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Kot birb and blin edition


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Polite reminder that the wiki exists, you are encouraged to contribute to it if you can (even if it's just your game page)

please stop derailing the threads, mates.

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I knew I forgot something, fuck.

i think i'll just leave them misaligned

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No more meme-based decisions in my game, i swear, it will be an accurate depiction of my autistic inner world

>alice user - madness autism returns
i'd play it

What do you think we'll do when the rest of the pajeets have internet access? I'm pretty sure we'll, at least, have to set up a separate board that range-bans all Indians.

And you're telling me your autistic inner world isn't filled with memes?

That's not how this thing was supposed to work.

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it is, but it's so autistic that the memes within are only known by me

Looks nice, user
tell me it's not a billion if/then/else statements

I like to think that the occasional reference isn't unforgivable, but you need to make it a bit more subtle than just begging for upvotes. It's also a matter of what you're referencing.

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Would having a lot of if/else statements change the perceived gameplay quality level of the game for you, dubsman? Not really, just a giant one in keyboard input handling for which I see no benefit in changing

You mean that forward jump was not intentional?

When you say "memes" you mean ebin references or just thoughtless copying of features from other games?

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why not switch it up?

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It's Lua, the language doesn't directly have a switch statement. The most elegant way to solve it in Lua would be by table, using all possible cases as indices and whatever you want that case to do as the (function, probably anonymous function) value. Also, some of the conditions wouldn't fit neatly into a switch scheme, so I think it's just more trouble than it's worth even if it does look a bit bad.

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you will be blind as a bat before you hit 30
my professor used a 30pt font for everything after working in the industry with small fonts his whole life
then he died of eye cancer, no joke

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I don't know what it is, but I fucking despise dark themes, no matter where they come up. They look fucking terrible. Usually I go for light themes with slightly dimmed backgrounds. It's why Yotsuba B is so good for me.

you could just be racist, user

I don't consider rap music to be actual music, but those are not the dark themes I was talking about.

fancy zoom
look at all the mountains you can't climb

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you should make the mountains climbable tbh

Anyone have this problem that no matter what you do, no matter what software you use, no matter what game you play, you always feel like it could be done a lot better?

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Just like port your shit to use LLVM faggot.

Of course, that feeling is what separates engineers from parasitic indians looking to exploit anything they can for money. You can either build a better language or kill yourself.

I'd like to make my own programming language because it feel so much better to write, but that sounds like an endeavor that I'll take to my grave.

How much experience do you have? I'm normally against any form of video tutorials (because they're dogshit) but this is a pretty good introduction to parsing in general. Writing a language actually isn't incredibly difficult, the hard part is writing it

Don't tempt me to do this as well, now, user. I have to write my own engine, which is already gonna be an undertaking. I-I want to actually make game, man.

I wish Blow would hurry up with Jai already.

Yours doesn't have enough contrast either, it's absolutely grating on the eyes.

We had a class for that: Formal Languages.
We had to 'classify' how if works, how you declare variables, etc etc.
The SICP IIRC had you making an interpreter for Lisp, and some other language I can't remember that's not Java/coffeescript, but sounded like coffee that was always used for teaching formal languages.

post yours then, faggot

I've decided to take some time off gamedev and get better at math and programming. I don't really mind too much what I do, as long as it's not wage slaving and I don't have to interact with any pajeets.

Switched my theme thanks to you, so I'll only be a blind bat at 40.


I could probably figure out the parsing part, but I wouldn't even know where to start making an actual language out of it. I know basically nothing about assembly or how languages/compilers work internally.

That video looks interesting though, thanks.

Just make a language that compiles to c code.

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Oh and that pic is your theme inverted. Looks about the same or a little worse in terms of contrast.

I was actually thinking of doing that, it just needs to tweak the syntax somewhat. I don't know if C can do certain things though. Maybe I just need more experience with C first.

I've been learning some assembly the past few months. I think it's one of those things that someone has to understand to be a really good programmer.

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C can do anything user.

How about a function that takes arbitrary number of arguments, and then you can determine from within the function how many arguments it has and what type those arguments are?

sure, just pass in a lua virtual machine as a parameter!

That is exactly what printf(), the basic printing function of C does.

There's no contrast in your theme, and studies have proven that comprehension of text is better in dark text on light backgrounds. In short: learn something before you spout shit opinions.

Now what?

I tried to look up how to do something like it, but as far as I found out it's not possible.

Then you haven't looked hard enough. Google va_arg.

look at this

Now you raise the contrast on your theme and choose more cohesive colors.

Why? Because you find it hard to read because of your astigmatism?
How about you show me your color scheme, oh wait you don't even program :^)

I literally remember reading that printf is special somehow and you can't do it. God dammit.

Printf is only special in the sense that compilers have a lot of hacks around it to do extra error checking for you.
This is because passing the wrong types as variadic arguments can cause various bugs to pop up. (E.g. pass a char (8bit) but specify int (32bit).)

Your comprehension seems to be lacking either way because what you quoted is agreeing with him.
>comprehension of text is better in dark text on light backgrounds
>People with astigmatism (approximately 50% of the population) find it harder to read white text on black than black text on white.

C verifiadic arguments doesn't let you access the types of the arguments. You have to either use a set type and hope the user passes the right value in or signal to the function what the type is (like the printf format string).

You'd laugh at my color scheme and I am a sensitive fellow

The point is half the population prefers dark/light the other prefers light/dark.
All studies on this topic are done by focusing purely on large text (i.e. novels etc.). They don't focus on what is better for programming where instead of reading line for line you skip over blocks of code and then focus on specific lines.

Is this you?

Of course it doesn't let you access the type of the arguments, those aren't pushed onto the stack.
C's variadic arguments are certainly error prone, but it's primarily used for debugging logging. I haven't actually come across a valid use case of variadic argument functions outside of making it easier to write debug functions.

That isn't the point at all. Astigmatism exacerbates the preference because of how the difference in light levels interacts with the deformed lens. You're quoting from a study supporting dark-on-light for improved readability. Why you would quote it out of context is beyond me. For the record I use dark themes because you don't read code like you read an article or book, which you're right about, but too many anons spout misinformation about readability and it's annoying as fuck.

did say "How about a function that takes arbitrary number of arguments, and then you can determine from within the function how many arguments it has and what type those arguments are", so va_args doesn't quite fit that.
You're right that they're not incredibly useful, though. There's a reason you don't see a lot of real use of them in the wild, but it might be more that va_args is underpowered, as other languages let you do it right and get more use.

Time for template programming!

