Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

With it being campaign only…

Do you think they will have a tough DRM system?

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The good one– the one the Jews will never let them remaster– is 3, where you get to hunt huehues through favellas and chase arabs through paris and blow the entire fucking city up. 2 is the one the starts out with you as soap in the SAS and the jump from the ship on first mission?

also, if that's your real name you better make a bunch of fucking threads to slide this bc if the wrong sort of asshole sees it they will make your life miserable. I'm not the type but they are on here.

Wrong game.

wait, is that 2 remastered? If they have it on Steam, might be worth buying. You know we're never going to get another game like GTA or a new COD:ME unless it's negroe space Marines? Imagine what a cool game they could make about hunting ISIS in Europe and saving Swede girls from savage rapists. They never, ever will even though it would make billions. Which just proves the jews always put their ideology and tribal interest before even shekels.

Dr. Pierce's familt should have his body exhumed and tested for poison, I'm sure the Jews poisoned him. HAd he lived another 10 years or so, he'd have been making vidya games and YT videos about the Jews. He had millions to buy a fucking a music company that all went to shit.

I hope that's not yours, and you just snapped a pic of the PS4 of someone you don't really like in hopes that some assholes online will try to make sport of them. Why the fuck would you put your real name on display? Why the fuck wouldn't you just take a screenshot of the homescreen with the PS4's built-in screenshot button and then transfer it off the system via USB? Why the fuck are you playing shooters on a console?

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Oh, i see, it's a shill.

5 or 6 years ago, I accidentally took a screenshot with my first name up in the corner and was paranoid as shit and just slid until it was gone and luckily no one noticed. He hasn't done anything to be a douche bag, probably high on a friday night, just let him be.

Obviously I'm a dumb faggot too, because I got a PS4 - and was dumb enough to get a PSVR too. I just consider it professional courtesy between retards.

what the fuck am I shilling for dumbass? For the Jews who destroyed MW? "you got your MW game order fuck up, therefore you must be a shill.." total fucking sense there.

Ot but how is PSVR? I have Rift and Vive, which I mostly use on google street and to explore other shit in VR. haven't really gotten into any of the games. If they could put together VR from PS with the old audio thing from xbox, they might have something. If you could be fighting with your legions in VR and then order an arrow attack. I forget the exact name but that was the best Xbox One game as far as using the audio command feature. After than I covered up all the micros once I realized the jews left them on 24/7.

It's coming Jonathan.

Those are the same type of people that wouldn't bully tomboys, lolis, and cute brown girls.

Faggots yes.

Retards get bullied.

you stupid motherfucker. Now I'm going to say that you're a gimp and a slipknot fan, bc I was actually trying to be a decent human being and keep the jackals away from me and you choose to try to stop it by making up random shit about me. Fuck you and your wheelchair.

>Reddit Rocket league league

now I agree. Have at him. I was actually trying to be semi-decent and he randomly tries to turn people on ME with a completely made-up name (Jonathan? Where in your colostomy bag did you pull that from?) bc he was so fuckign stupid as to post his real name not once but TWICE in the same fuckign screenshot.

On May 15, Aaron Foley was struck by a pickup truck, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. A huge fan of all of Taylor's projects, Foley had met the singer several times in the past, including at the video shoot for the recently released song "Fabuless". With the help of a local radio station, Aaron's mother reached out to Taylor to set up a personal visit to her son.

Much to Aaron's surprise, Taylor turned up at the hospital, rendering Foley speechless. The rocker, who is currently on tour with STONE SOUR, spent nearly an hour chatting with Aaron, with the entire visit captured in a video clip which has since been posted on YouTube.

"We can't thank Corey Taylor enough to take time out of his busy day on tour with STONE SOUR to visit Aaron," Foley's stepdad wrote on YouTube.

Aaron's family has set up a GoFundMe page to help ease their financial burden. They have raised close to $4,000 since the campaign was launched on May 18.

and he's a redditor too with the most normalfag taste in games. This is the cancer that is killing Holla Forums, look at it you fags.

It's garbage, but I got it for a grand total of $150 after selling GT Sport and I didn't get the waggle sticks because I'm not interested in "VR Experiences" - I just want to sit down and play my games like always, but with 360 directional head tracking.

Also, I've only got a PS4 slim, because I have a decent PC for graphics if I want/demand them in a title… and it's REALLY not powerful enough to support VR. Everything is extremely blurry, aliased, low res, with basically no draw distance and significantly reduced geometry/textures. Head & Controller tracking is spotty at best as well. I figured I could always just hook it up to the PC via Trinus and at least have 360 view in certain games if I get hard up. Can't compare it to the Vive or Rift because I don't have them, and I haven't hooked it up to my PC yet - but judging from the games I've seen on Steam so far with VR/VR support - PS4 actually has a greater and wider breadth of quality - more game like - stuff to play. Not by much, though. Steam has more waifu shit/porn, so that's a bonus. The closest you can get to that on PSVR is downloading a few tame nip demos using a JP account.

Moss is ok so far.

Hey Aaron thanks for telling me about this cool imageboard
t. Fred

Fred the fed?

Fuck off back to 7th grade, Aaron. What kind of stupid fucking name has 2 "A"s in it, side-by-side? Holy fuck, go away and stay away.

Fuck off with this subhuman normalfag shit game.

I'd fuck your boypussy, Aaron.

put me in the screencap of "the day reddit came to visit: episode two part 1"

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I want redditors to leave.

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confirmed for manlet

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lmao! that's not even manlet, that's straight up midget

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I could tell that from op picture, thank you.

Surely no one can be this retarded, right?

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can you fucking off yourself thanks

go back

'Sup faggot?

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Here are archives of the entirety of faggot OP's reddit profile:

Fuck off reddit scum.

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Every CoD past CoD4 is fucking trash.

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Apart from some worse balancing issues, I enjoyed MW2 more than CoD4. Danger Close, M203 and killstreak nerfs might be enough for me to say MW2>CoD4. That's just a pipe dream though, so I agree CoD4 is better, just not by miles.

lmao his hands are out of proportion

i played mw2 and 3 during free weekends, was really really fun back then


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You first cuckchan scum.

After you cunt.

That's this one.

fucking normalfags

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probably got cucked by her

You fucking incels are insufferable.

black ops 2 and 3 were pretty cool, ghosts was also a side game imho

but really, you can't do much if your main audience are normalfags, underage children, literal retards and the mlg crowd. everything fun ghosts played around with, like open maps, less focus on op scorestreaks and a bit more "tactical" gameplay(discouraging running around like a retard with a knife or an automatic pistol out in the open and rewarding team play) was all universally hated. truth is, people just want to 360 noscope in the same game with the same gun, with a different skin every year


Probably gf (male).

The campaign was kino

Pick uno.


>>>Holla Forums

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10/10 IGN

Will they remove the no russian level?

Holy shit. That's tiny even for 6'10" me.

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We don’t need multiple threads.

Yeah, but this one is made by a redditor, so it's a bullying thread.

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Hope his gf has a pair of X chromosomes, at least.

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