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March Event Schedule
02/28~03/11 - What Makes the Sky Blue 2: Paradise Lost
03/12~03/18 - Rise of the Beasts
03/18~03/24 - Xeno Corow
03/24~03/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
03/31~04/08 - New Scenario Event

1.Infinity - 692908
2.Kihou - 740471
3.Sky Lords - 733000
4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info

You can play it from your browser by going to

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

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Robomi Generations rerun should start in under 2 hours

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5* Shirou when, he's probably my favorite event freebie out of all of them.

Feels bad man

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I don't know how to feel about this event.
I haven't even finished the related side story that's available, so I have no clue what's going on either.
I guess the rings are good?

Charlotta is pure!

That said, I want to fuck Io.

Forgot my picture.

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And you do realize the "Young Boy?" was a girl, right?

I think this is the second time I've played an event in this style, the first was the Dream event (Phoebe/Morphe), and damn was I pathetic in that one. At least this time around, I can actually take things on pretty well with my current Light party (which is pretty much tied with Dark for strongest).

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You can trade for rings in the robomi generations treasure shop

Careful, user, there might have had some poison ivy down there recently…

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Celeste HL for anyone who wants in. 10 spaces left: C5F9F0

I want to post potatoes getting mashed, but der ewige juden will just ban me, the fucker.

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So what is better to run when you're powerful enough to actually make the choice- Raid Extreme or Solo Extreme? Unfortunately, I'm no Maniac yet.

You can see yourself that solo drops more stuff to empty the shop. But looking at the wiki, raid can give more of other stuff, like merits and grains.

Both are good, but if you want more items, solo on raids.

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Are you trying to tell me those two like each other?
I'm only up to chapter 26, I have no idea what's going on.

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Now you have incentive to get to chapter 98

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They are canonically in a Yuri relationship

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its complicated in that Io is the one character that could go away and the plot would lose nothing, and its even mentioned by her after you kill Akasha and Freesia, but Rosetta starts talking her as someone special in other chapters, actually Rosetta seems to do this since Malice Yggdrasil chapter 54 or so, Io gets a lot of emotional support from Rosetta and talks about making Io a woman, a dignified woman in a near future. So of course this being the internet they took it the way you'd expect.

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god dammit grimnir give me the ANIMA and a few harps

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Did I finally make it, /gbf/?

the power of baha flb

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I don't have baha.

Wait you're telling me
Has a song in GBF?

no seriously why'd you guys kick me from the crew

More on this please

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Yes seriously, more on this and when an opening will be available.

Kihou literally full of shitlers

No, no it isn't.

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When's an opening in the non-reject main crew? Kihou is garbo anyway

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Tell us your story my dude.

They fucking talk about moot not being such a bad guy

probably browse /trash/ like real faggots

Who were you anyway? I looked at the roster when you first started posted about being kicked and it was 30/30. Either they replaced you the moment you were kicked or you are making shit up.

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probably got some cocksucking furry friend of theirs in and didn't want a useful firememer

who are you anyway?

who the hell are you, kihou either never had you, never needed you and youre being a fag.

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Don't worry, there's always room for your type here in Crew 3. Be sure to bring your memes and shit taste.

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How often does the storyline update.
I want to get to the bloody island.

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I don't think we want this guy.

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I regret asking now.
But we'll see what happens.

Whenever they feel like it.

But seriously there's an opening in Infinity right? I'm a strong firememer, I've got a full Twin Elements grid. I pulled ss jeanne too so I'm probably going to work on a Fist grid on the side

Post collection

Try the potato crew, they even accepted hitler.

Who the fuck are you? We are asking your IGN.

But on the flipside I quit after a few days.

Hopefully they do a part 3 with Marie as a recruitable character, and something like Cutie Honey.

This, though I will admit I do like Meteon's character, and Waldur, despite the fact that I did not get the chance to play his event.

How can they improve his portrait any more?

Medusa HL room, three spots left. 651ECE

A henshin pose with an explosion behind, if that hasn't been done already.

The world is what you make of it!

Disgusting thing to do to sandles; turning an Iphone into one of them…

I misread that as Medusa HL porn and wondered why anyone would want to rape best snake.

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I don't know man, I mean, look at this shit right here: This artwork is what ink aspires to become. This is what manly souls would look like if you could see them.

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Fucking japs.

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Two chapters every month or two

More like upskirt camsandles
"The Race EMP is a freaking racism element already, only Human and Erune have really good stuff from there"

What a surprise.
Why would you give a direct link to that shithole anyway?

To give proof and show it in context, it's just funny how even waifu games aren't safe from SJWs.

You could've just archived it and not directly link it. Also why did you go there?

If even crew 2 couldn't put up with your faggotry, you've got no chance with crew 1.

You have to go back.

I have my reasons, stop bullying me.

Never MLB Agni.

Why would you? You can reach 100% chance 50% crits using 6 Egg Sex in a double FLB Colossus setup.

There goes my hope and dreams of doing it since gacha was kind enough to get me 2 copies. Now i have to luckshit a shiva.

Kind of a dumb question, but now with Magna II and Arcarum weapons, do magna builds have more viable choices now or they're gonna be stuck on the typical magna set thanks to the 5*?