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You can use variadic templates for something like DOD in Artemis, or a custom memory allocator.

I think originally I was trying to figure out how to do optional arguments.

Though in the context of compiling to C code, you could just add the default values into the function call if the user didn't write them in.

If you want to be pedantic about it, you can abuse the fuck out of macros to achieve that.

Simply write a variadic argument macro. Using C11's _Generic, you can convert any argument into a type, and then just pass those to the function as well. Then inside the function, you simply read the types and arguments one by one.

On the contrary, if other languages allow you to defer the types when you're not passing them explicitly, then those languages are missing out on features C has.
If you want figure out the types of variadic arguments, you have to push them to the stack. C simply allows you to not do that if you don't want to. But there's nothing stopping you from engaging in macro nonsense to automatically generate types to push onto the stack as well.

Even with those cases you'd be better off just making optional arguments that default to NULL, or passing a point to array of objects together with a size value. Variadic arguments aren't performant and are only in there for convenience sake.

You're better off with making it an optional argument that is set to NULL when disabled.

Clearly pic related is best, if you don't agree go pick your own favorite and report back:

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Are you certain? I'd love to see some numbers, in my own testing I was unable to determine a difference in performance. Pic related is the code snippet.

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Your sins just keep stacking up

I never said i use vim, i just like this site because it showcases a lot of schemes in a convienent way.
I've been using visual studio with the default color scheme for 10+ years.

I worry about the same thing. I've thought about making "stupid" content, like joke NPCs and sidequests that are silly, or aren't consistent with the world or story, and then making it an expansion pack, or included but disabled as a setting by default. I don't know if I'm thinking too hard about appeasing a small number of people, though. Very few people gave MGS shit for including goofy things, because they were usually pretty well separated from its serious elements. But obviously, there's a difference between MGS and Memelands 2 that has to be maintained.

Fallout 3 had those as a perk you could enable at the character creation screen

Guys don't make a roguelike. Not even for a joke.
Just say No.

I'm going to make a roguelike to test the lua game engine I'm working on and there's nothing you can do about it

If you don't elaborate on that, then you'll just make everyone do it to see what the fuss is about. Tells us about your misadventures.

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I think you may have quoted the wrong person.

The code you specify does not actually use variadic arguments, and will most likely be optimized in such a way that the call to T(va_args) is done after the code of Alloc.

That aside, I think it's best if you understand how variadic arguments work.
When you pass extra arguments to a function, the compiler just takes those arguments, makes a block of memory from it and pushes it into the stack; really, the same as normal arguments.
Then afterwards, using the stdarg functions, you can fetch those arguments back one by one simply by specifying which type you want. The compiler might introduce an extra pointer to keep track of the position it is inside of the block, incrementing by the size of the variable you're grabbing every time.

If you use this in certain cases, you will actually produce faster code. For example, creating an array and passing it with a size parameter is actually slightly slower than passing the size parameter with the variadic arguments, since you don't have to pass a pointer to the array you made, shaving off 4 bytes (or 8 bytes on 64 bit).

The thing is though, if you do ANYTHING ELSE than that, then the compiler will have to introduce extra variables to keep track of what you're doing, guaranteeing you you wont be able to get a performance benefit.

The reason why I call it less performant is because it makes the assumption that the compiler optimizes perfectly. Which it fucking doesn't, especially on a minimally used functionality like variadic arguments. Not only that, but the compiler is far more likely to have optimizations for the non-variadic argument equivalent, as those are extremely common.

Then to top it all off, variadic arguments don't have type checking or automatic type conversion, which is a ease-of-use feature you're throwing out.

If you know what you're doing and are willing to take it to autistic heights, go ahead. But you're in AGDG, and you just posted a shitty fucking allocator that doesn't support deallocation. Your autism is best directed elsewhere.

I don't know about the rest of your shitpost but this is interesting, since this is a stack allocator that's not meant to support deallocating singular objects. You'd think that was easy to figure out.

So what kind of code are you writing that you see the need of writing an extra stack allocator, as opposed to just allocating thing on the stack?


You know the stack has limited capacity right? Also, maybe he doesn't want to deallocate his shit when the code block in which he allocated them ends?

What makes you think you can't allocate a bigger stack?
I want to know what kind of code he's writing where that would be useful.

Honestly I think I will have some memes in my game.

Wew lad, why are you here giving out advice?

A custom stack allocator is perfect for things like level specific entities or particles if you're retarded enough to do them on the CPU. Allocate a block of memory for your level or particle buffer, then have blazing fast allocations anytime you want, then just rewind when you want to load a new level for example.

I thought you meant the stack segment of RAM. How can you make that bigger?

I was just curious and willing to learn, user. I crave to know the most ricer of ricing techniques.
The thing is, the example you provide can literally be done with a C++ vector with the same performance. You can use .emplace to allocate, and .clear to free everything.

You can set it in compiler options.

where are your standards?

In not wasting time optimizing level deallocation.


Not nearly as flexible.

It's 150 lines of code that reduces load times to nothing and let's you control memory to a much greater extent (impossible to have memory leaks). What are you smoking?



apart from streams the standard is actually not bad unless you're using the microsoft implementation in which case, kys

Your load times will be mostly spent on loading files, ya dingus. Do you really think a modern CPU gives a fuck about allocating a couple thousand objects?

Sure thing bro, RAM access is totally free, buy our latest i9 CPU goy.

let's just throw data fucking everywhere

this one is nice

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Do not lewd the technology.

Is anybody familiar here with creating 2d maps out of .bmp files? ie. "provinces.bmp" where each province is represented with RGB color would get converted into 2d map with borders between each province.

That's easy if you're willing to use an image library

What image library?

any of them? I don't know what language you're using

C and SDL

if you're using C, you're probably smart enough to store data in images. Just think of each pixel as a chance to store a byte, or something.

Don't do it user. Don't throw it all away.

I can't stop people from making terrible mistakes I can only warn them.
You see that @ symbol moving around and you think yeah no big deal. Think again.

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Finally it's over.
Now I can start doing some less boring stuff, like adding textures to it

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hey, you're fired

Making Shorts

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alright, you've got your job back

I just hate having to adjust the weights because the clothing has slightly different topology than the body

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Why did you choose to put cloth models on top of player model instead of making swapable parts, like it's done in most games?
Also, how the fuck does this work with your customizable models? **

gotta be able to undress in real-time :^)

The clothes have the same shape key names as the base model, so on Unity when i change the Size key i will search all clothes for the same key and change it in the same proportion

If instead of putting clothes on top i swapped the parts i would need to subdivide the body into many many parts, also this way i can have semi-transparent clothing

I'm sorry but whenever I see a 3D butt with this kind of camera angle, all I can think about is "DESTROY ASS: 5"

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I didn't know I need that

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Is Drill user still working on his game?

