4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite game where you fight demons?

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I guess diablo 2

Real Life.

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Devil May Cry 3

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Morning everyone, Ritsu here

I woke up too late to go get tobacco yesterday. Been having to ration all night, it sucks.

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Mornin lads, got back from work 2 hours ago and haven't done shit. I'll probably go workout and then play more Evil Within 2 in an hour or so.

How you all doing? Playing anything fun?

Dante's Inferno was pretty fun


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man i'm fucking retarded, so that guest we had at the apartment last week who puked because they foolishly chose to drink with me sent me a message a day or two later after she left like "hey had a lotta fun sorry it seemed like i was throwing myself at you, hope it didn't make things weird". I sure as shit didn't pick up what they were putting down. ah well.

D2. Nothing like banishing demons with an army of skeletons.

ration cigs?

I beat Vice city, without cheats.

I burned out hard on games. Maybe some Call of Chernobyl one day.

I used to hate pewdie but youtube recommended me his video about Speedrunners and I unironically had fun lads. What's going on

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How goes user

What are your demons fam
Hows your day goig

Been obsessively playing yugioh the last couple days. You get a big pool of free in game money that lasts a long time and I just spent the last of it. Shit sucks.

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nice blog faggot. kill yourself pic related is what you should do to your thread

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Arm still kinda hurts. Gonna be taking the cans over to the recycling place tomorrow. Also gonna go and help clean the church.

pewds been pretty good for the last year.

I kinda like pewdiepie now. Funny how things change.

I told you that you should have banged her.
What did you say back?

How goes user

You know I quit cigs a year ago

He seems like his content would be really childish so I avoid it.
I'm doing ok, need dinner.

How much will you make on the cans?

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Congrats amigo
What's next?

don't you know? he's /ourguy/ :^)))))

sounds lame fam. That's where they hook you to spend real life money.

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I have to split it 3 ways even though my brother wont do any work at all so maybe 10 bucks.

oh, then what are you rationing.

MHW, wondering if I should farm Anja or not.

Back still hurts but it seems to be getting better. Did pretty much nothing today which was nice.
is this even a fucking question? there's only one right answer. well two i guess

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Yeah. Jews can't get money out of me though

Tell him to fuck off.

Didn't go for the massage after all huh
Play/watch anything fun?

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Anja has some pretty gud stuff. What weapon you maining again?


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Drunk tired, drank expired beer only one of the 30 were skunky. I'm just out of it, the kind of tired sleep doesn't fix.

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Cant, its the parents decision to give him money.

I forgot how comfy diablo clones are. I can play grim dawn all day.

I didn't even leave my house today. I was gonna replay RDR on the xbox one I got for free but it won't download my profile right. Pissed me right off. Gonna fiddle with it more today.


this is why you don't do drugs.

drink some milk

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You know thats only cause I got no money fam

Why so sleepy?
How do you even have expired beer.

Then tell them to fuck off

How'd you manage a free xbone?
Did they rerelease RDR for it or something? Or does it have backwards compatibility

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I tried but it didnt work.

Nah it's probably the digital version of the 360.

I got woke up eariler than usual to help with shovelling today. Told sister to fuck off, mom and dad were working. fight broke out after a while and she left a deep scratch on my chest. It's just a scratch, but it still left a somewhat noticeable mark, while she cried about how I "punched her in the face" and I got in shit for it, as always.

customers at work
probably myself.

I don't do drugs, but sometimes I wonder what it's like to do them.

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I don't see what you're getting at. The thing is backwards compatible.

Family upgraded to the newest model and didn't want this one. It's backwards compatible.

Hard copy, actually. The only problem is my shitty internet connection.

Then tell yourself to fuck off

Wew fam
Did you actually touch her?

Ohhh nice. Does 360 have many good exclusives you want to take advantage of it?

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There really arent that many games for the 360 that are worth playing tbh. The only worthwhile thing about the xbone is the rare replay collection.

I should

nah i know you mean farming the armor, but i don't remember what armor skills/set bonus the anja set has. Some stuff won't really apply, or apply well, to certain weapons. Example: you wouldn't really go for KO skills when using something like Lance or Dual Blades.


i was going to ask the same

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Man, I am not spending 2+ hours driving into town for milk.

Now that I think of it I've probably got 3000+ cans hiding somewhere on the property.