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Water and fire both got nothing from magna II, the other elements all got at least one weapon worth using.

alex axe/katana grid for earth
add some grim harps to your wind grid
add some metatron bows to your light grid
avatar gun grid for dark

Three Grimnir Harps and four Tiamat Bolts should get you to cap at any health % using double Tiamat FLB.

I thought Water would benefit from things like a gun or any of the other new weapons but KMR is really pushing the staff as a water thing for some reason.

Always thought this was a meme but earth can apparently pull it off, and The Glory seemingly isn't shit. I'm still not 120 though.

Again another dumb question, how beneficial it is to add all kinds of different weapons on your grid, especially if some classes or characters don't get as powerful from the grids?

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I'm afraid I don't understand your question very well, but I'll try to answer from what I understood of it:
In general you want to get weapons with Big or Massive attack skills in your grid, but balance them out across EX, Normal and Omega skills (more of Normal or Omega depending on your summon). Weapons with a big or massive modifier with a second skill are more desirable than those with a single one. In fact, Tiamat Bolts and Celeste Claws, despite being Medium Attack weapons, are more desirable than Tiamat Fists and Celeste Axes, which are Big Attack because of their second skill, small enmity.
Now, about trying to build your grid from a single type of weapon for Cosmos/Weapon Specialty: bonus stats from the kind of weapon help, but they are a 20% increase on base stats, which isn't much (400 attack on a 2000 base attack weapon, for example). Sure, it helps some characters hit even harder (ex. Jeanne D'arc in a light sword grid, Meteon on a Tiamat Bolt grid), but you would be better off not gimping your weapon skill selection because of it.
If your answer hasn't been answered in either of those paragraphs, or at least not in a manner you can understand, could you reformulate the question for me?

Mind you, I meant Jeanne D'arc SR.
The light SSR has suffered from brain damage and forgot how to use swords.
Please understand.

I did mean the second one (characters and classes with weapon specialty), my apologies.
For example I do have a dirt magna grid with 4 ygg swords, Cosmo Sword ATK, and baha sword (plus sausage and xeno harp), running Weapon Master and with Threo and Gandalf since I don't have Siegfried yet. I was planning to get an Atma Sword soon as well, would it help more?
I also got a WIP Titan gun grid, not exactly sure if it'd be better or worse

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An Atma sword is good for many elements, so you should be fine making one, regardless of element. I honestly forgot about them when I was talking, but the same principle still applies: For example, taking your earth grid and characters, you would still want to trade Ygg Swords for Alexiel Katanas even though your characters don't have a Katana proficiency. Sure, your damage would suffer marginally, but your HP would skyrocket and you would get a chance to dodge and counter to boot, turning it into a foregone conclusion to make the trade. Just stick the Atma in there and presto.
Do you mean Eugen guns or Tribunal Thunders for the Titan grid?

Tribunals, as soon as I get Eugen's gun I'll stick it as main weapon. Got 3 ingots saved up and everything.

I hope you idiots that appropriate (((mobage))) culture find yourselves hung on a fishing hook somewhere off the coast of Brazil.

The stats are nice but the charge and def down are kind of negligable since most of the time standard def down will be at cap. Unless I am mistaken and it works on a different stack. Stratomizer would be a better bet for mainhand gun since it give you a stackable ougi boost.

Tribunal thunders are OK, but they're just that: OK. Their damage is decent, but nothing extraordinary, and after a certain HP threshold where you become able to survive anything the game throws at you short of Ubaha and Magna II, you would rather have more damage/crits/DATA than more HP (>DATA on Titan). If you want a F2P titan grid able to deal out some real damage, you should consider Solomon Axes instead. However, you would need Ayer alongside Threo to actually make it worth the effort. It is a bit ironic since the whole reason I don't like Atma weapons much is because you get locked to specific characters, but F2P Titan does exactly that and yet I've gotten Demi Titan. However, if you do manage to get those Eugen guns, you should regain your freedom of character choice

It already wasn't safe from SJWs considering they made a huge stink about that one summon thats a girl holding onto an orb on a golem.


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Gold Grimoires or Autism, pick your poison

Question since I'm having a hard time deciding; who is the best to MLB, Apollo, Grand Order, or Shiva?

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GO my dude, 4* inbound.

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Grand Order my friend, they don;t know the hidden depths of it.

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Will someone please explain to me how to make a good Zoi team? Like I was thinking Summer Zoi and Jeanne d'Ark for my attackers and Ferry or Kurwa for my support but I got no clue here.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll have to bust some slimes first, then.

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How do you all pass the time grindan?

Listen to any music streams?
Watch something in another window?
Do IRL shit while leaving battles on auto?
Play other vidya?
Read some manga or a good book?

I'm trying to think of things to do besides listen to music while I grind everyday

Attached: Confuse Animu Grill 48.jpeg (500x280, 36.22K)

I watch wrestling or anikino, listen to hard style, or just casually shitpost on my othe monitor while I wait for animation. Reading Grand Blues is another solid choice as you don't need too much focus on it. I will say that I stopped everything to watch the conclusion to DBS tonight. Shit was hype as fuck.
inb4 some nigger complains about Super

I watch shit on my second monitor

You are like a little babby
You can't learn Japanese

Attached: MULTI-MONITOR SHITPOSTING.png (5760x1080, 3.29M)

Listening to music, draw, and watch vids during breaks. Vid related. I've been listening to this on repeat lately.