He probably got demoralized from being sacrificed on the altar dedicated to proper filenames and quit. Though he posted in the last demoday, so maybe he's just on hiatus..

Damn, I hope he's okay. Maybe he's just focused on his game.

Too slutty?

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Attached: looks weird for some reason.png (800x600, 169.3K)

It's my fault, this is what happened

This doesn't prove anything about drill user, but any way I posted my findings and freaked the guy out, which I really shouldn't have done in such a way, and he wrote that he didn't really like being in such a place where people collect so much information on each other, since it defeats the point of being on an anonymous imageboard. He said he just looked up reaction images to use on imgur.

no bulge fam?

Sorry the trap will be low priority, gotta make the girls first

Sometimes doing the right thing makes everything worse. It's not your fault. That's how rustfag repeatedly exposes himself, and where would we be without that?

I still would rather have not driven him out. When I found the link between the filenames I actually didn't have any way of knowing who it was, and the link still doesn't prove anything.

this is rebods bls no bully
I had the idea of a gondola swf.

It would consist of a collection of minimally interactive environments in which the player would move gondola around and interact with things, with comfy music sounding in the background. Nothing would change except minimal things. As an example, one environment would be a mountain top. Gondola could be moved around it, there would be a pile of pebbles. Upon interaction, the pile would fall. The could be a bird, and when interacted it would chirp.

I had the idea of having the environments be encoded in pictures. The picture would contain the different tiles used to construct the environment and their placement, and in the metadata would be the music in some kind of midi, and the description of the entities, like the example of the pile of pebbles. The images would be loaded by the swf and the environment constructed using them.

For that reason, I think that it should have a top down perspective like a link to the past. The music should be made to be like NES, so it could be stored in the image, and the sound effects, like the bird chirping, would have to be made out of musical notes. The graphics would be pixelshit. The images could be shared in a thread.

Assets for it therefore would be relatively easy to make.

Does this sound like a good idea? Would it be hard to program?

Sounds easy enough. make it a doom mod

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I think a swf is better because it can be posted here

Is learning to make swf games hard?

You still seem to regret it, but I think it's good you did that. It was a valuable lesson about personal limits and filenames. Creative people are prone to sperging out and if drilldev or anybody else decided against posting their game here because what you did was already too scary for them, imagine what would they do when somebody else brings the real heat. Some people are just not suited for places like this and it's better for them if they learn this before committing years to a project that's heavily connected to a site that can cause them misery. If that's the case you did drilldev a huge favor. In the end, it's not like anyone was actually harmed.

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That's true, and thinking about what could happen if someone else made the same connection that I made, it could have been a lot worse for him, than an apologetic warning. I guess you guys are right about the situation

I want to go back to not knowing

Was he sperging out or anything?

no, he never actually did anything like that, just used imgur filenames for some of his reaction pictures

I've used flash before and it's really not hard to learn, actionscript is what you'll have to learn as that's what makes flash interactive.

Then I have to disagree with the other user. I think you screwed up. Not everyone of us is autistic enough to rename every file we download for our collection of reaction images. I just hit save, so my filenames are a mix of names other Anons gave the images, random names I don't always know the origin of (some 4chan, some Holla Forums before and after the new naming scheme was introduced, maybe more places), images with a "tumblr_" prefix, images using the twitter naming scheme and maybe some imgur ones, although I'd have to check. For the most part, I just don't care.
How about we reserve our hostility for people who shit up threads? Because I don't think a community our size should drive our devs who don't actually do anything wrong.
Polite sage.

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You can now PAUSE the game! What???

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That 's also true, it's why I regret doing it. I didn't know who it was until it was too late, and I really should have forgotten about it.

So super casual mode added?

Is it pixelperfect?

I'm legitimately planning to add a gamejourno mode where fish jump straight out of the water and into your bucket

LIKO-12 has pixel perfect drawing, yeah.

Attached: damn right nigga.gif (294x233, 2.09M)

Just add some quicktime events where after two buttonpresses the character booth reaches the water and catches the fish, with some extra backstory about how the fish tastes better after getting his dick cut off trying to become a female penguin.

This is not really about filenames. It's about the fact that if you're disturbed by the idea of being exposed as a redditor or the usual stuff, like someone talking shit because of a filename format or being accused of something you actually didn't do, then it means posting your game here is not for you. Posting a game removes some of the anonymity, some even have their real names open to the public and quite a few people don't realize that they don't have the guts to handle that. It's better for them to learn this early rather than later.
There's no "we". Anyone can come here and it might be someone that, unlike that user, has malicious intent.
Polite sage.

Reminder that if you're in a zone that observes daylight savings time, you're most likely losing one hour of devtime tonight. Unless you're American, then just carry on.

user, you're missing the point of what I was talking about. A dev was chased away, because of the filenames of the images he posted and nothing else. The user who did it admitted that himself.
I pointed out two things. Firstly, that looking at nothing but the filenames is stupid, because some of us just save the images, thus keeping whatever name the file already had. It's just flat out paranoid to read that much into the filenames alone. And secondly, that a dev who had done nothing wrong having been chased away is not a good thing, considering that we're a community that is so small, that our own board is a damn ghost town.
Unless devs acts like cancer, I don't want them gone. Why would I? Making games and seeing games being made are the reasons why I'm here.
Polite sage.

I did it in my demo
We should make it an /agdg/ tradition

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I started this around 11 hours ago and this is where I got at the end of today.

Sounds and art is placeholder.

It doesn't look like it but the base fish AI is pretty complete, the snail was implemented by overriding 12 lines from the base AI. He shouldn't be coming off the ground but I was planning to refactor how targeting and checking which areas he can go in worked tomorrow.

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No keep it

fuck I just moved and I think I threw away my broke ass copy of Insane Aquarium

is this the new toejam & earl game

i bought the original game from popcap like twice on their original website and again on steam

i wish there was a way to know the original authors actually got some of the money from it

am i keeping the art, the sound, or the flying gesticulating snail?

someone get me in touch with the right people and it can be

All of it.

To any musicfags, what DAW do you use, and where do you go to pirate professional software these days without getting Russian super AIDS?

