Can We have a Thread on HTC-Vive Pro??

Due out in mid-April. The thing does not come with sensors, so you have to really own an original HTC-Vive first,although you can probably get the sensors and whatever else on ebay easily enough.

I's fucking $800, however. Given how long it took Vive to lower the last one, not expecting this one will be lowered for at least 1.5-2 years. I scratched the shit out of my lenses on one I currently have trying to clean with eye glasses cleaner. So..I think I'm going to eat the cost and fucking buy it. Anyone else?

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VR is a meme.

i wan to fuck sorry's vr poibussy
also >>>/vr/ is ded

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A really good one just out is "subnautica." Even through my fucked up VR googles, it was amazing. The new Vive-Pro is going to have a shitload more pixels. Another cool game to play in VR is Eurotrucker if you have the shekels for the wheel and the rest.

These threads usually end up full of poor fags bitching about the price, when about 80% of them could afford it in 2-3 months if they just cut out fast food.

yeah, I'm gonna filter your faggotry now so I don't need to turn my stomach anymore

VR in a nutshell a depressing waste of money.

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The prices need to come down for me to buy one. VR might be a gimmick, but it's a pretty cool gimmick. Still 1k is way to much for something I will very rarely use.

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Nice jewish tactic of starving people for a piece of useless metal. Nobody gives a shit. Its not worth it.

How does one go about explaining to street vermin who only realized a year ago that Feminemwas a jewish ploy pushed on them how it feels as a White man to put on a pair of fucking googles and at the press of a few buttons be able to "virtually tour" Florence, Vienna, or any of Europe's other most beautiful cities? If it has to be to explained to you, it's a safe bet you're a meaner or some other version of mongrel. for a White man– a true, pure Euro– just seeing the land where his genes evolved is an almost spiritual experience. Until/Unless the day comes when I can travel europe for the rest of my life freely and at will, I'll happily do it through VR.

And, the games for VR get better by the day as well. This is like trying to explain to Feminem groupies why Beethoven was the greatest musician of fall time.

It's shit because the screens are too close to the eyes, even "distant" objects require focusing on short range which fucks up your brain.

Soon you won't see those "beautiful" towns more beautiful than a detroit, so enjoy your virtual reality, goyim. It will feed your imagination enough to pretend nothing wrong is happening while you're strolling around poorly designed walking simulators made of polygons.

Fuck, how much shit taste you can demonstrate in a single post?

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only a fucking kike could call the greatest Western musician in history "shit." Wasn't it amazing I picked you out as a Feminem groupie from only a few sentences?

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reminder PSVR is the cheapest VR platform, highly competitive, and is the only one which has any god damn games.

If the extent of your aspirations is playing shitty little PS games, it's all yours, enjoy it. Rift is now owned by the Jew Zuckerburg, but Vive is still just a tabula rasa where you are free to develop if you know how to program while also enjoying exploring parts of the world you'd otherwise never get to see in your life.

I can't put the desire to see the world into your mind. You either have an element if the Faustian spirit to your character or you don't. You either feel the thrill from sweeping over the city of Rome and Florence or you are a lowly negro who does not.

I don't even need the games personally, even though there are a bunch of great ones like Star trek, subnautica, etc.. They will get better, and I am working on the development predominantly so we can keep it alive so that in case the animals ever do manage to destroy a major euro monument (thy came within a cunt hair of blowing out the priceless rose window in Notre Dame last year, the press said nothing) our ancestors will have have a meticulous rendering to rebuild from after the filth has been cleansed.

nothing says faustian spirit like donning a plastic set of goggles and wires and waving around dildos.

good goy.


Hear me out, fellow poorfags. If you seek a taste of VR on a small budget, Cardboard is the way to go. You can find nice headsets (not literal cardboard, some bundled with a mini-gamepad) for $20 or less. And several games actually support it.

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If $600 hardware gives a subpar experience, I can only imagine what strain of eye cancer $20 is going to get you.

*tips fedora*

Well, it's actually $20 + whatever your smartphone costs.

Isn't this the third thread you've posted about VR in 2 days? I remember you from the first time you posted this thread about how 'VR tourism' was so worth it.

Modern VR is fucking garbage and will remain garbage as long as all the platforms and development tools are designed solely to produce garbage to sell in locked down walled gardens.

