Are there any modern video games development companies who genuinely don't cut corners except for the most stringent of...

Are there any modern video games development companies who genuinely don't cut corners except for the most stringent of reasons?

In the distant, pre-internet past, corners would have been cut only for genuine problems such as hardware limitations. Even the crappy shovelware and port companies that you only hear horror stories of now rarely released games that were legitimately broken to the point of being unplayable. What the fuck happened?

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Rareware (in the alternative universe that I live in)

They cut corners so hard they accidentally slit their own throat.

Is your pic related? I've been meaning to get that game eventually.

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CDPR is one of the few I know off the top of my head.

Just a hunch, but That winder audience that has been cultivated from the NES, to N64, to PS2, to WII has given the market a wider pool to sell low standards to. As well as the massive effect COD had on the public. At least now they have been contained to mobile hell.

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Only a couple devs. Tom Biskup, Tarn Adams, that Aurora dude, maybe a few others.

All companies cut corners nowadays. You're not going to escape that degeneracy anywhere

Time and budget are corners that are impossible to not cut.
There is a man who tried it once, and it was awful.

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I can confirm the switch version is an ass port. Game runs like absolute ass, and even when docked, there's tons of hiccups.

If you like yuri and cute girls doing cute things and are familiar with modern Gust games then yeah I recommend it. The sequel though is a bit of a disappointment and I only recommend that one if you really like Gust games and yuri.

Don't. It's a shallow game that barely qualifies as a sequel to the first one. The story is nonsensical and the gameplay is typical musou garbage with no need for any sort of tactics besides mashing square and occasionally guarding. On paper it sounds good with the partner abilities and the different partner quirks but it falls flat on its face as its not needed to utilize them.

However it does have nice tiddies but the yuri is a shallow imitation of what the first one attempted to achieve, which was this tragic romance. It's just downright bad. Avoid.

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this is on a Nintendo console??

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This game has the boobs.

A ton of the recent Koei Tecmo games are(mostly in japan), they're not very good though. FE Warriors, and MAYBE the new zelda warriors game are the only ones that can hack it at 60fps, and you have to enable that shit in the options.

*that i can find

Pic related
Though a release is once in a lifetime, because of that and the fact it's a rather small studio.

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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir puts every other remake/remaster to fucking shame. And to top it off they even included the original version with the remake so you could appreciate and decide for yourself if you like the changes they made. One of the few teams I still have goodwill towards.

What does Holla Forums think of The Vagrant?

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Why are you so surprised? Resident Evil 4 is. Senran Kagura is.

Games became more expensive to make. Previously it was that the developers who made expensive-looking games with the top of the line graphics and audio and effects were outliers, spending the money simply because they could. But today that is now a mandatory part of AAA development and since it costs so much to make games graphics mach today's standards, that means they necessarily have less in the way of content and polish. Indies, who are the most willing to spend the time to polish their games, are hit hardest by this, because hiring people to help them with their game goes well beyond their means in a lot of cases.

Xenoblade 2 is a Nintendo owned franchise and half the cast is designed by a dude that draws hentai. NoJ doesn't give a fuck, NoA and Treehouse are most of the problem. And even then I'm not really sure Treehouse is doing much of anything, I haven't seen their memeshit in any releases after Mario Color Splash and the butchered FE games.

whats wrong with their faces?

So does Koei Tecmo just keep remaking the same exact game but with slightly different gimmicks?

I think its a scam

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Yeh fuck Treehouse.


Do you play on PS4 or PC, Holla Forums?

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Would you please stop spreading this lie? Games are cheaper than ever to make. Anyone can download Game Maker, Love, Unity or UE4 and dev away. If companies keep putting 70 faggots to make a bunch of rocks and 300 niggers to make mega textures so they can bloat game size, as well as hire the same tired union VAs we've all heard a million times, and some Pedowood celebs to do face scans, that's their deal. They could make way smaller, niche and focused projects, but I guess everything needs to be an open world, multiplayer shit with micro-kikery up the ass and skill trees hammered in because dopamine. Back in the NES days, people didn't even HAVE dev kits, also getting Nintendo to license your game was expensive and an uphill battle.

Expensive games are more expensive.

Cheap games can be made cheaper than ever.

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But inflation.

CD Projekt Red

I'm not baiting.

you may not be baiting, but you sure don't know anything.

It takes a lot less time and effort to get up and running than it used to.
For some gay reason small indie games think they need to waste money on things like expensive voice actors which nobody cares about.

Well you're wrong, they cut out two chapters from the second game. You were supposed to go to Dol Blathana or however you spell it after the battlefield.

Thanks for that argument and evidence filled post, I'm really glad you replied. Here, a video summarizing why I believe what I do. The studio is apparently very badly managed, but extremely ambitious and will delay indefinitely to the point at which they believe the it's done.

Once more, you may not be baiting but you sure don't know anything. Cdpr didn't even implement hitstop. I'm not even sure they know what it is.

This shilling is so blatant that I'm almost convinced there's about to be a cyberpunk announcement.

For artistic reasons or time reasons? I could believe a time constraint as if I remember the timeline correctly CDPR was under massive financial stress at the time of the second game's release and needed to get it out or face closure.

If you provided a quote of them promising to implement hit-stop or maybe justified it being necessary in the game you might have an argument. It's not a functional requirement for games to have. I wouldn't even go to say it's standard.

I don't think this is true. Individual AAA devs have very little sway over monetization and overall fuckery that get's put into modern big-budget games. I think they apply for [blank] studio with their favorite games published by that studio in mind. I think most people apply at a Valve because they loved Portal 2 or HL2.

Maybe you're just retarded. And Cyberpunk was practically confirmed to be at E3 at a financial conference they hosted sometime in the last month or two

Frist one has a good score, a beautiful ascetic and an interesting story. The squeal was delayed multiple times and really is a travesty.

I tried playing it for a couple hours but the combat was truly painful for me. It's like a destiny warriors but without any weapon/ character variation. Possible I just didn't give it enough of a chance though.

Exactly, and the shovelware just puts downward pressure on market prices and on wages of the developers. Thus when there is a high budget AAA the producers are forced to play it extraordinarily safe and boring.

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its an action game, it's as necessary as its been in games since the 1980s. There's really no discussion to be had. Unless you're an auteur or some sort of visionary that can eschew 30 years of game design because of some grand idea, someone like Fumito Ueda - there's no excuse in neglecting basic design principles. As far as I know, most of CDPR is American AAA staff and game design graduates with some people hired on contract (ie botanists.) CDPR isn't full of visionaries. They made a skyrim clone and wanted to make a better game than Skyrim. I think this is like saying "I want to make a better sword than your wooden one" but that was their goal with the witcher 3. They had every reason to not skew from established game design concepts.

The claim that it's "necessary as it's been in games since the 1980s" is obviously fallacious. There's all sorts of mechanics that are cliche or commonplace in various genres that can be shed on a game by game basis without any negative effect. There isn't a set rule-book for making a great game, and if there was it wouldn't be based on how often certain things appear in games. All of this is ignoring how minor of a complaint this is, akin to criticizing a game for having a walking sound effect that doesn't change based on whether you're outside or inside.

Further evidence to this point is modern game development standards being micro-transactions, subscription models, and loot-boxes. Do you think that 30 years from now we'll be referring back to these "set design concepts" when someone tries to change them?

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Senran Kagura was, so why not this


Witcher 3 was shit though.