Attached: shimakaze question.png (612x706, 243.3K)

you are a russophobe? you shit talkin to putin?? your option is wrongful

Attached: 8be67c60af6e5fcb2d1e8a4ca1a343f362e4102acc4accbcf0d872fddbb9f2d9.png (218x126, 3.2K)

Ableton 9
The pirate bay download works quite well and I didn't get any super aids from it, but its a bit fucky to install

Man does Godot have trouble handling old GPU or drivers or something? I was typing out some bydon scripts because I am still a pleb at it and right now it crashed for me 3x times while I was changing the windows. I have a 9800 GTX jewvidia with the 340 driver on loonix. Here is the log: I can't even write a simple game from mind alone.

How do you make ImGui stop creating an .ini file every you run it?

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oh wow, i suddenly feel normal again
totally forgot about this and was wondering why i'm waking up at 1pm

Signal 11 means segfault. Rebuild in debug mode to get a proper trace, then start reading code.

How do you guys stay motivated through boring slogs such as GUI programming? It's tedious as all hell.

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you need to fix something there, user, the mouse has to be moved waaaaay too much to get anything done

Nevermind, I just realized you're making mobileshit

Yeah it's mobile shit, but you might still be right. I will have to try moving the answers to below the enemy you clicked perhaps.

The secret is to design your game in such a way that it does not contain things you don't like to make, then your motivation problem will disappear.

There was a time when I could only play educational games try to make it crack for player who should be too old for basic math games

Avoiding GUI entirely is pretty hard tho in my opinion. A GUI that pops really helps the game feel polished.

I'm really only focusing on grades 1-3 right now, so nothing fancy.

It helps making games for kids since I can't 1MA, so I just buy graphical assets off the asset store.

Alright I am almost finished writing the issue at their SJWhub page, I will check out how to compile Godot to see if I can gibs them more logs or so, before sending the issue. That's quite weird that it does a seg fault for alt-tabbing. I can't recall I had such issues with other programs.

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FL Studio. The Pirate Bay one is fine. They use Pro Tools in the music industry, but I've never heard anyone make a case for why you would need to switch to it unless you were in the music industry.

What drew you to kids games?

You could pull a Brain Age, honestly. Just add more modes, and more complex math.

Nothing special really, just came up with a concept that had a reasonably small scope that I might actually finish. I've since realized making games for kids is quite fun since they are brutally honest. Which is also why I like AGDG.

Sure, someone already made a LaTex math expression generator for Unity so you can make some pretty cool stuff.

I entered the "follow your dreams" mode about 8 months ago, my motivation is still on peak level
You gotta believe user

Just put them in wolfram alpha :^)


Since you're making it to sell it or something then I guess you do what you gotta do.

Also seeing those overlaying equation buttons gave me an idea for a suggestion. Instead of spawning single enemies, sometimes the game could spawn two or three hostiles, under a single equation. I think being able to kill many enemies with one hit would make the game more dynamic and make the player feel more powerful instead of just shooting them painstakingly one by one.


That's an excellent idea user.

The minimum my game will sell will be 50k copies, at 15 bucks on steam, even if we lost half of that money in tax/steam cut it will still be more money than 3 years working as programmers in our previous shitty jobs
At the very worst if the game fails we earn as much as we would porting crappy software to mobile and other shit we hate

And there is a good chance the game will succeed because the farm sim niche is still waiting for a new Stardew Valley or something better and no one is supplying that

Know your market, know your audience, there is nothing to fear if you are aiming for a specific niche you know well, most indie games fail because they go for overcrowded markets where only a few can prosper.

When you bet your life savings on your game you can keep yourself motivated easily!

I was joking about homeless mode but I'm not so sure anymore

At that level of blind confidence and gambling, you have a small chance IF your game is good, has mass appeal and some advertising. I kind of wish I had that much confidence in myself and my game sometimes.

I missed this. Yeah, it's not intentional. What happened is kind of an unintentional interaction between every attack from the backdash stance having extra forward momentum (with high decay), and airborne states/attacks having no momentum decay at all so the attack just kind of flies across the screen.

Jesus user, I wish you the best of luck.

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No wonder I struggle to make process, I'm fucking mentally retarded.

I ended up perfecting every math puzzle, but the word scramble and Rock-Paper-Scissors are damn hard. What kind of autism do I have?

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You're rainman tier
sorry friendo

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Awesome. Some Lua code. I love Lua. I'm using it to script my C++ game. Pretty much writing the "game" in Lua, which calls C functions for things that must happen at 60Hz or faster. It's also really nice for defining and reloading AI routines on the fly for experimenting without recompiling.

I like dark text on light backgrounds for brightly-lit rooms. Studies have shown, and I have personally found, that brightly lit rooms improve mood. Along with regular, moderate exercise in a brightly lit area. I have started doing both and I simply can't describe how much it has helped. With everything.

Dark backgrounds and light text work well for night. Above all though, contrast is king. As much contrast as possible. I'm older and 10 and 12 pt fonts are readable still. Take it for what it's worth.. I'm just making a shitty necromancer-based BlackCrypt/Dungeon Master remake.

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Your game looks good. Cool lighting effect and a fun concept.
I take breaks every 45mins or so. Have a cup of coffee and get some sunshine or get a quick dopamine hit by completing a short-simple house chore. Or 30-40 mins of moderate exercise and then a frozen banana and protein shake/smoothie. Work through a list of 3-5 achievable things I really need to get done (not nice-to-have features) per week. Celebrate and document the success at the end of the week. It's easy to forget your achievements and focus on your failures. It's a trap.

I can't work with light themes for extended periods of time. The background always seems to drown out everything and totally steals my focus.

what's the best way to do doors with unity's navmesh?
my idea so far is to just treat the door as a nonwalkable area and then add a navmeshlink to it that opens/closes the door when someone wants to pass through, disable/enable the link if the door is locked or not

you're on the money

if you're using the preview nav mesh components then you can just recalculate the floor navmesh after the door is open as well, but using navmesh links is more intelligent and less likely to break in confusing ways

yea i was considering using a navmesh obstacle too, but i figured it would be costly, + i didn't have much of an idea on how to get the AI to open it then
this way the AI know that for sure there's a way to go there

another side effect of doing it with obstacles is that your door frames would need to be like 1.5 as big as your navmesh resolution because of where they might land on the grid

it works i guess
i can sort of figure out how to unlock it ingame via consumable items
the tricky part now is getting the npcs to unlock it, since if there is no link there they won't bother going there at all as long as there's a different path

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I sure love to debug a problem that exists only in packaged versions of my game, so I have to create a full build of it to try out my fix. Because that totally doesn't waste a lot of my time.

