EA working on open world Star Wars game

So EA is apparently working on some sort of shitty open world Star Wars game but with online. What's the betting it'll be a ubisoft-tier shitfest? Maybe something like The Division?


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Will this be the thing that kills EA itself? I can guarantee that Star Wars Galaxies will STILL be better.

Oh and it's being made by fucking leafs.

Oh dear god no.

Is EA only alive due to sheer momentum?

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it never ennddss

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probably not, EA could cut everything but sports and still do great financially
Also, Tortanic ended up being pretty successful due to f2p and whales

Sports games mostly.

The big name developers in the video game industry have government contracts to make propaganda, user. They don’t have to make money on their games, because they’re already funded from the back. The only point of concern for the people funding them is that a TINY percentage of the games still sell so that 1. Regulatory commissions don’t start asking questions and investigating their books and 2. So that the ✡journalism✡ aspect of the industry is able to put out its part of the propaganda in relation to said game.

Four red flags right off the bat

I want them to die in a car fire.

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Wasn't there already a studio under EA doing that?
One that they went and killed in the crib? What the fuck are these clowns doing?

It will be an open world survival game, with RPG elements and lootcrates.

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I hate how this is a very real possibility

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I am tired. I want the triple A nightmare to end.

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You know its probably Star Wars themed PUBG.

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A visualization of your four red flags

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i'd buy it and play it tbh, i liked pubg because it was a good game contrary to what the edgelord contrarians here say. also i got to kill and trigger some chinks lmao


Only quints will be able to kill it.

i fail to see the problem if the game is good

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tell me why is it bad then without resorting to memes or falling on Holla Forums's consensus?

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Its just Day Z without Z or survival mechanics. Just plain open world shooting.

I can do that, it runs like shit, and just copied the feeling of Counter Strike, and turned in to an open arena shooter. No memes involved for me, it is just trash.
If you're gonna play a open arena game, play fortnite. At least it adds something to the game play with the building. Oh, and it runs 10x better.

And by the time it is release kids will be sick and tired of PUBG clones and will move onto the next trendy meme genre.
Tortanic II indeed.

Random loot that eliminates any semblance of skill.
It's basically counter strike where you don't need to git gud, just rely on random shit to carry you.

It's the game that was made by Visceral and Amy Hennig, EA closed down the studio and gave the assets to another EA studio to shit out a game with online stuff.
I guess they want some kind of Destiny/Anthem with a Star Wars skin.

This. People underestimate just how much money they get from sports games. Shit like Madden and FIFA are consistently among the top-selling titles across all platforms, and they release a new one every year.

And the WiiWhatever series of games managed so sell more than Madden and FIFA combined despite only being big for barely half a decade.

Not just sport games, but sport game related lootboxes specifically. Their annual financial report basically states that half their total income comes from lootboxes, mostly Fifa.

Sportfags are the biggest cucks in gaming, which isn't a surprise since they are predominantly normalfags.


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Only 5 more years of this

Not that is anything tangible to look forward to by then

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Even if it wasn't open world with EA at the helm it will still be garbage, and to add insult to injury based on the new lore. If they feel particularly vindictive they might even set it during the events of the Disney movies, though I doubt they will after TLJ and the Han Solo trainwreck.

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The Z was the worst part of Day Z.
And don't pretend like the survival mechanics were something good.

That wouldn't be a bad thing.
Ubisoft has some frameworks that would work perfectly with Star Wars.
Rainbow 6 Siege with Stormtroopers vs Rebel Scum
Rainbow 6 Siege with Clones vs CIS
For Honor with Jedis and Siths.
The Division with a squad of Death troopers in a Coruscant-type city controlled by different groups.

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Yup sounds like Disnep wars alright

All 3 of those games are complete garbage you KYM shitter faggot.

Guaranteed either this coming directly from the developers or a """""""""""Journalist""""""""""" that they hire to cover the game.

This confirms my bias that anime posters are the most unoriginal mongoloids that exist.

This can only end in loot boxes.