I play shitty porn puzzle games or eroge VNs. Something thats easy to go back and forth with at my own pace.

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Summer Zoi's strength is being able to put your team at 1hp by pressing Conjunction. This has great synergy with enmity weapon grids, such as magna wind and dark, but negative synergy with other grids.
You can optimize further by getting characters that play better with Zoi, sure, like Dark Jeanne, who has innate enmity, or Gawain whose second nuke scales with lower hp, but that's not where the biggest benefit comes from.

So to answer your question: Have a proper grid, put in 2 random fuckers, put in Zoi.

Is two dark attacks good or should I reduce it to just one? Is there a benefit from going full rainbow or will it cap at at 200% with 3 elements? Is double GO better if the other GO isn't MLB?

The way you used Grand Order and Zoi interchangeably really confused me. I wrote about actual S.Zoi team building, so probably just forget all about it.
I don't really have experience with Grande memes, but yeah, the basic idea is having two attackers of your primary element. You don't get any bonuses for more colors, and the GOs are on the same modifier regardless of being limit broken or not, so 2 MLB is better.

Well acshually

Attached: Envoy of Mediation.png (546x142, 122.95K)

He means the way GO summon works is that you can have two of the same elements in your front row without losing its power.

Attached: 60838328_p2.png (897x620 304.76 KB, 776.38K)

The guy he's talking to is specifically trying to make a GO team using S. Zoi.

Attached: an hero.jpg (455x143, 30.45K)

Finished farming the materials for Nio, I'm planning on 5*ing her, whenever they decide to give everyone another gold bar.

Attached: BullyThePotato.PNG (472x490 1.05 MB, 384.97K)

Attached: teaser.png (468x91, 59.52K)

Attached: she's back baby.png (1043x1410, 389.12K)

Got it!

Did new xeno swords and magna II change which elements main hand ultima swords?


No it's still earth, wind or light.

Alright, I thought the light xeno would be the main hand of choice now. But haven't unlocked Glorybringer yet, so now sure how all those work together.

Light Xeno sword skills are shit

It comes down to if you need the 40% DA on ougi or not.

They're fine, really.

Well right now I run Elysian in every element but fire for the multiattack skill. Hoping ultima will let me branch to other classes without feeling slow.

I'll be honest user, those skills make me a little worried.
That makes me ask though, what are the "meta" Swordmaster swords?

Attached: d4e06cb5e3eeff2a289045ec5c614fc24219c9e67c83f0c83b6732b570dc90d2.gif (500x333, 2.74M)

look at xeno katana (dark skills) that's a good one

Meta? Ameno Habakiri or the much more reasonable to obtain Murgleis. Otherwise Swordmaster is just for fun.

xeno katana and light ridill are good contenders

Robomi SSRs soon.

Attached: 1379963617166.jpg (239x263, 17.85K)

I like the counter on dodge on Ameno Habakiri but how can you possibly get the ATK up increased beyond 1 stack?

Attached: 1435572285524.gif (500x200, 800.05K)

I don't think you can. I have no way to test it either.

How the hell does one fight Canktankerous Leopard in Arcarum? I've encountered one of those things twice- once was part of a "Defeat all foes" objective, and another I came across in a "Do or Die" moment. I'm still progressing through Normal stages, but this shit seems way too powerful for anyone still at that stage.

I met one while I got the stage that locked your skills. That was not fun.
I think we can do something with a lot of characters that nuke, or mechnic and ougi, but yeah, cancer cat is not fun.

Buy healing potions and use one after each turn?

oh great

Attached: wowthanks.png (305x116, 51.59K)

Hell fucking yes.

Attached: mpv-shot0004.jpg (1280x720, 120.98K)

Anyone get anything nice from those rings yet?

Attached: you'll still die in one hit though.png (477x574, 586.35K)

How do you get the 4-of-4 rings?

I dunno, haven't seen one yet.

drops from arca

Cancer Leopard is OK as long as you are not skill sealed.
Use nukes. If two aren't enough, then 2 on every single character should be. Use MC as Hermit/Big Hat with Rain of Arrows for best results

Bad comes to worse (skill sealed), the reflect that the cat puts up has a duration. You can enter the fight, and then go do something else for an hour while you wait for it to expire. As mentioned though, I just nuke it down with skill damage.

Enmity on D.Jeanne and Stamina on Light Jeanne.

space nigga

Jesus my dude. I am sorry. I went on auto-pilot and hit backup.

space nigga 2 - you will never draw her


is ok

Attached: alien brutally runs over demon in space with dragon.JPG (476x316, 48.77K)

Space Nigger 3: The Redemption Arc

Jokes on you, I got a Cute Ribbon gold moon already.

I thought the guy I was talking to was the guy making the GO team.

Attached: 63007897_p0.jpg (2835x3750, 6.42M)

I was talking about both.

Robomi and Shirou as an SSR pair whom combine on ougi because GATTAI is a man's romance. If they make this I swear I will throw money at a suptix.

Wait a minute. If you charge attack with Vira(Grand) while she has Aegis Merge up, will her DEF+ be extended by another 3 turns? There must be a limitation there, Ferry teams can't be that good.

