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I played this on launch and didn't like it much.
Tried it again recently and for some reason it just clicked right off the bat, even though I don't notice any differences. I know there are two new classes and acts, but I started from scratch with Blademaster.
I'm trying to make auto-attack/cadence build of sorts, where the only active skill I use is healing one. Is this shit viable in the end game?
I'm only level 16 now and it werks fine so far.

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Titan Quest-esque diablo clones are all shit.

how much do you fucking need it?

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Reminder to ignore and filter shitposters, they feed off (you)s.
Also this is what I got.
Actually I'm level 18, dunno why I thought it's 16.

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TQ was okay though if only because m-muh mythology'n sheit, GD would be playable if the world/lore wasnt so damn boring.

You will always need more than just a single skill. Healing is best covered by loads of life-steal and resistance to stun/slow.
My lowest skill use builds was m1/m2 and 3 skill buttons. Highest use was a CDR pet build that needs the entire hotbar.

Check the grim dawn forums, there are build compendium threads that can give you an idea on what is viable for ultimate end game. Clearing crucible is a different story though, same with the ultra bosses. Use grimtools . com for builds and item lists.

I beat Torchlight 2 with engineer, and playing goddamn piano with skills on keyboard gets tiring really fast.
Having just a few skills sound pretty good.


Fucking bump.
The only good ARPG since Torchlight 1 and nobody here gives a fuck about it?
Dead board.

I finally bought Ashes of Malmouth this week since it was on sale and I wanted to something for myself on my birthday. Bought the original while it was in Early Access for $12 (the only good thing to come out of Early Access) and have been waiting for a price drop so I wouldn't pay 200% for 50% of the content.
I see they expanded the chest size since I last played it.

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How about you tell us about your build and playstyle?

it's been a while
I'm not a good ARPG monster clicker player and tend to spread out my skill points too much so I inevitably run into a wall of enemies I simply don't have the dps to take down even if I use all my tricks.
My first character was a magician focused on dealing as much damage as possible and chugging energy potions like an alcoholic with a lead liver. Then I tried creating a character with as many summons as possible. With the exception of the useless Raven I can summon 3 dudes + 1 Revenant granted to me an underleveled off-hand tome, and I spawn teeny tiny skeletors when I kill/finish off stuff with my Eye of Dreeg grenade. So it's just me running around, sicking ? my pets on weakened mobs from my AoE and throwing a toxic eye grenade for more extra skeletons. The dog is sometimes used as a suicide bomber.

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Shit, I considered running a necro with an army of skellies, but sound like you can't have 30 summons rummaging around like in good ol D2.

As amazing as it fucking sounds, Ashes of Malmouth is maybe the first actual, literal video game expansion I've seen in fucking forever that was a real expansion and was genuinely worth the ten dollarydoos I dropped for it.

The skellies you do summon to scale with certain talent tree skills though so you can have a tight knit group of 3 to 5 ripped as shit skellies among other summons that necro gets.

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You can still have a pretty damn good army of summons with the right classes and devotions and gear. Using a full pet build was the most fun I had in the game.

It's a great expansion on it's own. Compared to the mountain of dog shit DLC that is the norm now, it's a masterpiece.

I have to say that the absolute most fun I've had in this game was playing with 2-4 other guys as necromancers through the first two acts of the game, just swamping everything in a sea of stuns and statuses so our tsunami of boners could wash over them.

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Blademaster used to basically be the premier class of this game. It's probably still pretty good, but I haven't played GD in awhile.

You should probably try to max out one of the main leveling skills first before you plan on spreading your points out. IIRC for Blademaster that would be either Cadence, Blade Arc, or Amarasta's Blade Burst. Pneumatic Burst is also one of the best skills in the game because it has +Total Speed and healing.

This is so nice. Having to use third party programs for this was and is a pain in the ass. I've lost more than a few items to those and the backup process is sketchy at best.

Last I checked you can have 20+ pets with the right build and items. Unfortunately they won't all be skellies, but it's still nice for those that like summoners.

That was a long time ago. I think it was mainly due to a set that got nerfed very early on and caused half of the GD forums to bitch and moan for several months (some are still not over it).
Many of the top level builds are still soldiers (due to the tankiness), but Nightblade is a fairly rare second pick.

Is there a point in keeping low level set items around?
Stuff like explorer set has some cool abilities, but it's generally worse than regular gear.
Do I just sell it?

Keep it for new characters. There's a lot of nice lower-level gear that can take a lot of busy work out of a fresh build.

Blademaster is a solid class, but it's more gear-dependent than something with occultist. Make sure not to fall for the pierce damage that the game suggests, since physical outclasses it in pretty much every regard. You can make a decent tank that'll be on par with some shield builds, trading reliability for a lot more damage output. As far as using only one skill goes, that's not really going to work; for a blademaster, you'll probably be using the following every few seconds:
Here's a physical blademaster build that's decent for just about anything in the game and should give you an idea of skill distribution:

bump because I love you

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