aliasing.

OpenGL is a fucking eyesore to look at in HL

It turns a pixelated mess into a blurry mess, of course its going to look like shit.

You know, it fits how in 2018 people on Holla Forums can't look at blurry textures, but can at pixelated ones.

Because you only play either indie pixel shit or AAA garbage with oversized 4k textures that have tessellation and shaders on top of them and game weights 100gb.

this image is wrong, GLQuake ran at 60+ FPS in 640x480 on a voodoo graphics, I know because I had a diamond monster3D the day they came out and brought it home and immediately played through the entirety of quake in GL jizzing nonstop the entire time

Sorry, but it doesn't
Also in launch options gl_round_down 0 warked only if i write it as +gl_round_down.

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Nobody recommended playing Half Life on CTR yet?

How it looks in Xash3D with gl_texture_nearest 1

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How much you were getting out of a 3D accelerator back then did depend on your cpu and what kind of north bridge/south bridge chipsets your motherboard had.
60fps is a sure thing if you had something like pentium 166mhz or newer pentium 2, but with pentium 60/75mhz you could forget about it.

Have a vid of some nignog getting 12fps with voodoo on his 486DX5 150mhz.

Or maybe it's because solid pixels look objectively better?

But OpenGL doesn't look like Minecraft when looking at textures close up. Seems superior to me tbh.

The best way to play Half Life is to uninstall it and play Quake. It's terrible and Valve can't into guns or gunplay.

The problem is some textures are made with pixels in mind, and also texture resampling in steam HL makes everything worse.

I firstly finished Quake on Xash3D engine.

Good. I was shitting on the game not on the engine, nothing wrong with Xash3D.

The water effects in software rendering are pretty nice too compared to D3D/OpenGL that looks like a blue gel.


He's not going to. Shitting on Half Life is the new thing to try and fit in on Holla Forums.

ah, fair enough, I had a pentium pro 200MHz machine with 1MB of L2 cache on-die, my pops "borrowed" it from his work heh, it had a fast ATI Rage 2D chip of some description and later driver updates made playing win9x games that wanted to use GL kind of a pain in the ass because the rage chip got its own (shitty) miniGL driver that conflicted with the voodoo card… ahh, memories

Why, though? The games aren't even relevant anymore.

Half Life has always been shit tbh.

literally just looks like someone upped the contrast and turned up blur a little

vkQuake but for Half-Life when

Unironically and without Nostalgia googles, Half-Life is the greatest gaming franchise out there. Every game, character and sequence is memorable. Even the music is great. And pretty much every fps after half life was influenced greatly by it. Half life 2 came out and also completely changed physics and graphics in games forever, and episodes 1 and 2 are story driven and fun as hell despite it.

Half life 3 is also easily the most anticipated title in history.

Why do people do this?

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Fucking how? Are you niggers retarded? Shit like Cowadoody, Battlefuck, and normalfags with shit taste in the 2000's are what killed the FPS genre. Normalfags ate that streamlined shit up, and that's why we have what we have now.

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When Valve will release Source 2 engine with source code.

Someone posted on FP about reverse engineering engine

BMS is better anyways

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Old pixel games aren't blurry messes either you absolute cunt. Get the fuck outta here.

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That's not what I meant. Of course normalfags play everything, but they went fucking head-over-heels for COD and Battlefield and they funded it and funded it until it became the standard.

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I don't think I've finished the first half life. Are the games worth playing?

the first one holds up well by modern standards and I don't think anything has really surpassed what it did well.

Its fun

The only time I've seen that was with the PC port of MGS1.
That game looks abysmal with the filter thrown over it, and it's one of the very rare cases where the console version looks much better.

Wasn't Battlefield pretty good until Bad Company (1942 and 2142 were the best stuff out there) ?
I'm not exactly sure when they decided to go full retard, but it was probably during the development of 3.

They're scripted corridor shooters, but they are proper games.
Most of Holla Forums nowadays has a hateboner for Valve and Gabe for turning into disgusting jews, but that feeling shouldn't carry over to the old games.

The first half an hour heh of HL1 is just a giant tech demo showing off the graphics and capabilities of the engine, which is probably the worst part of the game so after it's over you're pretty much set for some fun times.

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It only takes like 3 minutes what the fuck

I'm not a graphics whore. Thing is I played HL a lot back in the late 90s and my memory is too good so I haven't touched it in ages.

Anyway we're arguing about graphics in a 1998 game. No matter what you do it will look like shit. Unless you're a Black Mesa fag.

gl_round_down 0 you fag.

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tbh i prefer the blurry textures
a lot less irritating than big fat pixels in a 3d environment

Can't notice a difference

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Look here you fag

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compare to OP the pixels are more apparent, and if you go to Anomalous Materials the signs are actually readable.

Software rendering runs worse. If you want the same look without the performance hitch, use gl_texturemode gl_nearest.


I fucked up comparison, should have compared both filtered or unfiltered.

Already mentioned texture resampling which ruins opengl renderer as a whole.


Just play Half-Life: Source you fucking nerds.


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And other goldsrc steam games don't have this problem?

All of them have this problem as i know. Valve titles totally have it because they share same files.
Sven Coop devs are notable here because i think they can fix it in their game but they didn't at least it wasn't fixed some time ago. And they have engine source code.

The only GoldSrc game on Steam that didn't get fucked by the renderer rewrite is Sven Coop, and that has its own problems.

>Playing N64 emulator with Bilinear filtering turned on
Why do people do this?