Going through the last of the stockpile before another 10k splurge on liquor. I have made the mistake of not finishing said pile before restocking it.
Just out of it, tired of paperwork and life. You know that feeling of its gonna fucking happen and it just drags on and on, kinda like that except you're doing your best to not sound completly shittered on the phone at this hour.

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Same, but don't do it even so. Move out maybe?

Is that how it works?


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How the fuck can you get on the net now though?

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god damn it

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Yeah but I wanted to play RDR or Crackdown again and I don't want to hook my 360 back up to do it.

Most of what I played on it was multiplat.

I guess. All I know is I put the disc in, the thing "installed" it and if downloading my profile had worked I could have played it again.

Then tell me to fuck off

Whats new with nippon fam

Yeah that kind of stuff is why I'm NEET
Just how rich are you

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I have probably an entire pickup truck load plus a little extra to take in. Alot of glass too. Might get 40+ for it.

Fuck off?

Good fucking taste.

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I concur with this user that it would have to be real life, or maybe castlevannia.

I hit her in the face once, and I didn't even put any strength into my punch. She went apeshit and tried grabbing and clawing at me. I find that I'm usually angrier when someone tries to piss me off or wake me up over something and won't let me sleep. I feel like I'm developing violent tendencies and I don't know how to stop them.

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Fuck you, you little shit

Come on fam
Honestly I can't remember many good multiplats last gen but my memory is shit

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Should have hit her harder. Let her know her place.

I had the phone dicks wire an interweb line with the phone line. It took them three fucking months trying to figure out how to run that much line.

90k USD a year. I get three months off every year.

Huh. I've never returned my stuff. Just melted a bunch of it into bars I've lost or misplaced.

I need to replay it eventually.
I wish the cop AI was better than just "try to run him over, then get out and shoot".

RDR was good if you like cowboys.

Have you tried those squeeze toy things?

How's the redneck net?

I live in cali where you get money back for your cans.

not much yet. I've been focusing on putting away cash and relaxing more than anything. I'll probably file to get a passport before the end of the month though.

wew, why you let her get under your skin in the first place? You can't do that shit dude, you'll get put away or have some shit on a record for even smaller things y'know. You need an outlet.

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How goes user

Thats kinda bad fam. Could get arrested.
Whats your parents doing about it?

So you spend more than 10% your daily income on booze? Thats a bit much. Just brew your own at that rate.

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Nothing, as always. They'll give me the "you don't hit your sister" shit and that's about all that comes from it.

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Hanging on. How about yourself user?

It was alright and I liked it on release but replays of it are painful.

Wheres the anime tiddies

I think even I'd get kicked out for doing something like that tbh

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I've never actually replayed it. Call of Juarez Gunslinger is a better cowboy game but I played it not all that long ago.

I'd imagine they're being lenient because I'm autistic, but that's about it. That being said my sister's a bitch who deserves to get her shit kicked in tbh.

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right here

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Ok, just don't give her a black eye. Also, that pic doesn't have to be spoilered.

I'm good, gotta hope my mum goes out today so I can go buy baccy.
Do anything fun today?

Oh nice then you'll have fun. Its not bad really just not a lot of side content.
Never played juarez. Old fps games are just too ehhhh for me

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Gonna head to bed. Night.

Gunslinger came out maybe 3 years ago at most.

Are you going to bully her with your benis?

Too old

Cya next time user

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Not really, just a boring day cleaning. Why not walk to the store and buy it if you presumably have money?

went with just being polite and told her it was no problem, won't be in town for ages again anyway


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see you tomorrow.


Look at it again.

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I paid for the good shit, I don't have a bandwidth limit and I haven't bothered speedtesting but 2gb downloads in less than a minute if I recall.

Cans have a deposit here, just too far to even bother with returning them.

I can't be assed to QC homebrews at all, I like consistency and being able to get krunk with slavs on a whim. Besides that 2k of that money is the aforementioned folks cash.

Honestly I fucking hate the outside world, I mean the folk I work and boss around are alright but damned if I don't go insane around the casual folk who need their junkie entertainment and other trash.

What. Is it good?
Is it open world? Can you gamble?

She bitches about stuff like that too much and I don't like her asking questions about where I'm going and stuff. I have a car and everything, just prefer to go when shes gone.

You fucked up fam

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she was wild drunk anyway, woulda been poor form of me to take advantage of that


Hire me and I will craft you the finest booze at a fraction of the price.

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It's a linear FPS but it's decently fast and the presentation is really good. The "plot" is that you're an old man in a bar telling these insane-sounding stories about when he was a bounty hunter in the wild west, to try and hunt down the men who lynched his brothers.

