Yfw Bungie dies this year

Activision user telling us "i-its doing fine, 100 gorrillion players by jaunuary!" again when?

For comparison to the last time an always online "AAA" game with rng loot was in this situation.

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It's about time Bungie was put out of its misery anyway.

Good riddance, Bungie ruined FPS games for everyone with muh Halo.

What are you talking about? Studios nowadays don't die if they fail, even if they fail twice.
They remain undead for future use.

Not with their new contract. They only get a percentage of total post launch profit and the rest goes to activision. Ever wonder why Eververse became the focus? because thats Bungies sole income now. They literally need Destiny 2 cash shop whales to stay alive. Without them they are only operating at a loss until the next retail release in september.

They went full greed and lost.

He must be hanging from a ceiling somewhere.

He doesn't exist. OP just likes to pretend someone is more obsessed with Destiny than him.

You know there's something oddly sad about both Bungie and 343i both being husks pretending to be what they once were.
Say what you want about halo, it being slow and all, two weapons kind of being lame. As far as a casual arena shooter it was decent.
It's a real shame that it was slowly eaten from the inside out by microsoft until it was finally empty.

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the funniest thing about this is that dumping even free copies of D2 wouldn't prop up its player numbers. They did what they did in D1 where the base game is basically unplayable once DLC comes out, because everything other than the basic story missions gets levelbumped to a level you can't get without buying the DLC.

Unless you think OP is that activision user, he did exist, because I saw him shilling up a storm many months ago.
paraphrased through many thousands of words over dozens of posts in at least a handful of threads.

No there was one and boy did he shill like he had his life savings on the line.

He also avatarfagged.

Bungie "died" when it was acquired by Microsoft.

Bungie haven't made a good game since Marathon

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It was actually because they couldn't make content fast enough for activision so they had to re negotiate the terms to having 2 DLCs a year and microtransactions.
It was bungies Idea to put them in.

Oh for fuck's sake not this again. We went over this in the other thread and it's not an arena fps and neither is overwatch.

It arguably was better off and that's real sad.

Alright what is this about?

Whoever is in charge of Bungie can't manage for shit.

Are you retarded or something?


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Some autist in another thread was arguing that Halo and Overmeme were arenafps. I assumed it was him again.

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but halo is painfully slow

Guaranteed replies with the first 5 seconds of posting.

Are you fucking me?

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Why exactly is it wrong?

What's wrong with halo? I thought it was pretty fun up until past reach

Thats a dude

No, I get how in a modern sense Halo would play more similarily to Overwatch since they took basically all the free-for-all modes out of the matchmade multiplayer and made it a pain in the ass to actually play custom games because it's bad for server activity metrics, but honestly, you would have to be silly to not be able to recognize the obvious difference between a sluggish shitfest arena fps and what is pretty patently obviously a team based Objective shooter.

people think it "killed" fps games, or at least a certain style of them. They're wrong completely, because Half Life did that several years before Halo

I know it's shocking.

I wasn't the one arguing for this shit. I'll see if I can find the thread in the catalog but it was a stupidly off-topic argument and I'm not sure which one it was in. Was only like two days ago though, maybe yesterday.

It's a casualised FPS designed primarily for consoles that started the decline of the genre. Even when you ignore what it started it's thoroughly average and the SP is repetitive trash.

Wouldn't bargain bin games be the most played games though?

Somebody give me a definition of "arena FPS" please.
Don't be a cuck, stand for your beliefs.
I want to see how you can muddy the phrase "arena fps" to mean "fps games i like but not fps games i don't like"

This is sealed stock clearance.

Arena-fps has to have at the very least:



did halo have a timer for weapons/movement tech?

Or if you want to be even more simple you gotta go fast.

Technically you have to be propelled by a slope or an explosion, but yes, halo did have movement tech


Halo fulfills 2/3 of those.

Yes, until Halo 4. Halo Reach also gave you different loadouts, but that was only for specific game modes.

In addition to what said.

It's still missing 1/3 and those were literally the first three that came to mind. There's much more to the genre that but it's not really something I've got a list for off the top of my head.