Attached: 1410398201061.jpg (800x800, 150.99K)

If you can manage her bits you can.

If you can get her to ougi fast enough…but no, I don't think it gets extended. I was wondering the same thing this morning, the merge ended right after I ougi'd. It's rare the occasions where you will be able to do that anyway. and Ferry is core shut up

Attached: 1520788658738.jpg (1163x1200, 166.14K)

Is it too much to hope for a Gigante suit skin for the MC in Robomi part 3?

Attached: gigante.jpg (767x1024, 158.14K)

Disregard ends at three turns. Unless you can cut cooldowns via Qilin or characters I don't see it happening.

Vira's merge lasts a maximum of 3 turns, regardless whether you get more primal bits

Attached: i_i.png (292x410, 122.3K)

…or not. I tested it again and now the merge continued on. What this guy said makes sense because the merge ended one turn later. But then again, it takes a good ammount of triple attacking to get there.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (431x562, 492.44K)

Her merge has a maximum cap of 3 turns, whether she has stacks left or not. And even with Chevira and lucha Ferry is mediocre as fuck. 6 turns of 100% TA with 4 of them having echos is not that great when you have to spend 3 slots of your team on them and ultimately lack the damage to really make them shine.

What I do is I combo them with Song's crits using mic hype + tag team and Vira's TA. One turn after the full burst you can have 100% charge bar then use Ferry's TA for 2 turns with crits + 2 turns without crits. For me the results were far better than using Elysian even on longer fights, and even against avatar the results were surprisingly not bad, even if I single attack for the rest of the cooldown.


I'll have 3 sunstones today but can't decide between Shiva and Agni. I have 3 grand weapons for fire if that count as double agni.
I was thinking about the possibility for primal flb soon, even running shiva as support to turn 1

That still limits the use to fights where you have time to set up or strike time which means you are back where you started with Ferry. Meanwhile you lose damage by having to hold back ougi.

Come on lad, embrace the double Colossus FLB 6 Egg Sex meme and crit forever.

That's not an alternative, I'll be running it for ubhl too, can't do shit with colossus unless I farm for 5 months and by that time we should be getting flb primal

I don't know about running fire on UBHL, wouldn't you be better off running wind, water or earth?

Most of relevant content takes more time now, at least for HL players. It's limiting, yes, but doing short bursts of massive damage has been, at least for me, way more effective.
Also waifu teams > esports

I'm already using it with shiva 120 x agni, I can't carry but it's solid good.

Could've have been worse. Threo could have gotten stamina. Tien got a better one.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (320x549 266.98 KB, 327.81K)

Get on my level, nerd

Attached: heh.png (640x1080, 683.32K)

Next you're telling me you don't want heal up on a stamina character.

Please. I've got the winner here.
Don't mind the single star crit nodes I have made mistakes

Attached: debuffing your chances to live.png (639x1117, 829.94K)

could be worse

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (440x554, 464.92K)

For having gone through 5 rings, it could've been a lot better. Let this be a warning men: just buff up different characters. Try to get someone something better, and you end up wasting materials.

Attached: And now.png (474x565 312.37 KB, 312.34K)

You can only have one ring on a character?
Sorry, I'm new.

Attached: 8768e779ac3bb8ce838ed2467a98222a.jpg (1400x1400, 857.71K)

Yes, but you can try again for better stats.
You decide if you want to keep the older stats or replace them.
The ring is consumed either way.

Well, now I regret giving away 3 low tier rings to my best characters.
I thought you could stack them.
Oh well.

Prestige weekly limit has been permanently doubled to 1000. Still the same max limit and crew prestige.

We're gonna need those distinctions

will this mean next double pendant magnafest will have 2000 as the weekly cap?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (850x1228, 987.68K)

monthly meta bow is now possible

I thought they buffed the Magna SSR weapon droprates?
I've been getting dogshit farming the past couple of months.

Bad luck mostly and probably because you need them still and RNGod makes that less likely to happen if you need it. After finishing the main wheel weapons, they started dropping SSRs out the ass except for Chev and Cele.

My levi knives dropped really easily when my grid wasn't done. I haven't gotten one since back in October.

So is the game shitting itself for anyone else? Everytime I click quest, it just stuck in an infinite load.

ded game

yeah, I've got the same

Fuck, I was testing something out in trials to when it shit itself.

game ded

GBF is dead

Is the grind over? Are we finally free from gacha hell?

KMR just devised a new Jeanne


Attached: b1f1d2630fb29a0c606cf81415e19dca7468d02585bb6e9844d06d233f59ba67.png (460x609, 545.29K)

Easter bunny Jannu?

April Fools Bea

The issue seems to be on the support selection screen.

Other than nothing, what are you basing this off of? Battles don't work at all.

They're looking into it.

Attached: __fenrir_granblue_fantasy_and_shingeki_no_bahamut_drawn_by_sukemyon__bd0c0a5b2241a16d4c87e3afe73abb7a.png (1036x1449, 1.02M)

The thing behind your eyes, try to use it.

I guess you're just retarded.

Before the battles were working fine according to someone playing one. Only if the battles shat themselves now.

