Far cry 5 trump pissgate mission

I’m not sure which is more cancerous at this point. Cuckchan or Ubisoft.

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Why do you care about the opinions of those idiots? More importantly, why are you going there in the first place?

Will you stop, already? We know they're shit. We don't need to be repeatedly reminded about it.

Someone has to spy on them

You have to go back.

It's the perfect storm of shit that's both utterly awful yet also completely bland

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No way. Archive link, I don't trust Polyshit headlines.

The ATF was telling the national guard what to do, the point is the federal government would use force to reintegrate a region through one of it's numerous agencies using shaky legal justification.

Well fair enough.

When people said Far Cry 5 wasn't going to be "as bad" since they had an NPC mocking Obama or something, I suspected it was bullshit. It's still Ubisoft.
Assuming the character isn't supposed to be an outright mockery of non-left wing political believers (that just happens to not be an antagonist), I think we're gonna see this more often in AAA.
We used to have a token progressive character. Now all the characters fit into that spectrum (beta male soyboy that makes anime protags look like they have balls, hyper aggressive black woman with large "funky" loose hair, mary-sue women with awful personalities that don't improve) we're going to have the token normal character- or from their perspective, the token right-wing character. They don't even have to be fair or just in game, as long as they have enough for a trailer. I.e. that Red neck could be painted as a hypocrite, liar, traitor, moron, pervert, or any other negative trait. Just that we don't see it in trailers.
Something to bait people into thinking they're not hard left and preaching the whole game. Anything to give the illusion "Oh we just have characters like that, see, this character isn't progressive. We're normal. This is the new normal, so don't panic when you see the signs every time."
I don't think all the devs got together to work out how to normalize this sort of thing, it'll just be an unintended side-effect of trying to get people to not tear into their game online and give them bad PR.

This is why you don't do current politics. You won't know what sticks a year later (assuming this was thrown in around the time of the story), and you have to break the logic of your story and game world.

This alone deserves a sage.

But you get another one for unironically phoneposting. Gas yourself.

Are you fucking retarded?

Mobile too.

Oh my bad.

Even if it's "not as bad", it still marketed itself on political controversy and that alone points to its lack of merit. I don't doubt there may be some slight nuance, like how 4 revealed that dictatorship is actually the best solution and that non-state actors are all hypocritical drug dealers.

you're almost as much cancer as the topic being discussed
on that topic, this game is going to flop and I'm going to love it

fuck off shill

good, focus on this instead of the bill that increases power for intel agencies to collect user data from servers based other countries. bad facebook! only glorious US government is allowed to abuse data