Played it plenty.

The occasional movement trick is not the same as a genre based entirely around your movement tech.

Nah mate you're just saying whatever you need to say in order to separate your nostalgia games from someone else nostalgia games when they're just fps games with different execution of gameplay

How pathetic and small.

Halo and Quake III play nothing alike.

Technically, it applies to all game modes and is pretty much crucial to having an advantage. I mean what you're saying is similar to saying Quake isn't movement based because you have to take advantage of certain things in order to make use of movement techniques.

In Quake its pretty much impossible to play without properly strafing. Seriously go try it and come back to me.

Are you actually trying to say you can play Halo without properly strafing? Are you retarded or something?

They've got the exact same mechanical basis, just one moves slow instead of fast, unless you're in a vehicle a la Unreal Tournament. Is Unreal Tournament not an Arena FPS?

Is Quake 3 the only Arena FPS in existence?

Yes they do, both of them are FPS shooters with all the categories that you asked for.
The only difference being how fast the players move and map design.
It's like saying witcher 3 and skyrim aren't both rpgs because they have different gameplay.
They're both fucking rpgs with different execution.

you haven't played halo, i now fully know that you're lying out your arsehole if you can type something like this unironically.

You can play halo just fine as a slow as shit game.

Even if this were true and Halo was a slow arena fps it would be a terrible arena fps because its a genre about going fast. Regenerating health (shields are this by another name) is also a terrible fit with a genre where you should have to rely on picking things up.
Unreal is an Arenafps yes. Also things like Xonotic though its loosely based on quake.

this is why I can't take you autists seriously.

In every instance I played halo nobody was doing that shit. All just waddling around like toddlers. Nothing that comes even close to this.
False analogy. Halo and Quake III are both fpses (same genre like Witcher and Skyrim are RPGs) but different sub-genres. Fucking battlefields is still an FPS but clearly a different sub-genre to either.

The argument wasn't "is Halo a fast Arena FPS" it was "is Halo an Arena FPS". Glad you've conceded our point. Halo 1 and Halo Reach also have fixed health alongside regenerating shields.

I already told you they aren't really arenafps but yes I don't have a proper definition. However even if you think halo comes under my half-assed 5 minute definition its clearly a bad arena fps so its shit either way.
Shields are functionally just health with a different name.

Arena usually means a small, often symettrical map style based for close combat in the middle with 'sniper lanes' around the outside.

Halo has game modes for that but also big team battle.

How about we play a better game. Find me a video of halo comparable to this
and we'll continue this argument.

Hopping in a gravity lift isn't a "movement system".

You can bunny hop though.

You could say that about any game though, I personally liked the story and that's what compelled me to keep playing. It's like saying Call of Duty 1 is a bad game because all you do is shoot.

I played Half life 1 recently actually, I don't get the hype, it's ok. It's sort of like quake but I don't know just weird.

No they aren't. You can have full shields but low health, or vice versa. Energy weapons do a lot of damage to shields, but don't do a lot of damage to health, bullets do the opposite. It's more like a regenerating armor bar then health, in some ways.

In what way? They both have the same basic gameplay flow. You spawn with the same weapons your enemy does, you try and reach respawning, fixed weapon spawns, you maintain control of the map to deny your enemy as much as possible whilst shooting and killing them. The pace is slower, the map is more vertical, and there's more hitscan weapons, but from a game design perspective it's built off the same groundwork. Games like Call of Duty or Insurgency by contrast, are structured to play completely differently even before movement and weapon design is taken into account.

Hey, Oni was pretty good. But then again, it was made by a different team.

This is what Halo has done to the FPS community in the past 20 years.

That's not what I said, and you're aware sage isn't for downvoting right?

What? No, you cannot accelerate your movement by jumping in Halo. Hell, you can't even go the same speed, jumping makes you go slower.


Post a video of bunny hopping in Halo, then. Also, if you think I'm downvoting you, then you're even more retarded than I thought. If you're trying to win the argument by making me stop talking to you in disgust, then it's working.

prove it

Without even touching the rest of this autism it was originally a bug but has long since become a gameplay feature.