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Beelzebuff isn't fanart anymore

How do we improve upon him

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lockable/unlockable, at least for the player

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Make his abs, ass, and traps swell with each point in STR

that's actually a great idea wonder how if it can be implemented painlessly

monsters mirin'

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Shape keys?

It would also require shape keys for armour then, too. Which would create a bit of overhead work

yeah, those should be fine. I was wondering how annoying for that wonderful user who made this model it would be to add them to the armour as well

would be easier to use shape keys for the body, and just scale all the armor


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will you be posting this on demo day? I wanna see that skybox in all its glory

We'll consider it. You remember that user posting the hussar-style segmented armor. I'll ask him if it can be done

Is that a raincoat?

If it creates too much overhead leave it as a polishing feature down the road. Work on things that make the game more fun before going crazy with detail.

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blend shapes aren't exactly rocket science

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Lookin good, boys.

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Blend shapes that make an underlying body clip through armour and require ages of fiddling with weight painting to resolve can be a huge pain in the ass

t. modeler that has worked with customizable clothes with variable body shape

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Sasha Clothes 2/?? done
Should i make all her clothes? (spring, summer, fall and winter clothes) or just do Spring ones and go for the next girl gonna be the succubus?

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make it playable first, then add additional assets


Listen to this guy

Thats my bro's job, but right now he is busy with the terrain
We know the concept works, we did it for the protag

make the under-the-door meshes overlap so that the door is physically on the navmesh

uh there are no under the door meshes
the door intersects with the navmesh and separates the area that would have been a hallway, separating the building from the rest of the navmesh
and then if the navmeshlink is active, you can go through the door
the issue is that if the navmeshlink isn't active, the ai don't know how to get to the closest door to unlock it
and if the door wasn't splitting up the navmesh, then the ai would simply ignore the link and walk through the door

i would have to learn what a shape key is, cant we just scale bones appropriately. and if i generate armor by duplicating & modifying the base mesh the weights will copy over and it will just work.

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blend shapes tend to be more accurate to what you want than just bones

Still working on my game, trying to come up with some fun monsters. Taking a shot at doing some more traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation.

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Nice cuphead mod
Jokes aside, nice designs.

Now that's simply beewildering
Buy you really should have made the dog a Beegle instead.

It's only tedious when it's easy, try not using an engine.

Bret did it, why can't you, user?

user stop this is embarrassing. You don't know your own market and are pulling numbers out of your ass.
That is a high HIGH target goal for an indie game. The average indie game sells about ~20k copies and is warped by outlier games that do very well. Meaning you should not expect anything near 20k at all. Meaning the mode or square median can very well be in the 5k-1k units sold. 50k is holy shit this game is GOTY amazing tiers of successful. To throw in another frame of reference, Fez sold ~200k copies on just Xbox Live and had a big marketing budget and meme power. Stardew Valley is another extremely successful game who you should not compare your expected sales to be near. Source:

If you make a very respectful 5k sales in your first couple months, you would make: ($15 unit price)x(5,000 units)x(0.7 Steam cut)x(.85 taxes) = $44,625. Can you and your brother live with ~$15k per year for 3 years? Keep in mind that this is NOT taking into account how long it takes to legally deploy your game which can potentially take months of doing nothing but fiddling your thumbs. It's always easier said than done.
Don't lose your shirt. Good luck

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I wish the guy released more data on that, because I'd like to know what constitutes an "average indie game". The problem is this: sales numbers don't follow a normal distribution. Assuming that they do will put you in a really bad position, if you start making life and/or business decisions on that basis.
If you hear a sentence like "the average indie game sells about 20k copies", what does that mean? If we assume a normal distribution, it would mean that most indie games sell around 20k copies. For you it would mean that 20k sales is the most likely outcome, but that's not the case.
The most likely outcome is that you sell just about nothing, because sales figures follow a Pareto distribution. The average number of sales is reached by a minority of people.

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SteamSpy is good to get a ballpark.

For example, according to user, Hollow Knight got 800k sales, so it's a wildly successful indie game

oy vey you bettah not be having of anti-semitics, holol

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The average indie game is a platformer or puzzle game, both overcrowded markets
My game will be better than Stardew in EVERY aspect, no doubt it will attract the same audience, there is no need to worry, it will be worth the investment
It is too late to turn back anyways, my brother is quitting his job next week to join me
The only thing that can crush my hopes is a Yoko Taro-like doing what i wanna do even better and releasing it before i do, right now there are no similar games being announced which threaten us

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What could possibly go wrong

Good luck user honestly.
But you really sound like a fool when you think you know your audience.

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i fixed the quick cast part of the inventory to always be on
i feel retarded for not doing it like this to begin with

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i usually try to get inspired by playing vidya games for about 4 hrs strait

I did the research, if you think there are not enough people who want a harvest moon-like game with deeper mechanics and qt anime style girls you are mistaken

50k sales sounds like your research is flawed. I hope as well that I am mistaken.

the kyle menace is kept at bay from dropping his terrible salt fruits by john papa (blessed be thy name)

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i don't like posting stuff that is no where close to finished but google doesn't seem helpful right now

try to do two handed animations this shit happens

the 3 frame gap is when i'm trying to reset the pose so i guess you could say its expected but what the fuck man, is there a work around? i know i could make a weapon slot bone and have them parented to that and that should fix it but i don't want to change the armature. and if i did how would i have the off hand not be parented for the other animations? do i really need to go redo my rig for this?

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I don't know if you'll manage 50k sales(At least 10k because all indie games that aren't shit or puzzle/platformers hit at least 10k). But it won't be a Lawbreakers tier flop either. There's an audience for farming sims and they can never have enough farming sims. My friend's younger brother is a farming sim nut and he'll just cycle through them all on a daily. He'll go from SNES Harvest Moon games to Harvest Moon 64 to Stardew Valley and this will take up a solid 3 hours of his day every day. If you factor in the law of averages there's gotta be a good half million people like him in the world at least.
You're marketing towards the right towards of autism. Just make sure your social media or other marketing strategies are adequate in reaching that audience.