I'm spending this downtime to upgrade my weapons, you can't feed weapons more than 1 SSR, but you can feed an SR weapon 1 SR to take it to SL2, then you can start SL2ing your SSRs

When that mutt at last joins the crew he'll only be the second most evil thing on board the ship. After a mass murder who attempted mass genocide was let in, I guess he doesn't seem so bad now.

Attached: __fenrir_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_sukemyon__sample-560fc2a006fc7465b4cf46747522dc26.jpg (850x985, 182.76K)

double 120% chev. 6 chev swords. That's a tanky blonde girl team

Attached: HP.png (513x539, 584.33K)

I saw this in the wild today, I guess he didn't reduce his Vortex dragons.

Attached: Why.PNG (457x132, 99.44K)

A symbol of status for those that have so much they can afford to FLB their Vortex Dragons.

Infinity finally killed Ultimate Bahamut HL 2nd try was the charm

Attached: rejoice.webm (1280x720, 987.59K)

Infinity has just cleared uBaha HL together for the first time on attempt number 2, with Six soloing the last 2% of the raid.

Attached: Loot.PNG (482x443 523.45 KB, 545.96K)

first Holla Forums crew clear

Attached: infinity clear.png (511x465, 563.97K)

Hey guys, could you all be so kind as to give me as much info on how Gran as a character acts? Things he does and qoutes of his?

I got you fam.

Congrats to you guys on the ubaha hl clear.

Gran doesn't really have any character, he just goes along with what the story characters have to say. I wouldn't be surprised if he was some kind of nip skinwalker just trying to keep the others from learning he's not human.
I'd honestly rather play the father's story, he seems a lot more interesting than Gran.

Gran is a nip skin walker.
interesting though for 8chanmania.

Technically, Gran doesn't count as human, counting as Unknown and thus benefiting from all Baha weapons. You may be onto something there.

Judging by text in game he's naive and easily swept into anything going on around him, though he does have a small penchant for teasing(usually cute girls).

Alright Thanks!
Do any of you have any good avatar pictures of Gran?

This is his default look. There's also the other class portraits here:

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (640x940, 347.6K)

anyone else is having a radtime playing this game today?


I had a radtime kicking nubaha HL's ass

Attached: ultimate bahamut.jpg (645x628, 70.49K)

gj guys, pic related is how I saw the final moments

Attached: 918653b023b1fce7c79e3e25e387deb4.jpg (601x850, 207.72K)

Nice work, Patrick.

Pic related, he's a self insert.

Attached: b8dd51293f2258c098c88d3c8811cd7a4c03037552c682cf8309da64572c5ae8.png (1280x720, 632.38K)

i have become death smile of the new world

Attached: iridium_2018-03-26_09-57-03.png (400x499, 422.37K)

There. 120% summons across the board

Attached: Summons.png (804x858, 1.03M)

What do I get?
In fact, what are the best things to get usually?

Attached: waht.JPG (639x846, 140.26K)

a different character

The maids really want DATA for the 200% ougi, but that's not on their EMPs due to the retarded choice to not let Dorothy DATA. I'd also go for debuff success up just to let Claudia's gravity land a bit more but that isn't on their list either.

Instead, you probably want to max their support skill and damaging EMPs.

Critical is safe to take on pretty much everyone. Maybe couple in light attack as well.

Basically, anything that gives more damage, right?

It's either them or that Albert guy.

Note that crit EMPs are much better when you get them at higher stars. They go from a 12% chance of doing 12% more damage to a 25% chance of 25% more damage which is stronger and more consistent than most other EMPs. Multiple crit EMPs roll separately and can even stack so you could potentially deal 50% from a double crit.

With that in mind, Albert has 4 crit EMPs, which is more than most and pretty dang good. His 100% double attack rate is also super nice and Delay is almost always worth having. But I use the maids over Albert in my teams too so… yeah, you do you.

Attached: soufflemar.jpg (475x687, 94.45K)

Still a bunch of this french girl coming in, really took off.

Attached: ssj4.jpg (1000x1305 1.19 MB, 1007.04K)

The wet lewd look is really good on her, sadly her fate episodes are the most boring out of my entire spark stash.

Actually, Jeanne's just a really boring character in general. Doesn't have much going for her besides being blonde and cute.

Attached: 94b05849471451799acddcc4ec4c1194ca384dee601b8cfabe1ab3809dedad3a.jpg (1200x675, 131.02K)

To be fair, I haven't really given Albert much of a chance, so maybe I should try swapping him with Sanda, who, despite being a fag, has nice buffs and passives.

I am fine with this.

All Heles does is treat you like a child and talk about her brother.

S. Heles was pretty boring too, but her fate episode had one interesting tidbit.

Attached: 58891798_p0.jpg (868x1228, 970.64K)


Attached: capture_26032018_164212_001.jpg (951x697, 85.79K)

Wonder if the backless clothing deal comes from ancient times when all erunes had tails and not just the few pure-blooded families left now.

I don't even play this game, but I just wanted to say that art has some fucking godlike form and proportions.

That's how it begins.


I got regular Heles and I'd say she is all right.
Not a 10/10 combo like Charlotte, but still good and cute.

Attached: 1433696513554.jpg (497x732, 107.7K)

Next year I guess.

Save up to spark her, she's back every month.

Did I miss something? What do you mean she's back every month?