Are you gonna post some videos of these "movement systems" or not?

Moving Forward or backwards decellerates or accelerates you to normal walking speed if you're going sideways you don't lose any speed barring friction from touching the floor, which is reduced while considered being pushed any force.

xonotic is fucking garbge compared to sauerbraten

for '99 it was pretty big, that and it started the whole storyfag thing in fps games, which is where a lot of the arena niggers get upset about since they want multiplayer only focused games in that genre

Seriously? All games with single player are repetitive trash now? What are you, a Communist or something? I actually think that Halo's saving grace is the single player thanks entirely to the AI Why do so many games have totally worthless AI and co op, but man some of you folks really know how to make yourselves sound retarded.

So was skiing in Tribes and yet that also became the defining movement mechanic in the franchise. Did you have a point? Are you really implying that Quake being good is an accident now?

So you can only bunny hop while being pushed? Try using punctuation, I can barely make out what you just said.

Post the video.

Yes, but be aware being "pushed" includes anything from touching an angle more than 30 degrees in level geometry to touching any vehicle that is technically in motion which would include someone sitting in a non moving vehicle.

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Even better

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Ah, okay. So you can get a speed boost by jumping off downslopes and vehicles then. Coincidentally that sounds similar to Tribes which I mentioned in my last post. Wish I would have known that when I was actually playing Halo when it was new. However, typically bunny hopping implies that there is something inherent to jumping or air control which allows you to gain speed, not just reduce friction.

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Acting like a complete idiot doesn't help your case, friend.

By his logic, combos in fighting games are stupid bugs and should be removed.
We're dealing with an S-class retard here.

Here's the thing, jumping causes you to stop losing speed from the friction of the ground. It's just weird since if you hit forwards or backwards you lose the reduced friction of being "pushed"

If you've got proof of Halo having quake-equivalent movement tech post proof. If not shut up and fuck off. I've posted my proof.

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I remember reading that Activision recently defaulted on some loan and are now billions in debt. Wouldn't surprise me if such compromising information was purged from the internet.

How does a game company become BILLIONs in debt? that sounds like bullshit.

By expecting every one of their games to bigger than the last, I'd imagine. They wanted Destiny to be the new WoW.

Damn son I like halo and you're making us all look bad.

It's a good thing i don't like halo and i think it's a shit game.

by spending far more on advertising than what their games sell for and hoping season passes and 'funpay minibuys' cover the red.

Are you off your meds, user?

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halo was unironically good.

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Yea i of course i'm mad you fucking idiot people have been riling me up with their shit opinions and need to over classify game genres so they can feel like they belong in a special club.

It is a fun game though but like most shooters for me atleast I can play them for a while and then get bored because shooters are mostly go here and shoot, go there and shoot.

I meant shooter games but my point does stand, a lot of games are very repetitive, not so much trash but repetitive. For me, the only thing that keeps me playing is an interesting story, if I'm not interested I'll be bored.

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Half-Life doesn't hold up. I used to like it a lot, but not so much anymore. I think people were impressed by how Black Mesa explodes in the beginning and how you can interact with the nerds. The level design is completely retarded.


As if. There's mainstream or popular opinions and then there are things which all of society agrees upon which then become objective. Murder is wrong, steak should be eaten medium rare or rarer and Quake is good. It is known.

I don't really consider games with good level design to be repetitive. Good storytelling is even rarer than competent design in games so I tend not to look for it.

Im trying to understand what you mean here.
You know repetitive isn't a personal preference? If a game has good level design it can STILL be repetitive even if you don't "consider" it that way.

It would have made more sense for you to say "good level design isn't repetitive"

Arena FPS is shit, that's why none plays. It died with Quake 3. Deal with it.

You need skill to play any kind of PvP multiplayer game (except moba), this is no excuse.