Anyone remember when the VR hype train was starting up with promises of an open multiplatform ecosystem that was going to bring VR into the 21st century? You can't even use the Vive without running Steam and attempts at making free drivers have failed. Oculus owners a month ago weren't able to use their devices because a server was down, they received $15 in credit as an apology. That Windows Mixed Reality is the typical ongoing Microsoft disaster, they can't even sell them at half price and nobody is using it. Google Cardboard/Daydream is still a pathetic locked down gimmick. That Razer OSVR project is practically dead.

Of all the companies out there it's fucking Sony that's leading both in sales and in freedom with a product that can plug into any standard HDMI port for video and USB for headtracking with easily reverse engineered drivers.

And don't mind running Steam of course.

the vive is now below $500, maybe even $400, I forget. If you've never had real VR, the vive itself will blow you away. The rift is even less and most of the same stuff is available for it and it's perfectly acceptable if that's within your budget. You can worry about the Vive-pro later.

you really must have no fucking life. The thread you linked to is about a completely different topic. VR only came up in the course of mentioning why I wanted it. If I can encourage White kids in these threads to put down the nigger-music the Jews feed them and aspire to go see Florence and the rest of Europe before the savages totally destroy it, I'll post threads like this every fucking hour, and as for you, well you can suck my ass….

How retarded are you?

So instead of doing anything to stop the destruction of Europe by savages you willfully give money to literal jewish corporations (valve, facebook, etc.) and run away from the problem and think YOU have any standing to critisize others?. Pease follow through on what you said in the previous threads and fucking shoot yourself and stop flooding the catalog with your cuckchan shit threads. It is painfully obvious you are either a shitskin yourself or have autism or some other type of mental illness given your hyper-defensiveness and obsession on having to reply to every single post. Probably a LARPing turkroach since you seems almost obsessed with declaring a Euro heritage.

Last of all rollling.

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That being said since there's fucking Hardware Management rights in everything, unless Vive Pro has shit locked down from use other than actual use don't get a pro.

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are you feeling okay, vrpillsfag? you forgot to mention xanax in a post, that's very unlike you.

Also Valve can suck the biggest fattest dick on earth for making the Steam controller have HRM, fucking bricking the thing if you manually overrided the default setup forcing you to factory reset it.

I have an htc vive but I got bored of it in a few minutes I dont understand why you’re shilling it as if its somethig huge. Until we get VR arcades and actual good games you should hold off on buying one not to mention you also havr to spend an additional 300 for full body tracking.

To do what? Spend up to a thousand dollars on hardware that will be obsolete in 3 years to escape into a virtual world and visit tourist traps in shithole Europe that are currently overun with rapefuges and Chinese tourists? Most kids(of any race) would hate being dragged there in the real world and there's no way they're going to visit it of their own accord in VR.

Promoting the modern state of VR when it's nothing more than a locked down digital prison controlled by tech conglomerates that allows no freedom is pathetic. The only reason why the Playstation VR is even slightly open is either incompetence or a lack of foresight on their part.

To pretend that you're doing it for a noble cause can only be explained by a mental illness on your part.

VR arcades using 5k 210 degree field of view HMDs with games that combine motorized simulator rides or use portable backpack PCs in large open environments with physical obstacles to interact with, almost all multiplayer, already exist in Japan and China. In the west they're just depressing high end cybercafes where you rent consumer grade hardware to play fruit ninja or generic shooting gallery games alone.

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No, I won't be buying a VR headset, or a gaming rig to drive it. I have a sandybridge laptop with integrated graphics that can play/emulate a ton of great games, thank you very much.


You can pick the beaners and the poorfags right out. We all have different ways of relaxing. Some of you, as is known, like to strap one on on and fuck your father up his ass. Me, I prefer to see sweeping vistas of Europeans cities and go down to street level to remind me of my last trip and decide where my next trip will be.

Just yesterday, came across the Cave of Covadanga, which i'd never heard of before and where I'll stop during my next trip. As already pointed out, we have different ideas of "fun." Some of you like to gag on cocks while trying to swallow them, I like to find places of historical significance/interest.

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I even have that fucking controller but I can't find any games that aren't just glorified videos.
Also, when trying to play SteamVR games through it it wouldn't get detected as a VR headset by steam vr.

You sure showed them, Chadsworth

You are very good at showing the strawman example, well done, I hope you weren't making those quotes yourself and were analyzing how to NOT make an argument.

This is why people think VRfags are retarded.


VR is video games you cuckold.

Post the games user!

Klonoa is so cute!