Yes, but there's not tits or vagina.

Rednecks make everything work. I wonder what nip rednecks are like? Probably just pic related.

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That just means you gotta get just as drunk as she was.

It ps4 or ps3?

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you've officially earned this one

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Don't need moonshiners getting mad that someone is brewing their own hard stuff even though we did at one point have an unused bathroom as a vodka factory.

More like this, but yeah the amount of shit I've seen working with ducttape and a pair of vice grips is crazy.

I think it has a ps3 version. I played on PC. It's cheap, too. $15 or so on release.

Yeah well a girls prime breeding age is 15 so. Two girls in a row, bam 30 yo grandma

Shinin is in my blood though. When I was a kid saw so much of the stuff

Think a craptop could handle it?

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Mine probably couldn't, but I don't know how it compares to yours.

Holy shit I follow him too.

I don't know why, but all day today my right eye has been feeling sensitive and watery today. Anyone might know why that might be?

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Most of the stuff I saw as a kid wasn't for drinking but for cleaning gunk off of gun and car parts.

More knifes than you could ever care for.


quality over quantity

scratched cornea maybe

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Mine probably can't either then. Its old as shit

Might have hit it in your sleep or rubbed it weird. Just don't mess with it. Rubbing makes it worse

You can clean guns with booze?

Yeah and everyone knows women's quality goes down as they age.

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95% alcohol will remove any gun oil and grim when cleaning or when you decide to reblue a gun.

Why does pokemon have so many fappable NPC's? I thought it was a mostly furfag community.

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not until they're over 34

because nintendo is hitting two birds with one stone

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Wouldn't it catch fire when you shoot it

I don't think you've been around many 34 year old women famo

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I've fallen for a girl I started talking to 3 days ago from another country and it's making me realize how my psyche is held together by half a roll of 15c tape.


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mine\s awful tbh it has trouble with some really old fps games

This is the second time in a row I've woken up at 4 in the morning. What a stressful work week.

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You'll be fine, have this pic.

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It evaporates fairly quickly.

Try having family on the other side of an ocean. Relax and hope the tape holds.

What do you like about her?
Why did this make you realize you are broken?

Geez why not get a new one

Whats up fam

Yeah when on fire

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Ever feel like nothing makes sense and you just want life to be over?

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what makes you think I have that kind of money

also this one is new i got it in august its just meant fro schoolwork

High proof alcohol tends to evaporate fairly quickly bro.

I just want to live in paradise but that won't happen for a while.

If its new why it so bad? Check your settings

Nope and really nope

So if you set a shot of it out, how long til its gone

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If I smear that shot on gun metal, I give it a minute or two.

I haven't been around many women at all.

i feel you

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I don't think I will be, yesterday my paranoia and anxiety started getting really bad and I wound up tying a marble in a knot and beating my back with it.

That must suck. I'm sorry man.

Because of how quickly it started stressing me and how I was immediately paranoid she was trying to turn me into an orbiter or laughing at me with a group of friends or something. I haven't talked to anyone outside of image boards for 7 months now and I thought it was actually helping me to some extent normalize, but the second we started talking I just fell apart back to the way I was at my worst. I still feel like she might be trying to turn me into an orbiter, but I woke up this morning with some messages replying to me and her saying she misses me, she sent another message like two hours later saying she really misses me. I'm just a ball of issues upstairs.

eh i try not to reach that point anymore, i like getting my buzz but hangovers hurt me deep these days. Still if that was her idea of 'throwing' herself at me maybe i really can't tell what flirting is

it also brings me great joy knowing that my roommate who wanted to fuck her got none and no interest

I think I'm just gonna go to bed. I don't know why but I don't feel good tonight.

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Seems like a waste

Nippon soon at least.
One of the lewd nip girls I follow just released another vid and I got the password for it off 2ch. Its gonna be nice.

Caution around 3dpd is never a bad thing

Is he pissed at you?

Cya next time fam

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I think I'm gonna go lay down.

Its alright. I get to go visit them again in a few months.

I'm gonna go workout and play some vidya.
You lads have a nice week, I'll catch you all Wednesday night.

sleep tight amigo

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It is what it is.

Cya next time user

Cya fam

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doubt he's even aware since i didn't mention it to him and he was too drunk to function anyway, granted that's a bit my own fault for letting them have some of my whisky but it's on them to handle it or not

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