Game journalists playing vyda badly

This gameplay footage might be the new polygon DOOM.

how autistic are you, OP? they're playing poorly, but average poorly, like your standard casual console gamer. nothing like Polygon DOOM, where the reviewer literally shot air more than monsters at point-blank range and managed to get confused navigating 40 square feet rooms

I am a casual console gamer, what did you said about me?

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So terribly?

When's the book about ANGRY BLACK MEN Coming out?

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in "conscious" rap albums

I don't know what the fuck you just said.

Learn some reading comprehension, then.

i thought you wrote where earlier, my bad

You deserve a bullying.

You and your unborn children deserve a lifelong sentence of solitary confinement. In a muzzle and metal chains.

I hope your waifu isn't able to bear children.

He seemed to be doing fine until he found that other player. Then his fight or flight instincts short circuited and he ran around like a spaz for the rest of the video.

I like how the retard thought throwing a melee weapon at a propane tank would do anything, twice. Not nearly as bad as the nuDoom footage or that Horseshoes and Hand Grenades faggot, though.

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I hope you watch your pregnant wife die a slow, agonizing death while knowingly carrying a dead child inside.

I hope your chicken tenders are overly crispy so they're edible but not very enjoyable.

I hope your meals are as bland as your culture, American.

Bland is better than laden with diarrhea-inducing spices, Indian.

Can't reply to that if i don't know where you're from to form a area correct insult shitpost.

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I'm not Indian, but at least I can handle spice you snowflake.

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That second one could have done without the "deal with it xDDDD thug lyf" nig nog music.

This is why E-celeb streamers shit over your journalists. At least they can play game better than 99% of the gamers. Why gaming journalists are still a thing in the 2018?


I grabbed it from some thread back then. It's probably from some 9gag-tier let's play channel

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I see what you did there.

you eurocucks are slowly getting more retarded as time goes on

How can they be so bad?

You need to suffer from severe brain damage to be a leftist.

Why do devs even let the journalists play at these things? It makes the game look bad when handled by a complete retard. Just let the presenter play since they sort of know what's going on and can demonstrate gameplay better

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T. jew

Well two things, whoever played that can't play for shit, and the "Battle Royale" genre or whatever is gonna saturate with multiple companies fighting over it, we had a survival game fad, FPS-DOTA with hero shit, and card games, now we have this garbage.

Why are they competing to grab samples?

Because they care so little about games that they don't even noticed how bad it is. They just put it online.

They sure get butthurt when people make fun of them for it though.

I don't know how you manage to be worse at a game than DSP, but here we are.

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What? I don't even remember that. I think you meant to refer to that fag who couldn't get past Cuphead's tutorial as the standard for stupidity.

Someone needs to link the pidgeon one.

He means embed related, you've probably seen it before.

It's here:

DSP gets a bad wrap. He could beat Dark Souls and cuphead.

I still do not understand how someone took a look at that and said it was good enough for public consumption. Do they have no sense of shame? Do they actually enjoy getting ridiculed?

They're just that non-self aware.

Are they unaware the aim has a y axis?

Ben Kuchera tries a VR game and gets triggered by a 3D model of a rifle.

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I'm 1 minute in and i saw him failing at picking up gear and missing a still corpse on the ground.

He had his stream chat telling him exactly what to do, what weapons to use and where to go every step of the way in Dark Souls. Plus he only beat it solo on his third try, which included all of the handholding and fake "i had no idea this was here" reactions.

As for cuphead, i'm chalking that one up to luck. He is literally terrible at every game he has ever played, including the fighting games he claims to be a pro at.

In the end he's still better than the Sons of Cuckjima.

where the fuck did you come from?

It is really difficult for me to understand how someone can be this much of a fucking pussy faggot.
Doubly baffling is that he probably has a posse of similarly minded cuck compatriots who praise him for his weakness.

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He is a normalfag. He can play console games, but he fails at everything related to computers. He sucks at Black Mesa for example and I bet he would suck at Portal too.

dsp vs pdp in Crash Bandicoot, I'd say that dsp was better.

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Take a already weak man and give him to feminist parents. The kind of parents who tell you to piss while sitting will probably raise their kids to be total faggots.

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Phil we get it, you dislike Felix.

I don't get what the comparison is supposed to be, overall it looks like DSP has more dead air than PDP

Problem is the average gamer these days also plays as bad as game journalists

Looks like he's using a trackpad to play. Embarrassing.

pdp videos are very edited, but I would say that dsp did a better job here. Or pdp was playing like a retard for comedic purpose.

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I remember some anons saying Dying Light was fun How true is that?

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Dying Light is fun but only after you unlock the grappling hook.


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Because, much like we've always suspected, they don't actually play video games. They are infiltrators sent in to seek and destroy our hobbies with regressive nonsense.

If I didn't know Dying Light was (somehow) a real game released a few years ago (how is it still supported?), I would think that video was an elaborate performance art piece.

Because the game is still played by a lot of people, at least on PC. The devs announced last year that they were making free content for the game (new weapons, new enemy types etc.).
I know that a PvP game mode was teased not so long ago, I had hoped that it wouldn't be another Battle Royale game…

It's ok with a friend or 2 using mics. Pretty gud FPS parkour. Focus on tag team strategies and overall combat experimenting. Don't play with randoms, they're all hackers. Hardest mode is required if you actually want a challenge as there's too much stamina in normal other modes. Driving is also ok… could be better but we've seen worse. Overall glad I picked it up on sale for like 20 euro shekels. Definitely worth it in terms of content too if you're going to get stuck into it with a friend.

Linux version is steam only and requires pretty high version of opengl so don't even try if you're using open source AMD drivers on linux. I personally have to reboot to my windows installation.

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Its fun enough for me to have 2 playthroughs in it. Id post webbums but I couldnt record any due to not knowing nvenc is a thing back when I actively played it.

I like how the pigeon looks around itself the first time it pushes the block a little as if to ask, "Is this okay? Is this allowed? Am I cheating?"

What is truly sad is that they gave the imbecile a headstart over the pigeon but the birdbrain still figured the "riddle" out faster. If I was that guy I'd honestly give myself over to medical research, it's a miracle he manages to breathe unassisted.

When's a member of the negroid species going to learn to literate, and also have something interesting worth conversing?

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To be fair, the range on that sword looks pretty deceptive. Should have at the very least nicked that corpse.

Game Journo's play shitty games wrong, imagine my shock…

Jesus I fucking hate this thing. Say what you want about Russia Today, but at least they aren't outright telling their viewers what kind of opinion they should have about their news.

I don't know what they expected to happen.

You'd think they'd learn by the fifth time they fucked it up publicly.

Games journalists never learn.