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Man that guy does good videos on Valve games with neat presentation (kind of like Lemmino or RetroAhoy)

>Trying to fool people on a video game board with Driver set smoothing and level of detail snapping

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What are these features? My GPU doesn't handle Vulkan properly and I haven't played Half-life in almost 10 years. Can you provide a screenshot?

Nigger open your driver settings. (Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Catalyst/Vision Control)
Go to 3D settings, and you can find overrides for software settings, if you have Vulkan installed tandem to OpenGL you'll have a seperate configuration menu, but most options apply to DX/OGL/Vulcan
You can override settings in games such as LOD Distance, texture caching limits (Which you will probably need to set outside since most software doesn't even consider the highest end cards and have clamps way too low) and all sorts of other fun shit.

This reminds me of how SvenCoop devs didnt give a option to use software render, instead of that shitty opengl implementation that kills frames for a old fucking engine.

You sure about that? Playing Sven with GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST seems to remove filtering on all that.

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I don't think playing with or without filtered textures has much of an impact in HL1. The game was designed with filtered textures in mind, for something like Quake and Doom and Duke3D, PS1/Saturn games it makes no sense because the games have their texture work designed more like sprite work. Filtering them is directly counter to the creators vision.

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Even if it were designed around GL it still looks like everything was smeared in potato water.

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I see what you mean, but I don't think it's a significant downgrade like it is for quake. The 65,000 color meme doesn't hold up when all the assets were made with a 256 color limitation in mind. HL doesn't seem to suffer as poorly from it and there's a far greater point to be made with other games instead of using half-life as your hill to stand on.

This is the best answer. Using Xash3D, someone added code to it to allow ULMB to work within Half Life. So now you won't have motion blur while playing, which is much more important playing a game made in CRT era.
Related discussion on the Xash3D engine for HL with ULMB implementation, https://

Fucking retarded

Couldn't run Half-Life in software render at 4K. Software mode is for idiots.

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kys tbqh

Sorry, not all of us have toasters.

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It's time for you to stop wearing women's clothing and realize that Sniper was right.

Enjoy playing with teeny tiny hud then.

Sniper was never right.


What's wrong with the software renderer?

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Protip: You can turn the OpenGL renderer's texture dithering off. You've also forgotten to include comparison images showing all the bugs that the software renderer has.

Hey guys, Sniper here to remind you to donate to the me and the rest of the Sven Coop team to get golden akimbo mini uzis and a swagger badge next to your name to show everyone how much you love us.

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Doesn't look so, granted the footage has neither 60fps recording or a framerate counter but you can see it dips in places.

Nah, your worst enemy is probably running out of ammo.

If you played either the free mod or the latest december beta that's normal, the former lacks a ton of optimization and will dip sub 30 when the game starts throwing lots of lighting effects like the the λ complex teleporter chamber.
The latter adds tons of eyecancer bloom which probably also lacks an optimization pass and it will dip sub 100 when the rest runs above 200 for me in places where there are a lot of effects.

If the only problems were just cosmetic shit that wouldn't be so bad, how about the fact that it runs 5-10x slower, or that it crashes constantly, or that all the fun movement is gone, or that it has many graphical bugs that weren't present in the WON version etc



'GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST' doesn't work for me

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This, though I occasionally run into bugs in some singleplayer mods that aren't present in WON Waiting for 1.0, which will probably get rid of them and will finally implement proper multiplayer mod support. Quake on Xash3D, on the other hand, didn't really click to me, something seems very different with gunplay.

Why do people do this?

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It's not a command you dunce. It's a possible setting for the gl_texturemode cvar

How does GL_NONE look? That's what I use in GZDoom.


fucking retard

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Here, let me help you, fucking retard. Just disable it by setting gl_texturemode to one of the following:
> GL_NEAREST — none

Because emulation is inferior.


Oh it's the 750ti retard, again.
Works just fine on my 770 so it's a (you) problem.

Try restarting the renderer. Or just add it to your autoexec.cfg.

I know it says never obsolete on the front, but it's time to upgrade from that emachine, buds.

oh wow

Half-Life Source is objectively worse in every way. Basic features such as randomized texture tiling are missing, so walls that use a set of 4-5 different textures only use the first texture of the set repeatedly. Also it has some changed sounds from the original that use the default Source assets instead of Half-Life's.

The problems don't stop there. Lack of gibbing, death animations replaced by ragdolls, wrong number of bullets in the pistol mag, no cool subtle AI behaviors/details like the roach reactions and bullsquid feeding, houndeye squad AI and sleeping most likely are fucked as well.

To be fair there are some small things I like about HL: Source, like being able to pin enemies with crossbow bolts, but the numerous omissions and cockups far outweigh any minor benefits. Even Gearbox's PS2 port with its shitty HD models is a more faithful representation of the real game.

The original 1998 version of Half-Life had 18 bullets in the mag, it was changed in the steam version for some bullshit reason.

Also a scientist behind a computer is floating in the "they're waiting for you gordon, in the test chamberrrrrrr" room. That alone made me drop it and go back to Xash3D.

Reminder that Half Life is best experienced fast.


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I mean both are correct,there's magazines that are 17+1 in the chamber

This is wrong, it works like this:

GL_LINEAR - bilinear

The other two, GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST and GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST don't really have names and a lot of games don't let you choose them, but GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST is the best for having nearest neighbhor filtering without the issue of everything looking like a pixelated mess from a distance, and without the muddy textures issue. Which would actually be fixed partly by anisotropic filtering but I don't know if you can turn it on in goldsrc or not.

Thanks a lot, this fixed a shitload of problems for me.