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love you, bros. Wish you all the best. Please start building a following outside of Holla Forums, start a billion social media accounts and start shilling your stuff among the normalfags. Contact youtubers, grab that big list of youtubers and find people who make stardew videos (Matt Barton comes to mind, he's a cool guy and will read your announcements in his news section).
I think Jackalsoft, GDI doujin, keyreal and enhex are pretty active so you might wanna ask them about their success in that regard. Most agdg anons have each other's backs and keep retweeting and spreading the word about other anons' projects.

we need a fucking marketing section on the wiki

Also, this is good of Laetus
But are the numbers true?
wish the yesdevs among us released their numbers so we stopped getting our hopes up

wtf dude. What happened to Brotherhood

every time I see this I wanna kms

This doesn't work, you're not a group of people paid just to market shit all day. You don't have enough time to post shit on every social network, and can't interact with people well enough when you have to do it on 5 different sites at once.
Pick one network and shill there exclusively. One on top of posting here, that is. We're a rather small target audience.

I don't even need it becuase I use ear clipping for triangulation, but those fucking academics make me feel like such a brainlet.

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That arm shading on monster 1 doesn't looks like it belongs, maybe remove it? Either way, looks cute

progress on the BSP compiler, I have gotten a lot of the bugs and problems ironed out and so now the compiler is a lot more capable, however there are still bugs related to split polygons, and so those need to be fixed before I can continue to other systems of the game.

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What's the best case to use ATB and TB?


I'm just here to draw attention to that gondola dong.

This Yoko Taro like thing would have helped him, since it probably got a lot more people into Android girl action.
He has his tumblr to back up the fact that he did not copy the idea and what other game is coming out right now in that niche? Unless you release within half a year after the bigger competitor it will probably help you.

What's it called when a part of the program is loaded at runtime?

I remember hearing about it in a video somewhere but I don't remember where. I think Unreal Engine can do it too, where you edit the code and the game updates while it's running?

Basically what I'd like to do is load the menus and stuff very quickly, and then continue loading the rest of the game while the user is tinkering with options and shit or making a character or something. Is that possible?

Loading the program doesn't take that long, it's mostly loading assets and shit. And that's pretty easy with multithreading.

Dynamic linking? Casey does that in handmade hero, but why would you want to load code while the user is doing something? That doesn't usually take so much time, it's done to speed up the code-compile-test cycle. You should be more concerned with loading assets or generating the world or whatever.
If you want the user to tinker with game options before launching then make a launcher.

Then how come photoshop takes 7 years to start up?

It's called hot loading/hot deplyoment i.e. loading new code while the program is running.
As others have pointed out it's pretty much useless as a performance improvement.
Its main uses are

Game binaries are 100 MB at most for AAA. You don't need to load that in chunks, dude.

No, it's the fault of the dumbfucks that didn't explain it.

iktf, i basically can't read any formulas that break out fancy formatting because my brain goes numb but i can write the code from a layman's explanation

if it helps, from someone that didn't even google the problem:
* they might have calculated each direction in one pass
* they might have calculated each direction in one loop and merged it when the origin cell repeated later on
* they a bitch

How much of the code do you plan on reusing from that demo?

I'm asking because this

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Friendo why are you naming your variables num+number? You're asking for trouble down the line when you won't remember what any of it means.

I already have Minds and Gab accounts since Twatter is going the way of the dino even if i still shitpost there a lot Im already making a list of Youtubers who play indie games to send them free copies when i get a decent demo

I actually have no idea what are the numbers on my demo release, seems like you can't see the statistics on free games or maybe im fucking retarded and can't find it
I don't expect Everyday Lite to have good numbers, it was not designed to be fun, but to test my autistic systems and to prove i can actually make them, i will improve them before making the Everyday Life versions

My brother is the main programmer now, and he thinks my code is disgusting and he will do his own version, i will just make the design document so he understands what the cooking system and the faerie village needs



It's on ice until I finish Erni's Iceberg. I plan to move it to Godot 3 as I've put way too much work into it to just abandon it, but it's certainly not active right now.

It didn't help at all, but thanks.

Your game has as much functionality as photoshop?

Menu options! And they actually all do what they say they do. Being able to so easily have an actual function as a value within an array in Lua is pretty nice.

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Where are all you Lua niggers coming from? I'm making my mod system in Lua

Pretty sure if you upload your game to ModDB or GameJolt, you'll be able to see how many downloads you've gotten at least.

Good one tovarish. Now you go to Gulag. But if you make gud video games about glorious soviet russia then maybe you will become a free man :^)

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This is only the second time I've used Lua to be honest. I like a number of aspects to it but I still prefer python.

nevermind, time for a helicopter ride

Whitespace defining scope makes for ensured readability by removing redundant brackets/lines and cutting down on the number of possible different unnecessary writing styles

string Benis(){
return "fug";
string Benis()
return "fug";
string Benis(){return "fug";}

func Benis():
return "fug"

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Oh right, I forgot python was designed to propel retards as far as possible duck typing

// CookingSystem.FoodTagpublic enum FoodTag{ remove, liquidCooked, liquidRaw, creamy, leavening, coagulant, reagent, solvent, catalyst, combustive, oily, alcohol, lactose, gluten, animalProduct, fats, meat, vegetable, seafood, fruit, herb, grain, dairy, egg, fungus, spice, algae, nuts, leaf, flower, root, stem, bud, seeds, r34, r35, water, salt, sugar, oil, flour, honey, syrup, bakingPowder, r44, r45, bovine, poultry, pork, venison, guts, tallow, r52, r53, r54, r55, fish, mollusc, crustacean, jelly, milk, butter, curds, cheese, yogurt, cream, onion, potato, carrot, cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, bean, sugarBeet, seaweed, cucumber, corn, rice, wheat, soy, hops, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, sugarcane, cauliflower, banana, pineapple, apple, melon, grapes, coconut, avocado, lemon, sesame, cherry, maki, sashimi, sushi, nigiri, onigiri, temaki, mochi, ramen, gyoza, melonpan, dough, yeast, pasta, noodles, chocolate, jam, condiment, tofu, natto, caramel, sausage, puree, tartare, pickles, conserve, whiskedegg, frosting, meringue, guacamole, vinegar, stock, dashi, juice, latte, tea, eggnog, wine, beer, mead, cider, briocheDough, croissantDough, paodequeijoDough, panettoneDough, croquetteDough, honeyDough, viennaDough, cookieDough, biscuitDough, japaneseDough, pieDough, pizzaDough, r148, r149, r150, bread, baguette, flatbread, viennaBread, japaneseBread, honeyBread, panetone, pandoro, chocotone, paoDeQueijo, croissant, brioche, burger, sandwich, toast, frenchToast, pastel, salgadinho, sonho, donut, pizza, biscuit, cookie, pie, cake, muffin, cupcake, lasagna, casserole, quiche, soup, stew, chili, curry, dumpling, omelette, croquette, pudding, ambrosia, flan, miso, shoyu, mayo, ketchup, mustard, patty, sauerkraut, souffle, macarons, salad, japaneseCurry, risotto, poundCake, frenchFries, springRoll, hotSushi, onionRings, popCorn, rolls, pancake, seared, fried, fermented, deepfried, baked, roasted, boiled, dried, flambed, battered, toasted, sauce, custom}

The power of enums


my uni course is currently running us through random languages and technologies to very quickly get an understanding of what's what so that we know what we want in the future
just finished making a shitty blog homework with intellij

this can't be right
we have object inheritance for a reason
just get the food type, or have a virtual integer for each food class instead of a huge enum

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I am a retard at actual programming, animating is the only thing I'm truly good at.