I'll give it a… Roll

Luigi please


Bad idea but I'll do it

Worst dubs I've ever had

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i think they sell them separately on amazon for $160 bucks a pop

Anyways, the resolution is only slightly better, and it doesn't come with the same sensors as the original vive, for the same price.
It's a huge fucking scam, just wait till STARVR comes out commercially or till the price lowers (which it wont)
You're a fucking shill or an idiot for even considering buying it now, just fucking buy the non-pro headset off ebay for $300 or kill yourself.

It was mediocre at best, to be honest. For those who don't know, Subnatica is an (((early-access))) alien sea exploration thing. It's main gimmick is BIG SCARY MONSTERS under the sea and also (unrelated) the protagonist is literally el ogre de la Americas.
that's fucking untrue, it's going from 2160x1200 to something like 2880x1600. That's similar the jump from 1080p to 1440p (1080 * (1600/1200) - it doesn't REALLY make any significant difference, although you'll probably see slighlty less of the screen door effect that you see on the vive (which is pretty major). Nevertheless, that's BARELY a fucking "upgrade" warranting $800 when you could spend the same amount of money and get the original WITH THE SENSORS AND EVERYTHING and STILL have enough money to spend on a 20lbs of high quality pussy and ass. Anything short of fucking FOUR-KAY resolution can BARELY be considered an "upgrade" for this pile of junk, which, even sparingly, should be AT MOST $400 with the sensors and everything.
Yeah, this guy is a fucking shill.

t. vive owner

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You are the furthest thing from the Faustian spirit. Also what a god damn retarded excuse for buying a super expensive peripheral with no games.

Best money shills can buy folks.

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These companies really are fucking clueless on how to sell this shit aren't they?

This stupidity needs to stop.

Games either support the peripheral, require the peripheral, or don't need it period. It isn't a platform. Calling it a platform is fucking stupid.

Try Cyclone 2000, it's a Tempest clone.


"I'm easily angered by words, please bully me"

Where the fuck do you come from that you pronounce a hard g in an -ing?

Too expensive and I'd just use it for VR porn anyway.

Oh, I don't know. Japan perhaps?


better not be meme tier

>For those who don't know, Subnatica is an (((early-access))) alien sea exploration thing
It has been officially released. It's not early access anymore.

Wait, hold on… The thing is prices at $799 and doesn't come with the sensors? Fuck that shit all the way.

Can the Sony VR set work on PC and if so, run without fucking STEAMing shit?

It can but requires some fan-made drivers. Not sure what the quality of those is these days and whether or not there are issues.

They start mailing on April 5th. Supposedly it's a lot fucking better as far as pixels. Yes, $800 shekels is ridiculous but already have the entire thing set up so I don't really care as far as it not having controller or sensors. I think this one won't need to have a power cable connected to it so you can actually move your head a bit if I recall correctly. I don't know, this is first game-related thing i've been semi-excited about in a while. Will see how it turns out.

No, actually the cocksucker still has the wires. Even $500 would be steep, but $800? Have on preorder, have 2 weeks to think about canceling. $800 fucking dollars seems more than a bit steep. 78% more pixels, ok. There's a wireless thing, $300 extra and shitty. Some kind of Vive piece that lets you use tennis rackets and the old nintendo duckhunt hun for some stuff (what would really be fun– a gun to play games like COD and actually shoot VR people– thanks to all the recent bullshit we're never going to get). For $800 should come with a blowjob from taylor swift before she got fat.

I'm gonna make a wild guess– between the 2 of you, you weight over 600 lbs, have never walked more than 5 miles (collectively), and cannot bench a 45lb bar. Talk about the epitome of fat, disgusting, spoiled, millennial trash.

I work like a nigger in the fields, I push myself at the gym until I puke. Rather than play a pointless fucking game, I actually like to use my computer to pick out future travel destinations by being able to literally "walk" them in 3D first. 4 generations ago, the average European never got more than 8-10 miles from his village in his life unless he was in the military. Never saw anything but the inside of a mine or a pile of shit left by a horse.

You, you fat, repulsive motherfuckers, can literally put on a pair of oversized gasses and see the Sistine chapel in VR, and zoom in and study it. You can do the same with Canterbury, Chartes, Salisbury, etc… and you have nothing but fucking complaints. "hey may, there aren't enough negro rap ditties and "thicc" spic women in this. fuck it."

I really wish I could fucking gas you or put you into a shallow grave in pieces for being the worthless drag on humanity that you are. My hope and assumption is that you aren't White, which would explain a lot.

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Let's make this thread worth something.