Attached: da5fba3c6ab5b7d7f8f5df748209ab34.jpg (1068x980, 382.04K)

I'm aware some time has passed, but I've had my problems to take care of.
Now then, here are the results of the Anniversary Alts Race!

The podium is shared by Accounts 7 and 8, which crossed the finish line hand in hand, both happy to have stolen the title away from Account 9!
Our favourite luckshitter didn't manage to get things to go his way and now shares the second step of the podium with Account 3.
In third place, at only 1 point of difference there's Account 10, who sadly didn't manage to get that extra point to bring it up some more.
Accounts 2 and 4 are the first ones to get kicked off the podium, both sharing the 4th place.
Account 6 closes in 5th position, but that Shiva is far more valuable than a victory in a stupid race.
Account 1 too can enjoy a Lucufer summon as a consolation prize for the absolute shitfest it had to go through.
The only real loser here is Account 5, who just couldn't let Lady Luck to play her part!

I hope you enjoyed me spilling my autism and that your favourite Account managed to score it big.
These accounts will probably come and race again if more events with massive freebies come around.

Attached: Anniversary Final.PNG (1593x575, 60.04K)

She's a Grand character now and she's in the flashfest along the "second wave" of Grand characters like Black Knight, Orchid, Sturm, Drang, Olivia and Lucio.

She will love him if no one else will.

Just tried the two I bought.

Attached: capture_26032018_190023_002.jpg (480x537 61 KB, 57.25K)

Same Jannu mastery reporting in, wowee.

Attached: Capture.PNG (474x756, 565.47K)

There's a message here, I know it.


Attached: twinsies!.png (634x1106, 856.91K)

Attached: ff9goa730ysgh6f8hdfg4jy94hest6s8hgh9th.png (493x344, 269.18K)

Just started playing it now, any tips for new comers? Or should I just kill myself now because I'll never catch up.

Attached: b3589ce02bc4982e49c8f49f4c2c6db7529ac892aee96dd37f4096278fcad9fd.png (500x500, 164.47K)

Nigger you're in luck, because I have 8 accounts filled with shit to give away.

These are the frst 4.

Attached: Account 5.jpg (468x896 251.53 KB, 229.64K)

These are the other 4.

Again, I make a new g-mail account to link the GBF account to and give whoever asks for it the g-mail account access data, after that you can move the accunt to your personal e-mail, change its password and be safe to keep it.

Attached: Account 10.jpg (472x783 256.41 KB, 203.83K)

Oh mama.
I appreciate it, but part of the fun I have in these games is having that feeling of growth through the grind. Having all that handed to me would just ruin it, so just keep it for someone else.
I was just looking if there are any tips to keep me from making terrible mistakes along the way.

Attached: 69bdccdb58b6e835f47329fe4a4e54b0e4e9fe97a9467443f9a6b85887254117.gif (234x249, 269.07K)

Those are all from free rolls. They were just handed to everyone a couple weeks ago.

Don't fall into the trap of keeping all your premium draw weapons. Most of them are absolute dogshit, will clutter up your inventory when you need to save space for things like Celes harps, Tiamat fists, and Colossus guns. Plus you will need the resources you get from reducing premium draw weapons.

You will never need premium summons so it is best you take the cash at first. Later in the game if you are a collector you can hold onto the less useless summons like Shiva and Europa just so you can show off. 99% of this game is characters, summons are worthless, weapons marginally less so.

Attached: panic.gif (691x528, 652.37K)

You missed the free gibs they were giving away for two weeks to celebrate the 4th birthday.
I started out right at that time myself, and I'd honestly advise you to get one of those accounts.

Don't worry, there's going to be a lot of pain, you're just going to get a nice starter pack to ease you in.
If you really want to, you can make your own account and go with that. It's really nice, seeing you pull characters that you don't really like at first, but then they grow on you after a while.

I'm not sure if this is good advice.

I was wondering if it was possible to reserve account 3. My friend got suspended recently and he's still figuring out why. He's going to wait a bit before deciding but i'll get back to you as soon as he does.
He was rank 99 with a fully mlb'd Tia grid so as soon as he gets his old account back he's willing to give your account back or give you his old account depending on how long it takes or what happens in the meantime.

We just had 2 events with a roulette that shat out free rolls, all the accounts are level 1 and only got through the first small tutorial of the game.
I had some fun making them race each other to see who got the most ssrs, but they're all free for the taking.
Having decent characters and characters you like helps a lot and saves a lot of money.
Just check the wiki and see if there's someone you like.

Starting out like pic related will make your life kinda miserable for the first few months.

Attached: chara.PNG (473x617, 365.02K)

Mama Echidna is displeased.

Attached: really.PNG (476x386, 242.46K)

If you ever Suptix, make sure to get Ludmila. The devs horribly unbalanced her and she gets 200%+ attack on each single-foe attack, which is useful forever if you can get a few cap raises.