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but those were the only good parts about dayz.

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I'm not saying that these games are garanteed to be great, I was implying that Ubisoft could shit out different SW-branded games in a small time that aren't only "discount Battlefront" like EA has been doing since 2014.

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ooga booga

didn't disney back out of video games after battlefront? now they're giving EA another chance? i guess harsh lessons don't stick if you're greedy enough.

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How do you even make an open world Star Wars game, that too online? Be a nobody rebel who levels up by killing shit or pay up to be a "special" jedi prodigy?

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You're that user who bragged about working for them aren't you? Be reminded that aside from casualfags and retards nobody likes ANY of those games.

The argument is basically that almost any other dev doing what they do best MIGHT give us a SW game that isn't a burning pile of garbage.

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this was already done. i forgot the name but there's an old star wars mmo out there that was decently popular

Star Wars Galaxies

yep, that's the one


Compared to EA Battlefront that's an improvement.

Indeed which is why I would have Yidney treat SW, like GW treats Warhammer Fantasy.
A lot of crap games but with a couple of gems here and there.

I thought they lost the Star Wars license.

I hate how this is a very real possibility.

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This is the same company that managed to somehow lose money with Disney Infinity so don't expect any wise or even sensible decisions. They'll keep giving it rights to the worst possible handlers simply because they're more interested in working with politically likeminded companies and because they're so large that profitability stopped being a concern decades ago.

I see.
It is clear what must be done then.

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All sins would be forgiven EA.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Maybe they kill themselves because they can't deside what form of degereracy should take center stage.
If not they'll die later.

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my EA stock is still doing great

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I've seen people online requesting a Battle Royale mode for the next Battlefield game so… yeah, get ready for that type of shit.

I'd rather play the Star Wars mod for Mount & Blade.

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I know it's going to suck goat cock yet for some reason it still hurts some tiny, insignificant part of me to see what's being done with the IP. I just miss when we actually had good Star Wars games.

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This is an underrated mod that deserves to be its own standalone game

Looks nicer than the original actually.

Maybe the government grant will bounce for once.

I'd rather play that than anything EA has made in almost a decade.

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Do you have a single fact to back that up?
What am I talking about? This is Holla Forums, of course he doesn't

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But will they fuck up microtransactions more than they did with Battlefront?

Any idea where this is taken? It makes me think of Greece for some reason. Sage for offtopic.

Will I get to drink milk directly from the space manatee's tits?

I have trouble imagining how that would even be possible.

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No but I have some more, it could be either Greece or Italy based on the plantlife.

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Lootbox season pass with premium stream ticket functionality.

Πήγαινε στην εκκλησία

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I can feel my wallet tightening just by reading that.

Τι να κάνουν στην εκκλησία ρέ μαλάκα; Να μάθουν άπο τον ιερέα πως να πάρουν καλή πήπα;

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If they had any sense, they'd make what is essentially a cross between Star Wars 1313 and Prey 2.

It would appeal to many markets and make it look like they give a shit, even though we fully well know they don't.

A 12-gauge shot in the knee is an improvement compared to EA

Please do not give the megalomaniacal corporation ideas.

So, basically, a bounty hunter game set in Star Wars, but with a grittier atmosphere. Yeah, I'd love that, especially if the game wasn't about Boba Fett. Cool as he is he's overused.

yeah, IF

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A PUGB inspired, GTA Star Wars that is online only with microtransactions. Now it only needs to be an e-sport and it'll be full blown cancer.

You are correct. However, it isn't always the government per say pushing for more poz, more like then not it's just the usual suspects being jewy once again. Granted, in some cases the government and the Jews are one and the same. Unfortunately for us, Hebrews have almost unlimited funds by now, so they can tank quite a few loses as long as it continue to push the kosher agenda.

Given the absolute state of Disney's Star Wars, I think anything would be better without the potato-face aliens.
The twi'leks and togrutas are completely absent from nuWars. They all have that ugly look, like if they were based on rejected designs for a Doctor Who's alien-of-the-week.