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That is one cozy doggo

nice shitpost, i like how you dispense little truths with the lies in order to make your shitpost come off as more genuine

Well, a good level set isn't a group of similar levels. Even if they're good, you have to at least space them out amongst other types of levels. It depends on what you consider repetitive in games. Is Mario Party not repetitive because it has like a hundred minigames? I think most people would agree that it is kinda repetitive.

I think mario party is the most mind numbing shit i've ever seen next to any of those shitty Wii sports games.
And i don't think it's fair to count mario parties minigames as levels, i'd argue that a mini-game…uhh…game… and a normal…game… are two different beasts.

Even before Microsoft bought Bungie Halo was designed around having an enormous open world with vehicles and large battlefields. It was never supposed to be an arena type shooter and the focus on multiplayer came later. So it's a weird hybrid of the two genres with some later games being more focused on it.

I'm guessing their projection for esports becoming bigger than actual sports among the lucrative youth demographic didn't pan out. About 2 years ago many companies were saying that this was going to happen and invested heavily in that scene. Hell even the corrupt olympics keeps talking about including video games as it's the only way to bring in a younger audience.

Actually that's true, if i remember correctly, there WILL be esports in either the next Olympics, or the one after that.

It's so cringe inducing imagining all those Athletes having worked like absolute cunts doing intense physical their entire lives for a single shot at winning a gold medal and some dickhead who sat around in a chair all day and became autistically in love with a game to the point where he "mastered" it are going to be standing side by side.
Have games tournaments…fine, but not along with one of the oldest physical contests human kind has ever managed to up hold mostly unmolested by our modern standards.

It's a shame that most modern shooters follow the Call of Duty formula rather than the Halo one. Massive battles, vehicle combat, and clearly differentiated enemy types are what we need more of. Sadly, that's absent even in Halo now.

half-life is the gameplay of quake but with new weapons, interesting enemies, and upgraded into a realistic and believable world. is correct, both half-life and halo worked to destroy the fps genre for their own reasons and people hate them for that but there's nothing wrong with them as games themselves.

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Imagine combining Half-Life's interior levels with Halo's outdoor ones. Crawling through ancient industrial ruins, only to emerge in the middle of a massive combined arms battle? I'd buy that game.

the thing about halo is that unlike cod it follows older fps archetypes with alien enemies that all have a role and use projectile weapons the player can dodge as opposed to forcing them to take cover 24/7 which is garbage, and vehicles are actually fun to drive/use. multiplayer being inspired by arena shooters but with vehicles allowed for much fun to be had with custom games and if it were on PC it would have been solid, which is why i would like to see a more stable population for halo online and halo 2: project cartographer

Half-life is the gameplay of quake but slowed down and casualised yes.

if we're talking about multiplayer, then you are correct

Most projectiles in Halo are a bit difficult to dodge, seeing as they're quite fast, but at least hitscan bullshit is reduced for the most part. However, stuff on the higher difficulties can be just as frustrating. That's mostly due to the fact they dodge every other attack but will stand on top of a grenade though.

He said arena FPS must have at least those 3 things.
By your own admission it has only 2.
Therefore it isn't an arena FPS.
Do you know what "at least" means?
His criteria has not changed. You are just retarded. Disagree if you want but it's pretty sad to get this autistic because you cannot read.

That's a womans ass.

With Bioware getting close to dying, I really can't take anymore of all these companies that i hated (or clearly didn't fall for their decorated trash quality) getting so close to dying. The Halo games although decent games, popularized the horrible console fps and drove the abismal new console fps audience that COD would continue fueling for every pennie. Sure Half-life kind of did the same, but at least it was still a PC FPS, and it didn't fund a kill switch console, nor one of the worst corporate whoring audiences. I see there are xbox enablers here.

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Bioware won't die they'll be kept on life support.

I sometimes forget bungie don’t make halo anymore.

This. Realistically bungie will be put in charge of making a Call of duty MMO.

I used to "warm-up" for Halo 2 with a few rounds of Unreal Championship. Of course, nobody but me played that on Xbox - so I had to play against bots, but even the bots were more of a challenge than most Halo players. I could easily tell a difference with a significantly improved K/D after playing UC than if I'd just gone into a Halo 2 match cold.