And I can't really tell if I'm putting myself down too much or if you mates are unreasonably narcissistic.

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What what is that reason in your mind?

i'll be happy if i finish and release my game

so that we don't have a 50 line enum and avoid confusion
i'm 90% sure that some of those have nearly identical cooking procedures if any.

I'll off myself if I don't this time, so that's kind of a given for me.


You can't be optimistic around here it seems

It is not my problem if you don't believe in your work, im devoting everything to our game, this is not my hobby, this is my dream.

tbh i don't see what everyone is so crazy about
worst case scenario you fail and look for a job again
if you're secure enough to quit your job, you're probably fine for the foreseeable future

user you're delusional about sales numbers but if it helps you work it's good.

Someone can believe in their work without outright stating their game will gross nearly a million dollars, MINIMUM while they're still making different sets of clothing for their animu character. The loli VRfag believes in his work, and he's doing it because he loves her, not because he thinks he can gross a million dollary doos

Cliffy B was pretty optimistic about Lawbreakers, you know.

I wish you the best, mate. Hope that your optimism pays off. In my mind, however, it's just never a good idea to throw caution to the wind like that. It's needlessly reckless.

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I'll admit being in love with an imaginary loli is concerning, but nobody can say he doesn't believe in his work

i forgot to replace those

Each food has several tags, they were mostly used to identify which the base ingredients were, this way i didn't have to save the entire objects as base ingredients

This is minimum required for it to worth 3 years of work for 2 people, we quit our jobs because we are sure we can reach those numbers. If you don't believe in yourself, then who will?
Find me a game better than Stardew Valley that failed to attract a fraction of the audience (50k is a fraction of it). I know who our game is made for, i know what our audience wants and i know they exist this is not a shot in the dark like most indie games..

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The difference is Ron Paul might actually make anime real.

How can you be certain that your game is better before you even made it, numbnuts?

Have all the features, but better, plus more
Same pricing, better graphics

You keep saying the word better like pointed an industry strength Good-o-meter at your design doc and it displayed more Goodons per dollar than Stardew Valley.

Oh, one thing our game won't have that Stardew does is multiplayer
Because why the fuck would concerned ape add multiplayer instead of more content to a single player game i can't really understand

Now you're just repeating yourself without reading what I said. Not thinking you'll gross nearly a million dollars does not mean you don't believe in your work. I guarantee, the economy does not care about the fact that you lived off your life savings, or that it took a combined total of 6 years of labor. That is completely irrelevant. Sometimes good games fail because of bad luck. The problem is you're talking like you're already a huge success, and the rest is just a formality.

Alright, more codemonkey posting

Because they promised it like 40 years ago, and since it randomly became a meme/successful, they're paying someone competent to do it instead of abandoning the game like they would have otherwise

I might just be a nodev but there's one really important piece of advice I still feel like I have to give you:

For the love of God, dude, don't call your game "Fables of Laetus". It's one of the worst titles I've ever seen. It doesn't communicate anything about your game and it instantly associates it with the thousands of shitty games that have similar titles: From RPGmaker games on steam with 5 downloads all the way up to the more expensive bombs like "Kindgoms of Amalur". People give their games titles like that because they don't realise that nobody gives a shit what their fantasy setting is called.

"Everyday Life" is an OK title, it's cute and it suggest what the game's about. "Everyday Lite" was even cuter. But "Fables of Laetus" makes your game sound so much worse than it's supposed to be and there's no way you could market a game with a title that bad, so my honest advice is to jettison that name entirely and never use it again. It's just awful.

It's also possible to make your game a convoluted piece of shit that nobody but ultra autists can get into. You can have the best idea in the world, but that doesn't guarantee you're the best game designer in the world.

Compare Stardew cooking system to my demo's
Which is objectively better?

You can post all code you want, im not proud of my code, the main programmer will be my brother and not me anyways.

I never said that, im not saying my game will be the best thing ever, or will sell millions
Im saying it will be better than another indie game made by a single guy for 3 years, what is so arrogant about that?

Fables of Laetus would be the franchise name, Everyday Life is the name of the game, the world's name is "Laetus"

In his place i would keep making content for the game, it feels like he abandoned the game. When i release the Everyday Lite 1.0 i will keep adding stuff to it, i want to see it grow like Toady's DF

if (par2 == 1) { return blockIndexInTexture; } if (par2 == 2) { return blockIndexInTexture + 16 + 1; } if (par2 == 0) { return blockIndexInTexture + 16; } else { return blockIndexInTexture; }
if it returns blockIndexInTexture for both par1 == 1 and as the else when par2 == 0, why the fuck does there need to be THREE if statements? I launched the game both with the above code (vanilla) and a single if statement (I'd have used switch but it didn't seem to work) and I saw no difference
if (par2 == 0) { return blockIndexInTexture + 16; } else if (par2 == 2) { return blockIndexInTexture + 16 + 1; } else { return blockIndexInTexture; }
it looks like there was supposed to be a third block but it's no trace of it anywhere else so it's kind of superfluous, the texture is already set to 39 in the texture index as the default hence why it returns blockIndexInTexture at all, so maybe I could do a switch case and just do case default return index + 16, case 1 return index, and case 2 return index + 17

I hate looking at pairs of if/else statements in every language

People didn't play stardew valley for the cooking, and if you don't see that then your audience analysis might be worse than I thought

You are missing the point, but nevermind, i got work to do

Even Lisp? The Lisp "if" statement is pretty nice

I tried using switch case, and it actually does work just the same. Fucking, why was it 3 if statements, when it could have been a single if or switch case?
switch (par2) { default: return blockIndexInTexture + 16; case 1: return blockIndexInTexture; case 2: return blockIndexInTexture + 17; }
Also maybe you guys know of something better I can use to document my shit instead of just making plain text notes of how all this shit works. In the event I can't continue working on this I at least want to leave comprehensible instructions for other people.

