Gondola SWF

I had the idea of a gondola swf.
It would consist of a collection of minimally interactive environments in which the player would move gondola around and interact with things, with comfy music sounding in the background. Nothing would change except minimal things. As an example, one environment would be a mountain top. Gondola could be moved around it, there would be a pile of pebbles. Upon interaction, the pile would fall. The could be a bird, and when interacted it would chirp.

I had the idea of having the environments be encoded in pictures. The picture would contain the different tiles used to construct the environment and their placement, and in the metadata would be the music in some kind of midi, and the description of the entities, like the example of the pile of pebbles. The images would be loaded by the swf and the environment constructed using them.

For that reason, I think that it should have a top down perspective like a link to the past. The music should be made to be like NES, so it could be stored in the image, and the sound effects, like the bird chirping, would have to be made out of musical notes. The graphics would be pixelshit. The images could be shared in a thread.
Assets for it therefore would be relatively easy to make.

Does this sound like a good idea? Would it be hard to program?

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Admit it, OP. You just wanted a gondola thread.

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I want discussion on the vidya idea

I guess the AGDG thread doesn't exist.

This is now a gondola thread. post comfy.

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Can you make a webm with the OP pic?

Doesn't anybody else like the ieda?

I love the idea dude, but you'd get a lot of traction on the gamedev thread.

If you want to create gondola just do it.

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You said that like you don't know how to program, JUST DO EEEET

just like, make gondola

I too have been thinking about a comfy Gondola game. Don't like swf tho. Thought about some game making framework.

I remember there was a tread a while back about a gondola game, someone posted a webm of a 3D gondola running around a white space and then approaching and interacting with another gondola, there was another of a 3D island environment but the island was actually the head of a giant gondola poking out of the water.

You have to remember OP that gondolas aren't supposed to interfere only to observe

I took some artistic liberty

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With the observe idea I could see an almost stealth like game featuring gondolas.
Like the gondola going on a globe trotting adventure but the whole goal of the game is to avoid direct interactions, while observing events to level up for some RPGesque skills.
Like for example first level: Hometown
Mostly other gondolas who also try to avoid you but theres still people doing stuff, animals and all that. You gotta navigate the streets and focus on things like a dog chasing it's tail, a weird cloud, and a plastic bag caught by the wind till it lands on a lawn gnome. Same time avoid cars, people walking around, stray cats that would run away in an area, and so on.
Then you get skills like longer legs to move faster, or shorter legs to fit in smaller areas, a jump to use as a quick avoidance tool, or better vision to get the XP for looking at things faster.

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Why am I thinking of a system similar to that of the Yakuza games?
And you could use the places depicted in peoples webm's as inspiration for "levels" or "areas" like the 4 seasons of houses and forest druids etc you could literally go as realistic or as fantasy as you want with it

make a gondola rpg instead
some guy from krautchan made an apu rpg

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I heard this is a Gondola thread?

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What if there was a game in which Gondola keeps the world the way it is by observing it, and you have to find higher and higher places to observe increasingly more of the earth from to prevent nuclear war?

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That would sort of play like an rts then, only instead of having a civilization that levels up, your legs just get longer and therefore your area of view would expand.
The only problem I have is how would gondola prevent nuclear war if he cant interfere? Or do we change that to "cant be SEEN to interfere" which goes back to 's stealth concept

Like I said, while he's observing something, the world stays the way it is. Meaning that so long as the nuclear war hasn't happened yet, he can prevent it by staring at the countries that might be involved with it, or at the people who would be in charge of starting it. Also, staring at sad events should build up "catharsis" which should be usable for something.


Do you know source for this music?

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