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The guy in charge of creating Destiny 2 multiplayer admitted it was designed for fun twitch viewership first, which they fucked up since not making it fun to play means no one wants to watch it in the first place.

I thought the Olympic committee, being absolute cucks, said no games with guns or violence would ever be considered. Or did the absolute disinterest in the Seoul Olympics change their mind?

It's surprising we've gone this long without one tbh.


It's about fucking time and good fucking riddance. This cancerous shit company has been shitting up video games for 16 years now, it's about goddamn time.

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That's fucking laughable. Are people actually flocking there and buying things? 10% just brings them down to walmart's prices, maybe not even that far. There's a reason the place is closing.

It's about time, with their death the credibility of nu-Halo gets that much more shaken. It shows how much 343 have propped up, dressed and paraded a corpse around for years now with little to show for it

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The only Halo 343 was involved with (before it became their property) was Reach. You can tell from some of the weapon designs and sound effects they carried over into their games. Also the timing, the way Reach fucked up existing lore, and the fact Bungie didn't want to make Reach but was forced to.

Shit weapon variety, shit weapon limit, shit health regeneration, shit level design due in part to the enabling effect of health regeneration, shit movement, shitty autoaim that cannot be turned off. Halo is a shitty game that pushed a number of highly cancerous mechanics on the console FPS genre and it never recovered. Halo does not even deserve the excuse of "but it was for consoles", because the console FPS genre had built up a number ideas in the preceding years to make up for the shortcomings of its control scheme and create an experience that could not be had on PC. Hardly a year before Halo's release, this game introduced the FPS world to a wide swath of highly innovative ideas–all of which were ignored and forgotten for the sake of pushing Quake But Really Shitty on console users (and eventually, even PC users) for generations after that.

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They only took over after the game was released with the "anniversary" map pack and modes for the Halo 1 remake, and some mediocre/godawful changes to the main multiplayer mode. They didn't do shit in the game's development.

Officially they didn't, but the claws were already in. There were some downright shitty design decisions that Bungie never would have made alone.

it hurts

I contest this.

So was Halo. HL2 did come out on consoles. At least Halo was fun to play, though… HL2 was just tedious unfun garbage.

Halo 2 was also briefly on the PC,

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It was a full PC release, just nobody played it because it required Vista and Vista was cancer.

Why are DS4s so cheap in Germany

That's for the HDMI's in the bin behind them.

Reminder that Halo is, and always was FUCKING SHIT

Bungie had a good run, but honestly all of their old talent has fled since Destiny 1 came out (rightfully-so) and it's time for them to be put out to pasture.

I feel most-sorry for the Halo fans…

There really is no hope for Halo, no chance in Hell of salvation… and all they had to do was port some more of the Halo games to PC…

Are you kidding?

No, I'm not kidding.


I've never, left, user.

Destiny 2 did have strong initial sales, user; #2 selling game in 2017 in fact. Problem is, players realized there was no endgame they were right and retention has been shit. So it made good cash initially and beat most projections, but later failed the longterm projections if that makes sense.

Wasn't me. There are a few people who claim to be or are Activision-user, and some of them are legit.

Since I've got a few minutes after my workout, let's clarify some shit as usual.

Nope. They've got a big warchest and aren't in danger of going under. But if that big Destiny DLC in the fall doesn't sell at all, things might get complicated.

A few, sure. They have a lot of employees who have been there for decades. They brag about it internally a lot.

Numbers are pretty bad right now, yeah. A bit like in Destiny 1 before taken kangz. Community sentiment is improving, though. WHich could be because people are leaving, haha

it's a job, anons. I don't even play destiny 2. if they lay us off, whatever, I'll get another job. And no, we don't market here. I've never heard of anyone actually getting paid to shill here. there's just no return on that investment, even if it's some pajeet making $1.50 an hour to shitpost.

And have some other tidbits

Overwatch is doing worse than people think and its esports push didn't do what we wanted

Anthem is going to crash and burn and we're not scared of it at all. Most of what they showed at e3 last year was faked footage they used from an internal greenlight pitch from 2016.