Attached: n6Po4Qx.gif (650x450, 12.47K)

I felt the same at first, but the items, characters, and summons on those accounts can't really be grinded. They've each had hundreds of free rolls to gather up that stuff, while it's possible to grind those hundreds of rolls, but it would take months. It's better to grab one then you're free to grind out the hundreds of rolls along with all the free rolls they've had.
I recommend learning the game on your account for a couple of days then getting an account from accountanon, so that you don't do something stupid like listen to

Dude, come on. Do we really need another nuke machine stealing all the honors in raids? Some of us can't afford to whale for OP shit and rely on other poorfags to have a shot at the good drops like Colo guns.

or simply spam coop

Yes, because everyone is able to do end game content like Rabbit-Be-Nimble right off the back. Just throw away resources on something that will 1-shot you until you have a full SSR 9.5 team. That's a great idea.

Why are there so many assholes in these threads who try to sabatoge new players? You guys were new once, you know how hard it is to get started.

Attached: home.jpg (1240x920, 203.36K)

You're trying to cross the sarcasm barrier and be accepted as normal. I can't allow that.
I must note that my shitpost at was ironic.

Attached: 49453430_p6.png (360x360, 140.75K)

You will never break my burning shitposter's damashii

I still haven't spent that cradle item from WMtSB2. Is the sunlight stone more useful than the summons?

Yes, you'll eventually draw the better version of the summon anyway and you need sunstones to uncap the inferior summon.

Of course I missed it by two fucking weeks.
I'm going to skip on the offer and keep going on my own for now, primarily because I have next to no clue about what I'm doing, all I know is that all the SSRs I got on my first draw are making the game a complete cakewalk for now.
Don't worry, I'll be here to complain about the drop rates at some point, but I doubt it's worse than Fate:GO.

That's pretty good advise user.

Attached: 6e0329ab8b0ff7734e5ca8bb416b92cc29b5c565c9098c95a1d41f32ff9e5a29.png (500x375, 189.89K)

Where is the best place to grind up warrior creeds?

Attached: FB_IMG_15216535673570398.jpg (418x467, 20.97K)

>Can only find Granblue Gaijins
Great. Great. Great.

Attached: f23849a3ab8812e70630bf426cbb4c6c78d973a5649f3e89c5b7cf0cefc3a60.jpg (650x600, 34.12K)

pandemonium advanced stages

That and this thread are probably you're best bet on the new grid comps. Gamewith hasn't updated everything yet for the magna 2 weapons. They're also probably paid-off by CY so take everything that they list with a grain of salt. You can also use Motocal they figure somethings out yourself.

Attached: 2018-02-23_14-49-54.png (1127x928, 378.77K)

Just keep that offer in mind, user. The beginning is easy, but you'll eventually face content that's needlessly inconvenient to clear unless you have good options when building teams. It's not too late to switch even after you've gained some 50 levels. It will feel like a lot of wasted time, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Also if you get a starter account with decent summons you become a more desirable friend, meaning you can more easily gain access to good support summons.
Burning out on a shitty account and losing interest in this soul stealing game would be best

What next? My hypothetical S.Heles/S.Zeta+Jeanne+Juliet Spear-only team build is actually secretly top 10?

Hey, you can stop whenever you want, you know.
I got good rolls and everyone has helped me so much I now have no choice but to go on.
Kill me.

Cancer, complete and utter fucking cancer.

Because quartz fucking grows on trees, amirite?

That's too fucked up to even joke about. I don't even think you can even use the damage from a fuck up Ougi with a reflect.

Attached: 74111eca517ac4e24811536310a7a81d.jpg (667x672, 189.54K)

It's only advisable to sell R weapons and summons, and SR omega summons. Nothing else, unless you have excess angels.

You don't sell R weapons since they're used to get your SRs skilled up to be fed to SSRs.

Attached: bc9b39c40669ad5e45fb27f1caaf4b315c0d454564b04bb12ebdf0bf53170fa6.jpg (398x960, 66.94K)

Shut the fuck up dude, you were also selling your SSR weapons for rupees last month you fucking newcutie.

Attached: plebian_amuse_us.png (548x344, 148.19K)

Well if people hadn't tricked me into selling them and reducing my summons I would have reduced them and sold my summons.

thank you for reminding me to sticker you again, you fucking dumbo.

Attached: [Coalgirls]_Tsukimonogatari_04_(1280x720_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[E00700A3].mkv_snapshot_09.06_[2015.09.14_03.28.37].jpg (1280x720, 421.3K)

Get memed on, dude.


Makes sense, thanks.

Gamewith seems to use the seraphic weapon + rotb weapon in their grids (except wind doesn't use the rotb weapon), while just uses two extra magna weapons instead. Are the seraphic weapons + rotb weapon strictly better than the magna weapons or something? On the topic of seraphic weapons, the wiki says the SSR versions need bahamut weapon levels of fodder to skill up, is there a reason why you wouldn't just skill it up while it's still an SR? Sorry for the retarded questions, I haven't had to build any of the main element grids yet.

I think he meant the rings (from the Robomi event), not the characters. Hopefully.

-Sell R weapons and summons, SR summons can be reduced (unless they're carbuncles, belle or the rabbit), don't reduce anything SSR. -If you happen to get Jalter you better keep her weapon. Get some user to do coop with you so you can unlock the EX classes.
-Yodarha, Sara are pretty good characters to breeze through story mode.
There's a good checklist on the wiki, but aside from that join magna raids once you reach ep 24 of the story, with using a partywide (as in, affects all parties) or damage skill you can get some participation in and hope things drop.
-When Unite And Fight/Guild Wars comes in, try and farm tokens and pick the dagger ironic that I forgot to follow this advice since the first GW weapon I did was the fist
I know I'm late.

