Anyone on here using a Titan V?

I asked about this last night, hoping someone here tonight is already using one. And yes, people can and are using them for games, VR, and shit, a few people on overclocked have them set up already but not many.

I just don't know if I'm going to need a new motherboard or CPU. I've already put down $3k for the fucker, if I have to add another $2k not sure the fucker is worth it. I have a decent cooling system so not worried about that, not going to bother overclocking since supposedly a number of cases of them going haywire if you do.

Anyone using a Titan-V and have experience? And I don't need any cunts whining about how I spend my shekels. The ones whining about how other people spend shekels are almost always the same cunts who spend $300 a week on fucking fast food.

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Yeah I remember, you're the spoiled kiddo who swapped his already excellent Titan X for the hottest new buttcoin-inflated card.

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always tough guys behind a screen. The same faggot who wouldn't make eye contact with me IRL bc I'd put you through a fucking wall. This place has always been shit but now instead of "yeah, I have info on x…" it's just a bunch of 13 yr old whining cunts. Fucking guys on at least aren't whining cunts and actually try to share info and help where applicable, rather than just one big cluster fuck/cunt fest. Place not even worth visiting anymore. Another board you cuckchan fuckers have ruined.

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Hey I'm not the owner of this site.

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OP is a retarded brainlet nvidia shill from cuck/v/

Dude that shit is like older than me lol.

What's your CPU and mobo?

Trollings takes a a degree of wit and fucking intelligence you lack asshole. Believe or not, was a time on here you could have semi-nrormal discussions about water bricks and how to cool a fucking GPU, if the performance is worth it or fuck it and it should go back, what sort of FPS to expect, etc… not le 9 gag "lol, ur a faggot!" for 14 posts. Just gets fucking old. It's Holla Forums level. you can be a smartass and troll if you have the requisite knowledge and apply it in the course of the discussion. No one here does anymore.

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But to answer your question, but unless you're using 5 year old parts/newer budget shit like the cheapest possible i3/Ryzen 3 you shouldn't be worried about bottle-necking.

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>his graphics card isn't 5< years old
Do you even live in abject poverty?

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One of those types of threads, huh.

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Your bait is pretty weak OP, but I want to humour this particular line.

Your poor foreign speaker grammar aside, the reason why high spec discussions are dead is because there is literally no modern game not only worth worth buying, but not even worth pirating anymore. So most of the population of Holla Forums is perfectly content with running five year old hardware, as the few games that do warrant an upgrade, like Nioh or Kingdom Come, can still run on it perfectly fine.

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Bullying aside which you do deserve faggot. Listen to the advice the last thread gave you, it is not worth the money but if you're already willing to spend that much money you might as well bite the bullet and upgrade your mobo and cpu too otherwise be patient and wait for the next gen before you decide on what specific parts you'll get.


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