Stopped reading there.

Jesus you came back to shill.

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Don't do drugs, you uppity cunt.

Why are they wasting their time and money on fixing D2 when most of the devs are working on D3?

Richard Lewis said it countless times. The Overcucks esports scene is a joke because Blizzard is a control-freak and jewy company. Jeff Kaplan's safe space gig is a big problem for the game because it's "no fun allowed", he has people spying on esports players to see if they're "toxic" on social media or anywhere on the internet.

Also I forgot to ask: what's the general opinion of Kaplan at Acti?

You're all wrong, it was CS. Just look at how many ignoranuses still play it.

The worse it gets for the Activision user, the better.

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But they only play simulator games in Germany, of course nobody is playing Destiny.

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It hurts. It really hurts. All the good people are probably gone anyway.

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Nigga, the guns you pick up defines your class/role

Halo 3 had the X button effects, so… yes?

Bungie is just a name now, like Bioware or Infinity Ward.

It will be announced at E3 this year. I hope they get rid of Brian Reed after H6 and give the keys to Staten so he can craft a new trilogy with a new set of characters.
They managed to convice Microsoft to give them a team dedicated to patching the MCC. I really hope that they use that opportunity to announce a PC version that isn't Win10 exclusive.

To try and retain a fraction of their hemorrhaging community goodwill. It won't work short of the fall expansion being a literal A Realm Reborn given out for free.

Myth was good you faggot. If Bungie didn't get CORPED they could have continued to make good games. It's kind of sad because part of the reason they had to join M$ was because they lost a shitload of money recalling copies of Myth due to a bug that would wipe a hard drive if the game was installed in the root directory and then removed using the uninstaller. If not for this they'd probably have made a bunch of neat RTT/RTS games, Halo was going to be a Sci-Fi take on Myth originally.

Yeah but it's fucked, they've ignored the community for way too long.
There was "the endgame doesn't matter, it's all about making new friends" when people asked why the game ended with no valuable loot, then there was the EXP cap and the fake numbers, the timed events where players earn a chance to "win" something when they buy an engram with real money… Also there was the "oh we can't be bothered to create new stories, it's too hard" excuse for the lack of content in the expansions, coming from Bungie that's quite the insult to your fanbase and community.
I think the community (or what remains of it) would be ok if they said that they fucked up and they're now hard at work, crafting a new Destiny game that will fix most of the mistakes.

Except I repeatedly say that I don't give a fuck if you buy our games because we don't market here, you fucking mongoloid.

Don't know what the teams look like at bungo, user; don't interface with them much. All i've heard is that they pulled people off of d3 to fix d2.

So long as Blizz runs in the black and doesn't fuck up their image (or ours), we don't gaf.

We/bungie don't own the rights to Myth. 2k or Take2 or THQ did through some retarded series of deals. But do you really want a myth game made in CY+3?

Which is worse?

gee I wonder

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cuck porn

I unironically miss Halo. I have it on PC. But it's not the same. Anyone remember Schwinn's alpha on custom edition? That 24/7 server where one CTF match would go on for actual hours were some of the most fun I have ever had in a video game.

Pic related is IMO the king of console FPS games thanks to its ambitious level design incorporating Metroid style progression and secrets that rely on cool stuff like explosion jumping.

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at least a guy who likes cuck porn has the potential to not have shit taste in videogames

Halo has always been a normalfag gateway into Holla Forums and threads should be bumplocked on sight like with Undertale.

Keep shilling.

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I imagine people just keep repeating other people's opinions they agree with until they're dead,

feels bad

all of the halo games are unironically good. its a good series. even like the worst parts of a halo game are way better a lot of fps series. the only reason people on Holla Forums say they don't like it is to feel cool and brag. halo 4 even with its flaws isn't even actually bad and its easily the worst of the series.

Without spoilers, how does Reach fuck up the lore?

Also, I want to get back into halo, but I need the order in which to read the books/play the games, I swear there was a nice collage that helped you out, anyone got it?

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