There are some programs that will parse comments into html documentation pages

Probably a remnant of some refactor. That kind of thing doesn't seem important enough to really care about to that extent.

good games are made without thinking if they make money which is why being a dev as your main job is a shit idea

One might find this more readable if it was at least in order nad used if else even if it's redundant, or just drop the last else and let the default value stand on its own.
"W consider all cases between 0 and 2.
0 is this, 1 is this, 2 is this.
Otherwise it's this"

Even just the fact that it sets the default texture index at 39 but then has the if statement to return index + 16 else index if par2 == 0 seems retarded, when the starting index could be 55 and you could do (assuming par2 starts at 0)
switch case default: return index; case 1: return index - 16; case 2: return index + 1
so that at least 0 starts with the specified starting index

actually now I'm retarded, because there's only 2 blocks being textured one of the cases can just be thrown out
55 is reserved for another block, so in this constructor class it doesn't even use the default case, I could get rid of the first named item for that block id and that would let me get rid of one of the cases
the block is tallgrass, and in-game there's only grass and ferns being generated, shrub is the first named item for tallgrass but it's unused! that's why the constructor didn't use the set index for par == 0, but shrub uses the same index as the dead bush, it's completely unneeded, fuck

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Here is a good read in regard to your image

There is nothing wrong with what he did. Enums are, in simplest terms, integer values with a human-friendly label that get compiled into integer values. It's more appropriate to use them as pseudo-constants (as in link related: ), or as options/toggles for a switch statement.

For data he'd probably be better off using eg a Dictionary, since it would expand as his game grows, allow for moddability, and not have to require a breaking compiler change just to update a typo in his food name

qtractor w/ calf plugins, although ardour is better. Try kxstudio if curious.
garageband (dead serious)

FL/cubase/ableton all do the same shit, sequence audio/midi/automation, most of them come with mediocre plugins and shitty samples>>14540864

all this modern production garbage is a distraction from composing / arranging.
Some of the most sensible producers are broke ass niggas using they granmammas Korg Triton, and their music at least has soul.
you can process any sample into a "modern" sound with 2-3 plugins. (filters and dynamics).

back in the day a cracka could trust Team AiR, but I wouldn't bother cracking shit software like live 10 (crypto miner).

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he did everything wrong, the giant list of enums was just a symptom of that

That in and of itself isn't wrong, but I agree that yes, it could be a "symptom" of deeper underlying problems.

Stop crossdressing.

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heh, I stopped doing that two years ago.
my speech patterns?

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Attached: Screenshot from 2018-03-26 12-29-08.png (1335x285, 115.24K)

Serious question: are you any happier now?

Don't worry about it, it was a bad joke. Hope you're doing better these days.

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Oh god what have I done, I tried getting rid of the shrub from the tallgrass name list, and while I still have the item icons appear in the creative menu, the grass now no longer is colored as before, it appears as just the gray texture

oh wait I think I found the culprit, in the block constructor for tallgrass it has
where int i is set to the block metadata, and if i == 0 it returns 0xffffff

Thigh time

Attached: thighs.png (674x854, 38.02K)

Don't you have any gameplay to make?

no, that's my job, and I still have one more week in my job, then I want to finish the terrain system first
I am not going to put the horse before the carriage just to please you faggots

No, that is my brother's job, i will make the content

Javadocs is what you want.


ah there was actually two methods in there that had to be changed, public int getRenderColor was the other one because it returned 0xffffff as well when par1 == 0
now the colors work, god damn


Getting those stripes right was more work than i expected, now to finish the shape keys for squatting

Attached: legs.png (519x864, 51.63K)

Attached: BeetleJuice.jpg (670x1000, 219.66K)

To make easier to texture
Got any color suggestions?

Purple, green

rainbow striped

I don't think either match well with Sasha
Besides the G&P one is reserved for Vivian

Attached: green&purple.png (682x850 60.33 KB, 59.29K)

lite blue and white

Rainbow is trademark of /x/-tan, too.

Im afraid of putting too much blue in her outfit, but i will try it

Im only going to add Vivian and maybe Gilda to be the main bully target

Attached: vivian and anon.jpg (900x939, 166.74K)

In the end looks like the best one, im keeping this one.

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put a shirt on, you slut

Attached: 7217d94b641f09849675b6500cf5ab0189dc7666581fcd37a5f7964f7883fd4d.jpg (367x265 42.15 KB, 560.09K)

its the next thing i gonna make, takes a bit of time to make every cloth because they need to adapt to all bust sizes, shape keys and body proportions so i can have the girls gift clothes to each other in the game later and it will magically fit.

What's the ideal preferable first game experiment? A shmup? A simple JRPG? Will probably be going 3D or 2.5D.

Something you would want to play

A clone of an older game.

but not your dream game.


obviously, i mean something you like, i wouldn't do a platformer because i don't like the genre

The first two games i ever finished were:
These two pretty much covered the most basic of basics of how games work. Don't start with 3d games either, you're just adding another dimension of difficulty for yourself as beginner. Most people fail and give up because they instantly start with huge plans for their first game like an MMORPG or something. In fact you should just play around in your first months even if it doesn't make sense. I have a Unity project that's like 20 games in one because i just kept adding features for learning purposes.

Fuck anyone have references for how shirts behave with big boobs? Can`t find good ones

Attached: underboob.png (1094x860 446.81 KB, 65.08K)

there's a reddit called TittyDrop that might be useful for reference

Do i need to make an account? i never actually went on reddit

You don't need an account to view content.

I can find lots with elastic shirts that cling to the body, but i want to make it hanging so the underboob is visible from lower angles, the ones i find have the shirt keep the same length instead of lifting the front like mine, but seems like it would need to be tailored to be like that on a large boobsize

Attached: il_fullxfull.793294203_hc92.jpg (704x1199 254.72 KB, 117.78K)

Thanks doc

It's already perfect for muh dick
This happens exactly because the clothes aren't tailored for the huge chesticles of the girl wearing it, which is why you never see it happen in real life. Your images are already accurate, even if it isn't what you want.

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what a shit thread

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You're a shit thread.

He has a game on steam, can you say the same?

have you SEEN the things that are on steam nowadays?
face it, you just enjoy shitposting while pretending to be a game dev

Imagine being this blind and retarded.

page 13, new bread

I asked if you have a game on steam. It being incredibly easy to get one on there doesn't really work as a deflection, it only makes you look worse for having to answer no.

what is this, a new meme?

Read the previous thread, right at the end.