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How hard do you have to go to throw up? Legit curious.

Also maybe you're throwing up because you workout too soon after eating. Just a thought.

Its like the author has a disgusting, incurable-but-by-bullet 3dpd fetish.

And I got one that isn't actually shit, but for one where the author lacks imagination.

I've been waiting until this was taken care of to get a headset, is there still nothing to look forward to on that front? I just want to strap an OLED to my face because I'm sick of TN panels, but I know I'd notice that shit. Fuck everything.

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This is why I despise "La Fitness" and the others full of faggots and stronk womynz who have no gym etiquette, pissy attitudes, get in the way, and even when you try to have your headphones and zone out away from them, i usually put a few methyltest under my tongue and I had one faggot get me to where I pinned him to the wall and was legit close to throwing him through glass and going upstate on a felony or 2.

*fucing grammar was terrible but I'm watching something as I type and it's Ot anyway. But yes, if you push yourself as hard as you can really go, you will puke, nothing to do with eating. It's not something that happens the first time you at the gym at 15 as you are self-consciously curling the 20 pound dumbells. For me at at least, almost always legs.self-sage for OT.

Go use it for VTOL VR or DCS. Basically any simulation game is 10/10 with VR. Game designed only for VR alone however is usually utter trash due to hipster indie devs with no concept of fun polluting the fucking waters.

Fucking shill please leave. The VR in that game is trash where half the time it barely functions. Take your tranny loving piece of shit dev and shove it up your urethra.

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I don't need to as (((you))) things have filled them all with the same or worse nigger trash than (((you))) have here in my US State where (((you))) keep importing fucking somaliniggers.

Why would I need fancy goggles to see the same or worse? I wouldn't. VR tech and lies will earn (((you))) zero of my shekels.

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So what's the difference between this and the launch headset? Why would existing owners even pay for this? My Vive has been gathering dust for months as is.

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Could the legends be true?

It depends on the game. There's software like TriDef that makes standard PC games work in VR or on 3D displays and VR mods for most popular games that should work fine. But games designed to work with the Vive on Steam you'll still need to run the Steam client with extra software as calibration through their proprietary API is required. This might change in the future though.

The PSVR as a servicable barebones HMD isn't worth picking up even at the current price of $200. But if you had to pick a VR headset and don't mind following a few tutorials or using Trinus I'd recommend it since it works on all the major VR platforms and with over 2 million of them out there development for it to work on the PC properly isn't going away anytime soon.

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If you're so rich why not just fucking go to these places irl?
Also, you retarded faggot, I actually own a VIVE myself. But you're too much of a projecting nigger to actually comprehend posts to understand that.

I'd say wait atleast 3 or 4 years until >4k headsets come out. (((Valve))) is still trying to push this sub-2k garbage (probably because nobody would have the specs to run the shitty, unoptimized trash on steam in anything above 1600p90fps) that's literally already 4-5 years obsolete. As I mentioned before, I had one, and they're not really worth it unless you're >>>/agdg/ or something.
Bump for actual discussion.

In my college class they're letting students experiment with free-roaming VR where the NPCs and props scan the room and have spatial recognition, so the NPC would walk up to a real table and sit on it. We played some detective point and click game on it and I was quite surprised it wasn't just some shovelware. The reason we aren't seeing it is because it costs $6000 right now, as the CPU and everything is contained within the visor. Some powerful stuff.

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Rollan again

You mean AR?

Well, yea I guess it's also an AR, it's called the HoloLens.

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Come on son. You almost had me.

It's the first time I've used it honest. You sound disappointed, why is that? I think it fixes the only problem that plague the VR since it allows free-roaming.


Free-roaming isn't an issue when you've got a high end purpose built 14nm based Intel SoC that deals with the computing. There's a good reason why those goggles cost several grand each.

When you've got that much money to throw around just plug your HMD into a backpack PC. That's what they do for VR arcades in Japan and Australia.

Also free-roaming is hardly the only problem facing mass VR adoption. When you can buy a 4k 48" television for the same price as the Vive Pro it's not a difficult decision for the average consumer to go with the 4k display. This is why I expect the $200 PSVR to keep doing well.

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Uh… the devs are SJWs who fired the sound designer to please Neo-Neogaf.

None of that implies he's a fedora wearing nigger you newfag


VR is a technology, not video games. If VR is video games, then so are traps, computer threads and 4 am threads.

There are VR games you nigger.

I do not see how that could possibly cause game-breaking save corruption issues.