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They all look like Spongebob reaction images.

Yeah, they also have a ton of micro transactions in those games ultimate team modes.
you give EA shekels for loot boxes to get new players and other shit
EA gets a ton of money from UT, only reason why they are still alive and why they are trying to apply the same model to other games, but they are failing because they dont dominate other game genres, and in other genres the gamer isnt a casual who doesnt care all that much

Spongebob has had more creativity poured into it though.
It's like a compilation of the most generic aliens over several franchises.
It must burn.

thats a really big fucking if

it's actually a really fucking good mod. it works surprisingly well, and i only wish the maps were larger, or that it would actually get successfully ported to warband

Or EA-Star Wars-PUBG, someone mark my words.

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oh God, I want to see this fuck fest

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You could at least argue that Maz is based off of something, but I'm more inclined to believe it's coincidence than anything else.

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mite b cool
Depends on what studio is doing it, honestly. But most devs don't do open worlds well, unfortunately. Bethesda is unironically the best at creating open worlds, but their games come with so many other problems that it's sometimes hard to tell, and they end up ruining it anyway by including fast travel.

Were you living under a rock this past decade?

No, I was just feeling optimistic.
But I just realized that this is the game that Visceral was killed for, so it will be filled with microtransactions. So my optimism is now gone. Feels bad.

My prediction is something WoW-alike. With more storytelling, mostly about how poor 3rd planet(3rd world) modern slaves owe their poor fat to the imperium. Our you could fight for an imperium, with nazi-like imagery. Imagine if we could start a meme campaign to paint the imperium-guys like heroes, like sometimes with the real Star Wars, a trolling exercise, if you think

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He's probably another cuckchanner.

Nothing good will come of this

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I abandoned halfchan before most of you probably did. I went to 7chan in 2008. Then I quit imageboards altogether in 2010. Came to Holla Forums in 2014 for GamerGate.


Why in the fuck are they doing another online Star Wars game?

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Destiny 3: Disney Edition

that is actually a really nice image, could be used as a wallpaper too

I can almost see it happening.

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This post needs to screen-caped for future purposes.

aren't they teetering on the verge of insolvency?

They're a public company, so anyone can look at their financial statements. I just did. They're very profitable in general. They made 174 million euros in profit last fiscal year.
t. financefag

Do not open this image if you have dignity.

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Does it matter? It'll be based on the nu-canon that disney made that is somehow 100x worse than the expanded universe. At least before there were some interesting stuff like droids learning on how to use the force instead of all this gay shit.

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I don't have dignity and even i'm not clicking that.

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If only they risked themselves making at least a second server for their game with no levels or anything, just battle Royale tier loot everywhere with many spawn locations and no levels so you would have basically a galaxy Arma game.

I thought it would be worse. Here's mine, not star wars related but use it next time.

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That's pretty bad.

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Does anyone on here even care what star wars has become after the good games were already made? Maybe it's because I've never been a star wars fan but I really don't care what disney or ea do with the IP. The good games have already been made and I enjoy them a lot. So what if they make shit games? Let the franchise die. It's overstayed its welcome.

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Oh dear god yes.

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oh boy I'm so excited! do you think you'll be able to play as a nigger with an afro in this game!? ^_^

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I refuse to believe

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"Intel Quadra" isn't even a real product

TORtanic was 6 years ago.
Holy moly, how time flies.

This mod and 1866 is the only reason to have OG M&B installed compared o M&B: WB

What was that one TORtanic video with the extremely one-sided spawn camping with lightning storms?

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it was ported to warband, but they refuse to work on it any further.

Can't wait to play as a female protagonist with manface, flat chest, and a heavy bulge.

We all wish this was going to happen.

Where's the one with the guy saying he bought a needlessly expansive PC to play TOR, but realized it was shit but still forces himself to keep playing because he's afraid of his wife?

His wife must be fat.

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Star Dragon Wars, Inquisition anyone?

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Guess I’ll just brick my phone real quick


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You mean a real woman you shitlord. :^)