Attached: mpv-shot0182.jpg (640x480, 44.78K)

bully jk


I don't know about the RotB weapons or the exact number of magna weapons but the seraphic weapons are definitely worth putting in magna grids.

He would honestly be better starting work on whatever jewtenshoe he might want to unlock than making daggers for various elements. They are still decent mainhands but the addition of Elysian and other good mainhands have lowered the necessary of them a bit.

Real MLG tip would be to tell him to luckshit Orchid and Rosetta and use Parazonium and Love Eternal as superior Dark and Wind GW daggers.

How many Parazoniums do you need? I drew three when I was sparking during the anniversary gala.

Jesus christ mate I was joking
Use chocobars/Damascus Bars in one until MLB. Eventually you will be able to FLB it.
Save the others if you ever manage to become a Hades memester.

I drew Hades and Black Knight twice each…

Guess now you need a shitload of Damascus Bars then

Please fuck off back to halfchan.

Does anyone else get paranoid about the reason they are running all these 1/2 off 1/2 cost side story events is because they are going to clear the side story list and you won't be able to get FLB balmung once it is gone?

How do you know that is a 4chan expression unless you go to 4chan?

Checkmate, gaythiest.

I was deciding to use this ring on either Bea or Percy. What a waste.

Attached: wasted ring.png (640x1080, 814.78K)

Is it legfest yet? Im hopeful for some water draws

It's only been the one time and it's likely because the Japs complained about the grind.

Attached: 64930434_p0.jpg (707x1000, 705.44K)




We had it during the anniversary and then a week later they brought it back.

I thought it just lasted through out that up until next month. Well, if they were gonna take it away, they'd say something about it with enough time to clean house lest they incur the wrath of the Japs.

Attached: DK5nyfQVwAArLM-.jpg (643x886, 89K)

Attached: DZREB90VAAAv2Mi.jpg (1200x659, 221.08K)

No it was two distinct events.

A little disappointed that Rosetta isn't drinking with them. Who is drinking next to Zoi?

Nightmare fuel.

Attached: c4dff7bbb32729a8e1793e197b2da8149f8a31070d8cd4af566daaff18ab46be.png (329x377, 95.35K)

Attached: 43546578658.JPG (486x486, 63.2K)

Most likely that. The grind to clear all of it is constantly rising, and there are 3 sidestories to be added this month (1 already in). Personally, I'd rather they just add a higher tier of difficulty that drops more items. The grind is constantly clicking through it, not the ap cost of it.

It never went away

Can't take Rosetta from Io anymore.


Granzerker, SSR Eugen, Alethia, Razai

Fun memeteam, or funnest memeteam?

That was close

Attached: 1 tp.png (511x139, 141.03K)

You want memes? I call this one "Never Say Die"

Did you use your TP juice?

Attached: Wind Stamina.png (423x242, 154.06K)

What have I done

Attached: fif.png (512x443 263.75 KB, 554.57K)

Yeah, I was talking about the rings, I play for free.

Because you can't, they have no skill level.

Attached: capture_27032018_122152_001.jpg (478x789, 76.6K)

For the element of the revenant bow, dark is best choice, right?

Attached: capture_27032018_153001_002.jpg (494x611 58.19 KB, 60.74K)

you wont use it anyway

Revenant weapons are mostly only used when you have to use them to fight their character I think. So maybe their opposite or whatever have extra items to craft with.

Seraphic weapons are the ultimate on element weapons: They give you 20% overcap damage at SSR and small normal modifier majesty, which isn't something to scoff at when you consider it an extra bonus.
If you aren't rainbowing, however, there are many weapons that are superior to a (effectively) single skilled level 100 small majesty weapon.

The element doesn't matter as long as you don't make it light (which would make you effectively unable to debuff Song)
If you just use Chi Channeler you should be fine no matter the element.
And if you have Nighthound then it is a no contest.

So if I would want to unlock tien, then I should go with a water gun to make it easier fighting her?

As far as I've seen only the dagger and harp are normally used for a bunch of elements for main hands.

it helps but it's really not that necessary (just use thor as support summon and mjorlnir her)

Attached: arcarum chest explosion.webm (420x589, 746.63K)

It's a really satsifying feeling. Almost as good as soloing Omega for the first time.

Attached: Simple Landscape Art.jpg (292x459, 197.37K)

Yo anyone got any tips for leveling character from 50 up?

Starting to get to the parts in story where I need be fully uncapping people and I've been taking it easy with my golds costing at 50 but now it's getting tough.

For cash run coop
For mats run trials
Run hard and omega every day to build your grids. Your grids are going to be the speed bump that slows down your progress. Even withshit tier characters solid grids will help you progress. Without a good grid even the best characters are wasted. Work on your Baha dagger. It will be the single most important weapon you have for a long time. When GW starts pick a weapon and MLB it. Suck my cock, dude.

You need EXP? Just do angel halo repeatedly.

feed angel items to a character to level them up quickly

Schoolgirl Uncle Cags' sprite does funny things to me.

jk 2 - r u fast enuf


Two hours later

New thread